Kael Jackson
Kael J
Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 13, 1984 (1984-11-13) (age 33)
Hometown Pittsburg, PA
Occupation Model

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Mungo
Placement 17/18
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 3

Kael Jackson was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


Kael is a model who desires to be rich and famous. He is creative and a hard working. But sometimes he can be a bit selfish.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Kael and Sienna were on the outsides of their tribe for being the last to finish the first immunity challenge. (Similar to JJ and Cherry at Anju). Noctourne talked to Olivia who wanted to keep Sienna and form a girls alliance. Noctourne was indifferent to voting out Kael because he was equally bad at the challenge. All Mungo members were in on the plan except for...Kael.

Kael chatted with Adam. He believed Adam was on his side, but Adam stuck with the majority and Kael was voted out 5-1.

Voting History

Kael's Voting History
Episode Kael's
Voted Against
1 Sienna Adam, Noctourne,
Olivia, Sienna & Tim
Voted Off, Day 3


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