Justice Stanlee
Lukep (12)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 15th, 1945
Hometown Mercer
Occupation Electrician

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Thomas
Placement 7/16
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 30

Justice Stanlee was a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Justice angered his entire tribe with his attitude and anger, eventually forcing an impromptu Tribal Council, which eliminated him.


Justice was born in Mercer and lived there his whole life. He is the only living member of his family. Justice began working as an electrician to make money to stay alive. He claims to have little to no respect toward people other than himself. Probst stated that Justice will more than likely get on the nerves of just about everyone.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Upon arriving on Exile Island, ready to fight to win, Justice was placed on the Thomas tribe. After Leo won his tribe the first challenge, they went to camp. At camp, Justice decided to be a leader, with Casper's support. Harrison, however, disagreed with Justice's idea. After losing the first challenge, Justice and Casper attempted to take out Harrison, but Casper was voted out. Upset at the loss of his ally, Justice released anger on the Thomas tribe. He then tried to be leader.

Voting History

Justice's Voting History
Episode Justice's
Voted Against
1 Harrison -
2 Thomas Tribe Immune
3 Thomas Tribe Immune
4 Thomas Tribe Immune
5 No Vote
6 Individual Immunity
7 Harrison -
8 Haley -
9 Leo -
10 Harrison Felicity, Harrison, Katrina,
Leo, Octavia, Tiffany

Voted Off, Day 30


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  • Justice is the oldest contestant in Survivor: Virgin Islands.
  • Justice was exiled more than anyone else in Virgin Islands, with 4 times.
  • Justice was the first Thomas member to be voted out post-merge.