Katherine Webb
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 24, 1989 (1989-04-24) (age 29)
Hometown Montgomery, AL
Occupation Model/TV Personality

Santa Cruz Islands

Tribes Temotu
► Fatutaka
Placement Runner-Up (2/18)
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 39

Katherine Webb is a contestant from Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Name (Age): Katherine Webb (24)
Tribe Designation: Temotu
Current Residence: Montgomery, AL
Occupation: Model/TV Personality
Personal Claim to Fame: Maybe not a claim to fame, but I can say becoming a household name overnight is definitely a conversation-starter.
Inspiration in Life: My mother and father have done everything to prepare me for the greatest of challenges. It's because of them that I'm able to take on an adventure like this with ease and confidence.
Hobbies: Working out to stay in shape and watching football!
Pet Peeves: Sloppiness and disorganization.
3 Words to Describe You: Strong-willed, Confident, Beautiful
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A beach ball or something fun to pass time, sunscreen, and a pillow to rest my weary head at the end of the day.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Kim Spradlin. She downplayed being a threat while still having everyone like her and praise her game at the end.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To get my hands dirty and to try something new! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I want to make the best of it.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I can deal with the media and the modeling world, so this is going to be a piece of cake.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I'm very good at adapting and having people do what I want them to do while still liking me. Also, I'm very much in shape, so I should dominate the challenges. This combination is going to be good enough to get me to the end! Period!

Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands

Katherine was one of nine members of the Temotu tribe. From the very beginning of the game, Katherine was quick to mask her acquired fame outside of Survivor, but her fame also led to a previous partnership outside of the game between her and Troyzan Robertson turn into an alliance as soon as they arrived at camp. The two confirmed their allegiance towards one another after going out into the woods to collect supplies for the shelter, making tribemates such as Amy Young suspicious of the pair. But the suspicion did not stop the pair from making a majority alliance. They first pulled in Mike Gregory to make their core alliance and then brought in Derek Richardson and Jocelyn Peck to ensure that they had majority amongst the tribe. All the while, Katherine tried to keep her fame under wraps. On Day 7, however, Katherine confessed to Mike of her fame after the latter questioned that he had seen her prior to the start of the game, but he kept her fame between their alliance throughout the game. Katherine and the rest of Temotu enjoyed a comfortable winning streak for the first third of the game, winning the first six challenges until losing the seventh, which was for immunity, on Day 13. By this point, Derek and Jocelyn had communicated to Troyzan about their discomfort about their position within the alliance and had made a new alliance with Amy and Robert Stineman, leaving Troyzan no choice but to recruit Justin Passmore as the fourth member of the alliance. These actions left Melanie Pointer in the middle of the two newly formed alliances but at the tribe's first Tribal Council, she was voted out due to her worsening physical condition and well-being. This left the two alliances at a stalemate with one another until Day 16, when the members of Temotu and Fatutaka were shuffled around. Katherine, Troyzan, Mike, and Robert were switched to the new Fatutaka tribe along with original members of the blue tribe Alvin Drew Jr. and Gaby Moreno. Even though the core alliance of Katherine, Troyzan, and Mike remained intact, Robert became the lone outsider from the original Temotu and contemplated jumping ship to force a tie if they were to go to Tribal Council. However, Robert thought better of such actions and remained loyal to the core alliance of three and picked off Alvin and Gaby in back to back Tribal Councils. On Day 21, the two tribes merged with the former members of Temotu heavily outnumbering the former Fatutaka members 8-2. Outsiders Andrew Green and Jordan Owens immediately became targets due to their likability and strategic prowess. On Day 23, Katherine and the rest of the former Temotus were set on sending Andrew home after both he and Jordan lost out on immunity but when he found a hidden immunity idol before Tribal Council, the eight decided to split the votes between Andrew and Jordan to ensure their safety regardless of how the idol was played. This, however, fell into Andrew and Jordan's plan when the two surprised everyone and played two idols to cancel all votes cast against them with the pair splitting their votes between Katherine and Jocelyn, two members of the former Temotu that were seen as equal counterparts. On the revote, Katherine was spared as Andrew and Jordan sided with her alliance to blindside Jocelyn. On the next vote, however, Andrew and Jordan struck a final five deal with Amy, Derek, and Robert to send Katherine's closest ally, Troyzan, home in a 5-4 vote and suddenly putting Katherine, Mike, and Justin on the outs. The fake immunity idol, which was the lynchpin to Andrew and Amy's deal, did not keep the former from continuing his pursuit of blindsides. He pulled Derek and Robert aside to discuss possibly blindsiding Amy now that she had possession of Andrew's "idol". However, when Mike stumbled upon the plan, Derek and Robert suddenly became hesitant to pull off the blindside. Instead, the two guys reported the potential blindside to Amy, who, in turn, informed Katherine and her allies of the betrayal. Together, the two alliances of the former Temotu members banded back together to take out Jordan, which left Andrew as the last member of Fatutaka standing. When Andrew won immunity on Day 32, the two alliances of three were forced to see Andrew as a swing vote to determine which alliance would move forward and which one would be picked off one by one. Knowing that she was the most possible target that night, Katherine pulled out all the stops to convince Andrew that Derek, whom Katherine's alliance was targeting, was his biggest opposition. Her argument worked as Andrew made up his mind after hearing Katherine's piece, along with Amy confirming indirectly to Andrew that he had no chance of winning outside of winning immunity until the end of the game, and helped vote out Derek. On Day 33, Katherine was picked to enjoy the reward in which Mike had won with their respective loved ones. She had picked her mother to join her rather than her famed boyfriend at the time to keep her fame concealed. On Day 37, Katherine ended Andrew's immunity streak, which led to the latter finally being put on the chopping block. But at Tribal Council that night, Andrew miraculously pulled out a hidden immunity idol in which he had found earlier that day to negate the four votes cast against him. With Katherine immune and her as his biggest opposition, Andrew chose to vote out Mike in an attempt to derail her final three plan of her, Mike, and Justin. Things only became more difficult for her on Day 38 as Katherine lost by mere seconds to Andrew in the final immunity challenge. With her biggest threat immune, Katherine was forced to vote Robert to help her chances in making it to the final Tribal Council. But when Andrew sided with Robert, a fire-making challenge then took place between Katherine and Robert. The former came into the challenge prepared, having sparked a flame and breaking through her rope very quickly into the challenge. At the final Tribal Council, Katherine's decisions and moves late-game were praised, but her fame was eventually exposed by Andrew, who wound up defeating her in a 6-3-0 vote.

Voting History

Katherine's Voting History
Episode Katherine's
Voted Against
1 Temotu Tribe Immune
2 Temotu Tribe Immune
3 Temotu Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
5 Melanie -
6 Temotu Tribe Immune
7 Alvin -
8 Gaby -
9 Jordan;
Andrew G.;
Amy, Derek, Robert
10 Andrew G. -
11 Jordan -
12 Derek Amy, Derek, Robert
13 Amy -
14 Andrew G. Individual Immunity
Robert Andrew G., Robert
Jury Votes
for Katherine
Derek, Mike, Troyzan
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In Two Heads Are Better Than One, the vote ended with a 1-1-0-0 tie between Jocelyn and Katherine, forcing a revote. At the revote, Katherine did not receive enough votes to be eliminated.


  • Katherine was a nominee for Miss Santa Cruz, but ultimately lost to Jordan Owens.