"Like a Plague"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 13/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the 13th episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Hitch-Biking
Pedaling a stationary bike for as long as they can, the survivors must prevent a weight (situated 20 feet from the ground) from breaking their their tile. If their tile breaks or if the weight touches the tile, they are out of the challenge. Last person with their tile intact wins reward.
​Reward: A traditional Burmese feast, complete with cultural dancers
Winner: Danny (chooses Conway to join him)

Immunity Challenge: Rattan Relay
Tribe members must traverse an obstacle course where at the end of each, a small sack of rattan balls awaits. After making through the final obstacle, they must fire their rattan balls using a slingshot to knock down all 12 tiles of a grid. First to do so, wins immunity.
Winner: Danny


Night 33

Angered by Danny's last-minute vote change, Conway and Rashad turn at Danny, both furiously asking why did Danny change his vote. Danny replies that he found Zach a threat, and so as the other remaining males. He adds, that if two of the three girls are in the final three with him, he can win.

It's funny that you're saying that to the people who you wanna send to the jury. For the record, I won't vote for you.


Meanwhile, Molly and Donna converse in the woods in the middle of the night. Both girls express their dismay about how their previous Tribal Council went. Donna states Danny must not win the next Immunity Challenge, or else, they will have to turn on each other once again.

We must not let Danny continue winning, or else, we're done.


Day 34

Danny wakes up to do camp chores when he finds a message in Tree Mail. He comes to his tribemates to tell the message, but the tribe seem to be unresponsive. Danny fumes they are taking him personally.

I know they are shunning me because I'm not part of their alliance. But please treat me as a person too. I'm a big guy, but I have feelings too.


After receiving Tree Mail, the six remaining survivors meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff explains that this Reward Challenge was actually the final Immunity Challenge back in Survivor: The Cursed Idol.

Ten minutes have lapsed, the castaways are still going strong. After 15 minutes, Conway becomes visibly tired, dropping his weight above his tile, shattering it, and his chances to win reward. Donna continues to pedal, albeit weakly, as her weight inches its way on the tile. Though Donna tries to pedal as hard as she could, the weight touches her tile, eliminating her. Kendra and Molly soon follow. It comes down to two men, Rashad and Danny. Rashad is visibly struggling after 30 minutes of continuous pedaling. Despite the Three Tribes Alliance whispers their cheers for Rashad, Rashad collapses on the ground, complaining about a cramp of his left thigh, winning the challenge for Danny. Danny steps down his bike and accompanies Rashad. Jeff calls the Medical Team to tend Rashad's condition. Dr. Ramona clears Rashad and deems his cramp is not something to worry about. Jeff asks Danny which tribemate he will bring with him, Danny chooses not to bring anyone, in retaliation for shunning him and wanting to be alone for once. Molly snaps at him, stating that they are only playing the game and Danny should not take this seriously. Unmoved, Danny asserts that he will eat alone. Jeff castigates Danny, saying that it is a social game.

Quote1Okay, Danny, congratulations. Now pick someone to join you on your rewardQuote2- Jeff
Quote1I choose not to pick anyone. They won't talk to me anyway, so why bother?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Wow. This show's been on air for more than 10 years now, and this is the first time a player who won reward does not want to bring anyone. Don't you realize this is a social game?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I'm fully well-aware, Jeff. But I just want to be alone for once. Besides, most of the jury members were blindsided by them.Quote2- Danny
Quote1You shouldn't take this seriously! How selfish!Quote2- Molly
Quote1I don't care. If anything, you'll just send me to Exile Island again. Oh, by the way Molly, I'm sending you to Exile Island!Quote2- Danny
Quote1Talking to you is like yelling at a wall.Quote2- Molly

While Danny and Molly squabble, Kendra and Conway nod their heads, implying that Danny's fate is written in stone once he does not win immunity.

I want to be alone for a while, away from you guys. I'm fed up with you people.

–Danny, on his tribe's silent treatment of him

Jeff asks Danny for one last time if he will not bring anyone with him to the reward. Danny sighs, saying he would take Conway with him for reasons he would like to keep for himself, but he stands firm to his decision to send Molly to Exile Island. Jeff tells Danny and Conway someone will fetch them the next day at noontime. While appreciative of Danny choosing him, Conway is cautious.

Returning back to camp, Danny airs his grievances out. Danny makes it clear that he knows he is the odd-man-out in his tribe, but he begs that they should treat him as a person. Kendra apologizes, saying their minds are too much focused in the game. With that settled, the tribe continues doing camp chores.

I already know that these people will stick together no matter what, so my only option is to win immunity. Though our spat has been settled, my head's still on the chopping block until I win the necklace.


Day 35

At noontime, the Galone tribe lounges at the beach, until they hear something approaching their camp. To their surprise, two elephants with saddles come to camp to fetch Danny and Conway. The two men wave their goodbyes at their tribemates.

While Danny enjoys the elephant ride, Conway expresses a deep, dark secret: his fear of heghts (the elephant riding guide even brought a ladder just to take him on the saddle). Danny laughs. Just before reaching the reward location, Danny explains his reason for bringing Conway. During the conversation, Danny tries to hide his [fake] tears.

Quote1Hey, I just want to to thank you for accepting this. I really don't want to bring anyone, but anyways. I didn't bring you here because of strategy. I just wanna ask you something. You're kinda geeky to me, but you don't seem to be all nerdy. Like, you stood up against Kyle before. We're you bullied as a child? Sorry for the question, I'm just curious.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Well, if I tell you I wasn't I am terribly lying. In junior high, bullying me is almost a requirement for graduation.Quote2- Conway
Quote1I asked you that question because I was gawky as a child. I was bullied as well; and to be shunned by you guys made me feel the way I felt when I was younger. So I buffed up so no one would even dare touch me. I didn't really want to tell you this because I don't want to feel unmanly.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Don't be. We avoid you not because we hate you as a person. I agree avoiding you went a little overboard, but we like you. You provide, you're friendly, but to be honest, we can't win against you. Apologies.Quote2- Conway
Quote1That's why the necklace must stay with me.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Game on!Quote2- Conway
How stupid of me to fall under Danny's trap! I don't know if he is lying or not, but if he does, wow, he's a natural.

–Conway, on Danny's revelation

Of course I know he's bullied! Look at him! You can tell how many times that guy got tormented in junior high. To set the record straight, I wasn't bullied. I was the bully! I only tried to set a trap for him, and it seemed to work.


Back at camp, Kendra, Rashad and Donna go back to the Galone camp talking about Danny's selfishness at the Reward Challenge. Rashad stresses that Danny's presence not only lowers the confidence of the Three Tribes Alliance but also morale at camp. The girls agree.

Danny sucks the life here at camp. Not only he's our biggest competition, he is also a very negative person. He needs to go more than ever.


At the reward, Danny and Conway are both amazed by the locals' cultural dance. While chowing their feast down, Conway examines Danny's gestures.

Danny's up to something. I can't put a finger yet, but he's brewing something, that's for sure.


I hate bullying, but this time, I have to.


The two return back to camp with some leftovers for their tribemates. Donna looks at Conway who is visibly unhappy.

Quote1You look very unhappy.Quote2- Donna
Quote1The reward was fantastic, plus the cultural presentation was stunning. But having Danny there was just so uncomfortable.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Did he talk game with you?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Actually, no. As in, not at all. He just brought up my past, which is pointless.Quote2- Conway
Quote1What of it?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Me being bullied as a kid. What strategic advantage could it possibly do?Quote2- Conway
Quote1I don't know. But again, keep an eye on him. He won't ask such a question if he's not up to something.Quote2- Donna

Day 36

The Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Rashad and Danny are neck and neck throughout the entire course. At the final portion of the challenge, Rashad is just a tile away from victory, until Danny knocks down his final tile, winning his second consecutive Immunity Challenge. Kendra, Molly, Donna, Conway and Rashad are all displeased.

Danny wins again. It pisses me off, like, we have to vote another from our alliance.


Returning to camp from the challenge, the Galone tribe continues to do chores. At the depths of the jungle, Kendra and Donna flirt with the idea of eliminating Rashad, whose popularity makes him a decent threat for jury votes.

Quote1Hey, You think it's the best time to get rid of Rashad? Like, this is the best time to do it.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1But if we send Rashad home, we will have less chances of beating Danny at challenges. He must not continue winning.Quote2- Donna
Quote1But look, we have a final three plan with Molly. With Rashad up there at the final tribal, we won't win. He's physically strong, he is likable and he has a sob story. We can't have someone like him up there.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I guess you're right. Should we tell Molly?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Let's talk to her.Quote2- Kendra

Kendra and Donna goes to Molly, who is about to paddle out to catch fish.

Quote1Molly, do you think it's the right time to get rid of Rashad?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I like the guy now. Anyways, how can we defeat Danny if Rashad's gone? Like, he's the only one who can beat Danny at any challenge?Quote2- Molly
Quote1It's hard for me too, but look, Rashad has a story that can compel people to vote for him, and he is very likable. What odds do you think you have against him?Quote2- Donna
Quote1I don't know. This is tricky. I wanna know if you're open to get rid of Conway instead?Quote2- Molly
Quote1We need all the help we can get, and Conway is very good at puzzles. Danny admittedly said he sucks at puzzles. We need Rashad for strength, but we can't afford him to have him at final tribal.Quote2- Donna
Quote1It's tricky indeed.Quote2- Molly
I warmed up to Rashad since we got exiled together, but at the same time, I already have a final three plan with Kendra and Donna. Though chances are, Rashad will give his vote to me, but the fact that I will ruin his dream in exchange for mine is just downright saddening.


Feeling that Molly starts to waver on their final three plan, Kendra and Donna approach Conway. Not telling him about the women's final three plan, Kendra tells Conway to vote Rashad out, saying he is the other physical threat aside from Danny. Conway seems cautious, with Zach getting blindsided at the last vote.

Tonight's tribal will be the funkiest yet. Like, though the girls have a final three plan, which I am definitely aware even if they don't tell me, but at the same time, their reason to vote Rashad out makes sense. Like, though he can hold his on against Danny, who we want to defeat so badly, he is also a social threat, because he is well-liked. If I side with the girls tonight, That is not because I want them to be the final three, but their reasoning behind sending Rashad home is rational.


With Conway seeming to be suspicious as well, Donna goes to an unlikely person as a last resort...Danny, who sits by the beach, apparently apathetic towards the scrambling that the three tribes alliance is doing.

Quote1Hey Danny. I know this is awkward, not to mention audacious, but are you open to eliminate Rashad tonight?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Hmm. Okay.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Won't even listen to my reason?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Why bother? You're gonna vote me out if I don't win anyway.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Look, Rashad's the biggest threat right now, and if he stays longer, there is a chance of you losing in future challenges. Not only that, he can work a jury over. Do you want that to happen?Quote2- Donna
Quote1I'm on board.Quote2- Danny
Donna comes up to me, asking me for my vote and send Rashad home. Not only I can send one of my biggest threats home, that is another chink in their alliance's armor. Regardless of what happens tonight, their alliance is dead either way. That keeps me thinking, I might use Conway tonight.


Molly overhears the conversation and leaks the information to Rashad, who happens to walk past her. Molly tells Rashad that she had a final three plan with the women, and now she's starting to have doubts about it. Minutes before Tribal Council, Molly tells Rashad he will persuade Conway to vote with them, while Rashad should do the same with Danny. Molly goes to Conway, saying that Donna does not need the money. Meanwhile, Rashad goes to Danny, saying that Donna is also a social threat, and Kendra's right hand. Rashad adds that if the jury is that bitter towards Kendra, Donna might be an alternative choice.

This has been the most interesting afternoon I ever had. From getting avoided like a plague, to a potential swing vote. For once, I have power.


As the tribe prepares for Tribal Council, Danny pulls Conway aside, telling him to disregard his feelings toward him at the reward. Danny explains to him they are both the swing votes who can potentially side with Molly and Rashad, and Kendra and Donna. Though Conway has doubts, he agrees that there indeed the swing votes.

I will have a temporary alliance with Danny today, because though Kendra is still my closest ally, I can't just think about my own fate in this game as well. I can defeat Danny at puzzles, while Rashad can beat him in the physical aspect, but at the same time, Rashad is the most likable among us alliance partners. On the other hand, we have Donna, who clearly doesn't need the money because she is already rich. This goes to show that power on Survivor is a double-edged sword. It can cut somone's head off, but it can also cut yours.


At Tribal Council, Jeff notices that the Three Tribes Alliance seems unhappy of the result of the Immunity Challenge. The jury members are all delighted to see Danny winning again. Kendra states that though they like Danny, he is shunned by the tribe because they don't want to be associated with him. When asked about the reward, Conway expresses he felt uncomfortable at the reward, given that Danny brought him there. Jeff then asks what kind of scrambling the tribe did during the afternoon. Conway indirectly answers the question, stating that all five remaining alliance members are in danger of getting sent home. Kendra and Conway for being crafty, Molly being an underdog, Donna for being well-off, leaving her a big question mark and Rashad for being well-liked. In the end, Danny and Conway join Kendra and Donna in voting Rashad, 4-2.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Rashad (4 votes)
Conway, Danny, Donna, & Kendra
Donna (2 votes)
Molly & Rashad
Rashad Morrison

Voting Confessionals

This vote pains me. Sorry Rashad, but I can't win this with you around.


If Rashad goes tonight, at least I know his vote's going to be for me at final tribal.


Sorry homey. You're too much competition.


Sincerely sorry for this vote.


Donna, I need the money, and you don't. Please go home.


It's tough. You're a great guy, but you're gonna make my endgame much harder.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • With the alliance continue to crumble, will Danny finally be able to infiltrate it?

Author's Notes

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