"Life is Full of Choices"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 11/13
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Justice dumped the Lionel tribe's food supply. This caused Octavia to become suspicious. In an auction, Justice was sent to Exile Island by Katrina. Leo also made a big move by refusing to give up his bought item for rice for the tribe. At the Immunity challenge, Justice flipped out at everybody, forcing an impromptu Tribal Council, in which he was unanimously voted out. Causing there to be one less jury member. Six are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Loved Ones Overboard
Loved ones stand on a plank over the water, divided into segments. When a player and their loved one provide the same answer to a question, players force any loved one to take a step backwards. The fourth step is into the water, and out of the challenge. Last loved one left dry wins reward.
Reward: The winner gets a chance to decide who will get to see their loved one and how much time they will spend with them.
Winner: Harrison
Exiled: Harrison

Immunity Challenge: Target Shooting
Each contestant will have have twelve targets, as well as a bow and arrows. They must shoot as many of the other contestant's targets as possible, before running out of arrows. If all twelve targets are shot, the owner of the targets will be out. If a player runs out of arrows, they are out. Last person standing wins Immunity.
Winner: Felicity


Afternoon of Day 30

After returning from the "challenge" where Justice was forcibly removed from the game, Tiffany feels relieved.

Being rid of that disrespectful waste of skin is going to make life a lot easier at camp. And I don't think any "wild animals" will be stealing our food anymore.


Felicity talks with Octavia about Leo. Now that Leo has the Double Immunity Idol, he has to be taken out. However, they need a good strategy to get him and the idol out of the game.

We gotta get Leo and that idol outta here! But we'll need a good strategy to do so. Life is full of choices, so we'll figure something out.


When night falls, everyone heads off to sleep. Leo, however, lies awake. He stays up all night, wondering what to do about the idol.

The fact that I now have the Double Idol, and that everyone knows that I do, makes me a huge threat. I need to use it next chance I get, no doubt about it.


Day 31

After waking up, Tiffany realizes that she doesn't feel well. The hunger was too much for her. Felicity notices Tiffany looking ill, and asks her if she can go on with the game. Tiffany tells Felicity that she can, for she refuses to quit.

I'm in the final six. There is no way I am quitting. I came this far, I have to go to the end.


It begins raining, and Octavia is excited about this. While Katrina and Leo sit in the shelter, Octavia happily plays out in the rain.

We haven't had rain in forever! Of course I'm going to have fun in it. I love rain, it's an amazing gift that falls from the sky!


In the shelter, Katrina attempts to convince Leo not to play the Double Idol, claiming that they wouldn't vote him off. Leo tells Katrina that he's still thinking about what to do with the idol, so he'll have to think it through.

If I can stop Leo from playing the idol, we can take him out. However, the idol will still be passed on to someone else afterwards. It will be out of the game by the final four, so if we can keep it in the game until then, it will be out of the picture.


I know what Katrina is thinking. She wants me to not play the idol, so she can get me out. She is one of the worst liars I have ever met!


Meanwhile, Felicity talks to Harrison away from the camp. She warns him that he is coming off as a huge challenge threat, and people may want him out because of it. Harrison tells her that he is happy with his game so far, and will continue to play it the way he is.

There are only two guys left, and ironically, they're the two scariest people in the game. If Harrison doesn't stop winning challenges, we'll all be up for elimination. He's a nice guy, but he's really threatening.


I came into this game to play it. I'm going to try my hardest in every challenge, even if it makes me a threat. I'm not going to stop winning because Felicity told me to.


Day 32

The Lionel tribe arrives to meet Probst for the reward challenge. Everyone is happy to hear that they will be seeing a family member for the challenge. Probst then introduces everyone's loved one's for the challenge.

First to come out is Felicity's fiancee, Lyle. Felicity nearly begins crying tears of happiness at the sight of Lyle.
Next is Harrison's son, Johnny. Both are ecstatic to see each other.
Next is Katrina's boyfriend, Paul. Katrina falls to the ground, crying out of joy.
Next is Leo's sister, Grace. Seeing his sister was enough to bring even Leo to tears.
Next is Octavia's adoptive mother, Loretta. Octavia screams out of surprise and joy.
Finally, Tiffany's husband Joe comes out. They both tear up at seeing each other.

After seeing their loved ones, the challenge begins.

Question 1: What is your Survivor's nickname?
Felicity- F, Lyle- F (Correct)
Harrison- Garth, Johnny- Garth (Correct)
Katrina- Kat, Paul- Cat (Correct)
Leo- Leo, Grace- Leo (Correct)
Octavia- Octopus, Loretta- Tavi (Incorrect)
Tiffany- TA, Joe- TA (Correct)
Felicity, Katrina, Octavia and Tiffany move Grace back (eliminated), Harrison and Leo move Lyle back.

Question 2: What is your Survivor's favorite home-cooked meal?
Felicity- Pasta, Lyle- Pizza (Incorrect)
Harrison- Pork, Johnny- Pig (Correct)
Katrina- Chicken, Paul- Fish (Incorrect)
Octavia- Pizza, Loretta- Pork (Incorrect)
Tiffany- Rice, Joe- Rice (Correct)
Harrison and Tiffany move Lyle back (eliminated).

Question 3: If your Survivor could do anything in the world, what would that dream job be?
Harrison- Famous singer, Johnny- Famous singer (Correct)
Katrina- Singer, Paul- Singer (Correct)
Octavia- Actress, Loretta- Model (Incorrect)
Tiffany- President, Joe- President (Correct)
Everyone moves Joe back.

Question 4: What is the one personality trait that can cause your Survivor to lose this game?
Harrison- Kindness, Johnny- Likability (Incorrect)
Katrina- Loud mouth, Paul- Loud mouth (Correct)
Octavia- Silliness, Loretta- Attitude (Incorrect)
Tiffany- Smart, Joe- Wise (Correct)
Katrina moves Joe back (eliminated), Tiffany moves Loretta back.

Question 5: What is your Survivor's favorite holiday?
Harrison- Easter, Johnny- Easter (Correct)
Katrina- Christmas, Paul- Christmas (Correct)
Octavia- Mother's Day, Loretta- Mother's Day (Correct)
Harrison and Katrina move Loretta back, Octavia moves Paul back.

Question 6: What is your loved one's favorite genre of music?
Harrison- Country, Johnny- Country (Correct)
Katrina- Rock, Paul- Rock (Correct)
Octavia- Pop, Loretta- Pop (Correct)
Harrison moves Loretta back (eliminated), Katrina moves Johnny back, Octavia moves Paul back.

Question 7: What is your survivor's favorite genre of story?
Harrison- Fantasy, Johnny- Fantasy (Correct)
Katrina- Fantasy, Paul- Mystery (Incorrect)
Paul is moved back.

Question 8: Who is the biggest inspiration in your survivor's life?
Harrison- Elvis Presley, Johnny- Elvis (Correct)
Katrina- Paul, Paul- Parents (Incorrect)
Paul is moved back (eliminated), Harrison wins reward.

With Harrison winning reward, he was given the ability to choose two pairs to go on a reward trip to a nice, big house, one pair to go back to camp, two pairs that just get to hug each other, and one pair that gets nothing. The contestant from the pair that gets nothing would be sent to Exile Island.

Harrison chose for Leo, Grace, Katrina and Paul to go on the trip. He chose for Octavia and Loretta to go back to camp. Harrison chose for Tiffany and Joe, and Felicity and Lyle to just hug each other. And he chose to send himself to Exile Island, with nothing.

Felicity tightly hugs Lyle. Tiffany tearfully hugs Joe, and afterwards, Lyle, Johnny and Joe leave. Harrison then heads for Exile Island. Felicity, Tiffany, Octavia and Loretta head back to camp. While Leo, Katrina, Grace and Paul go on the trip.

Harrison most certainly made a big move. His likability has been raised, and therefore, he is now a bigger threat.


Back at camp, Felicity is upset that she was only able to hug Lyle.

This is so disappointing. I love my fiancee, and I'm upset that I didn't get to spend any time with him. I guess I'll just have to wait eight more days.


Octavia shows Loretta around camp, and introduces her to Tiffany and Felicity. Tiffany happily greets Loretta, while Felicity is still upset.

It is so exciting to have my mother at camp! She adopted me when I was only six years old and has taken care of me ever since then. I love her so much!


On Exile Island, Harrison is saddened at not seeing his son, but is happy that everyone else was able to at least hug their loved one. Harrison began praying, hoping that he made the right decision.

I don't care if that decision made me a target for likability. If this is the move that takes me out of the game, at least I'll know that I made five other people happy by doing so.


Katrina, Paul, Leo and Grace arrive in a big, fancy house with a full refrigerator. Katrina and Leo begin eating, due to their starvation.

I couldn't believe how thin Leo was! He hadn't looked so lean in so long. It was amazing to see him like that.


It was great to see Katrina again. It's lonely at home without her. Too come out here and see her is incredible.


In private, Leo talks to Grace about how the game is going. He reveals that he and Harrison are close allies, but the other four are super close. Grace, after hearing Leo's story, suggests that Leo targets Katrina. She claims that Katrina seems liked by everyone and to keep Harrison in, they need to target the next most likable person.

Leo told me that he and Harrison are a duo, against an alliance of women. Katrina seems like a very likable girl, but that makes her a threat. No rule says that I can't help my little brother out in this game.


Katrina and Paul talk about life back at camp. Katrina reveals that Leo needs to be taken out, but he has the idol. Paul suggests that they have one of the girls convince Leo to play the idol with her, thus getting rid of Harrison. Then, with the idol out of the game, they can rid of Leo.

My boyfriend is so smart. I love him to death and he is one of the greatest people in my life. And he just might have helped me win this game.


At night, the four have dinner and talk with each other. Leo and Paul joke around, while Katrina and Grace have a nice conversation. Later, they all go to sleep.

Day 33

Early at camp, Octavia and Loretta are working.

I'm not used to being outdoors, and neither is Octavia. To see Octavia going so far in this type of game is unbelievable. I have no idea how she survives living like this.


A boat arrives to pick up Loretta. Octavia and Loretta say their farewells, and Loretta wishes Octavia luck, before leaving. Later, a boat arrives with Leo and Katrina on it. Felicity, Tiffany and Octavia run over to greet them.

Later that day, the Lionel tribe went to meet Probst for the Immunity challenge. But first, Harrison returned from Exile Island.

In the challenge, Harrison manages to take out Katrina and Octavia. Then Felicity takes out Harrison. Leo is then down to one target, and attempts to take out Tiffany, but Felicity takes him out. It comes down to Felicity and Tiffany, but Felicity manages to win Immunity.

Back at camp, Katrina reveals to Felicity, Octavia and Tiffany about Paul's idea to get rid of Leo or Harrison. Felicity added on to the strategy, and the strategy became as follows:

Octavia would convince Leo to play the Double Idol with her. Then, Felicity and Tiffany would vote for Leo, while Katrina and Octavia would vote Harrison. If Leo played the idol with Octavia, Harrison would be eliminated. If Leo and Harrison would vote against the same person, that would force a re-vote, of which they would all vote for Leo. If Leo didn't play the idol, in the re-vote, they would vote him off. This meant that either Harrison or Leo would be voted out, thus eliminating one of the two threats.

Octavia then went to Leo, and told him that she was in the talks for elimination. She then asked Leo to play the Double Idol with her, thus protecting them both. Leo told Octavia that he would.

Leo is so gullible. I can't wait to see how tonight goes down!


At Tribal Council, Octavia acted as if she were up for elimination. After everyone voted, Probst was about to read the votes. Before he could, Leo stood up. Leo went to Probst and handed him the Double Immunity Idol, negating all votes against him. Leo then turned around, and announced that he would be playing the idol with Harrison.

The girls were shocked, and Felicity buried her head in her hands. The first four votes were for Harrison and Leo, no votes counted. With only Leo and Harrison's votes counting, Katrina was eliminated in a 2-0-0 vote. The girls were in shock, and the contestants returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Lukep (13)
Leo (2 votes)
(used Double Immunity Idol)
Lukep (10)Lukep (15)
Felicity & Tiffany
(votes not counted)
Lukep (11)
Harrison (2 votes)
(protected by Double Immunity Idol)
Lukep (3)Lukep (14)
Katrina & Octavia
(votes not counted)
Lukep (3)
Katrina (2 votes)
Lukep (11)Lukep (13)
Harrison & Leo
Katrina Undeg

Voting Confessionals

You're a great guy. But you're not the smartest.


Sorry. This needs to be done.


Leo, you can not win this game.


So Leo, I am hoping that tonight is the night where this game ends for you. You have gone too far. You're done.


Final Words

Why me? Haha. I guess that counts as a blindside. We really never thought about what would happen if Leo played the idol with Harrison. Stupid move on our part. Well, goodbye all!


Still in the Running

Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Octavia is beginning to feel insecure with her alliance.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge was used in Survivor: Pearl Islands.
  • Harrison exiled himself.