Kaplan Booth
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 6, 1964 (1964-06-06) (age 54)
Hometown Greenland
Occupation Space Enthusiast

Survivor: Black Islands

Tribes Rhyvella
Placement 8/16
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 17

Kaplan Booth was a contestant in Survivor: Black Islands.


It's clear that Kaplan is not normal. He apparantly comes from Greenland and refers to other humans as "Earthlings". He listed his occupation in the audition as a "Space Enthusiast". Not much else is known about Kaplan, even his motives for playing the game are unclear.

Survivor: Black Islands

Kaplan was relativly quiet during the early game. He didn't ruffle any feathers, yet, he did not have many friends. However, he wasn't too fond of Malik McFool. Maybe it had something to do with an earlier arguement. On Day 10, a mysterious visitor greeted Kaplan at his camp. It was his brother, Kaplam. Kaplam was excitedly talking about going home and "bringing home the bacon". Malik was eliminated later and hasn't been seen since.

After his main enemy was eliminated, Kaplan reverted to his quiet self. By day 17, his brother visited him again. This time he told Kaplan that it was time to leave. So he went and insulted all his tribemates and managed to recieve votes from them all, he was eliminated 7-1. He then disappeared.

Voting History

Kaplan's Voting History
Episode Kaplan's
Voted Against
1 Tazyeko -
2 Alex -
3 Rhyvella Tribe Immune
4 Jack Mint
5 Tazyeko -
6 Rhyvella Tribe Immune
7 Mint -
8 Keindra Katie, Keindra, Logan, Neonina
Tazyeko, Thorton & Timothy
Voted Off, Day 17


Much like Malik McFool, Kaplan vanished after his elimination. He did not sit on the jury nor return for the finale. He has not been seen since his time in the game.


  • Kaplan was eliminated during jury phase of the game, but did not sit on the jury, he is the only person to do so.