"Let's Finish This Once and For All"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 12/13
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This is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Leo was targeted for being in possession of the Double Immunity Idol. In the reward challenge, the contestant's loved ones came on the show. Harrison won reward, but gave up the chance to see his son, so that everyone else could see their family members. On the reward trip, Leo's sister told him to target Katrina, while Katrina's boyfriend helped her strategize. In the Immunity challenge, Felicity was victorious. When Katrina told her alliance about the strategy to take out the idol, Octavia went to convince Leo to play it with her. However, at Tribal Council, the girls split the votes between Harrison and Leo, and Leo played the idol with Harrison. With two votes against, Katrina was voted out. The Double Idol was also removed from the game. Five are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Second Chance
The Survivors must race through a multi-stage course comprising several key elements from past challenges First to finish the whole course would win the challenge.
Reward: A feast on a yacht with a player of choice.
Winner: Harrison (shared with Octavia)
Exiled: Felicity

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win.
Winner: Harrison


Night of Day 33

After returning from Tribal Council, Felicity is angered at the loss of Katrina.

Octavia assured us that Leo would be playing the idol with her. We should have known better than to trust a liar like Leo. But there are still three of us, and two of the guys. We can still make this alliance work.


The three girls: Felicity, Tiffany and Octavia, met to come up with a new strategy. Tiffany began thinking, while Octavia was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the alliance.

Sure, I get along with Felicity and Tiffany. But I was thinking about how easy of a beat Leo would be in the finals. The Breakfast Alliance was fun to work with, but I don't think that I would stand a chance against Felicity or Tiffany.


Day 34

Harrison goes fishing in the morning.

We are thirty-four days in, which is great. However, we don't want to starve to death this close to the end.


Leo goes to meet Harrison, to talk strategy. Leo suggests that they target either Tiffany or Felicity, for they are the smartest of the girls.

Three girls versus two guys. No idols. It's a possibility that we can get one girl to align with us, then take out the other two, giving us the majority.


Octavia arrives and approaches the two men. She tells them that she no longer wants to be involved with the Breakfast Alliance, and would like to join the guys. Harrison and Leo accept her into the group, needing to get the majority alliance.

This move may have cost me two jury votes. But they're only two votes. I just don't think that I can beat Felicity or Tiffany.


Back at camp, Felicity and Tiffany are thinking differently. Both come up with their own strategies.

Felicity's strategy was:

Vote out Leo, then Harrison (assuming he isn't immune), then Tiffany, and go to the finals with Octavia. If Harrison had Immunity, he would be voted out next time he's vulnerable.

My strategy involves removing Leo next. Then Harrison. The final three should be me, Tiffany and Octavia. Then we vote out Tiffany, so Octavia and I will be the final two. If Harrison wins Immunity, we'll vote him out the next time he doesn't.


Tiffany's strategy was:

Vote out Leo, then Harrison. If Harrison has Immunity, vote out Felicity. The final two would be her and Octavia. If Leo wins Immunity, Harrison would be voted out. Tiffany just wanted to ensure that neither of the guys made the finals.

Leo is gone next. If he wins Immunity, Harrison is. If one of them is out and the other has Immunity, Felicity is gone. I plan to go to the finals with Octavia because she is an instant win. Almost anyone can beat her.


Day 35

The Lionel tribe arrived to meet Probst for the final reward challenge.

In the challenge, Harrison started out in the lead. Felicity was right behind him, while Octavia was in the back, struggling on the first obstacle. Tiffany and Leo were battling to get ahead of each other, but Tiffany managed to get ahead. In the end, Harrison made it to the finish, winning reward.

Harrison then had to choose who to exile and who to bring on the yacht trip. He chose to bring Octavia on the trip, and exiled Felicity.

Harrison and Octavia were picked up by a big yacht, while Felicity headed for Exile Island. On the yacht, Octavia began eating a lot. Harrison enjoyed the view of the ocean.

The reason I chose to bring Octavia, is because I need her trust. She's the deciding vote on who is going next. I need her on my side.


Harrison brought me on the reward. I don't believe it. Well I do feel kind of bad about Felicity being exiled, but I'm having such a great time!


On Exile Island, Felicity entertains herself by throwing rocks into the ocean.

Here I am on Exile Island. Haven't been here in a while. If I'm not mistaken, this is the last exile of the game. So after today I can say, farewell Exile Island!


Back at camp, Tiffany is sad about being alone at camp with Leo.

Why did I have to be stuck with the bad boy? I would much rather be alone on Exile Island than be in the company of Leo.


Day 36

The Lionel tribe arrived to meet Probst for the Immunity challenge. But first, Felicity returned from Exile Island.

In the challenge, Octavia struggled early on. After fifteen minutes, everyone moved down to the next pegs. While moving down, Octavia drops down, eliminating her from the challenge. After another fifteen minutes, Tiffany dropped down. The three still standing all began having trouble, followed by Felicity dropping down, leaving it between Harrison and Leo. Both really wanted this win. However, Leo dropped down, allowing Harrison to win Immunity.

Back at camp, Harrison, Leo and Octavia discussed voting. Octavia, due to her friendship with Felicity, requested that they vote out Tiffany.

Tiffany is smart and a strategist. I wouldn't mind kicking her out of my game tonight.


Felicity brought Octavia to a meeting with Tiffany. Tiffany stated that Leo needs to go. The three agreed on voting Leo.

This is the night in which we rid of our nemesis. Let's finish this once and for all!


At Tribal Council, Felicity told Probst that the tribe was divided by the genders. Octavia kept silent.

After voting, Probst read the votes. Leo received two votes, but Tiffany was voted out in a 3-2 vote. Felicity was in shock, and felt betrayed. Probst then reminded the tribe that they were the final four, and they returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Lukep (15)
Tiffany (3 votes)
Lukep (11)Lukep (13)Lukep (14)
Harrison, Leo & Octavia
Lukep (13)
Leo (2 votes)
Lukep (10)Lukep (15)
Felicity & Tiffany
Tiffany Anston

Voting Confessionals

I do apologize, but this vote's for you.


Females will not dominate this game. I'll see to it that it doesn't happen.


You really have to go.


I'm done with you, go away.


Final Words

Who betrayed me, Octavia or Felicity? I have no idea, but I don't care. I'm not in the game, so why care about those things? I had a great experience out here, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. I'm happy that I was able to make the final five. Good luck final four!


Still in the Running

Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)

Next Time on Survivor...

In the season finale of Survivor: Virgin Islands, the final four will fight it out to determine who is the sole SURVIVOR. Felicity, Harrison, Leo and Octavia. Who will win?

Author's Notes

  • As of this episode, Octavia is the only person to not have any votes cast against her.