"Just Say No"
Season Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 6/13
Date Uploaded March 26, 2014
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Just Say No is the sixth episode of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons.

Previously on Survivor...

After Tribal Council, Twila reveled in the victory of eliminating her greatest adversary, Chad. Though the celebration didn't last long, as Rafe and Joel attempted to wiggle their way back into the good graces of the tribe. Rafe however, had a different plan in mind, and decided to begin subtly campaigning for himself to remain in the game longer than Joel. At Hidera, Gary proposed a secret alliance between he and Cindy, in an attempt to win her back over to his side. However, Cindy was hesitant. Later that day, Julie, Cindy, Colleen, & Ken cemented their agreement to go to the final four, securing Amy & Gary's spot on the outside looking in. At the reward challenge, despite a close battle, Otono clenched both reward and immunity. Despite feeling safe, tension at Otono began to rise once again, as Rafe & Joel began pandering more to Marcus & Corinne, Twila confronted Joel about the situation, leading to another blow up. Meanwhile, Sarge attempted to make amends by seeking confirmation from Marcus and Corinne. Rafe did the same by proposing a final 3 deal of him, Corinne & Marcus...until it was overheard by Twila. Back at Hidera, Gary & Amy realized that one of their games was about to come to an end, choosing to inspire each other to push forward, rather than scheme against each other. The new alliance of four were torn whether to keep Gary for his athleticism or Amy for her agreeableness with the tribe. In the end, Cindy's vengeance against Gary won over, and he was voted out. 11 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Flip Out
Each tribe must designate a caller. The rest of the tribe members are blindfolded, and the caller must guide their tribemates so they can retrieve 30 designated giant puzzle pieces surrounded by obstacles. Once all 30 pieces are collected, the tribe members must remove their blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins reward.
Reward: Coffee and pastries 
Winner: Hidera

Immunity Challenge: Spin Cycle
Three members of each tribe will be strapped to a large wheel. Two other members will spin the wheel. As the wheel turns, the strapped tribemates will be submerged in a tub full of water, where they must grab a mouthful of water then spit it onto a tube. once the tube gets filled with water, a ball will drop from it. One tribe member will then solve a slide puzzle. When finished, the puzzle will turn into a table maze, where the puzzle maker must lead the ball into a pocket. First puzzle maker to finish this feat would win immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Otono


Day 16

Amy O’Hara awoke shortly after the crack of dawn. The warm sun beamed down on the Belizean shore. Amy slowly got up out of the shelter, and began to walk along the shore, alone with her thoughts for the first time in the game.

Survivor without Gary was a new experience for Amy. Sure, she had been down in the numbers for a good while Guatemala, but being completely on her own, without anyone in her corner was a completely new experience to her.

I didn’t expect to be here this morning, I thought they would keep Gary cause he’s a freakin’ beast in these challenges, but it seems like Cindy got her way with her crew. I think these kids know how scary Gary was, but they have no idea how scary I can be.

–Amy O’Hara

“These kids can’t expect to go to four together without going to a tie at some point, they have to split up eventually!” Amy said to herself.

Cindy and her crew are gonna be tough to crack, but I gotta do everything I possibly can to stay here! I WILL BEAT THESE KIDS DOWN...for Gary!

–Amy O’Hara

Meanwhile, the Hidera 4 were reeling in their success at the last Tribal Council. Sure, the vote had been somewhat of an easy decision, but they had stuck together, which was all that important at the moment.

It's rare to find a solid foursome that are all committed to sticking together once, let alone twice in Survivor! So much so that it almost seems too good to be true, and when things seem to great is when I'm gonna be most suspicious! I've learned my lesson from last time.

–Ken Hoang

“Could this be real?” Cindy said ecstatically. “Could Gary really be gone?”

“You better believe it!” Julie said smiling.

I feel like a gigantic boulder has been lifted from my shoulders. Just knowing that Gary isn't around anymore to target me at any given opportunity is such a relief. Now I can focus on furthering myself and my alliance instead of having to worry about being a target at every Tribal Council.

–Cindy Hall

"Last night went off without a hitch, but you guys know Amy's trying to split us a part, but we gotta stick together if we want to get to the end together, right?" Julie asked.

"Totally," Colleen said agreeing.

"I'm all in," Cindy said smiling.

"Me four," Ken said.

The next few days are going to be a huge test for our alliance. The merge is rapidly approaching, and it's in all of our best interests, mine especially to make sure we all stick together no matter what.

–Julie Berry

The talking ceased once Amy had returned to camp. The Police Sergeant sat down next to the shelter, speechless and expressionless.


The four inside the shelter grew more and more uncomfortable with every millisecond that passed.

Colleen Haskell put her head into her knees to avoid eye contact.

The whole situation with Amy in the shelter was just uncomfortable. I just voted out her best friend, I don't wanna talk to her! And I'm sure she doesn't wanna talk to me either!

–Colleen Haskell

Cindy turned to Ken, who looked down, trying to avoid eye contact at all costs.

Julie shot a nervous look to Cindy, who reciprocated her glance.

Cindy looked over at Amy and rolled her eyes in an overly exaggerated manner.

"Amy's extremely bitter about losing her closest ally, so she's taking it out on the rest of the tribe, by making us all feel uncomfortable for playing the game. But I don't feel bad for her, I felt on the outs cause of her and Gary for 15 days, and now I'm the one in the drivers seat.|Cindy Hall}}

Amy's lip slowly curved upward into a crafty smile. She knew her presence was making the four uncomfortable, but she had nothing to do today, she would be there as long as she possibly could!

I'm sure when Cindy came over here everyone felt bad cause she told them how she'd been on the outs. However, Cindy was on the outs because of her attitude. She managed to cover it up when we swapped tribes, but it looks like her true colors are starting to show again, hopefully I'm around long enough to watch them get the better of her.

–Amy O’Hara

"Amy, I can't speak for everyone when I say this, but I'm sorry we had to vote Gary out last night. I know you can't be pleased with our decision, but it's certainly not something I was excited to do," Julie said sympathetically.

"Thank you," Amy said grateful, yet taken back by Julie's empathy.

Julie is really charming. She just has a way of saying things that makes it really easy for people to trust her, which is really dangerous. Plus she's hot, which always helps!

–Ken Hoang

"Plus you're still here," Ken said reassuringly.

Amy nodded and smiled.

As a cop, I lay down the law, you're innocent until you're proven guilty! But out here the law's a bit different. Everybody here is freaking guilty until they've proven you can trust them!

–Amy O’Hara

"Well I'm going to check treemail, Cindy care to tag along?" Julie asked.

"I'd be happy to," Cindy said, quickly getting up from her spot.

"Come back with something good this time," Colleen said giggling at her own joke. "Sunshine and rainbows," Ken jeered, jabbing Colleen playfully.

"Shut up," Colleen said playfully rolling her eyes.

The two walked up along the path making small talk, until they were out of earshot from the others back at camp.

"Ok, I know it's been frustrating for you to have to put up with Amy for this long, but you need to known your aggravation with her down, because it's putting a bigger target on your back," Julie said, candidly.

"It doesn't matter, she's on the outs anyways, plus Colleen and Kenny are solid. "I know, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, cause I don't wanna play this game without you sister," Julie said reassuringly.

"I'll try and bite my tongue more, thanks for the talk," Cindy said smiling.

"Anytime," Julie said.

The two girls hugged it out and continued on to treemail.

Meanwhile, back at camp Amy O'Hara was ready to take advantage of her time alone to plead her case to Ken Hoang and Colleen Haskell.

"So are you guys solid with you're four or are you guys willing to hear me out?" Amy said breaking the silence.

"We are pretty secure to be honest, but we're always open to more options," Ken said grinning.

"Good to know," Amy said.

"Not right now though, they're coming back this way," Colleen said, peeking outside the shelter. "Come find us later so we can talk about this at length."

"Come on in guys," Jeff Probst yelled as the Otono tribe confidently walked into their next challenge.

All 6 members lined up on the mat, looking to their left, awaiting the arrival of the Hidera tribe.

"Otono, getting your first look at the new Hidera tribe, Gary voted out at the last tribal council,"

Corinne Kaplan covered her mouth, desperately trying to stifle her laughter. She looked over to Twila who had done the same thing.

"Unbelievable," Marcus whispered.

Amy shot a grimacing look over to Rafe, who exchanged a similar look, shaking his head slowly.

I knew my original tribe would have trouble sticking together without me there to bridge the gap between them, but I was hoping it wouldn't happen this fast. I'm having a difficult time trying to keep myself alive, I don't need my allies dropping like flies on the other side too.

–Rafe Judkins

The challenge involved one player, the caller, would guide their blindfolded tribe mates across a series of obstacles to bring back puzzle pieces shaped like planks, until all 30 pieces have been collected. Then, all tribe mates can remove their blindfolds and begin solving the puzzles.

The two members of the tribes with the most boistrous voices, Amy O'Hara and Sarge Masters agreed to be the callers.

Julie & Cindy, and Ken & Colleen were strapped together for Hidera, while Marcus & Corinne and Joel & Rafe were tied together for Otono.

Because Otono has one extra member, Twila agreed to sit out.

At stake for reward today was an assortment of pastries, donuts, tarts and coffee. "Survivors Ready? GO!"

Amy and Sarge both began barking orders out to their tribe. Amy opted to move one group at a time, while Sarge alternated directions between each groups.

Both groups made quick work of the early obstacles, gathering the first six pieces in close proximity to the calling stations evenly.

As the challenge wore on, Amy struggled to give directions clearly, causing many errors at the expense of Colleen & Ken.

"Hang a far left," Amy said incorrectly, causing Colleen to run right into a large barrell and fall down, bringing Ken down with her.

"AMY!" Colleen shouted, slightly irritated.

"Hang in there Colleen, get up and move right!"

Meanwhile, Sarge struggled with juggling both groups at the same time. As one group grew closer and closer to the next piece, Sarge switched to the other group so both groups could bring back pieces at the same time, causing both groups to get frustrated.


"Dude, can you just guide us one at a time?" Joel asked.

"C'MON GUYS!" Twila said, irritated, but trying to encourage people.

"Can we please just stop all the chatting so we can actually hear Sarge?" Corinne said trying to resolve the problem.

In Otono's bickering, Hidera began to gain a four piece lead over Otono, despite Amy's misdirection.

With Hidera's lead growing, they reached the puzzle stage, while Otono still had six pieces left to be found.

Joel, Rafe, Marcus, and Corinne became running through the course trying to retrieve their last six pieces as quickly as possibly.

Meanwhile, Ken, Colleen and Cindy were furiously collaborating on the puzzle to solve it as quickly as possible, but the boards with two sides proved to make the puzzle increasingly more difficult.

Finally, Otono had managed to catch up to Hidera and began to work on their puzzle, with a confident Corinne and Marcus taking charge.

"Don't spread all the pieces out at first, try and see if the ones bundled together go together, see if we can get some kind of image," Marucs suggested.

The Otono tribe began to quickly catch up to the Hidera tribe, the two tribes neck and neck. The tribe that could find the beginning of a picture, would be able to find the pieces that made it work, and it was only a matter of times.

The picture began to come together for both tribes, only the images on each puzzle were different from the other. Someone was on their way to victory, while one tribe was about to realize they had spent far too long on a puzzle with no resolution. Hidera began putting together the final pieces of their puzzle, five pieces, four pieces, three pieces,


"NO FREAKIN' WAY!" Amy shouted.

The five underdogs began jumping up and down hugging eachother celebrating their win over the dominant Hidera tribe. Despite all the craziness and drama that had ensued in the past few days, they stuck together, and made a win possible.

The five members sporting their bright green buffs walked back, pastries in hand.

"I'm seriously shaking right now, I can't believe it," Colleen shrieked!

"We kicked ass today, baby!" Amy said excited.

I took quite a few tumbles today, but biting into a big fat donut made it totally worth it! The more we succeed, the more confident I am that if we work together, we can take on these big guys...and maybe even win!

–Colleen Haskell

The more we win the better I feel, I gotta win everything from here on out if I wanna stay alive! Losing isn't an option anymore, because losing a challenge means it's game over for me...and I don't want it to be over!

–Amy O’Hara

Meanwhile, a dysfunctional Otono tribe returned to camp defeated. Hidera had voted out their strongest member, and still managed to defeat them.

Joel sat on the edge of the shelter with his head down, hot and frustrated.

We're a total mess over here. Twila was shouting and creating an uproar from the sidelines that only detoured us from our task at hand! It's hard when someone so disruptive can cause so much damage to a tribe.

–Joel Klug

The entire tribe stood around the fire awkwardly. Nobody knew what to say, or how to get back into the daily grind, especially when they had just suffered yet another loss. "How about them voting out Gary?" Said Corinne gleefully, trying to break the silence. "Stupid is as stupid does," Sarge said, talking smack.

"Trust me guys, I'm sure Kenny had some part in it...seems like something he'd be would do, he loves stirring the pot like that," Marcus said confidently.

"He thrives off it," Corinne chimed in.

At first when I saw Gary had left I was in complete disbelief, then I started thinking, and I knew Kenny had to play some part in this. He's a bright kid, and he's all about taking out any alpha male that poses a threat to him, in outing him to my tribe, I hope I'm beginning to plant the seed of what a huge threat Kenny is.

–Marcus Lehman

"He did that his last season too didn't he?" Rafe asked curiously.

"Marcus knows all too well," Corinne said rolling her eyes.

"Yikes!" Joel said.

Twila rolled her eyes, she didn't understand why this conversation had to be in public, it certainly wasn't information she was happy Marucs was sharing with everyone. "Marcus, Corinne, Sarge, do y'all wanna go down by the water for a few moments?" Twila asked as sweetly as she possibly could.

Sarge looked puzzled, but willingly followed Twila down, as did a somewhat irritated Marcus and Corinne, who shot a confusing stare back at Rafe.

I'm tired of Marcus and Corinne giving all these information up to Rafe & Joel, when all they're gonna do is use it against me! I didn't come back here to give away my game to a bunch of young has beens, I'm putting a stop to this right now.

–Twila Tanner

"Alright, I just wanted to remind y'all, you can't say that shit in front of Joel & Rafe, we're this close to a merge, and if they find out who's callin' the shots over they're, they're gonna scatter over there faster than you two can say oops," Twila said condescendingly.

"Not if we make them feel comfortable with us," Corinne negated.

"I think the optimal solution here is to make them feel like part of the group, not ostracize them," Marcus said, in agreement with Corinne.

Twila shook her head back and forth, shooting an aggrivated glance to Sarge. "Now let's not make this a bigger issue than it needs to be," Sarge said, trying to refocus the group.

There's some major tension going on between Twila and Marcus & Corinne. They're all so focused on jockeying for power, they're not focusing on sticking together. We can bitch and bicker all we want about Rafe and Joel, but if the four of us aren't solid, than we're not getting anywhere.

–Sarge Masters

"All I'm trying to say, is watch what you say," Twila said raising an eyebrow.

Corinne rolled her eyes furiously.

"You're the reason we're having this conversation, don't act like I don't know," Twila said in an accusatory voice.

"For what? Talking to Rafe?" Corinne said starting to lose her temper.

"Rafe, Joel, whoever, it ain't as innocent as just talking, we all know it," Twila said, becoming more aggressive by the second.

"Are you implying that I'm in love with Rafe?" Corinne said snarkily. Marcus let out a small chuckle, even Sarge grinned at Corinne's jab.

"I certainly can't control how you feel," Twila said passive aggressively.

"So what do you suggest then, if they want to talk to me?" Corinne said, trying to get to the bottom of this.

"Just say no," Twila said bluntly.

"Whatever!" Corinne said walking off.

I'm aligned with a mad woman! I mean, who does this bitch think she is? What on earth does this woman have that makes her think she can try to order me around like that? The only two things she has that I don't are those awful wrinkles and menopause. Twila doesn't have shit on me, I'm done with her! Absolutely finished!

–Corinne Kaplan

Marcus excused himself from the conversation to cool Corinne down. He knew she had a firey temper, but she'd done a pretty decent job of keeping her cool up until now. He knew it was important that he and Corinne stay in the middle for as long as possible, and blowing up at Twila was certainly not how to get the job done.

The easiest way to get under Corinne's skin is having someone who she sees as beneath her trying to tell her how to play her game. She and Rafe have a connection, and she's using it to our advantage, which is awesome. However, when dealing with Twila she needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut and just role with it, Twila will get hers eventually, there's no point in drawing attention onto herself.

–Marcus Lehman

"Ugh!" Corinne said, exhaling as Marcus walked over.

"I understand, haha," Marcus said awkwardly laughing.

"What do you want?" Corinne said slightly irritated.

"How do you know I want something?" Marcus asked cheekily.

"You act as if I don't know you," Corinne said laying down on the warm sand.

"You gotta keep your mouth in check, at least around Twila," Marcus said, laying down next to her.

"I don't deal well with some bitch telling me that I can't talk to the one other person here I actually get along with. I mean as much as I'd love to talk about construction and diabetes all day, I got better things to do," Corinne said frustrated.

"I'm not here to tell you to stop talking with Rafe, you're totally working it!" Marcus said.

"You just want me to shut up around her?" Corinne said grinning.

"Please," Marcus said laughing.

"Fine, but I can't promise I'm sticking with her," Corinne said bluntly.

"The only person who's back I have 100% is yours," Marcus said.

The two gave one another a fistbump, and continued laying on the warm sand.

Marcus is really working hard to keep me grounded, and he's right. I can't let this wicked old hag screw up all the hard work I've put into this game. I gotta keep my temper in check. God, what would I do without Marcus?

–Corinne Kaplan

I get Corinne. We've been friends for a long time. Sometimes all she needs is someone just to walk up to her and say, hey, stop it, and she gets it, no problem. And that's what I want in an ally!

–Marcus Lehman

"You two ok?" Rafe said walking over.

"Just peachy," Marcus said relaxing.

"Twila had a cow," Corinne said irritated.

"It didn't look so great," Rafe said grimacing.

"I'm not allowed to speak to you Rafe, so we're gonna have to keep this pointless conversation entirely between us, ok?" Corinne said sarcastically.

"Cross my heart," Rafe said.

"You're a good dude Rafe, thanks," Marcus said smiling.

"No problem guys," Rafe said grinning.

"Come relax with us," Corinne insisited.

"Oh I can't," Rafe said blushing. "I'll burn up so fast."

"Hashtag Ginger Probs," Corinne said smiling.

"Did you just use a hash tag in real life?" Rafe asked.

"Regretfully so," Corinne said, rolling onto her stomach.

The split between Marcus & Corinne and Twila & Sarge is definitely happening much faster than I anticipated. I was worried about having to throw Joel under the bus to stay here, but if things remain as they are now, there's a chance I could flip this game around in our favor. I just gotta be careful.

–Rafe Judkins

Meanwhile, Twila and Sarge were washing their clothes by the water, when they caught sight of Rafe chatting with Marcus and Corinne on the beach.

"She just doesn't get it," Twila said shaking her head.

"What can you expect from her, she's a young chick, with an ego bigger than this island," Sarge said annoyed.

"She better not flip on us, I will flip the hell out," Twila said, getting worked up. "We just gotta make sure Marcus is on board," Sarge said.

"He better be," Twila said pointing at Sarge.

"He's a smart guy, he knows it's in his best interest to stick with us," Sarge said.

"He's gotta keep his nasty bitch on his leash though," Twila said laughing.

"No kidding," Sarge said.

Corinne is just vile. She has absolutely no respect for anyone or anything that's not centered around her. However, we need her to stick with us. So I need to have confidence in Marcus that he'll keep her in check. I'll be damned if that woman starts dragging him around this island.

–Marcus Lehman

Let Corinne have her fun with Rafe and Joel now, because it's gonna be over sooner than she realizes! They're outta here, gone, finished, goodbye!

–Twila Tanner

Day 17

Rafe Judkins and Joel Klug woke up early the next morning. They drug the boat out of the sand, flipped it over, and began paddeling out into the clear Belizean water.

Rafe Judkins had a lot on his mind following the events of the last few days, and he was looking forward to catching up his closest ally, even though he wasn't much help to him anyways.

"You seem to got a lot on your mind man," Joel said, steering the paddle into a suitable position to fish.

"You have no idea," Rafe said.

It's a bit awkward talking game with Joel again after working so hard to distance myself from him, but at the end of the day he's really all I got out here. If there's a way we can both make it to the merge, we need to exploit that as much as possible.

–Rafe Judkins

"There are some serious cracks in that foursome," Rafe said excitedly.

"You mean that fight yesterday?" Joel asked.

"Apparently that had been long brewing," Rafe said raising his eyebrow.

"So where do we go from here?" Joel asked.

"We need to make sure that Marcus & Corinne are absolutely confident that we're with them until the end," Rafe said.

"Sweet," Joel said, reclining into the boat, attempting to fish with their make-shift poles.

The last time I tried to make an alliance, it ended up backfiring and I ended up getting voted off this cycle of the game. I'm really apprehensive about the upcoming vote, but Rafe seems to have a lot of confidence we can get out of this intact, so I'm gonna take a back seat and let Rafe work his magic.

–Joel Klug

Stepping into a bit of leadership position this earlier in the game does scare me a bit, but the way I see it I have two choices: I let Joel and I each individually do our thing and ruin any chance of us going far, or I can take charge, make things happen, and put myself in the best possible position at the merge.

–Rafe Judkins

"I'm gonna need help from you two though," Rafe said nervously.

"Just say the word, and I'll do it," Joel said.

"You know I've been trying to get in tight with Corinne?" Rafe asked.

"Absolutely," Joel said, grinning.

"I think you should bro it up with Marcus a bit," Rafe said.

"You think it'll work?" Joel asked.

"I think if they know we're solid with them, and we're done to go with them regardless, they'll be more apt to get rid of the two who are trying to control their games," Rafe said astutely.

The last time I played this game was season one, and I didn't do so hot. So now, I wanna let Rafe, an experienced player, take the reigns. To be the best you gotta learn from the best. I'm learning.

–Joel Klug

Back at camp, Sarge and Marcus had gone for a walk through the jungle looking for coconuts and any other foods to help improve the rice situations.

I needed to pull Marcus aside today and make sure I knew where he stood. Corinne has made no secret that she goes wherever the wind takes her, but Marcus is a lot more grounded. Getting in good with Marucs is how Twila and I are going to ensure our alliance is solid.

–Sarge Masters

"So how about yesterday?" Sarge said, whacking a lower branch of a coconut tree as he made conversation. "What a mess," Marcus said grimacing.

"Someone's got quite the temper," Sarge said giving a small wink.

"I think they both do," Marcus said as he gathered the coconuts on the ground.

"It's our job to keep them under control," Sarge said.

"Cheers to that dude," Marcus said cutting open a smaller coconut, taking a small swig then passing the coconut to Sarge.

"I'm counting on you," Sarge said, looking Marcus dead in the eyes.

"My word is good man," Marcus said to him.

"Wanna shake on it like men?" Sarge suggested.

"I'd be honored," Marcus said, extending his hand.

The two firmly shook hands, gathering the coconuts they found, and returning back to camp.

Marcus reaffirmed everything I thought about him before I talked this morning. The two of us have very similar values, and we both can approach the game in a very calm and rational manner. Our partners may be hot heads, but I think if the two us can keep our allies at ease, it should be smooth sailing from here on out

–Sarge Masters

ISarge is a no nonsense kind of guy. He likes structure, loyalty and integrity. You're really not gonna find much of that on Survivor, espeically in a season as cutthroat as this, but what I can provide Sarge is a willingness to play his least for now.

–Marcus Lehman

When the two arrived back at camp, they stashed the coconuts in a pile over by the rice container. Shortly after they returned, Rafe and Joel returned to camp empty handed.

"No luck?" Sarge asked.

"Nope," Rafe said dejected.

"Bummer," Sarge said, shaking his head to Marcus as he did so.

The more time I spend with Rafe and Joel the more I realize just how naive they are to everything out here. They can't fish or bring anything to camp that Twila, Marcus, and myself don't already. The more unsuccessful they are in all these endeavors, I think the more Marcus is going to realize how much he needs Twila and myself around.

–Sarge Masters

"Do you need help opening some of those coconuts up Marcus?" Joel asked.

"Sure," Marcus said, motioning for Joel to come over.

Sarge took off down the beach to find Twila and let Marcus have his privacy.

Joel got right to work chopping coconuts in half in one gigantic swoop.

"I'd like to see Twila do that," Joel said chuckling to himself.

Marcus grinned.

"How do you put up with her anyway?" Joel asked curiously.

"I try to keep my distance," Marcus said, only half kidding.

"I don't blame you man," Joel said, patting him on the back.

"How do you deal with her?" Marcus said. "That's the question!"

"I think the best way to deal with someone like that is just take 'em out whenever you get the chance, y'know?" Joel said.

Marcus nodded, saying nothing. He wanted to see where Joel was going with this.

"I know Corinne and Rafe have been particularly chummy lately and I think you're a pretty cool dude, clearly we have a lot more in common than either of us do with Sarge or Twila. All four of us...I mean, I don't know if it's a possibility, but if you gave me the chance to work with you guys, I would be willing to go the distance with you guys," Joel said, spilling his guts.

Marcus nodded, trying to absorb all the information he could.

"It's difficult being in the middle like this," Marcus admitted. "I just see value in sticking with both sides."

"Well what can I do to convince you that I'm loyal?" Joel asked.

Joel was trying his best to stick with his new strategy, not do the strategizing, just have others tell him what they needed from and do his best to meet their needs.

"You've proven everything you possibly could, Rafe too, I really think you guys are both completely straight up guys," Marcus said.

"Just think about it," Joel said, passing Marcus a coconut.

"I assure you I will certainly do that," Marcus said toasting to Joel.

Just as I get back from talking game with Sarge, what do I know, but Joel of all people is pulling me aside wanting to talk game. He certainly made a good case for Rafe and himself. I feel a lot closer to Rafe and Joel personally than I feel about Sarge and Twila, but I'm not playing this game personally.

–Marcus Lehman

I got off on the wrong foot with Marcus and Corinne by trying to force things in the direction I wanted them to go, but this time I'm trying to show Marcus, whatever he wants me to do, I am happy to do, as long as they're with me.

–Joel Klug

"So did you talk to him?" Twila said, when Sarge approached her.

"We shook on it Twila, I think we're good," Sarge said confidently.

"Oh Sarge, anyone can shake anyone's hand, that means nothing to these kids," Twila said irritated.

"You shook my hand," Sarge said.

"How'd that work out for you in Vanuatu Sarge?" Twila said, blowing smoke.

"Now hold on, you're far more ruthless than Marcus is," Sarge said grinning.

"Well he certainly isn't the god you make him out to be," Twila said aggravated.

"You know what I think would help the situation?" Sarge asked.

"What." Twila said, not asked.

"If you talked things over with Corinne," Sarge suggested.

"I don't see why I gotta make her feel better when she's the one causing all the conflict," Twila said stubbornly.

"Look Twila, I don't like the girl either, but let's be honest here, without Corinne we can't possibly move forward," Sarge said.

"Fine," Twila said rolling her eyes.

I don't like Corinne, and I don't think any decent human being would like her, she has an ego bigger than this island, but the reality is Corinne is aligned with Marcus and Twila has to make her feel comfortable if we want to stick together.

–Sarge Masters

Corinne Kaplan was spending the afternoon in the cool water, getting the knots out of her long curly hair.

"Well hi there," Twila said, forcing her best fake smile.

"Twila, we don't have to do this," Corinne said irritated.

"I know, I just wanted to say I'm sorry if you felt like I was singling you out yesterday," Twila lied.

"I just don't appreciate it when you act as if me talking with Rafe and Joel will be the undoing of everything, you did single me out, and it was obvious," Corinne said irritated. "Honestly, that was not my intention," Twila lied.

I can talk to Corinne until I'm purple and nothing is gonna change her mind. She's stubborn, she's bossy, and she's just annoying.

–Twila Tanner

So this bitch has the nerve to come up to me and try and apologize because she wasn't aware that she was singling me out. Who does this bitch think she is? I don't know how she got so far before by telling people what to do and how to socialize, but I'm a clinical consultant, I'm college educated, and I have played this game my fair share of time. I'm not buying her shit. She's gonna realize eventually I'm not your average bitch.

–Corinne Kaplan

At Hidera, Colleen Haskell and Ken Hoang were sitting in the sand down by the water, drawing random pictures and enjoying eachothers company down by the water. "We're such dorks," Colleen said.

"You mean you don't spend most of your free time hanging out with professional video gamers on a deserted island?" Ken asked cheekily.

"Well first of all, it isn't a deserted island," Colleen pointed out.

"Ooh you got me," Ken teased.

"Damn right," Colleen said.

Colleen and I are around the same age, we're both pretty nerdy, and she's really cute. So I'm really enjoying all the time I get to spend with her out here. At the same time though, I'm trying not to let my relationship with Colleen get in the way of my game. But, if I could make it to the end with her...what a great story that'd be!

–Ken Hoang

"Is Amy over there?" Ken asked.

"She's been watching us from over there for about ten minutes," Colleen whispered, rolling her eyes while maintaining her sweet smile.

"You're so good at that!" Ken said.

"Good at what?" Colleen said innocently.

"Rolling your eyes," Ken said.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Colleen said, giving him a wink.

"Aren't you supposed to be America's sweetheart?" Ken asked.

"Something like that," Colleen said shrugging it off.

Ken's a cool cat. We have a great time chatting, and as far as strategy is concerned we're totally on the same page. I'm especially glad I've gotten to get to know him more because of the tribe swap

–Colleen Haskell

Julie Berry and Cindy Hall eventually got out of the shelter and began walking along the beach in the opposite direction of Colleen and Ken.

As soon as Julie and Cindy were out of eyesight Amy quickly paced over to Ken and Colleen.

This is my shot to convince Ken and Colleen that they don't need Cindy to get themselves further in the game. This is my shot to show them I can hang with the cool kids.

–Amy O'Hara

"Am I interrupting something?" Amy said, laughing at her own joke.

"No, you're fine Amy," Colleen said smiling.

"Alright then, I'll just chaperone," Amy said, cracking up once again.

"So did you wanna plead your case?" Ken asked.

"Of course," Amy said. "Well other than the basics, I think there's no way that you're gonna wanna go to the final four together, because then you're gonna have to make a fire just to keep yourselves alive. If you stick with me, I'll be with you guys 100%. Also, I'm really close with Rafe on the other side, and if I'm here for the merge, I think I could bring him in with us. Cindy is close with him too, but she tried to get rid of him late in Guatemala, but Rafe and I have always been solid. We get along real well."

"You really think Rafe would flip?" Ken asked curiously.

"I think if he talked with me and saw what a good position we were in, he'd be all for it," Amy explained.

Amy made an interesting case for herself, but I worry that if we kept her over Cindy, we could possibly lose Julie and possibly even Rafe too. We have to consider if it's worth the risk in keeping her.

–Colleen Haskell

As much as I hate to say this, but I'm not particularly concerned with what Amy's argument is. The reason I'm so willing to listen to Amy plead her case is if she thinks there's a chance we will vote with her, than she won't align herself with Julie and Cindy to try and target Colleen and I, allowing us to cruise to the merge.

–Ken Hoang

Julie and Cindy began walking back to camp, when they saw the conversation between Amy, Colleen and Ken on the beach. The suspicion in each of them rising with every step they took.

"What are they talking about over there?" Cindy asked.

"Looks like they're pleading their case," Julie said observantly.

"You don't think they'd actually fall for it would they?" Cindy said nervously.

"Only one way to find out," Julie said hastening their step.

It's not that i don't trust my alliance, it's just that if I have the opportunity to listen in on a conversation like this or hear about it second hand from one of my allies, I'd rather be a part of the conversation rather than hearing about it later.

–Julie Berry

"Hey guys, what's up?" Julie said, greeting them with a smile.

"Nothing, just talking about what it's gonna be like back home," Amy replied.

"I bet you can't wait to be back home," Cindy said grinning.

Julie shot her an angry glare.

"I mean you probably miss them so much and all," Cindy said trying to save herself. Amy rolled her eyes.

"We're not interrupting anything are we?" Julie asked innocently.

"Oh no, don't worry about it, pop a squat," Amy said casually.

I got my chance to plead my case to Ken and Colleen, and what do you know Julie and Cindy came back right after, so I just played it off like nothing happened, I'm not worried abut them. Bring it on!

–Amy O'Hara

Everything seemed normal when we got back to camp, but I'm not exactly sure what went on when Cindy and I were gone. I guess I'm gonna have to find out from my allies, and we'll see just how willing they are to be honest with me.

–Julie Berry

Day 18

Julie Berry had the honor of checking treemail with Colleen Haskell bright and early this morning. After the suspicion surrounding Colleen and Kenny the other day, Julie wanted to get a clear answer about the events of yesterday. And who better to hear from than America's Sweetheart herself?

"So was she at all trying to campaign?" Julie asked curiously.

Apprehensive about what to say, Colleen took a deep breath and trusted her gut.

"Yeah, she was basically talking about how the final four just wasn't a realistic expectation for our alliance, but I didn't wanna say anything while she was there. I mean, I didn't wanna say anything while she was sitting right there, I'm not going out of my way to be mean to her," Colleen admitted.

"I knew you wouldn't steer me wrong," Julie said sweetly.

"Of course not," Colleen said smiling.

That's what I love about Colleen! She's totally straightforward with me, and I can rely on her one hundred percent when I'm not around. That's what makes us a strong group.

–Julie Berry

Julie confronted me to get to the bottom of the Amy discussion yesterday. I think everyone sees me as the sweet naive girl I was in Borneo, but that was 13 years ago, there's a lot more too me now than just being America's Sweetheart.

–Colleen Haskell

The two tribes walked in to greet Jeff Probst at their next challenge. Today three tribe members would be spun around a wheel in the water, scooping up water with their mouths, with two members pushing the wheel. After they fill their tube with water, the last member will solve a slide puzzle. Then one of the tribe members must solve the puzzle.

Because Otono had one extra member Sarge agreed to sit out of the challenge.

For Hidera, Julie, Colleen, and Ken were spun on the wheel while Amy and Cindy would spin the wheel. Ken opted to solve the puzzle after the water was filled.

For Otono, Corinne, Twila, and Rafe were to be spun, while Joel and Marcus would spin the wheel. Rafe opted to solve the puzzle for Otono.

The two tribes took their spots, awaiting Jeff Probst's go.


The two tribe mates pushing the wheel on both sides began furiously spinning the wheel. Marcus and Joel got Otono off to a much quicker start, so much so the three people on the wheel struggled to get enough water in their mouth to spit into the tube.

Amy and Cindy on the other hand had a much more difficult time pushing the wheel, Amy obviously doing the bulk of the work for Hidera. Their process was much slower, allowing more water to be collected.

Hidera had a slight lead at the start of the challenge, but with Marcus and Joel finally getting a feel of the wheel, Otono began to gain on the Hidera tribes lead. After half an hour both tribes were tied up with 3/4 of their tubes filled up. Otono had caught up and was gaining speed. Amy and Cindy were struggling to keep up with the pace they'd set for themselves earlier, but Amy kept pulling with all her might to keep Hidera in the game.

Soon Otono had their tube filled, Marcus helped unhook Rafe, and he ran out to solve the sliding puzzle.

Hidera eventually caught up, and Ken quickly hurried to catch Rafe on the sliding puzzle. Rafe had already begun sliding the pieces around on his board, but one mistake or one wrong direction could evaoporate his lead.

Ken tried to look off Rafe's puzzle to see what he was doing, then quickly worked to go his own direction on the puzzle.

Both men were getting closer and closer until both hit a dead end, different dead ends. 9 bodies watched over Ken and Rafe's shoulders in anticipation, with every piece that moved the tension was growing and growing.

Amy O'Hara closed her eyes, she couldn't watch, her life was in Ken's hands...and if history were to repeat itself, the odds would certainly not be in her favor. With just several slides, a puzzle had been completed.


The orange tribe jumped up and down gleefully!

Amy O'Hara sunk her head into her hands. Colleen consoled her by patting her on the back, the green tribe walked back to camp, defeated.

I gave it everything I had in that damn challenge, and the worst part was watching it slip through my fingers. I have one shot to save myself, one shot!

–Amy O'Hara

The Hidera 4 gathered together to discuss the ramifications of tonight's vote.

"Well it looks like it'll just be the four of us after tonight," Julie sighed. "Bummer," Colleen said looking down.

Cindy smiled gleefully. This is exactly what she'd been waiting for. This was all about revenge.

I'm not trying to sound heartless here, but Amy's been trying to get rid of me for days, so I feel great knowing that we're this close to sending her home! You reap what you sew!

–Cindy Hall

"And you two aren't with her?" Cindy asked, seeking reassurance.

"Nope," Ken said bluntly.

"We just wanted her to make her feel comfortable in her last few moments out here," Colleen said.

Amy O'Hara walked up to the shelter. She had one last chance to make a plea, one last chance to prevent history from repeating itself.

"Ken, Colleen, can I talk to you for just one moment?" Amy asked.

Colleen looked to Ken, who looked back at her.

"Go ahead," Julie said reassuringly. "We trust you guys."

Ken smiled.

"What's going on Amy?" Colleen asked.

"I know it's not looking good for me right now," Amy said. "But...look I've gotten this far once before, this day in Guatemala, I was voted out, and I had so so much more to give to my tribe and this game. I will be so loyal to you two, you're not gonna get that with Cindy, she already doesn't trust you just for talking to me, all I want is a fair chance you guys." Ken and Colleen just stood and nodded.

"I'll let you guys think it over," Amy said, walking down the beach, for what could be the last time.

I have worked my ass off for 18 days at camp, in the challenges, and in the game just to stay here. I've been fighting this battle with Cindy from the beginning and I don't want her to have the satisfaction of sending me home. I've never quit anything, and I'm not giving up on this game until my torch has been snuffed once and for all.

–Amy O'Hara

I was so touched by Amy's plea, she really wants to be here. As someone who's turned down the offer to return several times before I can tell this is something Amy's been waiting for forever. This means so much to her, and it kills me that I might be the reason she goes home tonight.

–Colleen Haskell

"So there's no way we can keep her here?" Colleen asked Ken, fighting back tears. "I mean, how could we?" Ken said, looking down.

"I don't know...I just want to..." Colleen said, unable to articulate her thoughts on the situation.

"This game isn't easy," Ken said upset.

I feel like I'm somewhat responsible for the loss today. I'm the reason we keep falling short on these puzzles, and I'm the reason people like Gary and Amy find themselves on the chopping block. So when Amy comes to Colleen and I begging to stay...I have to wonder, how can I send her home for my mistakes? How can I send anyone home for my mistakes?

–Ken Hoang

The five remaining Hidera members arrived at Tribal Council. Cindy's smile glowed excessively with the illumination of the roaring fire at Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Amy sat on the far end, isolated from the four just as she had been from the beginning looking over from Jeff to Ken & Colleen.

One by one each tribe member went up to vote.

Cindy sat in anticipation, waiting to see if her alliance would stick by her once again. Amy sat palms locked within one another hoping something, anything, could change her fate. First vote...

"Amy," Cindy's vote had been the first to reel it's ugly head.

"Amy," Julie had stuck by her closest ally.

Next vote,

"Cindy," Amy wasn't going down without a fight, sending what could be her final vote Cindy's way.

"That's 2 votes Amy, 1 vote Cindy."

Amy sat praying that Ken and Colleen would have a change of heart. All she'd done, all she'd worked for, all she needed was one chance...

that she wasn't going to get.

"6th Person Voted out of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons..."


Amy flashed one final grin, as she grabbed her torch and walked over to Jeff.

"I was gonna beat you guys down too," Amy said grinning.

"Amy, the tribe has spoken."

Amy was gone, the Hidera 4 were now the only four members of Hidera. While their alliance had stuck together, they would have to survive tougher votes than this one to get to the end.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:

Amy (4 votes)
Cindy, Colleen, Julie & Ken
Cindy (1 vote)
Amy O'Hara

Still In the Running

Verano Otono
Hidera Nieve