"Let The Game Begin"
Bats in Fossa's cave.
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 1/13
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This is the 1st episode of Survivor: Madagascar


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Getting Tanked
One castaway would stand at the top of a tower and pour water down four gutters held by four castaways. The water would fill a barrel, which would release a net of puzzle pieces when full. The three remaining castaways would assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to assemble their puzzle would win.
Reward: Fire in the form of flint
Winner: Baobab


Day 1

Deep in the jungles of Madagascar, 16 Americans are beginning a 39 day adventure of a lifetime. The 16 strangers, already split into 2 tribes, Fossa in red and Babao in green, are awaiting for further instructions from Jeff Probst. They stand on sepereate maps in a clearing with a looming mountain in the background. When he slashes his way through the brush with a machete, revealing himself, the strangers applaud.

Welcome to Madagascar! Over the next 39 days, the 16 of you will get to experience a new window of life: Survival. This is Survivor, proven to be one of toughest physical and mental games ever played. You will be hungry, tired, weak. And yet you still have to worry about what's in store over the next few days. I have maps to both of your camps, your journey to camp will be a 10 mile trek in opposite directions. Every 3 days, a tribe will make their way up to tribal council on the mountain behind you. Tribal council is not a place you want to be. So, good luck to all of you, here are your maps, now let the game begin!

–Jeff Probst

Fossa and Baobab take their maps and start off in opposite directions. Baobab makes good progress carrying their bags, but it isn't long before Fossa struggles. &nbsp

We haven't even been walking so far and I see problems in our tribe already. There is a woman here in a dress and heels. C'mon, heels? Are you crazy?

–Julian, on Kamila's clothing.

I'd say it had only been an hour and this guy was already panting. It is hot here, but not so hot, and the trek is difficult. But one of my teamates is very out of shape. I don't understand why he is here.

–Nicholas, on Sammie's health.

Sammie began to trail behind the others at Fossa. But Julian went back to help him out.

Julian: "Are you alright?"
Sammie: "Yeah, just *pant* a little *pant* winded."
Julain: "Here, let me carry your bag." *takes Sammie's bag*
Sammie: "Thank you, oh by the way, I'm Sammie"
Julain: "Julian, and it's a pleasure to meet you."

That was really nice of Julian to help me out. He was very subtle too, so he didn't make me look weak.


Usually that laziness wouldn't fly with me, but we have to get to our shelter before it gets dark, so I had to help him out.


After Julian helped Sammie, Fossa picked up the pace. Meanwhile, Baobab was making good progress. After about 5 hours of walking, they reached a clearing with their team flag.

Upon reaching camp, the tribe cheered for finally arriving. Sherbert suggested building the shelter, but Rikku proposed just taking an hour break and getting to know each other better through a team-building exercise.

Rikku: "Why don't we just take a break so we can get to know each other a little"
Sherbert: "No, no, no! The best way we can get to know each other is by working together to build a shelter, besides, it will be dark soon, and we don't have time to waste!"
Rikku: "Ok, you're right, lets work on our shelter."

I wanted a break, and I could tell others did too. But Sherbert had a point and I didn't want to upset him, so I fell on my sword and let him win the argument


I don't believe in modern "team-building' kahookie. The best way to get to know each other is through hard-work!


Baobab started to build their shelter, by nightfall, it was decent. 20 miles away, Fossa was just arriving at their flag. However, Fossa flag was not in a clearing, it was at the aperture of a deep, dark, cave.There wasnt much opposing sleeping in the cave for the night, no one adimitted to being afraid.

When the sun went down, it got cold, and I was tired from walking. When we got to the cave, I just dropped my stuff and went in.


Day 2

At Baboa, Carly, Sherbert and Rikku continued to tun-up the shelter while others began to talk.

Drew: "So Jessica, what do you do for a living"
Jessica: "I work for the government. I solve riddles for a living really."
Drew: "You work for the government? I do too! I'm an Interrogation Specialist."
Jessica: "Well, I never would've guessed! Glad to meet you!"

It's great to meet someone in a similar field as me! I think Drew and I would make a great team actually. I could be the puzzle master and if he really is what he claims he is, he could be the two-faced liar that tricks people all the way to the end! HA! He could do all my dirty work!


Had she not told me first that she was in the government, I wouldn't have believed her, it's hard to earn my trust, but I think I can trust her.


Sherbert: "Where is everyone?"
Carly: "Oh Sherbert, they're all off talking. You, me and Rikku here are clearly the only hard-workers. I know they're proabably all talking stradegy. Why don't you say the three of us stick together?"
Rikku: "Sounds good to me girl!"
Sherbert: *grumbles*

I didn't expect myself to align with Sherbert, but I appreciate his work ethics, so I think he is a good partner.


It's day 2 and they're already talking strategy. Now because people are just lazy these days, fate left me with a 100 pound school teacher and a hippie. I do not intend to work with either of them...


Over at Fossa, Elsa wants to explore the cave.

Elsa: "C'mon you guys, doesn't it look cool?"
Bella: "Elsa, I really worry, there could be wild animals in there, how will you even be able to see?"
Elsa: "If there was anything dangerous in there, it would've gotten us by now, really though, anyone wanna join me?"
Sammie: "I'm in!"
Kamila: "Me too!"
Nicholas: "Oh, I gotta see this!"

The group of 4 walk into the cave for about half an hour, eventually, reaching darkness. The sound of their breathing echos on the walls.

Elsa: "Creepy, isn't it?"
Kamila: "I don't really like this, I think I'll go back"
Sammie: "Yeah, me too..."
Nicholas: "What are you a chicken? BOO!"
Sammie: "AHH! Cut it out Nick, that wasn't cool"

Sammie's scream wakes up hundreds of bats, the bats screech and fly. Kamila, Sammie and Elsa scream and start to run out, Nicholas follows laughing.

The cave escapade made my day. Kamila and Sammie are so out of place out here. They are just hilarious to watch!


Nick is such a tool. If he didn't scare me, we wouldn't have woken the bats. It's people like him that make me hate older people. He is a total jerk to me, he just thinks he is better than me!


Back at Baobab, Corey is chatting with Jasmain and Bobby. They become good friends.

It's my understanding that alliances are very importatn in the long run. I feel most comfortable with Jasmain and Bobby. Jasmain is such a sweetheart, and Bobby is really hot, I had to align with him, haha


Day 3

Both tribes woke early and make their way to the challenge.

Fossa at Challenge

  • Water pourer- Bella
  • Gutter holders- Elsa, Hanson, Julain, Nicholas
  • Puzzle solvers- Sammie, Kamila, Antonia

Baobab at Challenge

  • Water pourer- Rikku
  • Gutter holders- Bobby, Corey, Jasmain, Sherbert
  • Puzzle solvers- Jessica, Carly, Drew

Once the teams had took their places, Jeff signaled the start. The gutter holders from both teams held up their gutter track quickly. Bella & Rikku poured water down the track as fast as they could. Fossa filled their bucket first and their puzzle pieces dropped. Baobab wasn't far behind when their puzzle pieces dropped. Carly untied the net quickly, and Drew threw the pieces onto the board. Kamila was making good progress with the puzzle, but Sammie kept telling Antonia that the pieces she was putting down were in the wrong spots. They started to argue over who was right and Nicholas started to yell at Sammie from over at the tower. Sammie threw his hands up in anger and said "Fine, I wont help!" and left the puzzle to the girls. Meanwhile, Jessica was working through the puzzle very quickly. Baobab won the challenge when Jessica finished the puzzle.

A cheerful Baobab returned to camp with their flint. Shebert attempted to start a fire with a machecte. After a few failed attempts, he got a spark and started a fire. Jessica and Jasmain went to the waterhole to fill buckets of water to boil. They brought back water and Sherbert boiled it. Baobab enjoyed a nice drink.

We are so thirsty out here, water is everything! It felt so good to win that challenge, now we can drink clear, clean water.


I'm so glad we won the challenge, but honestly, it was no surprise. That puzzle was a piece of cake! Fossa is doomed in any or all puzzle challenges against me.


Elsewhere at Fossa, Elsa and Sammie were talking,

Sammie: "I am just gonna put this out there, I think we should vote out Nicholas"
Elsa: "Really? You wanna vote out Nick? He seems like a strong guy."
Sammie: "He is! But he is a jerk! Isn't that enough a reason to get rid of someone?"
Elsa: "I really dont think we can lose him this early in the game."
Sammie: "Damn Elsa, I thought since you were young too you'd want to get rid of him! I'll just ask someone else then!"

Nicholas is just so mean! I cannot believe someone as young as me like Elsa doesn't want to get rid of him!


I feel bad for Sammie. Nick is being a jerk to him, but someone sorta has to. I think Sammie made a mistake coming out here, he is getting a big wake up call.


Sammie figures he will talk to Kamila and Antonia about who to vote out, he starts to look for them then sneaks up by them as they're talking to Nicholas.

Antonia: "I for one, cannot stand being near him, he is so bossy! Didn't you see him arguing with me at the puzzle? It has to be him"
Nicholas: "No pun intended, but I just don't think he is fit to be here."
Kamila: "I have to agree, he is just to young, and loose-cannon too.It should be him"
Nicholas: "Then if we are in agreement, let's tell the rest."

JERKS! JERKS!! JERKS! I'm on a tribe with a bunch of mean, old jerks! Isn't anyone willing to help me out?


Sammie then goes and tries to talk with Julian, who helped him out on day 1. Julian agrees that Nicholas was mean to Sammie, but he is to strong to vote out now.

Poor Sammie, we really cannot vote out Nicholas, regardless of his attitude, Sammie is just not cut out for this game.


At tribal council, Sammie pleads his case to his tribe of why he should be kept over Nicholas, who he accidentally calls a "jerk". Nicholas then apologizes to Sammie for being rude, but someone had to show him that the game was going to be tough. Sammie doesn't accept the apology.

After the elimination, Jeff tells Fossa that now that they've been to tribal they also have fire in the form of flint. Fossa returns to camp, with one less member.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Sammie (7 Votes)
Antonia, Bella, Elsa, Hanson, Julian, Kamila & Nicholas
Nicolas (1 vote)
Sammie B&W
Sammie Rowell

Voting Confessionals

You might have been right about the puzzle, but you yelling at me about it was no way to go about helping the tribe.


You are a nice boy on the inside, you should just get to know people a little more. No hard feelings.


Best of luck in life!


With age comes experience, trust me, some old folk are rotten like you think, but not the lot of us, I hope you don't take this elimination the wrong way.


Sorry dude, but somebody has to go.


Good Riddance.


You opened my eyes tonight at tribal, I really am sorry for being so mean to you.


Nick, I hope it's you and not me. And plus you are rude.


Final Words

I enjoyed my three days on survivor very much. I wish nick would have been voted out. He is very rude and belligerent and thinks people that are below 21 are lesser citizens. I hope I can back on survivor and redeem myself. Congratulations guys, you got me.


Still In The Running







Sammie B&W
Carly B



Next Time On Survivor...

  • Hunger attacks both tribes, and another contestant battles his own personal problem, "He's gone ape!"

Author's Notes

  • The Reward/Immunity challenge was used in Survivor: Nicaragua's first episode Young At Heart.