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Kingmaker is the fourth episode of Survivor: Japan - Civil War

Previously On Survivor...

At Ashikaga, Lawrence had fallen out of favor as the tribe's daimyo, and many intended to vote him out next. They would get their chance on day 7 at tribal council, where both tribes would vote one person out.

After Kamakura won reward, Tyler found himself on the chopping block and tried to turn Donna's allies against John. However, his plan failed and he was voted out. Ashikaga then voted out Lawrence, hoping that a new leader would help turn the tides in their favor.


Reward Challenge: Tribe members will take turns shooting tribe-colored tiles with an authentic World War II-era machine gun. The first tribe to destroy all their tiles wins.

Reward: Fishing gear.

Immunity Challenge: The tribes must run across a series of wooden catwalks arranged in an x-shape over the water. At the end of the catwalk, they will pick up a basket and run back with it, with each basket being worth one point. At the middle of the course, castaways from rival tribes may knock each other into the water. The first tribe to ten points wins immunity.


Night 7


The Ashikaga tribe returns from yet another tribal council. Nobody is happier with the new leadership than Patton.

Now I'm their king. I can't believe that these dumbasses trust me. *laughs*


Patton: Alright people, from here on out, we're not losing any more challenges. Lawrence is gone, and now you've got a real leader, which is all this tribe ever needed. Our time is now.

Meanwhile, Landon and Bryce tend to the fire, speaking in hushed tones.

Bryce: Just so you know, I really don't trust you or Kyle. I think you playin' with fire by letting Patton become the new daimyo. He can cast two votes now, and especially on a smaller tribe, that gives him more power.

Landon: Hey, if you want to complain, take it up with Kyle. He knows exactly what he's doing. We don't like Patton any more than you do.

Bryce: Then why's he still here?

Landon: Because he's more useful to us in challenges than Lawrence. That was our only chance of getting anywhere as a tribe. Risky, but necessary.

Bryce is very single-minded when it comes to voting. He seems to think that anybody who doesn't vote against Patton is wrong, when clearly we had to get rid of some weaker people first. In my opinion, he's not very good at the strategy game, and he's kind of a nuisance. But he's indispensable because we really need his athleticism for challenges.


Bryce: I dunno, man. He's still aligned with Phoebe and Shannon, which gives his side a total of four votes. Even if I vote along with the three of you; and I'm only gonna do that if you vote against Patton, there'd still be a tied vote and we'd have to risk drawing rocks.

Landon: But we can always turn one of his allies against him, or at least get him to split his votes. That's how we got rid of Beth when we did.

Landon seems very confident that he can get Patton out of the game, even though he's basically guaranteed that the next vote will be a deadlock. I really hope he and Kyle know what they're doing.


Day 8


With Tyler gone, nobody at camp isn't doing work. John, Emma, and Lisa work on the shelter while Donna, Katie, and Reyna collect tree mail and the rest of the men go fishing with makeshift spears.

Chuck: If only we had real fishing gear. I guarantee I'd have caught something by now if we had some of that.

Patrick: I don't doubt that. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time that-?

Dave: Oh yeah, I remember that one. You went fishing once and lost the fishing pole.

Patrick's a great guy, but I think we've heard all his stories at least twice by now. It's safe to say he's in love with the sound of his own voice.


Patrick continues rambling, much to Chuck's contained chagrin.

It's not hard to see why John doesn't like Patrick. I don't hate the guy by any means, but he's definitely annoying. He's decent in challenges, though, so he should be safe for the time being.


Meanwhile, John decides to bring up the subject of last night's tribal council.

John: You're welcome, by the way.

Lisa: Welcome? What for?

John: I revealed who had the idol, remember? It's in the hands of two big threats right now. Dave's a very smart and likeable guy who's probably going to get extremely far in this game unless we get rid of him. And Chuck's going to become a tremendous physical threat the moment the tribes merge.

Emma: Are you suggesting that if and when we go back to tribal council, we split our votes to flush out the idol?

John: Yeah, something like that.

I think John's got a good plan in mind for our next tribal council, assuming we ever have to go back, which we probably will at some point. I'll definitely have to run it by Donna at some point.


Now that I've spilled the beans about Chuck and Dave's secret, those two probably want my head on a platter right about now. I've got to get people on my side so I can get rid of them before they get rid of me.


Donna, Katie, and Reyna return with tree mail. Once the rest of the men return to camp, Reyna reads it aloud, and they then depart for the reward challenge.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

The Ashikaga tribe enters the inland challenge area, greeted by Jeff and the Kamakura tribe.

Jeff Probst: Kamakura, take your first look at the new Ashikaga tribe. Lawrence was voted out at last night's tribal council.

Nobody at Kamakura seems very surprised.

Jeff Probst: Ashikaga, now that Lawrence has been voted out, who is the new daimyo of the tribe?

Patton: That would be me, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Patton is now the daimyo of the Ashikaga tribe. He is responsible for assigning tasks around camp and roles in challenges, and gets to cast two votes at tribal council instead of just one.

Kamakura merely shrugs at the news.

Jeff Probst: Here is how today's reward challenge is going to work: taking turns, each of you will use a World War II-era machine gun to shoot a series of seven tiles of your tribe's color. The tiles are scattered in pairs across the area; in both pairs, there is a tile for both tribes, so make sure you shoot the correct tile. The first tribe to shoot all their tiles wins reward. Do you want to know what you're playing for?

The castaways respond in the affirmative. Jeff pulls the covering off the table next to him.

Jeff Probst: The winning tribe will receive fishing gear; fishing poles, hooks, bait, snorkles, and a spear gun. Worth playing for?

Once again, the castaways respond in the affirmative.

Jeff Probst Kamakura, you have two extra members. You must sit two people out. Who are they going to be?

Donna: I'm going to have Patrick and Emma sit this one out, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Patrick, Emma, take a spot on the bench. I'll give you all a minute to strategize.

Landon goes first for Ashikaga, hitting the black target that is practically right in front of the gun, twenty feet away. Donna fails to hit her target. Ashikaga: 1. Kamakura: 0.

In the next round, Phoebe accidentally hits Kamakura's target to the far left. Katie, however, also hits the opposing tribe's target by mistake; shooting Ashikaga's target on the right. Ashikaga: 2. Kamakura: 1.

Shannon shoots the only Ashikaga target that is hanging from a tree rather than being planted in the ground. Dave just misses Kamakura's similar target. Ashikaga: 3. Kamakura: 1.

Bryce's shot at the Ashikaga target on the far left misses, while Lisa hits Kamkura's hanging target. Ashikaga: 3. Kamakura: 2.

Kyle hits Ashikaga's target on the far right, while Chuck easily shoots the front and center target for Kamakura. Ashikaga: 4. Kamakura: 3.

Patton and John both take aim at the back center targets and miss. Ashikaga: 4. Kamakura: 3.

Hannah shoots Ashikaga's target on the far left, while Reyna obliterates Kamakura's target on the far right. Ashikaga: 5. Kamakura: 4.

Landon hits Ashikaga's target to the left, while Donna's shot at the very back target doesn't even come close. Ashikaga: 6. Kamakura: 4.

Phoebe misses Ashikaga's final target; the one in the very back, while Katie successfully hits Kamakura's target to the right. Ashikaga: 6. Kamakura: 5.

Shannon accidentally shoots Kamakura's back center target, while Dave misses an opportunity to complete Kamakura's comeback victory when he just misses Kamakura's target to the left. Ashikaga: 6. Kamakura: 6.

Bryce's shot misses Ashikaga's final target by a good ten feet, while Lisa seals Kamakura's fifth straight challenge win by shooting the final target for her tribe. Kamakura: 7. Ashikaga: 6.

Jeff Probst: Kamakura wins reward!

Kamakura celebrates their fifth straight challenge win while Ashikaga looks on, unable to believe what just happened.

Shannon: At least it was close this time.

Hannah: Yeah, but we should have won.

Jeff congratulates Kamakura on their victory, and both tribes exit the challenge area.

Ugh! We were so close to finally winning a challenge! I can't even tell you how disappointing this is. I'm so tired of losing all the time!



The Ashikaga tribe returns to camp in lower spirits than ever before after blowing their lead in the reward challenge. Adding insult to injury, they discover that a storm ravaged their campsite while they were gone, causing significant damage to their shelter, putting out their fire, and soaking everything too much to start a new one.

Landon: You gotta be (bleep)ing kidding me.

Bryce: Well, I guess there's only one thing we can do; we just gotta rebuild the shelter and hope it's dry enough to start a new fire soon.

As if it isn't bad enough that we just lost yet another challenge, and still don't have flint, a storm laid waste to our campsite while we were gone! Could this possibly get any worse?


Patton: Let's get this shelter repaired. I'll be right with you all in a minute. I need to use the bushes.

It's idol-hunting time! If the idol was hanging from a tree, it probably got knocked out of the tree and into plain sight, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.


However, after several minutes of searching, Patton cannot find the idol. Of course, he is totally unaware of the fact that Shannon already has it. He is also unaware of Bryce following him the whole time.

How hard can it be to find that damn idol?! I've looked everywhere, but still haven't found anything.


Bryce returns to the campsite, where the others have started working on shelter repairs, to alert them about Patton's idol hunting.

Bryce: Patton's looking for the idol. Do you think we should also search for it just to keep that thing out of his hands?

Kyle: Bryce, we have more important things to worry about right now. Just help us out with the shelter.

Phoebe: I think it's a great idea. He's not trustworthy, so the last thing we want is for him to find the idol.

It's amazing how easily Phoebe was able to disguise the fact that we already have the idol. She's a good ally to have. She's a much better liar than I am.


Hannah: You've got a point. You guys think we should do it?

Landon: We've got a few minutes. Why not?

Kyle: But guys, what about the shelter?

Landon: If we don't get the shelter repaired in time we can just sleep on the beach, assuming it doesn't rain again.

The castaways all leave the shelter and split up to search for the idol, having no luck. Of course, only Phoebe and Shannon are aware of the idol's whereabouts. After about fifteen minutes of searching, nobody has found it. However, when Landon runs into Bryce, he gets an idea.

Landon: Hey, Bryce, put this rock in your pocket.

Bryce: Why?

Landon: We're going to trick Patton into thinking you have the idol so he'll give up on his searching.

Bryce: You sure this'll work?

Landon: If he doesn't have the idol, it's probably going to work. We'll just have to see what happens.

The fake idol ploy isn't 100% reliable, but it's definitely worth a shot. Besides, it'll deflect Patton's attention away from me and my alliance.


Bryce puts the idol in his pocket just as Patton is returning from his failed idol hunt. He notices the bulge in the pocket of Bryce's skinny jeans and struggles to hide his dismay.

Patton: You found it, didn't you?

Bryce: Mhm.

Patton: Well that explains a lot.

I gotta give credit where credit is due; Landon's a really good Survivor player. His idea worked like a charm.



Upon returning from camp, Chuck and Dave both go fishing while the rest of the tribe does other chores.

Chuck: Where do you think we stand on this tribe right now? Do you know anyone else who might want to join our alliance?

Dave: John probably doesn't trust us. Patrick might want to join, but that may only be the case if John goes home next. I know those two don't like each other, and Patrick seems like a more reliable ally. As for the women, I think we might be able to recruit Katie and Lisa. But since we have the hidden immunity idol, we just need four people. And if we play the idol correctly, we'll have an even playing field.

The idol's only good once, and there's no guarantee that we'd find it again once it's rehidden. So my alliance with Chuck needs exactly four people for the idol to have any long-term effect on the game. Hopefully, though, we'll get into the majority and won't need to use it. Then our only problem with the idol would be deciding who gets it as a souvenir. *laughs*


Chuck: Oh! I think I caught something.

Chuck reels in the fishing line and discovers that he's caught a fairly large fish; one that can comfortably feed the whole tribe.

Chuck: Hell yeah!

Dave: Woo! That's awesome.

Chuck and Dave exchange high-fives and paddle back to shore.

Chuck: Hey guys! I caught a fish!

Donna: Already? But it's only been - oh wow! That thing is huge.

Chuck: Isn't it? Hey Katie, you're a chef. Do you want to help me cook this fish?

I'm a vegan, so I was less than impressed when Chuck came back talking about the fish he got. I don't think a caring person would take pride in taking a living thing's life.


Katie: I can't do that, Chuck. I don't eat or cook animals or animal products.

Chuck: Okay, suit yourself.

Emma: Katie, Chuck caught that fish for the whole tribe. I think the least you can do to show your appreciation is take a bite of it.

Katie: Eating another living thing is against my beliefs, so I'm not going to do it. I'll stick to the rice.

Emma: He went out of his way to feed the tribe and you're just turning your nose up. You're being very ungrateful right now.

Chuck: Emma, I can speak for myself.

Katie: What's there to be grateful for? He killed a living thing, Emma! I thought he was a good person.

Emma: You're so (bleep)ing disrespectful!

Katie: You can't make me do anything I don't agree with!

Reyna: She's not making you do anything you don't agree with, Katie. It's called trying to reason with somebody. You should try that.

Katie: Why do you people act like it's such a bad thing to be a vegan?! Why can't you just give up meat and stop using animals for your own purposes like a caring person would?

John: Just stop with this vegan bull(bleep) already! In case you can't tell, nobody here gives a flying (bleep) about your opinions. So just try a bit of the damn fish and be grateful!

Katie's insufferable. No mature person would act like they're better than everyone else because of their views on animal rights, religion, or any of that other stuff. If anybody here is under the false impression that they're a good person, it's Katie.


I'm starting to fear that this women's alliance isn't going to work very well. Emma and Katie aren't getting along, and if you can't get along with your allies, it interferes with your ability to work with them.


Day 9


Kyle walks alone to the beach and sits down to give a candid confessional.

Being here now, living in squalor even by castaway standards is the hardest thing I've experienced since my wife left me. We have to struggle just to get fire, and then even getting the flame suitable for boiling water is a challenge. But I think this is exactly what I needed. I need to know what other people in the world are going through, that way I can actually sympathize with them. I'm not going anywhere any time soon.


When he returns to camp, he spots Patton strategizing with Phoebe and Shannon.

Patton: Bryce has the idol.

Shannon: How do you know this?

Patton: He was dumb enough to tell me he had it. So here's what we're going to do: the next time we go to tribal council, we'll split our votes between him and Kyle to flush out the idol.

Phoebe: We'll need more votes in order for that to work.

Patton: That's not a problem. Bryce doesn't trust anybody, so if you tell him that anybody's gunning for him, he'll vote for that person. Now we'll just need to get either Kyle, Hannah, or Landon on board with this, and I don't think that will be quite as easy.

It's hilarious how Patton still hasn't figured out that Shannon and I have the idol. His plan is going to fall flat on its face.


Patton seeks out Landon to convince him to cooperate with the plan.

Patton: Bryce has the idol. We need to flush that thing out.

Landon: Are you sure you don't want to save it for later, when the tribe as a whole may need it?

Patton: I don't trust Bryce not to flip on us once the merge comes. He's a lose cannon, and you know it.

If indeed there is a sucker born every minute, the sucker born the minute Patton was is definitely him. I can't believe he actually fell for that trick. It was my idea, and even I can't believe it worked! If we lose the upcoming immunity challenge, which, of course, I hope we do not, at least I'll get to make this idiot look like an idiot. He may be the king, but I'm the Kingmaker.


Landon: You've got a good point. Alright, if we lose the challenge, let's do it.

Patton: I thought you'd see it my way.

Landon waits for Patton to leave before seeking out Hannah. Eventually, he finds her at the beach.

Landon:Patton thinks Bryce has the hidden immunity idol, but it's actually a fake. He wants to split the votes in order to flush it out at our next tribal council. But we're getting rid of him next.

Hannah: I agree; he should be the next to go.

Patton's our biggest strategic threat, so you would think he'd be smart enough to know a fake idol when he sees one. This might be the easiest blindside ever.


Night 9


While everyone else is sleeping, Patrick tends to the fire.

I don't think my tribemates like me. I try to be nice to them, but it seems as if they only tolerate me. I wonder if it's because I'm gay. It probably is.


Donna wakes up and sits down next to Patrick.

Donna: Is something on your mind?

Patrick: Yeah. I feel like the other guys in the tribe don't like me. Especially John. I think I might be one of the next to go, and I don't want to go so soon.

Donna: John doesn't seem to like anybody. Don't get too stressed out over his opinion of you. There's only one person who's opinion of you should matter, and that's your own.

Patrick: Thanks, Donna. ...Hey, I heard you had a women's alliance. Is there any way you could make an exception and let me join?

Donna: I made it into a women's alliance because that would give me a numbers advantage for much of the game. I'll at least help you get to the final six. After that, it's everybody for themselves.

Patrick: Thanks again, Donna.

Patrick gives Donna a hug, which she returns.

The fight yesterday made me realize that the women's alliance might not work out, so I really need to keep my options open. Besides, I enjoy Patrick's company. He's a great guy, even if he does talk a little too much.


Donna: Wait a minute, but how did you know about the alliance?

Patrick: Emma told me about it two days ago.

Donna: I see...

I cannot believe that Emma would do something as stupid as talking about the women's alliance to somebody who wasn't part of it. Now there's the risk that everyone else would know and that Dave, who I think is the smartest of the men on this tribe, would feel threatened. I no longer have the element of surprise, and that's on Emma.


Donna walks into the shelter and nudges Emma to wake her up. Once she does, they go over to the beach to talk.

Donna: Why'd you tell Patrick about the women's alliance?

Emma: I wasn't part of it when I told him about it. And why is this such an issue? If you didn't want me talking about it with anyone, you should have said so.

Donna: You've ruined the element of surprise, Emma! Knowing Patrick, he'll probably tell the others about the alliance.

Donna shouldn't be mad at me. She didn't tell me to keep the alliance a secret, so why should I?


I want to trust Emma, but I'm not entirely sure I can. Not after this.


Day 10


John walks alone to collect tree mail for his tribe, stopping along the way to give a confessional.

I really should have stopped smoking before going on this show. These nicotine withdrawals are killing me. I feel like I'm more aggressive and hostile than usual because of them, and I always have a headache. I really need to get it together before I do something I'll regret for the rest of my life.


He collects a note from the tree mail box, returns to camp, and reads it. Once he's finished, the Kamakura tribe heads off to the challenge area by the beach.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes enter the challenge area and see two intersecting planks in the ocean. At the end of each plank they see ten baskets.

Jeff takes the immunity idol back from Donna and declares it back up for grabs. After explaining the challenge, he reminds Donna that Kamakura has two extra members. Donna volunteers herself and Katie to sit out. The others go out to the planks for the challenge.

Jeff Probst: For immunity! Survivors ready...go!

Patrick and Phoebe are the first to run out for Kamakura and Ashikaga, respectively. Patrick, being the faster runner of the two, is the first to collect a basket for Kamakura, and returns with it seconds before Phoebe returns the first basket for Ashikaga. Lisa runs out next for Kamakura, followed by Bryce for Ashikaga. Bryce, being the most athletic of the castaways, closes the gap and even gives Ashikaga a brief lead when he returns with a second basket just before Lisa ties the score.

Patton and Dave then go out for Ashikaga and Kamakura, respectively, and crash into each other at the intersection point. Both men fall into the water. Shannon and Reyna then run out for their respective tribes and grab a basket. Reyna, being a slightly faster runner than Shannon, beats her on the way back, briefly giving Kamakura a 3-2 lead before Shannon ties it up.

Chuck and Kyle go next for Kamakura and Ashikaga, and both collect a basket at the same time. However, Chuck knocks Kyle into the water at the intersection on the way back. Hannah then runs out for Ashikaga as Chuck gives Kamakura a 4-3 lead.

Landon, who went out for Ashikaga when Kyle got knocked into the water, retrieves a basket for Kamakura and trips John, who has gone out for Kamakura. John falls into the water as Landon comes back, tying up the score for Ashikaga.

Emma and Hannah then go out for Kamakura and Ashikaga, respectively. Hannah knocks Emma down at the intersection, but she doesn't fall into the water. However, she loses precious seconds as Hannah retrieves a basket first and scores a fifth point for Ashikaga seconds before the score is tied up again.

Shannon has about a four second head start on Reyna, but loses much of her lead by the time she arrives at the baskets. By the time both women return with their respective tribes' sixth baskets, Reyna is ahead by about two seconds. Lisa adds a second to Kamakura's lead when she returns with a seventh basket for Kamakura before Hannah does.

However, Bryce goes next for Ashikaga and retrieves a basket for Ashikaga just half a second later than Emma does. At the intersection, Emma tackles him into the water only to fall in herself, leaving the score tied at seven.

Phoebe and Dave arrive at the intersection at about the same time, but suddenly stop.

Dave: After you. I don't feel too good about the idea of knocking a woman into the water.

John: Are you (bleep)ing stupid, Dave?! Just get the basket and come back here! The only way they can win is if we let them!

Landon (to himself): He's got no class.

Phoebe gives Ashikaga a slight lead. However, Dave manages to tie things up when he delivers the eighth basket for Kamakura at the same time Phoebe does the same for Ashikaga. Patrick proves to be a faster runner than the older Kyle and returns the penultimate basket for Kamakura just a couple of seconds before Kyle does the same for Ashikaga. Landon doesn't even wait to reach the intersection before stepping on the opposite platform and tripping John. John quickly gets up and shoves Landon backwards.

John: You can't do that (bleep)! Are you (bleep)ing kidding me?

A brief shoving match ensues, with John and Landon trying to shove each other into the water.

Jeff Probst: Stop!

Landon and John both turn to face Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Out of the challenge! Both of you!

John and Landon return to their tribes, still glaring at each other, and are quickly pulled aside by the producers, who scold them for their actions in the challenge. Once they are away, Jeff sends out the next set of runners; Chuck and Patton. Chuck runs faster than the out of shape Patton and beats him back with the final basket well before Patton does.

Jeff Probst: Kamakura wins immunity!

Kamakura celebrates its sixth straight challenge victory while Ashikaga looks on in dismay. Bryce kicks several of the baskets into the water in frustration. Jeff walks over to Kamakura and give them back the immunity idol, reminding them that they are not going to tribal council that night. He tells Ashikaga the exact opposite before dismissing both tribes.

Why's it so hard for this tribe to win a challenge?! One! Challenge! Well, at least now I get another chance to vote out Patton. Him going home would be the only redeeming thing about tribal council tonight.



The minute Ashikaga returns to camp, Landon goes off by himself, about fifty yards down the beach. Phoebe and Shannon go off the strategize with Patton while Bryce collects firewood. Kyle and Hannah decide to check on Landon to see if he is okay.

Hannah: Are you okay, Landon?

Landon: I'm fine. I just feel like I really screwed up in the challenge. Tripping John outside of the intersection is what really cost us the challenge. If I hadn't found it so important to put him in his place, I could have beaten him to the baskets and back.

Kyle: I won't deny that you pretty much sunk to his level, but we all make mistakes sometimes. All you can do now is learn from it and move on. That's really what life is about; learning. Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way for it to stick. And don't worry; I highly doubt the tribe is going to want you gone because of that. You're a good kid, Landon. You just have a lot to learn.

Landon: Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.

Landon's a nice guy at heart. He just has things he needs to work on to make himself a better person, just like everyone else. For him, one of the main things he needs to work on is self-control. He needs to stop getting into confrontations so much.


The group exchanges hugs and heads back to camp, where Bryce is talking to Phoebe and Shannon. Patton is nowhere to be seen.

Bryce: Are you guys still planning to get rid of Patton?

Hannah: Absolutely.

Phoebe: Awesome. Now we have all the votes we need. I'm not sure if he'll even see this coming; he thinks that Shannon and I are going to split our votes between Bryce and Kyle.

Kyle: Why me?

Shannon: He tried to convince us that you're the weakest member of the tribe who isn't in our alliance, so even if Bryce plays the "idol", we'd still be stronger because you're gone. Of course we only pretended to be on board with it.

I know I'm not the strongest guy out here, and that Patton's probably better at challenges than I am, but I want to win this game. Patton can't be trusted, and that's why he has to go.


Phoebe: But who becomes the new daimyo once Patton's gone?

Landon: I was thinking it should be Kyle. He seems to have good enough leadership and social skills. He'll definitely be a better leader than Lawrence, and more trustworthy than Patton.

All the others present agree on Kyle except for Bryce, who remains silent.

Kyle's better than Patton, but that don't mean that I trust him. Once Patton's gone, Kyle's gonna have two votes, and he'll also have Hannah and Landon in his alliance. That'll leave me, Phoebe, and Shannon on the outside, and if we don't start winning challenges, we'll be the next to go.


At sunset, the castaways collect their torches and depart for Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

The Ashikaga tribe arrives at tribal council and takes their seats.

Jeff Probst: Patton, after three days as the daimyo of this tribe, what are your thoughts on the state of this tribe?

Patton: Well Jeff, our challenge performance has definitely improved now that Lawrence is gone. Getting rid of him was addition by subtraction, but not quite enough. But after this vote, I guarantee we'll be a stronger tribe than ever before. We just need to cut one more load of dead weight. Then we'll be all set.

Jeff Probst: Who do you mean by "dead weight"?

Patton: Kyle.

Kyle simply nods at this news.

Jeff Probst: Kyle, what do you think of this? Do you think you're a weak link?

Kyle: I may not have performed that well in most of these challenges, but that's because they're mostly physical challenges. I'm not a very athletic or physically strong person. I never was. As soon as a puzzle challenge rolls around, I'm sure the tribe will never see me as a liability again.

Jeff Probst: Landon, after the incident at the immunity challenge, do you feel vulnerable.

Landon: My tribe didn't think a whole lot of it. I know I messed up, and now I just have to not repeat the same mistake.

Jeff Probst: Phoebe, what do you think of what Landon did at the immunity challenge?

Phoebe: He just made a rash decision and it ended up getting him in trouble. It happens to the best of us.

Jeff Probst: Patton, do you think that if Landon hadn't tripped John, Ashikaga would have won the challenge?

Patton: Absolutely, Jeff. In his defense, though, John wasn't showing any class in challenges. He may have cost us the challenge, but he also, hopefully, taught John some manners.

Jeff Probst: Before we get to the vote: Landon, you have disregarded the challenge rules more than once. If you do so again, you will be removed from this game. This is your only warning.

Landon: I understand, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Shannon, you're up.

One by one, the castaways go up to the voting urn to cast their votes.

Hopefully my allies don't do anything stupid to mess this up. You're probably not going home tonight, but I've got to get that idol back up for grabs.

–Patton (voting for Bryce)

Ten days is long enough. Hopefully nobody buys a used car from your dealership again. I sure won't.

–Bryce (voting for Patton)

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff returns in a few minutes with the voting urn.

Jeff Probst: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

Patton looks at Bryce, as if expecting him to play the idol he thinks he has. Bryce does not. Shannon gives no indication that she has the real idol.

Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote...Patton.

...Patton. Two votes Patton.

...Patton. Three votes Patton.

...Bryce. Three votes Patton, one vote Bryce.

...Patton. Four votes Patton, one vote Bryce.

Patton's face falls as he realizes that his alliance turned against him.

Jeff Probst: Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Japan - Civil War: Patton. That's five. That's enough. Please bring me your torch.

Patton grabs his torch and walks up to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Patton, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Patton's torch, officially eliminating him from the game.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Patton gives a look of respect to his former tribemates before heading off.

Jeff Probst: After another failed regime, this tribe really needs to find a leader. By electing for another change in leadership over voting out a possible weak link, you have taken a big risk. Whether or not it pays off remains to be seen. Grab your stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

The remaining six members of Ashikaga pick up their torches and leave the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a
Patton (6 votes)
Bryce1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
Bryce, Hannah, Kyle, Landon, Phoebe, Shannon
Bryce (2 votes)
1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a
Patton (2)
Patton voted Out

Voting Confessionals

Ten days is long enough. Hopefully nobody buys a used car from your dealership again. I sure won't.

–Bryce (voting for Patton)

We're all smelling a rat.

–Hannah (voting for Patton)

That attempt at getting your "alliance" to split the votes was pretty pathetic. You're not quite as much of a strategic expert as you think.

–Kyle (voting for Patton)

I put you in power, and I can remove you from power just as easily.

–Landon (voting for Patton)

Hopefully my allies don't do anything stupid to mess this up. You're probably not going home tonight, but I've got to get that idol back up for grabs.

–Patton (voting for Bryce)

We don't need you.

–Phoebe (voting for Patton)

Thanks for the memories. I really hope you don't run your car dealership like you play this game.

–Shannon (voting for Patton)

Final Words

Wow, I really didn't see that coming. But you know something? I just gained a lot of respect for my former tribemates. They're not as dumb as I thought they were. They were smart to get rid of me. Hopefully one of them wins this game. All of them except Bryce were born to play it.


Still in the Running

Beth voted out
1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a
Jasmine Voted Out
1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Lawrence Voted Out
Patton voted Out
1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
1533472 193180284211200 99775689 a
1481921 193180334211195 775306311 a
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
1491110 193195054209723 1246115985 a
1543124 193195124209716 688913692 a (1)
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a
1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
Tyler Voted Out

Next Time on Survivor...

The castaways are shocked by an unexpected turn of events.

Tempers flare once again among the women's alliance.

Phoebe and Shannon find a new ally.

Author's Notes

The title of this episode was spoken by Landon.

The reward challenge was featured on Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Palau, Survivor: China, and Survivor: Micronesia.

The immunity challenge was featured on Survivor: Thailand and Survivor: All-Stars.