"Kindness of Strangers"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 8/14
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Slip N' Slide
Each Tribe member will face head to head on a slippery course to retrieve a numbered ball being asked by the host. Once the tribe member is on the course they must get the ball and throw it into a basket. First team to win three points reward..
Reward: An afternoon snack, where they will enjoy pizza, cola, and letters from home.
Winners: Megan, Colin, Aries, Helena, Giovanni

Immunity Challenge: Wobbly Boots
The castaways must use two thin ropes to help them get onto a board sitting on a very tiny fulcrum joint, making it hard to balance, then last as long as they can without touching the platform beneath the board. After 15 minutes, they must let go of one of the ropes, then let go of the second after the next 15, at which point neither hand can touch any part of the challenge setup. Last person left standing wins. For fair game, each station is designed according to the castaway's arm reach.
Winner: Helena


Night 21

The Jarakay tribe goes back to the One World camp, where they inform the Naak tribe they will be merging. Handing them their new purple buffs, Jarakay invites Naak to sleep in their shelter (the lavish shelter Jarakay won at the first Immunity Challenge), but the former Naak members insist that since it is late at night, they would do the packing tomorrow morning.

While the rest of Jarakay are already asleep, Giovanni approaches Megan, asking her why she keeps targeting him after his genuine alliance offer. Megan replies that she still does not think she gets the respect she deserves. She demands that though they might not respect her as a player, but she should have been treated more humanely. With both parties calm and willing to talk, the two discuss what made them hated each other for so long. Megan complains that Giovanni was rude and misogynistic towards her and some of her fellow Jarakay females, while Giovanni, though he admires Megan's work ethic, her blunt demeanor and weak performances at challenges ticked him off. The two patch things up, but Megan feels it might be too late for an apology.

Being a part of the merged tribe is exciting, but in my case, I am torn between two sides. Should I remain with Jarakay so I get a free pass, or side with Naak, but get to the end the hard way? Should I rely on the tribe never treat me seriously, or just believe in the kindness of strangers?


I am having a hunch that Megan will turn on me sometime soon. But she doesn't have the resources to do so. What will she use? Naak? For sure, she will send four bitter Jarakay jurors home. So she has no choice but to play with us, shut up, and accept her role as the goat. I will do whatever it takes for me keep Megan as my pet.


Day 22

The new tribe goes to Tree Mail to check if they have the customary merged tribe feast. They find baskets of meat, a whole roasted pig, fish, spices, a new supply of rice, bread, wine and soda. Also, Helena finds cans of paint, brushes and a new tribe flag. While Jarakay cooks their meal, Naak starts unpacking their shelter and move them to the Jarakay side of the beach. Seeing a shark insignia in their new tribe buffs, Giovanni, who has traveled extensively since he was eight years old, and has visited Thailand before, proposes "Chalam" (Thai word for "shark") for their new tribe name. The tribe unanimously agree.

Being part of the merge is invigorating. Now this is the individual portion of the game, it's every man for himself at this point. Are the tribe lines still intact? Let's wait and see.


While feasting, Megan gets her piece of the roasted pig, she finds something interesting in the pig's cavity: A third Hidden Immunity Idol. Using her buff to conceal the object, Megan carefully takes the idol and keeps it inside her buff, while the tribe is busy eating and conversing. Under the excuse that she will take a bathroom break, Megan walks away to read the tiny parchment that comes with the idol. The note explains that while the two idols that were hidden from the start will remain valid until top five, the Chalam idol will only be good until top six.

While the others are busy looking at the buff guys as threats, I'm starting to crawl out of the woodwork!


Megan approaches Helena, telling her she will only be officially on board with Naak with a price.

Quote1Helena, I'm on board but it comes with a price.Quote2- Megan
Quote1What is it?Quote2- Helena
Quote1Our guys. Take them out for me. He is calling the shots at Jarakay.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Okay, fine. But I wanna talk to you about something that I don't tell to the men of my tribe. I want you and me at final tribal.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Are you serious?Quote2- Megan
Quote1Yes I am. You see, I am being targeted by my male tribemates. I sense that once as Cam's idol is done for, I'm out next. And yes, I do have Cam's idol.Quote2- Helena
Quote1You pinched it from him?Quote2- Helena
Quote1Pretty much.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Okay. Here's the thing. I found the Jarakay idol again.Quote2- Megan (shows idol to Helena)
Quote1That's amazing!Quote2- Helena
Quote1I know.Quote2- Megan
I talked to Megan about my decision to keep her as my goat because nobody from the jury will take her seriously, but she has the idol again. I think it is in my best interest to not think of long term just yet, because Megan can come across as an underdog, or worse, she might be outplaying me.


Everyone's taking me to the end as a goat. I think I know what to do so they'll change their perception of me, especially now that I have a baby crocodile and a baby shark! I have no plans of telling them I have two idols. What to do with them? Just wait and see!


Day 23

The Chalam tribe meets Jeff Probst for their first challenge as a tribe. Jeff tells them it is for reward, but asks the tribe to surrender the Garuda, the season's tribal Immunity Idol. The red team consists of Giovanni, Megan, Helena, Colin and Aries, while the blue team consists of Donny, Asami, Morrison, Paul and Brody.

  • Giovanni vs. Donny (Ball #8): Giovanni struggles to move along the course, while Donny slides quickly through the course. Donny struggles to shoot his ball, giving Giovanni time to catch up. Giovanni, out of nowhere, shoots his ball in his first throw (1-0).
  • Megan vs. Asami (Ball #5): Megan and Asami glides through the course. Megan struggles getting her ball, while Asami breezes away. Asami wins the match (1-1).
  • Helena vs. Morrison (Ball #2): Morrison struggles, while Helena surges quickly and shoots her ball in her first throw (2-1)
  • Colin and Paul (Ball #10): Close match from the sliding part to the shooting part. Both guys shoot the ball but Paul does it first, winning the match (2-2).
  • Aries vs. Brody (Ball #9): Similar to Colin and Paul, but Aries manages to shoot his ball first, winning the third and winning point for the red team.

The reward winners go to a secluded waterfall where their pizza reward awaits. Megan spots a pile of envelopes with their names on it. She distributes the envelopes to her fellow winners, and it turns out, they are letters from their loved ones back home. The group becomes emotional, even Giovanni, who has been devoid of emotion for the most part. Each of them reads their letters aloud and describe their relationship with the person who wrote the letter

Receiving and reading the letters from home was uplifting. I've been through physical and psychological hell for 23 days now, and this little piece of paper gave me a piece of heaven.


The winners return to camp, briefly telling the non-winners what became of their reward. Helena explains their reward, including the letters from home. Wanting to know what is happening back home after months of not seeing his wife, Morrison walks away from camp and cries at the beach.

It's been a long while I haven't had contact with my wife and kids. Had I known that letters from home will be handed out, I would have worked ten times as hard than I did in that challenge.


Helena meets her fellow former Naaks at the jungle, saying that Megan is on board with them, and tells them that Megan had found the rehidden Jarakay idol. With both tribes having idols, and with Megan on the verge of flipping, the Naak alliance feels confident about the next vote.

While we still don't know how to carry the next vote on, Megan is flipping, we have two idols, and we are good to go. My only worry is that, both women, Helena and Megan, have both idols. Me, Aries and Donny are planning to take each other to the end, and with these two girls having idols, it's best if we convince them to use them immediately. Helena has been playing so strongly from Day 1, while there's a high chance that Megan will write the biggest underdog story in Survivor history by making it to the end after being ridiculed by her tribemates.


Meanwhile, the former Jarakay members also make their own tribe meeting. Brody speculates that Aries is secretly calling the shots at Naak, and Helena is merely a figurehead. Giovanni proposes to vote for Aries. Paul asks if the Naak idol has even been used. Megan lies that Cam got voted out with the idol in his pocket, saying that it was Helena's doing. With that settled, everyone agrees.

At night, Megan talks to Aries and Helena, telling them that Jarakay is coming for Aries, and she is tentatively planning to give Aries her Immunity Idol (none of the other Chalam members have knowledge that Megan has the rehidden Jarakay idol, much less her second idol from the merge feast).

Everyone thinks that Giovanni or Aries is calling the shots, but nobody knows it's really me!


Day 24

The Chalam tribe meets Jeff Probst for their first individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff asks Brody and Helena to give up their leadership necklaces, since their tribes have merged, the necklaces are of no value anymore.

The castaways do well at the first round of the challenge, surviving the first 15 minutes. Megan accidentally touches her structure during the second round (1 minute before its end). After 30 minutes, the nine remaining players must let go of their last ropes. Giovanni falls down. Colin, Donny, Asami, Brody, Morrison after 45 minutes. Paul, Aries and Helena remain. Helena, who is right next to Aries, whispers to him that she will give her idol to him, so he does not need to go further. Aries steps down, while Paul and Helena fight for the Immunity Necklace. Paul accidentally touches his structure, winning Helena Immunity. After the challenge, Brody asks Jeff if the Jarakay idol was rehidden after is use. Jeff confirms that the idol was rehidden, and since it is already post-merge, either tribe can use it.

With Tribal Council looming, Brody calls in his fellow Jarakay members to discuss who are they officially voting for. The five confirm that Aries must go, and knowing Naak got its idol flushed, there should be no problem. Paul asks if anyone has found the rehidden Jarakay idol. No one confesses. Giovanni tells them that the rehidden Jarakay idol must be found. Meanwhile, Aries and the rest of Naak agree to vote Giovanni out because they all cannot stand his arrogance.

Megan talks to Colin and Donny, warning them that Jarakay is set to vote Aries. The two thank Megan for the info, but it leaves the two more worried.

Quote1I see a problem with this kind of plan.Quote2- Donny
Quote1I think I have too. Let's compare notes. You go first.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Helena has the idol, Megan also has one. Who will sacrifice her idol to save Aries?Quote2- Donny
Quote1This is exactly what I'm thinking. Both of them are weary of giving up their power.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Hmmm. If Helena uses her idol, we can get rid of her once we reach top eight. We can obviously can afford losing her that time.Quote2- Donny
Quote1Awesome. All we know is, both girls have an idol. The question is, who will use it...or will they?Quote2- Colin
Quote1One of them must save Aries.Quote2- Donny
I can't settle my mind for what's to come. We secretly have Megan on our side, and we have two idols. But with the tribes being set on a 5-5 vote, One between Helena and Megan muse use an idol, but I think both will be scared because it will put a target on their back. It's just crazy!


With twenty minutes left before Tribal Council, Helena and Megan discuss the vote while bathing at the last minute. Megan tells Helena that she should use her idol first. Helena retells her situation, that if she uses her idol, she will be done for once Naak reaches the final eight, where they can afford voting her out. Megan then whips out her the idol she got from the merge feast. Megan tells Helena she is the only person who knows of her second idol, and she is planning to use it for her in case something fishy happens. Megan ends their conversation that she told Jarakay that Cam got voted out with the idol in his pocket.

I just learned some things twenty minutes before Tribal Council. Megan shows me her second idol, which is both exciting and terrifying. It is exciting that the Naak+Megan alliance is working good so far. But at the same time, we can't let Megan have this much power.


At Tribal Council, the Chalam tribe explains to Jeff they are willing to enforce a deadlock tie and draw rocks because both tribes claim they don't have idols. Megan continues her story about Helena telling her that Cam got voted out with Naak's idol in his possession. With the high level of uncertainty, the Chalam tribe votes. After Jeff collects the voting urn, Helena steps up and gives Naak's idol to Aries, leaving the Jarakays upset. All their eyes turn on Megan, who acts shocked as well (so she won't get suspected). In the end, all five Jarakay votes directed to Aries do not count, leaving Naak's five votes for Giovanni to be the only valid ones, sending him to the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Asami, Brody, Giovanni, Megan, & Paul
(votes not counted)
Giovanni (5 votes)
Aries, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Morrison
Giovanni Armstrong

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Megan is on hot water for the "wrong information" she gave to Jarakay. Will she be able to slither her way out of this mess, or get voted out for her treachery?

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