Lauren Faas
Lauren Faas
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 13, 1981 (1981-01-13) (age 37)
Hometown Riverton, WY
Occupation Real Estate Agent

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Alazani
► Rioni
Placement 11/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 24

Lauren Faas was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Having lived a life of luxury in Riverton, Wyoming, 31 year old Real Estate Agent Lauren Faas has struggled ever since the Recession hit. With her Real Estate Agency plummeting, Lauren hopes to gain any penny she can get while on the show. But despite being on the verge of a crisis, she thinks of the game as a paid vacation.

Survivor: Caucasus

Upon arriving to the Alazani camp, Lauren became of the females who immediately became infatuated with model Van Stevenson.

I actually have no idea how to start a fire. But with one glimpse of Van, you can immediately tell that he's a model or actor! So gorgeous!


After losing the first challenge, tribemate Stan Bailey tried to warn Lauren of Van's shady ways, but the message was not well received as she, along with most of the tribe, ended up voting him out. After butting heads with Derek Phu, she would later form an alliance with Van, Phoebe Noyola and Samantha Marino.

The alliance would coast threw the first couple days of the game and would even spend time sunbathing which annoyed fellow tribe member Daniel Marvin who would later dub them the "Beautiful People's Club". Despite the animosity, especially against Lauren, the alliance would succeed in voting out Mary-Jean Pettie.

After finding out about the double Tribal Council on Day 13, Lauren and the females in her alliance began to distance themselves from Van which began to worry him. At Tribal Council, Van's paranoia got the best of him which ended in the demise of one of Lauren's alliance members, Phoebe. With a tribe switch happening immediately after Tribal Council, Lauren and her only ally Samantha were switched to the all-female Rioni tribe. Fortunately, they were able to assimilate themselves within the tribe, joining the group consisting of Yessica Chang, Rachel Hudson, Agatha Christenson, and Amy Corazon who's main target was Heather Villegas.

At Tribal, Heather shocked everyone by revealing a Hidden Immunity Idol which nullified all six votes against her and eliminated Rachel from the game. The group of five would still stick together until Day 23, where Heather revealed another idol which stirred drama throughout the camp. Lauren would take this chance to try and blindside Yessica, who she thought was the biggest threat in the game.

Sucks that Heather had to find another idol, but this gives us the chance to blindside one of the most strategic players in this game! Sorry Yessica!


Lauren would go on to rally votes against Yessica, but after finding about that she was being targetted, Yessica herself turned the tables on Lauren, who managed to get close ally Amy and Agatha to vote against her, voting her out in a 3-2-1 vote.

Voting History

Lauren's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Stan -
2 Alazani Tribe Immune
3 Alazani Tribe Immune
4 Mary-Jean Amy, Mary-Jean,
Derek, Daniel
5 Derek -
6 Heather -
7 Rioni Tribe Immune
8 Rioni Tribe Immune
9 Yessica Yessica, Amy,
Voted Off, Day 24


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  • Lauren's Luxury Item were Sunglasses.
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