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"Lord of the Flies"
Things get ugly when a castaway overhears a conversation meant to be kept private. Can they recuperate?
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 10/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 10 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Lord of the Flies"

This episode chronicles Days 28-30.


Reward Challenge - Rope Jungle

For this reward challenge, each castaway will be blindfolded and placed in the center of a mass collection of ropes. These ropes are going any and every which way that will make getting out of it very difficult. Keeping calm and staying cool and collected is the only way to win the challenge. First person to get out of the 'rope jungle' wins reward.
Winner: Sam [Elena] [Temera]
Reward: Travel (with 2 others) to a fresh water lake on another island, with a lunch and swimming

Immunity Challenge - Key Catastrophe

'For this individual immunity challenge, each castaway must race up and over a wall, under a net crawl, across a short tight rope, and to the first station, which contains one key. They must take it back to the start and set it down, and go back over the obstacles, past the first station, and continue on to the obstacles to get to the second station. These obstacles include a rope swing (swing over a gap), a wall you must go under (dig out the sand underneath), and a balance beam. Once across the balance beam, you will grab the key at the second station and return to the start. Once you place the key with the first one, you must go out once again to the last station, passing all the first obstacles, pass the second station, and continue on to the last station. On the way to the third station, there is one more obstacle. It is a five piece puzzle, where you must get the five oddly shaped pieces to fit together in such a way that it creates a perfect square. Once completed, grab the third key and make your way back to the start. Once there, you must take the three keys to four different boxes. One of them does not have a corresponding key. Find which keys open which boxes, and open the boxes, which contain a number. Use the three numbers (21, 17, 11) to enter into the padlock behind the starting station that, once removed (the padlock), your flag will raise, granting you immunity.
Winner: Steve

Night Twenty Seven

Upon return to camp, the three original lautan members (plus Alice) sulked alone near the fire, while the original tanah group huddles together in the shelter to a boatload of mixed feelings. Steve was grateful toward Nobo for giving him the idol, but wanted to know how he knew who the vote was for. Nobo didn't want to risk losing Alice as an informant, so he lied and said it was just an educated guess based on who he presumed they thought should go home first. Dante partially bought it, but was too happy to care.

I gave Steve the idol to use. It would have been easier to play it for him, but I did it strategically. In the event that we lose numbers for good, Steve will now be a huge threat, with a successful idol play on his history. I risked losing that idol to stay under the radar, and it payed off... Hopefully!


I have to give Nobo props for saving me, but that just means he holds more cards than I previously thought. We're going to have to get rid of him as soon as the Lautan members are gone.


At the fire, Elena questioned Alice's worth as she not only was unaware that Steve had an idol, but she had no idea how Steve would know how to play it.

There is no way that Steve played that 'just to be safe'. He knew what was coming. Alice was with them at one point. I smell something fishy.


Day Twenty Eight


As dawn arrived, the eight remaining castaways woke to a note at tree mail, which instructed the group to head to their next reward challenge. As they leave, Elena tells Sam that if either of them win, they can't bring each other. She tells him that they need to talk to people in other alliances to try to curry votes. He half-heartedly agrees and they resume their trek to the challenge.

Elena may think we are losing this game, long-term, but she doesn't have the faith I am trying to bestow upon her!


See Results of Challenge and Information About Reward Below

The tribe (minus Sam, Elena, and Temera) returned to camp with the ability to talk freely without worrying about the other alliance. Nobo insisted to the others that they could talk to Alice without her relaying the information back to Elena and her alliance.

Yes, Alice has betrayed us. But, she is trying to redeem herself, through being my personal informant. She's a rat, and I'm having no problem using her for valuable information. Just promise the rat cheese, and it'll bring you whatever you want.


The five players talked about what plans they have for the next tribal.

Quote1Okay, so for those of you who don't know, I have another idol. I had one from each camp. With one of them gone, I have another at my disposal in case we need it. Let me be clear that this is for US. We reach the end together, and we can all be proud of whoever wins.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Wow, I am truly impressed.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Alice, we want you to vote with us. You are guaranteed safety for a much longer time.Quote2- Sonya
Quote1I can't. I've already betrayed you. Everyone here knows how little respect I would get at a final tribal. I can keep giving you information as it comes, but I'm out of the loop even more now because they suspect I knew that Steve would play the idol. And you have to keep your end of the bargain, which could not be met last night.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Yes I remember. Everyone, I told her we would vote out Sam as soon as he doesn't win immunity. I agree despite her wishes, that this is an obvious move. We have to work our hardest at the immunity challenge to make sure he doesn't win.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1But the numbers are still even. If we can find a way where we can hold onto that idol, we should take it. Even if it means keeping Sam for another three days.Quote2- Eli
Quote1No, Eli, you're forgetting just how strong Sam is. He's the most physically threatening player. He could ruin everything in three days.Quote2- Steve
Quote1But that idol is important!Quote2- Eli

The tribe disperses as Elena, Sam, and Temera are seen on a boat returning to the shore. They all meet the three at the boat, and ask about the reward.

Later, Steve is alone with Eli, and the two talk about the conversation earlier.

Quote1Nobo has to use that idol as soon as possible. It is bad for us!Quote2- Steve
Quote1How? It is a useful tool to get us closer to the end.Quote2- Eli
Quote1Do you think you have a good shot at winning against Nobo? Honestly? He has led us here, and he's only nineteen! We have got to get rid of him as soon as he least expects it. But that's hard to do when he has an idol that he is so willing to give to Jeff at any tribal he suspects the slightest bit of doubt!Quote2- Steve
Quote1Well what do you think we should do?Quote2- Eli
Quote1If Nobo doesn't use the idol, we have to take him out. But we can't raise suspicion with the alliance. I can't stress that enough. We take our shot when the opportunity arises, no sooner, and no later. It's time to eliminate the leader, just like in Lord of the Flies...Quote2- Steve

Eli and Steve separate, and the day ends, with Steve thinking about how he can get rid of Nobo quickly.


At reward, the three get to the fresh water lake, and Elena quickly gets on Sam's case.

Quote1Sam! What did I tell you! Don't bring each other to the reward! Now they can all talk amongst themselves. Why don't you listen to me?Quote2- Elena
Quote1I just wanted to have a good time with two people I really have became great friends with. We all need a break at some point in this game.Quote2- Sam
Quote1Whatever, guys, let's forget about it and enjoy it. We can't take it back now.Quote2- Temera

They enjoy the lunch and immediately talk final three plans, without much hesitation, and they all agree that if they get to the end, it's the best of luck to each of them.

I am glad I was switched onto Sam's tribe without Elena. It got us closer and we bonded. I'm happy they consider me a close ally now, even if it is by force.


Day Twenty Nine


The tribe had no challenges, and woke late. To get ready for the challenge, Eli and Steve got fishing supplies together and caught many fish, feeding the alliance while Elena, Sam, and Temera slept in the tent.

Do I feel bad about not sharing the fish? No. We may all live together, but we don't all eat together. They can fend for themselves.


They never found out about the fish, but awoke to a strange sense that they were all hiding something.

Haha that was priceless! They were so clueless, but they knew something was up!


Later that day, Elena took Sam out to get a bundle of logs and sticks to tend the fire with. They quickly conversed about the previous day's reward, and the conversations they made.

Quote1So, do you really think we'll bring Temera to the end?Quote2- Elena
Quote1Absolutely not. She is a pawn to get us further. She is nothing. We need somebody like Alice. They all hate her, and she is not even playing well!Quote2- Sam
Quote1Exactly, that's what I like to hear. I worry that she is betraying us too, though.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well I don't think they even like her, so that shouldn't be an issue.Quote2- Sam
Quote1Okay, I trust you. Let's go back. We don't want Temera worrying about where her two best friends went off to!Quote2- Elena

Little did they know, Temera had suspicions about their conversation at the reward, and followed them. She heard their whole conversation, and was devastated.

I thought they would be truthful to me. They need me right now! How can they be so naive to think that I wouldn't be hurt by that. They lose my trust, and my vote.

–Temera, crying over her discovery

Day Thirty

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Individual Immunity Challenge Information

As the challenge started, Sam took an early lead, and was a pace ahead of the rest. As he raced back from collecting the second key, Steve and Sonya were completing the first portion, and returning with one key. Alice and Eli were in last, each having trouble with parts of the first leg. As Sam approached the puzzle, he had difficulty completing it. His lead was soon vanished as Steve and Sonya battled neck and neck and reached the puzzle as Sam was starting to understand it. The three finished at the same time, and raced back with the third key. Nobo had just collected his second and was on his way to the puzzle. The three leaders made their way back and started trying to open the boxes. Sonya had trouble, while Steve and Sam opened the first box with the first key. Sam got stuck on the next box, while Steve opened the next one and the third one with ease. Steve was working on entering in the numbers, when Sam finished opening the boxes. As Sam was entering in his first set of numbers, Steve was trying a different combination. Sam tried to unlock it, and was successful, but so was Steve. The two unlocked it at almost the same time, but it was Steve who pulled the lever first to raise his flag, granting him immunity.


The tribe returned to camp, with Steve getting congratulations from everyone. Sam was being rather accepting of the loss, as he was not sure of his fate.

I lost. Yeah it sucks. But I don't think it was a do-or-die situation for me, so I am not terribly worried.


Temera acted as if she heard nothing the previous day, and gathered with Elena, Sam, and Alice to discuss.

Quote1So who do we vote for tonight, and what is our plan of attack?Quote2- Sam
Quote1Well if we all vote together, it should be a tie. We have to convince somebody else to swap, and we HAVE GOT TO STICK TOGETHER. Quote2- Elena
Quote1I agree. But who is worth convincing over there? Theyare a tight four. Quote2- Temera
Quote1I think Steve should be talked to. He has got nothing to worry about tonight. He will be the easiest to talk to. Quote2- Alice
Quote1 Good idea, but it won't be easy. Who's going to do the talking? Quote2- Elena
Quote1 I will. I have had a good relationship with him. He may listen to me. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Okay Temera, get to it!Quote2- Sam

I am being used by Elena and Sam. They are dead to me. So, this is my chance to try to flip the game on it's head, and swap.


Temera talked to Steve, and tried to tell him that she was willing to swap.

Quote1Steve, good job today. But let's get to brass tax. You tell your alliance that whoever you want to vote for, whether it be Elena, Alice, or Sam, I will vote with you.Quote2- Temera
Quote1What's with the sudden change of heart?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Well, I overheard a conversation that I wasn't supposed to hear... Quote2- Temera
Quote1Between whom?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Elena and Sam. They were plotting to get rid of me when they had the chance. I just don't want to be aligned with them any longer. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Okay, let me talk to the others and then I'll meet back up with you right before tribal. Quote2- Steve
Quote1Okay, but I'm going to tell them that you want to vote with us. They're voting for Nobo tonight. They want to get rid of him because he's definitely a strategic powerhouse. So, if one of them confronts you, tell them you are on board. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Okay, got it. Quote2- Steve

Steve saw his chance to get rid of Nobo. But he wasn't sure if it was the appropriate time.

Alice isn't budging and she won't tell us anything. I'm given a choice here. Stick with Nobo and risk losing to him, or swap sides and lose him. It's a tough dilemma. I do need him right now. I'm just not sure what I should do.


As they left for tribal, Steve had one last word with Temera.

Quote1Okay, you swear you'll vote with us tonight? Quote2- Steve
Quote1Yes, who's it going to be? Quote2- Temera
Quote1Okay... It's Sam. Write Sam's name, and everything will be okay. Quote2- Steve

Tribal Council

At tribal, Jeff commended Steve and Sam for their challenge performance. He asked if Sam thinks he is in trouble because of his recent challenge dominations. Sam didn't think it was that big of an issue and said he trusts his tribe mates will be behind him and he trusts their word. Jeff asks Elena what the alliances are at at this point, to which she states that there are two four person alliances at war right now. Jeff asked Steve who he thought was at the bottom of the alliance on the other tribe. He said Temera, because she is definitely a threat. He asked the same question to Temera. She told him it would be Steve, because he is also a threat. The two secretly winked at each other, and Jeff signaled Eli to start the voting process. When Jeff retrieved the urn, he read the votes, and Sam was eliminated in a 5-3 vote.

Tribal Council 11: Kebakaran





Sam, Elena, Alice




Temera, Nobo, Sonya,
Steve, Eli

Voted Off:


Sam Kenner

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Nobo. You're strong, but that's why you have to go.


I don't want a tie, but I'm sticking with my alliance.


Let's go Steve. You switch with us. You belong with us.


Sorry Sam. I thought you were my closest ally. I was wrong.


Nobo, you were a good friend, and I wish we can be friends when this is all over.


Haha if this works I will be amazed.


Sorry Sam, but you're very physical, and that's trouble for me.


You go, or we all go... So I choose you... Obviously!


Final Words

Well, I'm not sure who voted me out. But I got a feeling it was Alice. Regardless, I played my hardest. I won a ton of challenges, and I made friends. What else can you ask for when it all comes packed together in an experience like Survivor?


Still in the Running







































Next Time on Survivor...

Confusion erupts as it is unclear who switched their vote... With everybody denying it, and nobody speaking up, who will get blamed? Will Temera get away with it, or pay the price? Find out on the next episode of Survivor: Malaysia!