"Just How I Like My Eggs"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 7/14
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Just How I Like My Eggs is the seventh episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward Challenge: Battle Dig
A designated number of contestants for each tribe will race out to a marked location and dig up a bag. The castaways then compete to return the bag to their tribe's mat. The first person to touch the tribe mat, with a hand on the bag, scores a point. The first tribe to score three points wins reward.
Reward: A Survivor shower with towels, shampoo, soap, and fresh water. Also included are letters from home.
Winner: Fatutaka

Immunity Challenge: Head and Shoulders
Starting from the water, two members of each tribe would be on platforms, and the other four members have to alternatively place steps in the air to move them from one to the next, which have to be untied first. When they reach the last platform, each tribe is to untie four bags of puzzle pieces that are tied to the platform. Once all bags are untied, they are to make their way to land and start assembling a rotating puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Temotu

Previously on Survivor...

After six straight losses in challenges, Fatutaka finally came through with a win and sent Temotu to their first Tribal Council, where they voted off the ailing Melanie..."The tribe has spoken."...and became aware of newfound cracks between Justin and Derek. "I have my reasons to dislike you two." "Alright...whatever, bro." After Tribal Council, Derek tried to hash it out with Justin..."I don't know what I did to make you dislike us. I don't know what Jocelyn did to make you dislike us, but..."...but to no avail. "I told you why at Tribal Council. You guys bitch over the silliest things, and I'm not a fan of it. So, let's just leave it at that." While Temotu was becoming more and more fractured, the tight Fatutaka continued to strengthen their bonds with one another. Some tried repairing first impressions. "I'm...I'm not the hothead everyone saw me as when Roger was around. I don't want to be labeled the bad guy cause I'm not the bad guy." "Chase apologized to me and Gaby earlier about...just basically about how he acted in the earlier stages of the game, but Chase has been on the outside looking in this entire time. While I accept his apology and have no problem with the guy, we can't ignore that." At Temotu, Jocelyn feared drawing rocks with the alliances now being even at four, so she contemplated flipping once again to be in the majority. Derek, however, shut down any notion of changing sides. "If we stay with Amy and Robert, we're in a steady position in the alliance. There's no need for us to flip. Jocelyn's got to realize that they have just as much of a shot of drawing a rock as we do. If we do cross that bridge, that's a risk I'm willing to take." Troyzan, meanwhile, was keeping a close eye on the two in question..."Derek and Jocelyn...they're inseparable. I mean, it kinda makes you sick. There's no telling what they're thinking or talking about. All I know is, that they're thinking one thing one day and thinking something else the next, and I hope those two don't cost me this game because of that. There's nothing...nothing that gets by Troyzan."...and went to his alliance of Mike and Katherine with his suspicions. "If we lose again, Jocelyn needs to go next. Those two need to be separated, man." "That bad, huh?" "I'm telling 'ya, man, they're on one side one day and the other side the next. I can't deal with that kind of flip-flopping." "Jocelyn needs to start packing her bags...cause she needs to go before those two can potentially screw this up for all of us. We've got a good thing going, and I'm not going to let their indecisiveness ruin this for me." At Fatutaka, the majority alliance of Alvin, Andrew, and Jordan debated their options going forward. "Chase...we're going to need him in challenges, but he's unpredictable and he's never been in the core alliance. Gaby...she's a loyal and trustworthy vote but our glaringly weak link in the challenges. It's a toss-up." The next morning, Amy, after overhearing Troyzan's case to target Jocelyn, fumed over her and Derek's possible betrayal. " just dead set on getting Jocelyn out of here. She is part of my alliance but from what I heard last night, she and Derek are playing both sides. If that's the case, oh ho ho...I am not going to be a happy camper." She and Robert then confronted Derek with this information. "I overheard Troy and them last night saying that you and Jocelyn are playing both sides and flipping between alliances. True?" "Hardly true. I'll be straight with you. Jocelyn and I were with them in the beginning. Then, we felt like we couldn't trust them and sought you guys out. My loyalty is with you guys. I can't trust them if my life depended on it. We have a common enemy. I promise I'm in this with you two and Jocelyn...and no one else." "Alright. Promise?" "On everything that is dear to me, I promise." "I'm not going to bounce back and forth with my options anymore. I have my group of four in Robert, Amy, and one else. There's no way we flip. No way." At the immunity challenge, Temotu outmuscled and outmaneuvered the depleted Fatutaka to win immunity once more, remounting frustrations on the blue tribe. Before Tribal Council, Andrew let Chase in on the plan to vote him out..."I'll be honest with you. I think everybody is leaning towards you tonight." " I totally understand why you guys think that."...which prompted Chase to hunt for a hidden immunity idol that Andrew had all along. "Ah, I feel bad for him. I should've made like a fake one just so he can say that he found it. Holy (expletive)! That's what I'm going to do!" "If I can make a fake idol that looks exactly like the real thing, then there's no telling how many doors this opens! The only thing is that it's going to be time-consuming. I have to be cautious with when and where I make this thing so it doesn't draw any attention to me." At Tribal Council, the plan went through and Chase was unanimously voted out. "Give 'em hell, guys." Twelve are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 15

The camera fades to clouds passing by in the moonlit sky as various forms of wildlife are seen nestling up for the night. It then shifts over to the four members of Fatutaka returning to camp and setting their torches down next to the shelter.

Andrew: I think he took it pretty well.

Alvin: I believe he did too. Hate to see him go, but this is the best group of four going forward.

Andrew: Totally agree with you. We tried to give him a heroic exit, and I think he got one.

Jordan: I don't know about heroic...more like redeeming.

Andrew (slightly nodding): No, you're right. I like that better actually.

So tonight, we got rid of Chase. It stinks cause we don't want to keep getting rid of people, but we aren't winning challenges. Something needs to shake up soon cause at this rate, none of us are going to make the merge...and we all want to make it there, trust me!


Jordan (before she climbs into the shelter): Something needs to happen soon, you guys. I'm tired of losing people.

Gaby: Who could happen tomorrow.

Jordan: All I'm saying is the sooner we merge, the better.

Andrew (while laying down): Amen, sister!

If we can merge with our group of four soon, it would be the best-case scenario. We can be four tight votes for somebody that's looking to make a move on their side. There's eight of them over there! No way is that one big happy family so as soon as we merge, I'm hoping they come to us wanting to make some moves.


The four of Fatutaka are all seen in the shelter preparing to go to sleep.

Andrew (curled up in the shelter): Well, here's to a better day tomorrow. Night, guys.

Alvin: Good night, guys.

Day 16

The camera speeds through the clear night and the beautiful sunrise as it immediately transitions over to the challenge site, which is an open sandy beach with mats for each tribe and multiple flag posts. It then focuses on the members of Temotu filing in to the challenge site as the members of Fatutaka follow them in.

Probst: Temotu, getting your first look at the new Fatutaka tribe. Chase voted out at the last Tribal Council.

As the members of Fatutaka file on to their mat, multiple members of Temotu are seen with looks of surprise and intrigue.

Mike (to the other members of Temotu): Why would they get rid of their best player in challenges? That makes no sense to me.

After Alvin stakes the tribe flag, Probst delivers a simple message before getting to the challenge.

Probst: Alright. Before we get to the reward challenge, you can drop your buffs.

All twelve castaways have various reactions of surprise as they remove their buffs.

Jordan (whispering to herself as she takes off her buff): Please let it be a merge. Please let it be a merge!

Probst (after a brief pause): We are switching tribes.

The members of Fatutaka look a bit peeved as the members of Temotu exclaim a collective 'Ohhhhhh.'.

(intro plays)

The camera returns to an overhead shot of the twelve castaways at the reward challenge as Probst repeats himself with the dropping of the buffs.

Probst (picking up a basket of covered buffs): Okay, here's how this is going to work. In here are six blue buffs and six orange buffs. Doesn't matter how you pick them as long as you pick one. I'll come around.

Probst starts on the Fatutaka side as the four nervously choose their buff from the basket. Once finished with the four, Probst goes over to the members of Temotu, who proceed to choose their buffs. He then returns to his mat.

Probst (to all twelve Survivors): Alright, go ahead and reveal!

New Fatutaka Tribe
New Temotu Tribe

The four now former members of Fatutaka are seen trying to reserve their frustrations of how the switch shook up while both alliances of Temotu, for the most part, high-five and have a tiny celebration as to having their alliances intact.

This switch couldn't have screwed the former Fatutaka anymore than it did today. Now, the four of us are evenly distributed on each tribe to where the former Temotu can just pick us off one by one. (shakes his head) Four versus two on each side...God, I'm just hoping for cracks...their side or ours, honestly.


Once both tribes have a chance to meet and greet, Probst goes on to explain the reward challenge and what comes with winning the challenge. He unveils the shower and cleaning supplies that were offered, but not taken, on Day 8, much to the excitement and awe of the castaways. After approving to him that is something indeed worth playing for, Probst then asks the contestants to take their spots and to wait for his go.

Matchup 1 (1 man, 1 woman):

With Probst's go, the four competitors jog to the first flag post and simply start shoveling out sand. Mike starts shoveling sand towards where Derek and Jocelyn are digging to hinder their progress. After a little more digging, Katherine quietly notifies Mike of her finding the bag. Mike quickly helps Katherine pull the bag out of the sand as both Derek and Jocelyn rush over to take the bag from them. The four are suddenly in a dogfight for the bag as no one makes any progress to the mats. After remaining stationary for quite some time, Mike is able to wedge the bag free from the pile. Katherine removes herself from the pile and runs to where Mike placed the bag outside of the calamity. She quickly darts off with the bag as Derek, now free of the pile, is in hot pursuit. However, it is too little, too late as Katherine is able to touch the blue mat before Derek can drag her over to the orange mat. With that, the new Fatutaka tribe takes a 1-0 lead.

Matchup 2 (2 men):

The four guys pace themselves by jogging over to the second flag post and calmly dig through the sand. Andrew digs on the right side while the other three dig on the left side all right next to each other. Justin shifts his position a bit to the right as the others continue digging. After a little while longer, Andrew signals to Justin that he found the bag. Justin then shouts that he has found the bag as a diversion. Alvin and Troyzan then tackle Justin to which Andrew takes off with the bag. Realizing that it was nothing but a ploy, Troyzan quickly gets off of Justin and pursues Andrew. However, Andrew is able to touch the orange mat before Troyzan can get to him, evening the score at 1.

Matchup 3 (2 women):

The four women adopt different strategies initially as Gaby and Katherine dart to the third post while Amy and Jordan simply take their time. The first to arrive at the posts, Gaby and Katherine quickly start digging as Amy and Jordan become defensive. They wait outside the post for either Gaby or Katherine to find the bag. Katherine finds the bag and cautiously approaches Amy and Jordan with Gaby by her side. Katherine then charges Amy and Jordan but tosses the bag to Gaby right before the three girls clash. Gaby then takes off with the bag with Jordan hot on her heels. Jordan is able to catch up to Gaby at the first flag post and brings her to the ground with the bag still in hand. Jordan then starts to move Gaby inch by inch closer to the orange mat as Amy and Katherine are back at the third post tied up with one another. Jordan keeps inching Gaby and the bag to the orange mat as Katherine is eventually able to break free from Amy. She runs over to assist Gaby with Amy following her to the fracas. Now about five feet away from either mat, the four women find themselves in another pile trying to break free and touch their respective mat. Amidst the pile, Amy pins Gaby down to where it leaves it down to Jordan versus Katherine. The two girls tussle over the bag right in between the mats. Katherine briefly glances behind her to gauge how close she is to the blue mat. Realizing that she is mere feet away from it, she extends her foot back on to the mat and scores a point for Fatutaka, who now has a 2-1 lead.

Matchup 4 (2 men, 1 woman):

Now en route to the fourth flag post, the six players run while keeping tabs of who's around them. Andrew, Derek, and Katherine arrive at the post first and begin to shovel sand out while Mike, Robert, Jocelyn stand back and observe the three digging. Katherine calls for help digging as Mike springs into action and starts digging away from the other three. Derek then calls to his tribemates that he has found the bag as Andrew and Mike proceed to head in his direction. Mike then changes direction and stops Andrew in his tracks by pinning him down. Jocelyn then goes to help Derek as Katherine and Robert follow suit. Derek pulls the bag out of the sand as Mike, while having Andrew pinned down, pulls on Jocelyn's leg causing her to fall before she can get to Derek. This leaves Katherine and Robert against Derek as he maintains control of the bag while the other two fight to pry it out of his hands. Mike, meanwhile, has a hand on Jocelyn's leg and Andrew stuffed in the sand. Jocelyn then turns to pry herself from Mike's grasp as Derek breaks free of Katherine but still has Robert wrapped around him. Derek eventually breaks free of Robert as well as he begins to dash towards the mats. Mike immediately stops what he is doing with Andrew and Jocelyn and runs after Derek, who is at the third post when Mike starts running from the fourth. Derek suddenly stumbles and trips on clumped part of the beach as Mike gains ground and the other four start to make their way to Derek and Mike. Mike lunges on top of Derek before he can grab hold of the bag once more as the bag sits a couple feet away from both men. As the others arrive, Mike tries inching himself and Derek towards the bag. Before they can reach it, the four others start jockeying for the bag as Katherine and Jocelyn bring each other to the ground while Andrew and Robert tussle for the bag. They eventually bring each other to the ground as well as it has become three separate match-ups with the bag remaining in no one's possession. Mike continues to inch towards the bag while still restraining Derek. He eventually gets to the bag, grabs hold of it, and starts running towards the mat. Before he can stand, Derek yanks on Mike's leg causing him to fall back down to the sand. Andrew, who has Robert pinned down, gets off of him and dashes towards Derek and Mike. Robert follows him as Mike, still in the sand, covers the bag. Standing up, both Andrew and Robert try to pry it from Mike's hands as Derek still holds his leg. Katherine inadvertently kicks Jocelyn off of her and runs to assist the other two Fatutakas. As she does, Mike discretely hands the bag to Robert, who starts running towards the mat as fast as he can with Andrew in hot pursuit. Andrew is not able to make any ground up on Robert as he unsuccessfully tries to tackle him before Robert is able to make it to the blue mat, winning Fatutaka reward.

After the challenge, Probst tells the new Fatutaka tribe that their reward will be waiting for them back at camp while he has nothing for Temotu. Both tribes then head back to camp.

This tribe switch made everything just how I like my eggs in the morning...scrambled! (laughs) In all seriousness, it did scramble our original Fatutaka numbers, which I was a little frustrated about, but with the challenges, it looks like we have a strong group. Who knows...maybe this Fatutaka can do some damage in the challenges ahead, but we're still looking for dissent amongst the original Temotu. If there's one or two people that we'd be able to swing to our side, that changes the whole game.


The camera then zooms out and fades to break.

It fades in to an overhead fly-by of the Santa Cruz Islands as the ocean life is highlighted along the way. It then cuts down to the new Fatutaka tribe walking back to camp and as they get closer, the Survivor shower comes more and more in to sight. Once in full view, the six members of the blue tribe celebrate with one another as they rush over to excitedly examine what comes included with the shower. Robert then notices some envelopes tucked underneath the soap.

Robert (showing the envelopes to the other five): Hey guys, we've got mail!

Robert hands out the rest of the envelopes to each respective castaway, who proceed to rip the seal off and pull out the letter from home that's inside.

Alvin (noticing that Katherine is starting to tear up at the sight of her letter): Who's yours from, Kat?

Katherine (happily reading her note as she wipes away tears): My boyfriend.

Gaby (looking up from her letter): Aw, what does he do?

Katherine: He's majoring in health studies at Alabama right now. He's...(sniffles)...he's not sure what he wants to do with it yet.

Gaby simply smiles as everyone continues to enjoy their letters from family and friends.

When we got to the Fatutaka camp, we saw our reward, which was the shower we passed up like three or four challenges ago, and in there were letters from home. My letter was from my boyfriend, A.J., who's actually famous in his own right. Even though I had to downplay his and my fame, that letter still hit home. It reminds of what I'm playing for and who I'm playing for...and that's going to be my drive for the rest of this game.


Troyzan (cracking a grin as he reads his letter): This is awesome, man!

It pans out to all six castaways continuing to read their letters. It then cuts to later in the day as Alvin and Gaby are seen walking along the beach heading away from camp.

Gaby: So, now what? This switch really hurts us.

Alvin: I hurts all four of us. I think it's going to be one of us if we can't get one of them to flip. I think the same goes for those two over there.

Gaby: Who do you think we should start with?

Alvin (looking back at camp as they walk): Honestly, I think we can start firing away at just about each and every one of them. I don't think it matters where we start.

This tribe jumble-up has really put Gaby and myself in a really bad position off first glance. I mean, the two of us are welcoming four enemies to our camp! Something just isn't right about that! There is, however, a possible silver lining in all of this. Gaby and I have discussed who we would approach in the hopes of them flipping over to our side and make the vote a 3-3 tie if we were to go to Tribal Council. We're still weighing our options since we haven't really had any time to feel out the other four, but it's something that we will be keeping a close watch on.


It cuts back to camp as the other four members of new Fatutaka take turns with the newly won shower. Troyzan, Mike, and Katherine are seen and heard joking around with one another while Robert, who stands beside the other three, remains mum but trying to enjoy the others' company.

On this beach, Fatutaka, I'm in no-man's land. This was the worst possible scenario since my entire alliance is still over at Temotu, and I was grouped with three people that have been gunning for me this entire game. It couldn't have played out any worse for me. Now, Troy and the rest of his cronies are in a position to step away from original Temotu lines and take me out if they see it fit. But for right now, I'm in the vantage point to see how it all unfolds over the next few days. For all I know, that hasn't even crossed their minds yet.


The camera then focuses on Mike getting out of the shower, after Troyzan and Katherine have already used it, and offering it to Robert, who happily grabs a towel, shuts the door, and pulls the lever releasing the fresh water.

Robert (exclaiming from the shower): Ah, it's so clean!

Mike: We can smell a change already, brother!

Troyzan and Katherine chuckle as Robert continues to enjoy himself in the shower.

This switch throws everybody for a loop, I feel like. There are so many ways to look at it. The three of Katherine, Mike, and myself are golden. We're tight...we're good. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Robert's our wildcard, though. Does he stay with us and we keep going Temotu strong? Or does he dance with the enemy and make this thing dead-even at three? If that's the case, I have no problem going to Alvin and Gaby and saying 'Hey, come with us. Robert is not to be trusted. Let's take him out.'...cause I don't trust the guy. I haven't trusted him since Day 1. Who knows...this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him.


It cuts back to Robert whistling in the shower while the other three laxly sit around the fire. The camera then shifts over to the Temotu beach as its six members file in to the camp with Amy and Jocelyn leading the way.

Jocelyn (to Andrew and Jordan upon arriving at camp): This is it! Our home!

Andrew (looking around): Our humble abode!

Andrew and Jordan look around at the more plentiful Temotu camp and are pleasantly surprised by the amount of food, supplies, and comfort items that are around camp.

Jordan (happily): It's so much more...vast than Fatutaka!

Andrew: I know, right?! This is awesome!

Amy: Did you guys not have anything over there?

Andrew: No, cause you guys kept winning everything. We were literally eating morsels of food every day.

Jordan (adding to Andrew's description): Basically whatever we could find, we ate.

The four members of the original Temotu gawk at the thought of the original Fatutaka's struggles.

Justin (joking around): Even mud?

Andrew (playing along): If we were desperate enough, yeah.

Justin pops a smirk out as the others are circled around and continue listening in on the camp life at Fatutaka.

I'm not gonna lie...when Andrew and I first stepped on to Temotu's beach, it was a little uncomfortable to start out with just because we're outnumbered two to four. Then, as time wore on, it seemed...easier on us. They were really welcoming and a little more accepting as we told our horror stories of Fatutaka. (laughs briefly) But really, it wasn't nearly as hostile as I thought it was going to be going in. They accepted us with open arms and hey...I'm not complaining! That's great for us!


Andrew: How is it over here?

Amy: Eh, kinda boring, honestly. Whenever we had a night off, we would just sit around and not really do anything.

Derek (grinning, adding on to Amy's sentence): While you guys scrambled.

Andrew (with a scoff): decapitated chickens.

Jordan: Yeah, we've gotten to be pretty good at the whole scrambling thing.

Amy (smiling): Well hopefully, we won't have to learn anytime soon!

Andrew (as the camera shifts to Justin observing the other five): Pray to the Survivor gods that we don't have to! We're done with going to Tribal Council!

It focuses more on an observant Justin as the other five continue to laugh and playfully talk about the game.

With my alliance now all on the other side and the bozos that are Derek and Jocelyn still on the same beach as I is the time that I have to start treading lightly. What I'm wanting my gameplan to be is to get to the two newbies, Andrew and Jordan, before any of them have the chance to turn it on me. That makes it a 3-3 tie and would make us draw rocks. Best scenario...Derek or Jocelyn goes home. Worst scenario...Andrew or Jordan goes home. But if Derek and them decide to share the friction between myself and him and Jocelyn, none of that could happen, those two side with them, and I'm gonzo. (waves) Bye-bye, Justin...bye-bye!


The camera focuses back on the six members of the new Temotu tribe circled around one another, continuing to joke around about the game. Justin stays mum as it fades to break.

Day 17

The camera returns to overhead view of the ocean and an extended view of the lush greenery that is the Santa Cruz Islands. It then pans down to a bulky caterpillar-like insect muscling its way up a tree branch as it then shifts to Amy and Andrew collecting water for the canteens.

Andrew: So, I haven't had a chance to ask anybody about everybody else. What's everybody like?

Amy (cautiously): Just everybody over here or...?

Andrew (shrugs): Eh, whoever. Their side, our side, doesn't really matter.

Amy: Well, ya' got Justin as the goofball of the bunch. He's, uh, slept with birds one time or another while we've been here.

Amy pauses as Andrew chuckles while listening.

Amy: Then, you've got Mike...(pretends to act tough)...who thinks he's the 'Billy Badass' of the tribe.

Andrew (smirking): Oh, I can definitely see that!

Amy: Then...let's have Troyzan. He's just like he was his first season...this chest-pounding jungle man.

Andrew nods as he continues to listen to Amy, who keeps describing all of the original Temotu members.

Having Amy describe everyone on the old Temotu was great. Just the way she went on to describe Mike and Troyzan and everybody else tells me where she stands with them, and I don't even have to ask her about alliances! But it's also possible that she may be smarter than I take her for and it was all just a ruse. I'm not going to believe it wholeheartedly...this was purely an experiment. It's simply me checking to see if the water's warm enough to swim in...and for my and Jordan's sake, I hope it is.


Amy (after a few more descriptions): So, enough of us Temotu people. What are you guys like as far as personalities and stuff?

Andrew: Honestly...we're all genuine people. I mean, I have no problem telling you that all of us were tight over there.

Amy: Yeah, especially after the whole evacuation thing. I believe you there.

Andrew: That's kinda when we all came together. But, I mean, to answer your question...I'm really laid-back overall. I like to make a funny or two every now and then and so does Jordan. Alvin...he's got a military real professional, real mature. Gaby's the quieter one of the bunch but still...her heart's in the right place.

Amy (kiddingly): Ah, spilling quite a bit of beans there, aren't ya'?

Andrew (almost flirtatiously): I don't know about beans...but if you really want me to, I can go back to camp and spill the bag of rice. How does that sound?

Amy (playfully shoving Andrew's arm): That sounds like you wanting to get your torch snuffed!

Andrew (jokingly): Please, no! Please, no!

The two share another laugh as they progress through filling the canteens with well water.

I like Andrew. He's definitely charming...but he's also definitely a schemer. I saw through exactly what he was trying to pull with his little Q&A session with me. Though, I admire that he's trying to wiggle his way in, especially with him in the minority, it ain't getting past me! Now having said all that, he could be of use to me. Even though we've been all 'Rah rah, Temotu Strong this. Temotu Strong that.', he could be the piece I need to change things up a bit. Of course, all of that's purely hypothetical right now just because I would have to bring him over at the right time with the right numbers. If I don't think it's going to line up the way I want or need it to, then he needs to axed from my plans and the game cause I am starting to view him as a threat.


It cuts back to camp, where Derek is seen taking a swig from his canteen as it then moves over to Andrew and Jordan talking in the forest right outside of camp.

Andrew: So, I tried to talking to Amy about everyone on Temotu's side...just so she would slip up about alliances.

Jordan: Did you get anything?

Andrew: I honestly think they're sticking together cause I didn't get a lot out of it. The four on this side and the four on that side...they're just going to meet back up when they get the chance, I feel like.

Jordan: I can try to talk to...Jocelyn and see if she'll slip up with a crack or two. Maybe not right now just cause we don't to garner any more attention. We're already enough on the outs as it is.

Andrew: We don't have anything to lose, though. I mean, if it comes down to it, I can play my idol...but that's only going to save us for one vote. (frustratingly brushes his hand through his hair) Ay yi yi...this sucks.

Jordan (dejectedly leaning up against a tree): You're telling me...

With each second or minute or hour that passes, it's starting to become more apparent that it's old Temotu versus old Fatutaka, which does not bode well for either Andrew or myself. And if Andrew's right about the two groups of four possibly reuniting at the merge, Gaby and Alvin are in trouble, too. With only Andrew's idol to work with and no one seeming to budge over here...(snickers hopelessly)...I just hope Alvin and Gaby are having better luck than we're having.


The camera shifts over to the Fatutaka beach as the sun pokes through the thick clouds and shines down on the sand. Alvin and Gaby are then seen discussing their options as they sit along the shore before camp.

Gaby (softly): What do you think is the best play?

Alvin: We have to start going to them at some point. From the feel of things, I say we should start with Robert.

The camera then pans to Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike laughing and sharing a piece of crab with each other.

Alvin: Those other three seem tight.

Gaby: So, let's go talk to him. We're running out of time, Alvin.

Alvin (starting to stand up): Alright then.

The two rise from their spots in the sand and start walking along the beach.

Alvin and I decided that, amongst the four, Robert is our best chance to flip. The other three just seem more sociable with each other while he's more out of the loop. If we can get him on to our side, it's going to change everything.


It cuts over to the three of Alvin, Gaby, and Robert walking along the shore and then going a bit further inland, distancing themselves from the other three at camp.

Alvin: We know that we're on the bottom and are in no position to be making deals or propositions, but we're desperate.

Robert: And I am too, trust me. I'm actually glad you guys came up with this. This switch could not've played out any worse for me. Those three have been gunning for me since Day, like, 2 or 3.

Alvin (pleasantly surprised): Really?

Robert: Oh yeah, it's been those three running the show the entire time.

Once Alvin and Gaby approached me on the beach, I knew what the subject was going to be...and I couldn't have been any happier about it.


Robert (hiding his previous idol searches): Yeah, for whatever reason, they have been gunning for me all this time, and I happen to be stuck with them on this tribe too.

Alvin (grinning): Funny how things work out, right?

Robert (chuckling): I'm telling 'ya, man, it's crazy.

Gaby: So, who would you want to take out...if you had the choice?

Robert (after giving it some thought): I would say Mike...just cause he's the one that's been gunning for me the most of the three.

Gaby: So, if we lose the next challenge, the three of us vote Mike and they don't know what hits them!

Alvin: I'm all for that!

Robert simply grins as an excited Alvin and Gaby have a small celebration.

Now, I have options. I can either stick with the Temotu script and keep knocking out the old Fatutakas...or I throw everyone a curve and side with Alvin and Gaby and we all vote Mike. The only hindrance is that would make three against three and that would put us right back where we were before the switch...deadlocked. Yesterday, I thought I was dealt a hellish hand. Now, I'm suddenly in the driver's seat. I can dictate whether the original Temotu's dominance continues or if it's time for a rebellion. Ultimately, it's all going to depend on what's best for my game short-term and long-term. Either way, it's seems to be up to me as long as my name doesn't become a topic of conversation soon. (confidently grins)


It cuts back to camp, where Troyzan and Katherine are seen looking out into the tumultuous ocean.

Troyzan (pointing to the ocean): Look at that one. That one's pretty rough.

It transitions over to the sight of violent waves crashing on the ocean surface with storm clouds forming in the background as it fades to break.

Day 18

The camera fades in to a stormy morning with thunder crackling in the background. Rain is seen dripping off of palm leaves and then the roof of Temotu's shelter as it then cuts to Jordan and Jocelyn giggling while dashing through the rain to tree mail. They finally arrive at tree mail, grab the sealed note, and make their way back. Jordan is a bit hesitant as she sees this as a great opportunity to talk to Jocelyn about the game, but Jocelyn is insistent on returning to camp to dry off.

Jocelyn (raising her voice through the rain): Come on! I want to get back to the shelter!

Jordan reluctantly follows her back as the two girls dash through the foliage once more.

(sighs) Opportunity wasted. I thought that that was my chance to talk to Jocelyn and see if she would slip any info about alliances of any sort...but no...(chuckles to herself), no, no. She wasted no time in getting back to camp so she could stay dry in the shelter. I have to's frustrating. Nobody's wanting to shift the numbers around or talk strategy other than Andrew or myself. That may be selfish to say since we're on the bottom, but it's true! These four are so comfortable in where they're at doesn't look like it's going to change soon. So, I hope that we win today...just to buy us some more time.


The camera shows the rain subsiding and the clouds clearing up as it then zooms in to a shot of the challenge site, which is a beach with a puzzle further in and six raised platforms in the ocean, three for each tribe. The two tribes file on to their mats and awaits Probst's challenge description. Before he does, he takes immunity back from the Temotu tribe, namely Jordan, who's sad to see it back in Probst's hands.

Jordan (pretending to long for the immunity idol): Come back...

Andrew and Derek smirk as Probst announces that immunity is back up for grabs and proceeds to explain the immunity challenge.

Probst (once he is finished explaining the challenge): Alright, go ahead and give you guys a minute to strategize and we'll get started.

The roles for each tribe are as follows:

On Platforms Carrying Platforms Puzzle Solver

At the sound of Probst's go, the eight carriers race from the beach and make their way to the second platform, where they have to start and work their way inland. Derek and Troyzan lead the way for their respective tribes as they all scamper through the water. Derek is the first to start untying the steps from the platforms for Temotu as Troyzan and Alvin start untying for Fatutaka. All eight castaways are eventually untying their respective two steps as Gaby and Jocelyn, who are on the first platforms, encourage their tribemates on. Temotu is the first tribe to untie both of their steps as Jocelyn waits for the steps to form before her. Mike, meanwhile, is snagged on a knot on his step. Once Troyzan is through with his step, he comes over to assist Mike as it costs Fatutaka valuable time. Jocelyn starts steadily working her way through the steps that Temotu's carriers make while Troyzan and Mike continue to struggle with their knots.

Troyzan (while tussling with the knotted rope): Geez, Mike. What did you do to this thing?

Mike (struggling with the knot as well): It's been like this the whole time, man.

Probst announces Fatutaka's struggles as Jocelyn continues to motor her way through the steps and is eventually able to reach Jordan's platform. Now balancing Jordan, Temotu makes their way off the second platform and towards their final platform, where the bags of puzzle pieces are tied to. Fatutaka is finally able to untie both steps and begin making their way from platform to platform. Once the carriers come around with the steps, Gaby starts progressing through them en route to Fatutaka's second platform. Temotu, meanwhile, efficiently has Jordan moving from one step to the next without any setbacks. She keeps a low center of gravity while Gaby moves from platform to platform standing almost completely upright. From her platform, Katherine urges Gaby to crouch lower in an attempt to have her wobble less. It, however, catches her off-guard and has her fall off the platform and straight into the water. They are forced to start from the beginning as Jordan reaches Temotu's final platform. Both girls jump off of their platforms as the carriers for Temotu start untying the bags of puzzle pieces. Gaby, drenched, starts climbing the first platform as Troyzan and Robert, who carry the first step, anxiously wait for her. She gets on to the platform and begins her second attempt at crossing each step while Temotu finishes off the knots and begin making their way inland with their puzzle pieces. Realizing that their deficit is only growing, Gaby tries to speed through the steps instead of being steady. While Troyzan agrees with this, he warns Gaby to be careful. Meanwhile on the beach, the six members of Temotu begin untying their bags and dump the puzzle pieces onto the puzzle itself. Andrew clears the pieces off and starts working on the rotating puzzle. Gaby finally makes it to Fatutaka's second platform, where Katherine now awaits Fatutaka's carriers. Katherine then wastes no time making her way through the steps. However, the carriers are having a hard time keeping up with Katherine's speed. As she continues blazing through the steps, Andrew knocks in his first two pieces of the puzzle. From there, it only gets easier for him. By process of elimination, he quickly knocks in his third and fourth pieces. As Katherine starts to step on to Fatutaka's final platform, Andrew knocks in his fifth piece. Both Katherine and Gaby jump off their respective platforms as Alvin and Troyzan begin attacking the knots holding Fatutaka's puzzle piece bags. However, Andrew ends any chance Fatutaka may have at a comeback by placing the final three pieces for Temotu and winning immunity for the orange tribe. He and Jordan celebrate amongst themselves, as this is only the second challenge they've won, and then join the other four in celebration. An obviously disappointed Fatutaka group begins to make their way out of the water as the camera shifts to Probst rewarding Temotu with the immunity idol, namely an excited Jordan.

Probst: Temotu, congratulations on your win. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Have a nice night off. (turning to Fatutaka as Temotu begins to head out) Fatutaka, obviously a very disappointing loss. I've got nothing for ya' except a date with me at Tribal Council tonight, where one of the six of you will be voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you tonight.

The two tribes of six, lead by the happier Temotu, begin to file out of the challenge site as the camera zooms out and fades to break.

It fades back in to the Temotu beach as the six upbeat members of the orange tribe return to camp with the victory still fresh in their minds.

Derek (setting his bag down): Alright! Good win today, guys.

Amy: Good job by everybody all the way around. We crushed them.

Justin (to Andrew and Jordan): Now, you know what it feels like to be on the winning side.

Andrew (laughing): For a change, yeah!

The six of Temotu continue to be seen unwinding from the challenge.

This was probably the first challenge I was never stressed about after, like, five minutes. I now know what it's like to be on the tribe that absolutely crushes the opposing tribe and I have to say...why didn't this happen earlier?! (laughs) It feels so satisfying to know that we don't have to scramble before another Tribal, and we can just...(exhales)...unwind and enjoy our night off.


Jordan plops into one of Temotu's chairs and laxly breathes out a sigh of relief as everyone else is seen either climbing into the shelter or sitting around the fire. Andrew, however, is seen discretely observing the camp. The camera highlights Robert's luxury item that he left behind, which is a colorful prop, a couple of the blankets, and a basket used from one of Temotu's previous rewards and then returns to Andrew observing the camp as everyone else is heard in the background making small talk.

With us winning today, it's a huge weight off of my chest just cause I don't have to stress about either me or Jordan being voted out, but it also created an opportunity for me to start my little fake idol project. I gotta tell you, the resources's like a smorgasbord of arts and crafts waiting to happen. Blankets, baskets, chairs, all sorts of things...I'm just excited to get this thing started!


It cuts to later in the day as everyone but Andrew is fast asleep in either the shelter or in chairs folded out next to the fire pit. He tiptoes around camp with the tribe's machete, cutting off random materials from different items around camp. The camera briefly focuses on Justin tossing and turning in one of the chairs as Andrew quickly turns around to see if he had awakened him. With that not being the case, Andrew resumes gathering items to add to his collection. Once he has all of his items, he walks away from camp towards tree mail to see if there is anything he may be able to salvage there. After finding a few things, he begins crafting his idol around that area.

This idol...I mean, there's no telling how many angles I could play this with. I mean, really, the possibilities are endless. (smiles from ear to ear) Man, I'm just...I'm just speechless over the opportunities that could arise from this little guy. (holds the fake idol up to the camera) I could play up that I have two idols, I could keep my real one and bluff with this one, I mean...I can honestly do anything with it if I'm given the right situation. But it's got to be the absolutely right situation. Otherwise, it's going to put more of a target than I already have for being outnumbered anyway, and it just comes back to bite me in the ass...and I don't want that.


Andrew is seen sitting down on a rock and whistling as he starts creating his idol from various materials. Then, it cuts to the Fatutaka beach as the six members of the blue tribe make their way back in to camp after the loss. They drop their bags near the shelter.

I'm freaking out about tonight. There's no reason for those old Temotu people to keep me around. Look at the signs: I'm from the original Fatutaka tribe, I was terrible in the challenge today, and I don't know if they view me as a threat but if they do, that's another reason. I need something to change between now and then. Otherwise, I'm gone.


It then cuts to a little bit later in the day. With no one else around, Gaby walks up to Alvin by the shelter.

Gaby (talking about Robert): Should we go see where he is as far as tonight goes?

Alvin: That's going to be the only way our skins our saved, so let's give it a shot.

The camera follows Gaby and Alvin as they approach Robert, who is about twenty to thirty feet away from the Fatutaka camp gathering palm fronds.

Robert (reaching down to grab a palm frond): What's up, guys?

Alvin (with a slight grin): Ah, just the usual scramble before Tribal. Something we're very accustomed to.

Robert (smirking): What've you got for me?

Alvin: We're just wanting to see if you're good to go with us.

Gaby (adding to Alvin's answer): Cause after the challenge today, I'm just freaking out.

Robert: Well, even though I haven't committed anything to you guys, I am still weighing what we discussed yesterday. You guys still want to vote Mike?

Alvin: If that's who you want to target, that's what we'll do.

The camera briefly highlights Troyzan and Mike returning to camp and noticing that the three are talking. It then comes back to the conversation.

Robert (stroking his facial hair in contemplation): Okay, then. Is it okay if I have some time to think about it?

Alvin: By all means, help yourself. I know we're the ones in trouble, but I know you have to do what's best for you.

Robert simply nods as Alvin and Gaby walk away to give him space.

Alvin (as they return to camp): Just let us know either way, man.

Robert then gives a thumbs up and returns to collecting fronds.

The time is nearly at hand, and I'm still up in the air as to what side is going to benefit me the most. Alvin and Gaby are just acting out of desperation, but they could be the people I need to overthrow Troyzan's regime and break the 4-4 tie over at the original Temotu. The question mark is how this plays out for my long-term game. Maybe I stay by Temotu's side and it garners some favor from those guys down the road. Who knows? Either way, I am going to have to decide soon.


The camera switches over to the other side of camp as Troyzan and Mike stand there as Alvin and Gaby are in the background walking back to camp.

Troyzan (under his breath to Mike): I'm telling ya', man, Robert's not to be trusted. He's having lengthy conversations with the enemy, and I just don't know how I feel about that.

Mike (softly): Even if he flipped to their side, that still makes it only 3-3. You think they've got an idol?

Troyzan: Who? Alvin or Gaby?

Mike: Yeah.

Troyzan (shaking his head): I don't think so. They seem to be running around too much. If they had an idol, they'd be a lot more comfortable right now.

Mike: Yeah, they don't look it.

At this point, Alvin and Gaby have returned to camp as Mike and Troyzan cease their discussion. There is a brief, awkward silence between the four before Mike breaks the ice.

Mike (feigning curiosity): Scramblin'?

Gaby (trying to play it off): Mmm, no. What makes you say that?

Mike: Just a hunch.

There is another tense silence that fills the air.

This may be our second vote but is a doozy. There's the three of myself, Troy, and Katherine, then you've got Alvin and Gaby from old Fatutaka, and Robert...dead smack in the middle. We don't know where he's going to go...and that's worrying the three of us. If one of us goes, it's going to send shockwaves across this game. When we go to the next challenge and they see that an original Temotu is gone, they're going to be like 'Oh (expletive), what happened?' It'll give the original Fatutaka new's going to completely change this game. That's why it's so important to make sure that Robert is on our side cause if he's with us, we can stay the course we've been on.


It cuts to the jungle, where the three of Troyzan, Mike, and Katherine privately discuss the upcoming vote.

Mike: Here's my thing. If one of us goes tonight, the other tribe's going to be like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened over there?'. We gotta keep hammering down.

Troyzan: But I don't know if Robert's going to go with us, man. This is his best chance to make a move if he's going to make it. I know that only makes it a tie, but I think he's willing to take that risk to get one of us out.

Katherine: Let's nail down who we're voting first. Gaby or Alvin?

Troyzan: I say Alvin. Like you said, Mike, if we have an old Temotu get voted out tonight, then the old Fatutaka's got something to cheer about. Like if we vote Robert tonight, there's no doubt in my mind Derek and Jocelyn and them go with them when there's a merge. So, if we vote Alvin, it weakens us for the next challenge and we just take Gaby out if we lose again.

Mike: Alvin then?

Katherine: Alvin, it is.

This vote is a lot more complicated than it needs to be...and it's all because of Robert. We don't know if he's going to flip or if he's with us or he's just going to say, 'Screw it.' and just throw away his vote. So, the biggest thing right now is to make sure he is one-hundred percent with us. If he isn't...(chuckles)...then these hairs are only going to get grayer!


It cuts to the evening, about an hour before Tribal Council, as Troyzan is seen walking from camp to the shore, where Robert is seen walking back up to camp. The two cross paths at about halfway as Troyzan then stops Robert.

Troyzan (with a smirk): How does it feel to be the middle man?

Robert (chuckling, shrugging his shoulders): It's not the best feeling. I can tell you that much.

Troyzan: Well, I know that it's a big spot to be in but hear me out. (starts whispering) We vote Alvin tonight...

Robert (somewhat shocked): Alvin over Gaby? Wow...

Troyzan: Hear me out... Alvin tonight. If we lose the challenge cause we're weaker, that's when we take out Gaby. That way, we stay Temotu strong, we all go to the final eight, and play it from there.

Robert (resenting the idea): But you never know what could happen, though. We don't know what's going on their side. For all we know, it's the exact opposite of what's going on here and they're singing 'Kumbayah' and eating s'mores around the campfire having a good time!

Troyzan (starting to grow more and more worried): I'm sure they are today cause they won! Look, all I'm saying is this is the best for everybody long-term. The more those four, those two and the other two on Temotu...the longer they stay in this game, the more dangerous they become.

Robert looks down at the sand, deep in thought as Troyzan continues.

Troyzan: We've got to keep picking them off, man.

Robert (uncertainly): Alright.

Troyzan extends his hand out for Robert to shake. The two shake on it as the sun nears its setting. The camera focuses on it setting behind the ocean as the six members of Fatutaka, with torches in hand, begin their trek to Tribal Council.

I'm still up in the air on Robert. He hasn't given me a solid yes on anything, and we're about to leave for Tribal Council! (laughs) Come on! It's making me worry, y'know? So tonight, I've got to read between the lines in everybody's answers and feel the situation out. If I get a good vibe, then everything's going to go according to plan. If not, then...(exhales)'s going to be really stressful if we're drawing rocks!


The camera zooms out from the Fatutaka camp and transitions to Tribal Council after sunset. Lead by Robert and Troyzan, the Fatutaka tribe makes their way into Tribal Council with their torches lit. Probst stands across them, waiting for them to take their seats. Once they are all sat, Probst takes his seat subsequently.

Probst: Robert, how has the switch affected the game in your mind?

Robert (laughing): It's funny that you ask me that just right off the bat!

Probst (smiling, as everyone else joins in in-and-out laughter): Why do you say that?

Alvin (smirking as well): Cause he's been the man in the middle all day! He's the guy that's going to decide what happens one way or the other.

Probst: And how is he the man in the middle?

Alvin: Just with how the numbers are. It's Gaby and myself against everyone else.

Probst: Everyone else meaning the other four?

Alvin: From the original Temotu, yes sir. We went to everyone, but Robert was the one that we felt was the looser and more prone to flip of the four.

Probst: Gaby, I want to bring you in on this. Why would Robert be more prone to flip over the other three that came over from Temotu?

Gaby (softly, after a brief hesitation): Well...he's told us how he is. Apparently, they've been trying to get him out since the first few days. That should be reason enough.

Troyzan and Mike's eyes widen as Katherine worriedly leans forward.

Katherine: Please tell me you didn't share that, Robert...

Robert (shrugging his shoulders): That's the truth, though. You all have been after me since I simply glanced to see if there may have been an idol around tree mail or not.

Now Alvin and Gaby's eyes widen as Robert defends himself.

Mike: Can you blame us?! What if you actually found the idol?! How safe does that make us feel?

Robert: So wait, Mike. How do you know that I didn't find it?

Mike (proudly): Cause I did!

Probst's jaw drops as Mike pulls out his idol for the rest to see.

Robert (awestruck): Unbelievable...

Mike (putting it around his neck): While you were snoopin' on the ground, I started lookin' for it in the trees and...voila!

Robert shakes his head and Alvin and Gaby start to visibly worry.

Probst: Wow...

Troyzan and Mike confidently grin while Robert is seen internally debating how he should proceed the upcoming vote.

Probst: So Robert, what do you do now? So much has happened in the past...minute!

Robert (defeatedly): I...I don't know. I just can't believe that he found it right behind me.

Mike grins from ear to ear as Alvin and Gaby whisper to Robert to check where his head is at.

Troyzan (to Robert): I hope this makes your mind up, man.

Robert (briefly putting his face in his hands): Don't doesn't.

Probst: Robert, does Mike's idol make you sway one way or the other?

Robert (after thinking about it for a few seconds): No, it doesn't...cause there's no guarantee that he'll play it. I see it as nothing more than a fear tactic.

Troyzan's grin turns into a look of confusion and sudden worry as Robert continues with his explanation.

Probst: Troyzan, Robert has a point. The idol's nothing unless it is given to me before the votes are read.

Troyzan: Yeah, um, that is a big technicality. (turns to Robert) Let me just say this, man. What we discussed about earlier today, let's go with it. We go final eight and it's game on from that point.

Robert (with uncertainty in his voice, trying to lead Troyzan on): I don't know, man. Like I told you, a lot of things can happen.

Troyzan stressfully exhales as Robert turns from him back to Probst.

Alvin (laughing to himself): This is crazy...

Probst (excitedly): Should we save the suspense and just get to the vote?

All six, minus Robert, all reply back in affirmation as Probst then commences the voting process. Each castaway makes their way to the voting booth across the rickety wooden bridge as Troyzan's confessional is the only one aired. It is heard but his vote remains a mystery as he is the last to take his seat.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

The camera pans across the six Survivors as it highlights Gaby's leg shakes as she sits and Troyzan trying to hide his worry. Probst then returns with the urn.

Probst (with a smirk): If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Everyone turns to Mike, who sits motionless as he awaits the votes to be read. Troyzan, however, speaks up.

Troyzan (to Mike): Play it.

Everyone's focus then turns to Troyzan, who starts to plead for the idol to be played.

Troyzan: Something just doesn't feel right about this vote, man. I think I know how it all shook out.

Mike looks down at his idol as Alvin and Gaby anxiously look on.

Mike (taking it off of his neck): If you say so.

Mike tosses the idol to Troyzan, who gets up from his stool and approaches Probst with the idol. Before he gives it to Probst, he hesitates.

Troyzan (turning around to face the other five): Y'know, I'm not going to discredit any of you guys cause you all seem to be smart players. So, I think the best play is...

The camera highlights the rest of Fatutaka's expressions before Troyzan's play.

Troyzan (giving the idol to Probst): I think the best play is Katherine.

Katherine suddenly sits upright with her eyes wide, surprised that the idol was played on her.

Katherine (as Troyzan sits down): Thanks, Troy.

Troyzan: Don't thank me yet. Let's see what happens.

Probst: This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Katherine will not count. I’ll read the votes.

First vote: Mike (1)

Katherine, Mike, and Troyzan all have their own look of frustration and disappointment on their faces as Robert simply grins.

Second vote: Mike (2)

Mike glances over to Alvin, who remains focused on the reading of the votes.

Third vote: Alvin (2-1)

Gaby suddenly has a look of confusion on her face and turns back to Alvin, who is visibly displeased with seeing his name on the parchment.

Fourth vote: Alvin (2-2)

Fifth vote: Alvin (3-2)

Alvin's worry increases, as does Mike's, as the camera focuses on Robert simply looking on.

Sixth vote: ...

Probst (after some hesitation to build suspense): Sixth person voted out and the first member of our jury...Alvin. I need you to bring me your torch.

Gaby's jaw drops as she turns to Robert, who is not making eye contact with anyone. Mike wipes the sweat off of his forehead while Troyzan and Katherine breathe a sigh of relief. Alvin disappointedly presents his torch to Probst.

Probst: Alvin, the tribe has spoken.

With his torch snuffed, Alvin gives his tribemates a farewell with a smile and goes on to leave the Tribal Council area.

Probst: It goes without saying that this was an eventful Tribal Council that had its share of cracks that were brought to the surface. And Gaby, for you, it seems like a matter of exposing those cracks before it's too late. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

Gaby briefly smirks as she and the rest of Fatutaka rise up from their seats and grab their bags and torches. With that, the five remaining members of Fatutaka file out of Tribal Council as the camera zooms and fades out.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Alvin (4 votes)
Katherine, Mike, Robert, Troyzan
Mike (2 votes)
Alvin, Gaby
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Alvin Drew Jr.

Voting Confessionals

Robert, I'm really hoping that your on our side for this one. If you aren't, then it's going to be chaos.


Final Words

To be honest, I was a little surprised it was me tonight. I thought that, after today's challenge, Gaby was the surefire target had Robert not sided with us, which happened to be the case. But there's no reason to complain about it. What's done is done. Gaby, 'G', Jordan, best of luck to you guys, and I hope I'll be able to write one of your names down at the end.

–Alvin Drew Jr.

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

Even without an idol, Troyzan and his alliance remain confident in their chances..."No idol? No problem!"...while Andrew and Jordan's games are just getting started. "Oh baby, I'm ready for what's in store!"


  • The episode title was said by Alvin as he went over how the tribe switch scrambled the two tribes.