Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Japan - Civil War
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Ashikaga
Lowest Placing Member Tyler Reynolds (18/20)
Highest Placing Member Emma Chatman (2/20)
Kamakura is a tribe in Survivor: Japan - Civil War. It is named after the first of the three shogunates of Japan.



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Chuck Nyarsuk, a commercial fisherman from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Dave Ellerman, a lawyer from Anaheim, California.

Donna Van Treese, a stay-at-home mom from Fargo, North Dakota.

Emma Chatman, a coffee barista from Schenectady, New York.

John McLendon, a bartender from Providence, Rhode Island.

Katie Crockett, a vegan chef from Abilene, Texas.

Lisa Arcidiacono, a police officer from Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Patrick Barnes, a waiter from Maui, Hawaii.

Reyna Perez, a waitress from Los Angeles, California.

Tyler Reynolds, a lifeguard from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Post-Tribe Swap

Tribe History

Days 1-3

Kamakura was formed when Jeff singled out Lawrence and Donna, the oldest man and woman in the game, as the captains, or daimyos, of their respective tribes. Donna became the daimyo of Kamakura and, along with Lawrence of Ashikaga, selected her tribemates in a schoolyard pick. She chose, in order, Chuck, Emma, John, Reyna, Tyler, Lisa, Dave, Katie, and Patrick.

Donna ran a tight ship at camp, and soon began to consider voting out Chuck for potentially being a threat to her authority, and Tyler for his laziness. Dave and Chuck formed an alliance, which was quickly discovered by Reyna and Lisa. The former tried and failed to blackmail them into giving her the hidden immunity idol should they find it, but was allowed to have a spot in their alliance on the condition that she remained completely loyal to them.

Kamakura won the immunity challenge on day three.

Days 4-6

After Kamakura won the reward challenge on day 4, an argument broke out amongst the men of the tribe over Tyler's laziness around camp. Donna saw this as a good opportunity to form a women's alliance, quickly bringing Katie and Reyna into the fold. She made an additional final three alliance with Dave and Chuck, although she admitted in a confessional that she had no intentions of honoring the deal and was only keeping them around as "extra votes". The next day, she added Lisa to the women's alliance, making Emma wary.

On day 6, Kamakura won a fiercely contested immunity challenge by a 5-2 margin.

Day 7

Emma told Patrick about Donna's attempts to form a woman's alliance and revealed to him that although she was leaning toward joining, she would vouch for him to be the last man on the tribe to go home. Meanwhile, Donna tried and failed to find the hidden immunity idol, and Dave and Chuck plotted to eliminate Tyler and Emma first.

Kamakura won the reward challenge, and had to attend tribal council before Ashikaga that night as a result. Emma forced Donna to let her join the women's alliance, and relayed the plan to vote out Tyler to the other women. Tyler and Patrick tried to turn Reyna, Lisa, and Katie against John due to his short temper and relative weakness compared to the other men on the tribe. Meanwhile, Dave and Chuck found the hidden immunity idol and tried to keep it a secret, only to be discovered by John.

At tribal council, John began to feel threatened by the rest of his tribe, and revealed to them that Dave and Chuck had found the idol. Tyler believed that John had dug his own grave, but was proven wrong and eliminated in a 8-2-1 vote.

Day 8-10

John approached Emma and Lisa about the prospect of splitting votes between Dave and Chuck to flush out their idol, eliminating a perceived threat from the game. Emma and Lisa considered it, but ultimately did not approach Donna or the others about it.

After Kamakura's come-from-behind win in the reward challenge, Katie's vegan lifestyle conflicted with Chuck's love of fishing, which prompted an argument between her and several tribemates, mainly Emma. This prompted Lisa to question the long-term viability of the women's alliance, as she believed that it was necessary for the women to get along for the alliance to last.

The next night, Patrick talked to Donna about feeling like an outcast, pinning a lot of the blame on the men. Feeling sympathetic, Donna agreed to take Patrick to the final six and let him earn his way to the end from there. However, Patrick inadvertently revealed his knowledge of the women's alliance, and when questioned about it, sold out Emma. When confronted, Emma did not recognize any wrongdoing on her part. Donna doubted she could trust her after this, but didn't get a chance to vote her out as Kamakura won the immunity challenge the next day.

Day 11-13

On Day 11, the tribes switched. All the women on Kamakura except for Lisa joined the new Tokugawa tribe, while Chuck, Dave, and John joined Ashikaga. That left Lisa and Patrick as the only members of the original Kamakura tribe to stay put, and they were joined by Bryce, Hannah, and Kyle from Ashikaga. The tribe lost the reward challenge when Kyle fell off the "cradle".

The next day, Kyle and Hannah plotted to get rid of one of Lisa or Patrick should they lose an immunity challenge. Bryce joined them, believing that the original Ashikaga's need for numbers going into the merge outweighed his lack of trust in Kyle. Knowing they were on the outside, Lisa and Patrick tried and failed to find the idol. When he found out, Kyle realized that somebody else had probably already found the idol, and figured he did not have much to worry about. Kamakura finished second in the immunity challenge, keeping them save from tribal council.

Day 14-15


This tribe was named after Japan's Kamakura shogunate, which lasted from 1188-1333.