"Light at the End of the Tunnel"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 8/14
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

As Mocorón and Nakunta went to compete in another reward challenge, it was revealed that the challenge would not be between two tribes as the two tribes were to merge just before the challenge. The newly merged tribe was divided into two teams to compete. The team comprising of Alison, Jessica, John, Kat, Susan, and Taylor won the challenge and chose to keep the tribe at Mocorón's old beach and they also chose the name of Caratasca for the new tribe. At the first immunity challenge as merged tribe, there were two immunity necklaces available for the winning man and woman of the challenge. Former Mocorón members, John and Susan won immunity. That sent the outnumbered Nakunta members in a frenzy as none of them were safe. At tribal council, the three competing alliance all voted for different people. John's majority alliance took out their greatest rival in Danni by a 5-4-3 vote.

Eleven are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Muddy Waters
The contestants are divided into equal teams. One at a time, they race through an obstacle course. They walk across a series of balance beams, clamber up a steep slope and slide down into a mud pit. They then search for a bag of balls buried in a designated mud pit. Upon retrieving the bag of balls, the contestant crawls under a wooden bar by digging through a pit of rice. Upon reaching the mat, the next teammate may begin the course. Once all teammates have reached the end, the balls must be thrown into a narrow tube about as high as a basketball hoop. The first team to sink all their balls into the tube wins the challenge.
Reward: A picnic lunch next to a waterfall
Winners: Connie, Jessica, John, Kat, Susan

Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity.
Winner: John


Night 21

Caratasca returned to camp with three major feelings in the air. On Conner and Adam's side, it was defeat. On the Quartet's side, it shock and relief. On John's side, it was satisfaction. John approached the Quartet and said, "I tried to tell you that we were divided and there could be hope for you."

Jessica responded, "Yeah, you did. Why didn't you just lie like normal players would have?"

"That's a very good question. I don't know. I think telling you the truth is gutsier, and you need guts in this game," John smiled, "Anyway, the night's over. Try to get some rest. I know we will."

Jessica's cold exterior melted a bit and she replied, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," John replied, turning around.

He had made it only a few steps when Alison asked, "Where's Susan? We never see her at night."

"She doesn't sleep in the shelter," John said, "She took a pillow and a blanket from our reward that we won and moved them over to that rock she's always on. She sleeps there as well as schemes there."

"Susan schemes?" asked Alison.

"More than you or I know. She's a smart and dangerous player. For now, she's with me, but there will be a day when she'll be ready to cut me loose. There is also a day when I'm going to be ready to cut her loose myself. It's no secret. We are both using each other and sooner or later something's gotta give. Either I go home or she goes home. I just have to make sure that my timing is right when I do get rid of her," John told Alison, "That's enough for tonight. I'm going to go and get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Mocorón is much more divided than I thought. That is wonderful news. We could turn Mocorón against itself and if everything does go to plan, Nakunta will be the final four. After being down 8-4 and knowing there are cracks in the majority, I truly feel that we have a shot. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Nakunta after all.

–Alison Jacobs

Alison watched as John went over to his place in the shelter. Alison looked over to the rock that was dubbed Susan's Rock and watched as a figure moved on top. Thoughts rushed through her head. The former Mocorón tribe was divided. It was probably more divided than they thought. She would have to talk to Jessica, Tina and Connie about it, but if they could get Mocorón to take out two more members and then get John to turn against Susan and get her out, the numbers would be tied. It was a long shot, but they might be able to do it. Alison also thought about joining up with Conner and Adam. That would give them a six to five majority, but that boiled down to those two actually wanting to join. But she was tired and wanted to get some sleep so Alison put her thought's aside and went into the shelter to get some rest.

Day 22

Muddy Waters

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out to the castaways. The eleven made their way to the mat and Jeff went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?"

Most of them clapped and let out a cheer or two and Jeff continued, "For today's challenge, you will divided into two equal teams. One at a time, you will race through an obstacle course. You will first walk across a series of balance beams. After that you will climb up a steep slope and slide down into a mud pit. Then you will search for a bag of balls buried in a designated mud pit. Upon retrieving the bag of balls, you will crawl under a wooden bar by digging through a pit of rice. After going through the rice, you will reach the mat at the end of the course and the next teammate may begin the course. Once all teammates have reached the end, the twelve balls must be thrown into a narrow tube. The first team to sink all their balls into the tube wins the challenge. Want to know what you are playing for? The winning team will be taken to a nearby waterfall where they will enjoy a picnic. Worth playing for? We'll draw for teams and then start."

After several minutes, the teams were created and Jeff announced, "Our two teams have been chosen. The blue team is John, Jessica, Kat, Susan and Connie. The yellow team is Conner, Adam, Matt, Taylor and Alison. Tina was not chosen to compete in this challenge and will sit out, having no chance at the reward. Let's get this thing started to see who will join Tina and who will be reward with a water fall picnic. Survivors ready? Go!"

The first two out were John and Conner. John flew over the balance beams while Conner tried and failed to keep his balance. Conner slipped off and had to restart as John made it to the wall and scrambled over it, landing hard in on the other side. John reached the mud pit and started to search for the bags while Conner once again faltered and fell off the balance beams. His team decided to send Alison over instead. Before Alison started, John pulled out two bags and tossed them into a corner.

"John has found two bags and is searching for the other three bags for his team. The yellow team needs to pick it up!" Jeff commentated.

Alison quickly made her way over the balance beams as John found the third bag and tossed it in the corner. Alison started to make her way up the wall. Halfway up, she slipped and fell to the ground, expanding the blue team's massive lead. Alison tried the wall again as John pulled up the fourth bag for his team. Alison made it over the wall and slid face first into the mud below. She reached the mud pit as John pulled out the fifth and final bag for his team. He took off towards the rice as Alison struggled in the mud. John put his bag down and started to dig a tunnel through the rice. As he dug, rice went flying everywhere. Alison found a bag and made her way towards the rice. She quickly made it through before John and claimed the lead for her team for the first time. John dug a massive tunnel and went through with his bag to the mat.

The next ones were Susan for the blue team and Adam for the yellow team. Susan flew across the beams just as fast as John did earlier. Susan and Adam made it to the wall at the same time. She flew up the wall and landed in the mud before Adam. She saw the bags and grabbed her team's bag while Adam had to dig his out. Susan made it to the rice and easily made it through the tunnel John had made. Susan reached the mat and Connie went next. She carefully made her way over the beams. She climbed the wall slower than her teammates did but Adam was still searching for his bag. She grabbed her bag and made it through the rice to the mat, letting Jessica go next.

"The blue team is blowing the yellow team away in this challenge. Pick it up, yellow or this will be a landslide victory!" Jeff announced.

Jessica landed back first in the mud. Regaining her composure, Jessica grabbed her bag and went through the rice. Adam found his bag as Jessica hit the mat for her team. Adam had to dig his way through the rice. Alison hadn't left a hole big enough for him to make it through. Kat shot over the beams faster than anyone else had. She scrambled over the wall. She landed on her feet and continued running. She snagged the final bag and quickly made her way through the rice as Adam barreled his way through his own rice. She made it to the mat before Adam did, but he was right behind sending Matt out on the course.

"Blue team, start throwing your balls into the tower. Yellow team, hustle!" Jeff commentated.

Susan and Kat were the first two to throw the balls and both made it in. John tossed a ball up and missed. Connie tossed a ball and made it. Jessica tossed a ball and missed. Kat threw one ball and made it again giving blue team four balls in the tower as Matt searched for the third bag for yellow. Susan, Connie, and Jessica made ball numbers 5, 6 and 7. John missed again and decided to leave the ball tossing to his teammates. Kat made another one in. Susan sank the ninth one in and Matt found his bag. Matt made his way to the rice and hit his team's mat. Taylor took off onto the beams as the blue team hit balls ten and eleven in the tower.

"Blue team has one ball left. Yellow team doesn't even have its bags yet," Jeff went on.

Taylor hit the mud and started to dig, but it was all in vain. Susan sank ball number twelve in the tower.

"Blue team wins reward!" Jeff announced. Taylor stood up in the mud at the announcement and merely shook her head.

The castaways went back to the mat. Jeff went on, "Tina, Taylor, Matt, Conner, Alison, and Adam, I have nothing for you. Go ahead and head out. As for the rest of you, here are the directions to the waterfall. I hope you enjoy your reward."

John took the directions from Jeff and opened it up with his teammates looking at it.

That was probably one of my most dominating, if not my most dominating, challenge performance yet. I think I even surprised myself. I hope I can keep this level of play up. I just hope I'm not peaking at the worst time. I have to make it down the home stretch.

–John Sayers

The Reward

The winners of the reward challenge made their way to the waterfall. In front of the waterfall was a table with sandwiches, bowls of chips, vegetables, fruit, drinks and condiments. John and Kat were the first ones to go to the waterfall and clean off the drying mud and the rice from their bodies. Susan, Connie and Jessica followed suit. When all of them were rinse off, they sat down at the table and started to make themselves plates of food.

"I haven't had an actual sandwich in weeks. I am so happy right now," John said.

"How often do you have sandwiches? You seemed pretty happy when you said that," Kat wondered.

"I eat at least one a day. It's one of my favorite foods," John answered as he took a bite. The look on his face showed he wasn't lying about loving sandwiches.

"Well one of my favorite foods is watermelon which I see at the other end of the table. Can someone pass me the watermelon?" Kat asked. Susan handed her the fruit and Kat took a couple of pieces. She asked John, "Do you want any watermelon?"

John shook his head, "Not unless I want to be medically pulled from the game. I'm highly allergic to watermelon. Last time I had it, my throat started swelling and nearly shut."

"That's awful," Connie spoke from the other side of the table.

"Yeah, but it doesn't bother me," John replied. He thought for a moment and said, "I think that is the first time I have heard you talk since we merged. Do you not like to talk?"

"I'm not really a people person. I wait until I get to know you before I actually say anything," Connie explained.

"Then you can't get her to shut up," Jessica smiled.

"Very funny," Connie replied. She turned to Susan, "What about you? You are always quiet."

Susan looked up and saw everyone staring at her. She grew uncomfortable but replied, "I'm not really extroverted. I act like it sometimes, but I'm more of an introvert and keep to myself. Kind of like you, Connie."

I was asked why I don't speak much. It's because I don't talk to people that often. Just because I'm and heiress and rich, people assume I am a little social butterfly. I can barely keep a conversation going without freaking out in my head. I've always been that way. I act like I'm very social, but I'm not. I am, however, a planner. And I am planning on going further in this game and I hope my anti-social nature doesn't do me in.

–Susan Szczeblewski


When Jessica and Connie returned from the reward, Alison and Tina were waiting for them back at camp. The four of them went off away from the others. Alison told them of the division in the others and how when the division is settled, they would only be down 5 to 4 instead of 7 to 4.

"So how to we get the lead? We are still the minority," Jessica stated.

"We need to turn on of them against the others," Alison replied.

"I have a better idea. Why don't we recruit the two outsiders and take control now. We can take them out and then we take out the outsiders. Then it's the final four," Connie replied.

"I didn't think of that," Alison realized.

"Look at our little Connie coming up with ideas," Jessica smiled in approval, "So who do we take out?"

"I say Susan. I didn't believe her story about not being social for her reason of not talking often. I thinks she's hiding something," Connie said, "More importantly is this: are Adam and Conner with us?"

"Adam is. We talked to him earlier and he is willing. Conner is going to be harder. He seems out of the game. It could all come down to him at next tribal council," Alison said.

"I hope we have him then," Jessica said.

This is going to be big. If we are take control of this game, we need to break up John's alliance. We have recruited Adam into our alliance, but Conner is a wildcard and could become the swing vote.

–Alison Jacobs

Day 24

Get a Grip

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Caratasca made their way into the challenge arena. In the arena were eleven poles, each one was about twelve feet tall. The tribe wast situated and Jeff went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. John. Susan."

John and Susan walked up to Jeff and he took immunity off of both of them. He put one necklace on the pole and tossed the other on the ground. He said, "No more double immunity. We are back down to one. For today's challenge, it's simple. What you must do is hang onto a pole as long as you can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity. Are you guy's ready? We'll draw for spots."

The spots were chosen and the castaways climbed the pole all the way to the top and Jeff said, "This challenge is on in 3...2...1...we are on."

No time at all had passed when Conner jumped from the pole. "We aren't even five minutes it and Conner is out of this challenge," Jeff announced.

Time went by and the half an hour mark passed before anyone started to shake, but the first two to start shaking were Matt and Susan. Susan steadied herself, but Matt didn't. He fell out of the challenge. Another hour passed and Susan couldn't take it anymore. She fell out of the challenge and was followed by Tina. At an hour and forty-five minutes, Connie slipped and fell out of the challenge. At two hours, Jessica and Adam lost their grips.

"We are now down to the final four. Taylor, John, Kat and Alison are hanging in there. John hasn't even budged since we have started. He even looks like he's asleep. Taylor however is loosing her grip. Can she hold on? No! Taylor is out of this challenge at two hours and five minutes," Jeff commentated.

Fifteen more minutes passed and Alison could take it anymore. She jumped down and left the challenge at two hours, twenty minutes, leaving only John and Kat on the poles.

"There are only two people left in this challenge. John and Kat. John is still a stone. Kat has to adjust, but survives."

Hours and hours pass before one of them gives signs of giving up. No longer able to hold on, Kat slips to the ground at seven hours and fifteen minutes.

"Kat drops out and John wins immunity!" Jeff announced. John finally moved and jumped down to the ground. After a few moments, Jeff put the immunity necklace around John's neck and said, "John is safe at tonight's tribal council. For the other ten of you after 24 days, one of you will be voted out tonight. Go ahead and head out."

John is going to be hard to beat in this game. It seemed like he didn't have any problems with the challenge today. If he is like this all the time, he's going to be winning this game in the end. If we have an opportunity to take him out, we have to or this game is his.

–Alison Jacobs


The tribe returned to camp and the battle lines were drawn. Five votes for Susan and five votes for either Conner or Adam. Conner was not listening to anyone so he was wildcard who could help one alliance, hurt another alliance or screw them both over. No one knew what he was going to do.

I don't like this whole Conner situation. I hope he doesn't mess our plans up.

–Alison Jacobs

Tribal Council


Caratasca walked into tribal council and sat down. Jeff started by saying, "Here at the second tribal for this tribe, do you still feel nervous about tonight's vote, Jessica?"

"What do you mean? Nervous as in I might be going home?" asked Jessica.


"No. No one from the Nakunta tribe will be going home tonight. Last tribal told us that. There is a large schism in the old Mocorón tribe members. One of them will be going home. Whether it's from the majority alliance or Conner or Adam, it will be one of them," Jessica said.

"Do all of you believe that? John, what about you?"

"Of course I believe that, Jeff. What we have right now in Caratasca is a power struggle. One that I hope will be decided tonight," John answered.

"Is that the consensus with this tribe?"

"Yes, it is. Power is immensely important in this game. We have two alliance right now duking it out to gain control over this tribe. It's not secret. We are at war," Kat explained.

"Are these battle lines drawn?" asked Jeff.

"Oh yes they are," Alison said.

"Then let's get this war started. You can't vote for John, but everyone else is fair game. Susan, start us off."

Voting Confessionals

I think it's going to be either you or me tonight. I hope that Nakunta hasn't recruited you.

–Susan Szczeblewski

I don't know how this is going to go and it makes me nervous. I hope this is what happens tonight.

–John Sayers

This vote is to save my life and end John's reign.

–Adam Bennett

I'm tired of being on bottom. I want to be on the top alliance again. This is how I will start that process.

–Alison Jacobs


After Alison sat down, Jeff went to get the urn. He returned with is and said, "If anyone has the other hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time."

No one moved and Jeff went on, "Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: Susan. Second vote: Susan. Third vote: Susan. Fourth vote: Adam. Fifth vote: Adam. Sixth vote: Adam. We are tied. Three votes Adam and three votes Susan. Seventh vote: Adam. Eighth voted: Susan. Ninth vote: Susan. Tenth vote: Adam. We are tied again. Five votes Adam and five votes Susan. One vote left."

John watched in horror at the thought of his ally Susan being sent home and his power starting to crumbled. He closed his eyes as Jeff said, "The eighth person voted out of Survivor: Honduras and the first member of our jury: Adam. Adam, that's enough votes. Bring me your torch."

Adam got his torch and said, "Oh Conner, what did you do?"

Adam placed his torch in the hole and Jeff snuffed his torch. Adam left and Jeff told the ten castaways, "From what it appeared, the war is still on and may not be resolved just yet. Go ahead and head out. I'll see you tomorrow."

Tribal Council 8:
Adam Bennett
Adam (6 votes)
Conner YoungJohn SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlySusan SzczeblewskiTaylor Johannson
Conner, John, Kat, Matt, Susan, Taylor
Susan Szczeblewski
Susan (5 Vote)
Adam BennettAllison JacobsConnie TranJessica WatersTina Langley
Adam, Alison, Connie, Jessica, Tina
Adam Bennett
Adam Bennett

Final Words

This wasn't my game to win. I realize that. I'm just glad I now have a say in who wins this game.

–Adam Bennett

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

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