Kamila Bonetti
Contestant Profile
Birth Date March 15, 1975 (1975-03-15) (age 43)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Showgirl

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Fossa
Placement 13/16
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 12

Kamila Bonetti is a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


A poker champion and Vegas Showgirl, Kamilia loves her city life. She likes making money, winning money, hot guys, dancing, and looking good. She can communicate well with others, keep a poker face and think logically. However, her dislikes include cheaters, losers, dirty nails, spiders and jerks. Also, she is known to be susceptible to giving into good looking guys.

Survivor: Madagascar

Kamila was not the best prepared for the game of Survivor. On Day 1 she was singled out by teammate Julian Romanov for wearing a dress and heels. But she kpet pace with the rest of the team during the trek to camp.

By Day 7, she had built a steady trust in Nicholas Landwehr. After Bella saved her from a spider, she thanked Nick. The next day, they were missing from camp half the day. According to Nick, they were doing exactly what the viewers thought they were for the past 3 days. Kamila targeted Bella with Nicholas and Antonia. They brought Julian in on the plan and got rid of her on Day 9.

Kamila was upset that votes came her way the night Bella was eliminated. This spawned Hanson yelling at both Nicholas and Kamila, which brough on even more arguements. The next few days they continued going off and Hanson and Elsa decided they must be split up. Kamila was targeted again. When Antonia showed Kamila and Nick the idol clue, Kamila guessed it would be buried under the flag. When the trio got to the flag they realized someone else already dug and found the idol. Kamila and Nick accused Antonia of taking the idol and being a liar. At the Day 12 immunity challenge, Kamila had to guide her blind team. She failed to gain control over screaming Jasmain of Baobab. They lost the challenge. Kamila and Nick target Antonia for being a liar but fail to get others on their side. Kamila is eliminated 4-2.

Voting History

Bella's Voting History
Episode Bella's
Voted Against
1 Sammie -
2 Fossa Tribe Immune
3 Bella Bella, Elsa,
4 Antonia

Antonia, Elsa,
Hanson, Julian

Voted Off, Day 12


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