Keena Flowers
Keena Flowers
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 31, 1979
Hometown Dover, DE
Occupation Podiatrist

Survivor: La Mosquitia

Tribes Segovia
Placement 11/16
Alliances None
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 18

Keena Flowers is a contestant on Survivor: La Mosquitia.


Keena is a 34 year old podiatrist from Dover, Delaware.

Survivor: La Mosquitia

Keena is one of the eight members of the Segovia tribe.

Voting History

Keena's Voting History
Episode Keena's
Voted Against
1 Olive Quinlan, Tevin
2 Segovia Tribe Immune
3 Segovia Tribe Immune
4 Tevin Quinlan, Tevin
5 Tevin Tevin
6 Astrid Astrid, Dennis, Lester, Xavier
Voted Off, Day 18


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  • Keena received votes every time she attended tribal council in La Mosquitia.