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John Sayers
John Sayers
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 16, 1990
Hometown Dallas, TX
Occupation Screenwriter

Survivor Honduras

Tribes Mocorón
Placement Winner (1/18)
Alliances The Power of Three
Challenges Won 23
Votes Against 3 (4 Negated)
Days Lasted 39

John Sayers is the winner of Survivor Honduras.

John's power in challenges and his ability to talk to people led to him becoming the undisputed leader of the Mocorón tribe he was on originally. With only one loss in the tribal phase, John's position of power was cemented by the time the merged occurred. After the merge, John employed a daring strategy of telling the truth instead of lying to the rival tribe's former member. The plan worked and John gained absolute control over the game. Whatever John wanted to happen, it happened. His power in challenges and his domination of the game earned him the title of "The Tyrant of Caratasca" along with the title of Sole Survivor.


John is a 22 year old screenwriter from Dallas, Texas. John's charismatic personality will draw people to him as well as his trustworthy demeanor. Put those aside, he is a strong man and will most likely to be a monster in challenges. He doesn't only have the brawn, he has the brains as well. He has the potential to manipulate anyone from voting to he wants or even breaking apart an alliance. This combination spells a deep survivor run. He will be important in the beginning stages, but as the game goes on he will have a massive target on his back.

Survivor Honduras

John is one of the nine contestants on the Mocorón tribe.

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against
1 Mocorón Tribe Immune
2 Mocorón Tribe Immune
3 Mocorón Tribe Immune
4 Jase -
5 Mocorón Tribe Immune
6 Mocorón Tribe Immune
7 Danni Individual Immunity
8 Adam Individual Immunity
9 Conner Individual Immunity
10 Jessica Individual Immunity
11 Susan Alison, Connie, Susan, Tina
12 Tina Alison, Connie, Tina
13 Matt Individual Immunity
14 Alison Individual Immunity
Connie Individual Immunity
Winner, Day 39
Jury Votes
for John
Alison, Connie, Jessica, Susan, Tina



  • John is the tallest contestant in Honduras at 6'4".
  • John won the Player of the Season for Survivor: Honduras.
  • In Honduras, John broke many challenge records. He won a record seven individual immunity challenges. He also won a record five individual reward challenges. Those twelve individual wins give him the record for the most individual wins in a single season.
  • John's winning percentage in Honduras is astounding. He won 23 out of 27 challenges giving him a winning percentage of 85%.
  • John won or went on every single reward challenge. His tribe won all the tribal rewards and he won all but one individual reward.
    • The one he lost was shared with him by his closest ally Kat Morris.
  • In Honduras, all the women on the jury voted for John to win.
    • Reversely, no man voted for John to win in Honduras.
  • John was only eligible to be voted off 3 times and received votes on 2 of those 3 times.
    • However, the first four votes John received were nullified by his hidden immunity idol.