"Lonely and Vengeful"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 1/13
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This is the season premiere of Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Reward Challenge: Skull Crush
One person from both tribes will race to the other side of the island, where they will find a pile of skulls. They will break one skull open at a time, looking for an amulet inside. The first tribe back with the amulet wins and the losing tribe nominates one member to stay on Exile island..
Reward: Flint
Winner: Thomas
Exiled: Geoffrey

Immunity Challenge: Battle Dig
Each tribe races out to one of five circles, digs to find a bag buried underneath the sand, then get back to the finish mat with the bag. The first tribe to get three bags wins immunity.
Winner: Croix


Day 1

Jeff Probst walks on Exile Island and opens the show.

We are on an island in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands that will play a huge part in the lives of sixteen Survivors for the next thirty-nine days. It is... Exile Island! The sixteen castaways are arriving, divided into two tribes. They must band together to create a new society, while battling the elements and each other! They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out of the tribe. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. Thirty-nine days, sixteen people, one SURVIVOR!


Justice, Casper and Sparky gave opening confessionals.

I might be old. That doesn't mean a thing! I'll show these guys how to survive!


This will be a great game. I will do anything to win.


I have only dreamed of being here, in this game. I cannot wait to get started!


Probst meets the two tribes on Exile Island. The tribes are Croix and Thomas, both named after famous islands in the Virgin Islands. Probst asks the castaways to introduce themselves. The Croix tribe consists of Geoffrey, Haley, Isabella, Katrina, Mark, Samantha, Sparky and Zachary. The Thomas tribe consists of Alexis, Casper, Felicity, Harrison, Justice, Leonard(Leo), Octavia and Tiffany.

The first rule to survival on this show is to know your enemies, know what you're up against. Looking pretty easy so far.


My tribe is full of strong-looking people. We're going to win every challenge!


Everyone here is different. It should be interesting to see how we interact with each other.


I was mainly focused on the other tribe. Seeing how tough they looked.


Probst then announces that after every reward challenge, the winning tribe will choose to exile a member of the losing tribe. He then tells the contestants that there are two advantages to going to Exile Island. The first is the Hidden Immunity Idol, which can negate Tribal Council votes if it is found. The Idol can only be used once and would not be replanted.

The second advantage is the Double Immunity Idol, which can be found somewhere on Exile. It looks like a regular idol, only with a "2" written on it. It would negate votes against both the user and a person of their choice. Another twist involving the Double Idol, is that, the holder must bring it to every Tribal Council. If the holder is voted off, they will give the idol to someone of their choice. However, once the Double Idol is played, it will be gone and will no longer be a part of the game.

The Double Idol is a frightening addition to this adventure. I can very easily be voted out by it.


Probst then announces the first challenge. Winning tribe gets flint, losing tribe chooses someone to stay on Exile until the Immunity challenge. Each tribe chose one member to go. Croix chose Geoffrey, Thomas chose Leo. Geoffrey and Leo raced to the pile of skulls. Leo got there first and began crushing the skulls. By the time Geoffrey made it, Leo had already found the amulet. While Geoffrey was crushing the skulls, Leo returned with the amulet, winning flint for Thomas.

The kid's got a lot in him. Leo may be an asset to the tribe.


After the challenge, Croix was able to choose who to exile. Without hesitation, they chose to exile Geoffrey.

(Sarcastically)I'm loving this tribe already. I just had a bad start, that's all.


Geoffrey stayed on Exile, while Croix and Thomas headed to their camps.

At Croix, Sparky immediately wandered off. When the rest of the tribe got together, Katrina realized that Sparky wasn't there. Zachary told Katrina that he would go looking for him. After searching, Zachary found Sparky. Zachary asked Sparky why he wandered off. Sparky claimed that he was getting to know the island. The two then returned to camp. In a confessional, Sparky revealed that the real reason was because he grew up not liking people. With this disorder, Sparky tries his best to not be social.

The real reason why I wandered off, is that... I'm not a very social person. I grew up not liking people. I know a huge portion of this game is being social, but I said to myself that I'd get past the problem. To do so, I just wandered off.


Mark and Haley decided that to go look for the water source. While at camp, Samantha noticed Isabella's age and how weak she looked. Samantha asked Isabella if she would be alright on the show. Isabella replied by saying that she wouldn't have come on the show if she wouldn't be.

I honestly think that Isabella is going to be a liability to the tribe.


At Thomas, Leo is happy about winning flint for his tribe.

Not even a day in and people already love me! Perfect...


Casper, in a confessional, confesses that he has anger issues that he needs to control.

I have a tendency to flip out at the smallest of things. They are really bad anger problems. I have to be careful out here, or they could cause my demise.


Justice then announces that he should be the tribe leader, for he has great leadership ability. Casper, feeling that the tribe needs a leader, likes the idea. Harrison, however, told Justice that it was too early and personal feelings need to grow. Casper just thought that Harrison was jealous of Justice.

This tribe is full of loonies! I'm the perfect leader! The only non-lunatic here is Casper. They're probably all gonna die out here!


While looking for a water source, Felicity and Octavia realize that they have a connection.

Octavia is a really nice girl. I enjoy talking to her and I think we're going to be great friends.


Felicity is a great person. I don't usually get along with police officers. The two of us could definitely be like Ryan and Charlie!


Meanwhile, Alexis revealed in a confessional that she always wanted to make a women's alliance.

Ever since the first fans versus favorites, I've wanted to create a women's alliance! Just to see what it would be like.


Alexis noticed Tiffany, Felicity and Octavia, the other women of the tribe. Tiffany told the Thomas tribe a story from her childhood in Oregon. Felicity and Alexis enjoyed it.

On Exile Island, Geoffrey was angry at his tribe for exiling him.

The Croix tribe left me feeling lonely and vengeful. I can't wait to return to camp and unleash my wrath!


Geoffrey looked for the idols, but couldn't find either of them. When night fell, Geoffrey slept under a tree, claiming that he's slept in worse places.

Day 2

Early in the morning at Croix, Haley noticed that Sparky had wandered off again. Haley told Zachary this, so Zachary went to find Sparky again. Upon finding Sparky, Zachary asked him what was wrong, and asked for the truth this time. Sparky, although not wanting to, told Zachary the truth. Zachary told Sparky that he wouldn't tell anyone. This caused a friendship to form between the two.

Both tribes went to meet Probst for the first Immunity challenge. Geoffrey then returned from Exile Island for the challenge. In the first round, Haley, Samantha and Katrina went against Alexis, Octavia and Felicity. Alexis dug up the bag, but Katrina tackled her for it. Octavia and Samantha tried to take it, themselves. Haley tried to hold back Felicity, but Felicity got free and took the bag, running back with it, scoring Thomas the first point.
In the second round, Mark and Sparky took on Harrison and Casper. Sparky found the bag, and he and Harrison fought over it. Mark tried to take it, but was stopped by Casper. Sparky then threw Harrison out of the way and ran back with the bag, winning the first point for Croix.
In the third round, Leo, Justice and Tiffany went against Zachary, Geoffrey and Isabella. Isabella stayed back and didn't get involved in the mess, while Leo fought Zachary for the bag. Geoffrey shoved Justice to the side and threw Leo off of Zachary. Zachary then ran back with the bag, scoring the second point for Croix.
In the fourth round, Leo, Alexis and Felicity went against Zachary, Katrina and Haley. Alexis immediately attacked Zachary, while Leo retrieved the bag. Katrina tackled Leo, causing him to drop the bag. With Alexis and Zachary distracted and Katrina holding Leo down, Felicity and Haley were left to take the bag. Haley grabbed the bag and outran Felicity, returning to the finish with the bag, winning the final point for Croix. Croix won Immunity!
Croix was safe and returned to camp with Geoffrey. Thomas had to go to Tribal Council.

Day 3

At Thomas, Casper began to get really angry for losing the challenge. He openly blamed the challenge loss on Leo, for being taken down by a girl. Octavia was offended by Casper's sexist comment and told him to shut up, for Casper was just as responsible for the loss. Casper proceeded to yell at Octavia for being so easily offended.

Um... Does Casper even know that we're voting someone off tonight? Not exactly the best time to get on other people's nerves.


Harrison, calmly, tried to calm Casper down. Casper then yelled at Harrison for trying to look like a hero. Tiffany reminded Casper that they were going to Tribal Council that night. Afterwards, Casper calmed down.

It's unbelievable how stupid my tribe is. If they vote me out, they're all going to regret it.


At Tribal Council, it became clear that Casper was the target for elimination. However, Casper claimed that Harrison was trying to take over the leader role, which he wasn't. Harrison refused to argue with Casper, but Casper began ranting about everyone. Probst had to settle everything and the voting started.
Casper and Justice tried to take out Harrison, but in a predictable Tribal Council, Casper became the first person voted off in a 6-2 vote. Afterwards, the Thomas tribe returned to camp, with their torches.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Lukep (9)
Casper (6 votes)
Lukep (8)Lukep (10)Lukep (11)Lukep (13)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Alexis, Felicity, Harrison, Leo, Octavia & Tiffany
Lukep (11)
Harrison (2 votes)
Lukep (9)Lukep (12)
Casper & Justice
Casper Winein

Voting Confessionals

You are a horrible, horrible person and you don't deserve to be here.


I hope my attempts to throw the votes at you worked.


Final Words

Ugh! Why did I have to be first out? This is the worst tribe in Survivor history! As I predicted, my anger caused my demise. I hope they all starve to death.


Still in the Running

Lukep (0)
Lukep (1)
Lukep (2)
Lukep (3)
Lukep (4)
Lukep (5)
Lukep (6)
Lukep (7)
Lukep (8)
Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (12)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

Mark does something that will impact the game. And a certain contestant may be in danger.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge was the first challenge in Survivor: Exile Island.
  • Octavia referenced Ryan and Charlie from Survivor: The Beginning when talking about Felicity. Ryan and Charlie were known as "The Unstoppable Duo", for their strong early friendship caused them to create the strongest alliance in the game.