Julian Romanov
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 26, 1987 (1987-10-26) (age 30)
Hometown Nantucket, MA
Occupation Economics Major

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Fossa
Placement 6/16
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 33

Julian Romanov is a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


A recent Harvard Economics graduate, Julian is prepared for this game. He is physically active because he frequently runs marathons and he is mentally prepared because he minored in psychology. He also camps quite often. His weaknesses include intimidating and overly sexual people.

Survivor: Madagascar

Julian's mindset throughout the game was to do whatever was best for him.

In this game you have to think about what is best for you. So my decision tonight will be whatever I think will work best for me. I talked to Elsa about what to do, because I think we have to make the same decision, try and keep the team unified. Elsa, as of now, is not voting the way I am, that may change tonight, I don't know. But I will be making the choice to benefit myself.


He sided with Antonia, Nicholas and Kamila in voting out Bella instead of Kamila. This would come back to haunt him because 3 days later Julian would vote out Kamila, and Nicholas would later bring havoc on the rest of the Fossa tribe.

Julian also found Antonia searching for the hidden immunity idol, he caught her red-handed and she showed him the clue. Julian would later tell Elsa and Hanson about the clue and they would find it together before Antonia, Kamila and Nicholas would.

At the tribe switch, Julian, Antonia and Hanson were able to keep their numbers when Jasmain was eliminated, Rikku was eliminated 3 days later via lottery and Fossa and Baobab merged 5-5.

What was forgotten was the Nicholas wasn't going to side with the old Fossa's since Kamila was the last Fossa eliminated. So they really merged 6-4. Hanson was the first eliminated, and Julian realized his alliance was shrinking.

Julian then went so far as to flirt with Corey to try and get him to switch his next vote for Nicholas. Again, Julian offered Antonia Elsa's idol, but she didn't take it. Corey didn't switch his vote, and Antonia was the next eliminated. Now Julian was left with only Elsa.

After Antonia was gone, Nicholas went into a gloating spree and it annoyed Elsa, and many other Orb members. Julian told Elsa to keep cool and make Nicholas look bad.

The others are keeping quiet this morning. I don't think they are happy with Nick's behavior. And if my instincts are right, he might get the boot at the next tribal. All I can do to try and make that happen is make him look bad.


Julian and Elsa's patience paid off. Corey and Bobby switched their votes for Nicholas and he was eliminated 4-2-1-1.

On Day 30, Julian won immunity and Elsa played her idol, they were both safe from the vote and Drew was eliminated.

But after Julian didn't have immunity and Elsa no longer had her idol, The ex-Baobab's weren't afraid to align again and take out Julian and ex-Fossa. Julian was eliminated on Night 33, leaving Elsa the last Fossa standing.

Voting History

Julian's Voting History
Episode Julian's
Voted Against
1 Sammie -
2 Fossa Tribe Immune
3 Bella -
4 Kamila -
5 Jasmain -
6 No Vote
7 Bobby -
8 Nicholas -
9 Nicholas Drew
10 Drew Individual Immunity
11 Corey Bobby, Carly,
Corey, Jessica
Voted Off, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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