John Dissmore

John Dissmore


Contestant Profile
Birth Date 08/18/1961 (51)
Hometown Picayune, Mississippi
Occupation Pastor

Survivor: Dominican Republic

Tribes Yuna
Placement 16/16
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 3

Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned

Tribes Zambezia
Placement 6/18
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 34

John Dissmore is a contestant from Survivor: Dominican Republic and Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned.


Name: John Dissmore

John has lived his entire live in Picayune, Mississippi. Growing up in a very religious household, John’s father was a Pastor as well; John decided early on in his life that he would devote his life to preaching the word of God.

John has his own television show, which airs every Sunday morning, where he talks about his faith and how God can help everyone. Being that he is very religious and conservative, John does not have much tolerance towards people who do not conform to what he thinks is the right way of living.

John currently lives in Picayune, Mississippi with his wife of twenty-six years Kay. John and his wife have a daughter Liberty and a son Ronald. They are also the proud grandparents of Liberty’s son John.

John’s main reason for wanting to be on Survivor:

I want people who watch this show to see that you can be a good, God fearing, honest Christian and still do well in this game. I am not going to be someone who throws my morals out the door because I have the chance to win a million dollars.


Survivor: Dominican Republic

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against


Esther, Rodney, Jill
Martha, Mark
Voted Off, Day 3

Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against
1 Zambezia Tribe Immune
2 Jillian -
3 Zambezia Tribe Immune
4 Tete Tribe Immune
5 Tete Tribe Immune
6 Vera -
7 Jody -
8 Jillian -
9 Jocelyn -
10 Simon -
11 Aaron -
12 Wild Bill Wild Bill, Lauren
Voted Off, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • John is the oldest male member of the Yuna Tribe on Survivor: Dominican Republic.
  • John was the first male contestant and the first overall contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.