Kat Morris
Kat Morris
Contestant Profile
Birth Date March 15, 1995
Hometown Columbus, OH
Occupation Student

Survivor: Honduras

Tribes Mocorón
Placement Runner Up
Alliances The Power of Three
Challenges Won 16
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Katharine "Kat" Morris is a the runner up of Survivor: Honduras.


Kat is an 18 year old student from Columbus, Ohio. She may be the youngest contestant, but do not underestimate her. She is a smart woman and a devious one at that. She can manipulate many kinds of people. But that's not all. She looks small, but she can hold her own in challenges. She could be the one to fly under the radar and win the whole thing in the end.

Survivor: Honduras

Kat is one of the nine contestants on the Mocorón tribe and one of the twelve contestants on the merged Caratasca tribe.

Voting History

Kat's Voting History
Episode Kat's
Voted Against
1 Mocorón Tribe Immune
2 Mocorón Tribe Immune
3 Mocorón Tribe Immune
4 Jase -
5 Mocorón Tribe Immune
6 Mocorón Tribe Immune
7 Danni -
8 Adam -
9 Conner -
10 Jessica -
11 Susan Individual Immunity
12 Tina Individual Immunity
13 Matt -
14 Alison -
Connie -
Runner Up, Day 39
Jury Votes
for Kat
Adam, Conner


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  • Kat is the youngest woman and castaway on Honduras. She is exactly three months younger than the next youngest woman, Taylor Johannson.
  • Kat is the only player on Honduras that didn't receive a vote against her.
  • Only men voted for Kat to win on Honduras.