Lei Gong
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Hainan
Namesake Mandarin for the God of thunder
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Yu Shen
Tribe Status Merged with Yu Shen on Day 20
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Catherine Reynolds (19/20)
Highest Placing Member Fion Fish (2/20)

Lei Gong is a tribe on Survivor: Hainan. Their tribe color is golden yellow.


Albert leeBobby nelsonCatherine reynoldsDash mashElisa smithFion fishGabriel gapsHope -holmium - nickleIngrid hongJohnathan mott

Tribe History

In Episode 1 I'm Sad and Happy, the tribe voted out the weaker link in the minority alliance Elisa in a 5-2-2-1 vote, sending her to redemption island. Despite they lose the first reward challenge, they won the first immunity challenge and avoided trible council.

In Episode 2 Who Voted Against Me?, the tribe lost immunity challenge. Johnathan and Catherine went to the reward/duel but kept it secret until Johnathan disclosed the information to Albert and Bobby, hoping them to vote out the lying Catherine. Later, Johnathan revealed his idol to them and gained their trust. In the end, Catherine was voted out in a 5-3-1 vote.

In Episode 3 No One Would Go For That, the tribe discovered that themselves and their rival tribe have to vote of one of their own each. With Fion winning individual immunity, Holmium become the biggest target. Holmium caught the information that Albert and Bobby are voting for Ingrid as throw-off votes and voted for Ingrid with them and Fion. Unfortunately, the 4-4 tie vote did no effect as Albert and Bobby changed their votes in the revote and Holmium is voted off in a 5-1 vote. She was sent to redemption Island.

In Episode 4 Deal With It, despite not winning any reward, they won tribal immunity and avoided tribal council. Their winning streak continued in episode 5 This Is My Island!

In Episode 6 This Has Been Compromised, the core alliance realized Fion was going to a flipper when they continue winning. Despite trying to throw the challenge, they still won by default when Yu Shen threw the challenge and took the reward first. Lei Gong was once again immuned.

In Episode 7 Woke Up From My Dream, the tribe once again tried to throw the immunity challenge, yet the sat out Dash, Gabriel and Johnathan, without realizing Fion and Ingrid were going to give their all in the challenge. The tribe was immuned.

They merged with the other tribe on Episode 8.