Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Namesake Main river in Caucasus Mountains
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 25
Tribes Merged Alazani
Lowest Placing Member Samantha Marino (10/20)
Highest Placing Member Yessica Chang (Winner)

Kura is the merged tribe from Survivor: Caucasus.

The tribe was notable for its divide between Rioni's main alliance, consisting of Heather, Aaron, Agatha, and to an extent Gerardo, and Alazani's alliance plus Yessica.

The name originates from the main river that runs through the Caucasus Mountains and continues the theme of the tribes being named after rivers.


Agatha ChristensonAaron McCarthyAmy CorazonDaniel MarvinDerek Phu
Gerardo GuzmanHeather VillegasSamantha MarinoSebastian HibbardYessica Chang

Tribe History

Episode 10-11

Episode 12-13

Episode 14


  • Kura's tribe symbol is the white-tailed eagle, haliaeetus albicilla.
  • White was the tribe's original color, however it was changed to black at the last minute.

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