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"Lowest of Lows"
The merge comes not a moment to soon for one castaway.
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 9/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 9 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Lowest of Lows"

This episode chronicles Days 25-27.


Reward Challenge - Collect & Conquer

For this reward challenge, each player must collect each item from a pre-determined list. The items will be hidden around the challenge area and each player has different items, with similar clues. Each item has one corresponding clue. Once you have collected all items, bring them back to your designated table and arrange them in a specific order relating to another final clue. First person to arrange the items in the correct order wins the first individual reward challenge.
Winner: Sam
Reward: Choice of either advantage at next immunity, blanket & pillow, or rain coat.

Immunity Challenge #1 - You're in My Way!

'For this individual immunity challenge, each player must traverse an obstacle course. Once across the course you must collect one of your five flags and return it to the start.. If you fall off, you must go back to the start. The trick is that everybody is traversing the same course as you, so you have to be smart. First person to collect all five flags wins first individual immunity.
Winner: Sam

Immunity Challenge #2 - Malaysia Memory

'For this individual immunity challenge, which was held at tribal after the first elimination, each player must answer a series of question pertaining to Malaysian history. First castaway to answer 8 questions correctly wins the second immunity challenge.
Winner: Sam

Day Twenty Five

Reward Challenge

Each tribe arrived at the reward challenge, which looked like your average challenge. When they approached Jeff, he started by asking if they are ready to get started with the reward challenge. Once everyone replied with a heart-pounding approval, he revealed a sack behind his back, and said: "First you need to get suited up." He tossed the bag to Sonya, who opened it up to reveal ten orange buffs. The two tribes were merged. Once everybody was situated, they resumed the challenge as a merged tribe. (After Sam won the challenge, he chose the advantage at the next immunity challenge)

Merged Tribe

It was agreed that the new tribe would be situated at the old Lautan camp, which was far superior to Tanah's camp. As everybody got acquainted and reacquainted with one another, two canoes came to shore, being steered by Malaysian natives. Along with them was the feast. They brought the huge baskets of food over and everybody immediately dug in.

We made the merge. I am thrilled, just absolutely thrilled! I wonder what the new tribe name will be!


The conversation eventually arose about what the name of the new tribe should be. Some members immediately looked to Elena. Surprised, she asked why they were all looking at her. Nobo reminded her that she speaks the native language and should pick an appropriate name.

Elena: Well what should the name follow? A similar pattern to the old tribes?
Steve: What about fire? Isn't that kind of the third portion to land and sea? How do you say fire?
Elena: Hmmm... I think it is actually 'Kebakaran'.
Sonya: Oooh I like that. Is everybody okay with that?

After approvals across the whole tribe, the new tribe was officially named Kebakaran.

After the feast, everybody went to take a nap in the campsite: Everyone except Sam and Elena.

Elena: You do realize we just might be screwed right?
Sam: Not necessarily. We have Alice. She has been working with Temera and myself for about a week and a half now. After Samuel left, she was begging to come back to us.
Elena: We all figured somebody had to have swapped, but we all assumed AJ.
Sam: Actually, AJ defended Dante before he left, and she was supposed to be with us. So she betrayed both alliances, and then made amends with Dante, just before he left. Now she's alone.
Elena: So she has no proof that she didn't orchestrate Dante and Samuel's eliminations?
Sam: I guess not but what does that have to do with anything?
Elena: That means if we can convince Nobo and his alliance that AJ is not with them, then we may be able to all vote her out.
Sam: Do you really think that'll work?
Elena: Not if we tell them directly. We have start a rumor.
Sam: How do we do that?
Elena: We plant a hidden conversation. If somebody goes to get firewood, we cut in front of them and pretend not to see them, and start talking.
Sam: I guess it's worth a shot.

They didn't have an opportunity right away, but a few hours later, Sonya went to go to the bathroom, and Elena and Sam tailed her, and stopped on the path back to camp, waited to see her, and then started talking about how great it was to have AJ on their side, and how she had orchestrated both Dante and Samuel's eliminations. It worked like a charm. Sonya snooped around close enough to hear, and listened to the whole thing. Once they walked away, she immediately relayed the information to Nobo.

Wow, I think she bought it. Now we'll just wait and see what happens. But regardless, we'll be voting for AJ at the next tribal.


Once he was informed, he was not surprised. He and Elena had previously considered this a possibility when they were talking a few nights before. He suggested that they vote for her, and try to convince Elena to do the same.

Later that night, Nobo pulled Elena aside and asked what Sam told her about AJ, while on the other tribe. Elena said that she kept flipping back and forth, and apparently tried to talk them out of voting for Dante after he was already gone. Elena made this up entirely, and as luck would have it, it wasn't too far off from the truth. Nobo trusted Elena, and knew that he couldn't trust AJ. He asked her what she thought of getting rid of her, and Elena, through fantastic acting, eventually agreed.

I'll be shocked if Nobo doesn't catch on. He's a bright kid, but he can't outplay me!


Day Twenty Six


The next day, the new Kebakaran tribe awoke. It was the first full day of the next phase of the game.

So, I at least made the jury. This is a dream. But I swear to the almighty gods of Survivor, if anybody pinches me, they are dead.


Nobo informed Steve and Eli of their recent findings.

AJ is a little bothersome. That's the best I can say about her. She better not be ruining my chances of winning this game. We have to take her out.


Steve, who was frustrated with AJ, decided to confront her privately about the matter.

Steve: AJ, I am hearing bad things about you.
AJ: What?! What do you mean?
Steve: I thought you were a part of our alliance. But word is that you betrayed a few of us; Samuel... Dante?
AJ: Who in the world told you that? I didn't... Steve! I swear I didn't!
Steve: Why don't you save it for somebody worth your time. That should narrow it down to about nobody...
AJ: Oh my god Steve! That was so rude! I really didn't-
Steve: I'm done listening to you.
AJ: But... Steve!

As Steve interrupted her by turning around and walking away, AJ went to Sam to see what was going on.

AJ asked Sam why Steve did what he did, and Sam pretended to be completely dumbfounded.

All I had to do was tell her everything was going to be fine. She was putting her trust in me, and I am spitting it on the ground. Man, I sure do love this game.


AJ believed what Sam had said and returned to camp, flustered but fairly calm. She did, however, remember to give Steve dirty looks everytime they made eye contact.

What the hell is Steve's problem? He is making my day aweful. It was supposed to be a good day. He brought me to an all time low. The lowest of all lows is what today is...


Day Twenty Seven

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Individual Immunity Challenge Information

At the challenge, Jeff described how to play. He directed his attention to Sam, and told him that he only needs to collect four flags, instead of five, because of his decision to chose an advantage at the immunity challenge (reward). Once he did that, he revealed a small padlocked box to the tribe, and said that they will be given the key at tribal. The challenge commenced and it was a cluster of a challenge. It wasn't long before there were bumps and bruises on everyone. Steve, Eli, Nobo, Temera, and Elena each had two, when Sam had his first flag. As everybody continued, Sam gave himself a small boost of adrenaline somehow and caught up and then went ahead with three total flags, only needing one more to win. After a short while, he received the last flag, and brought it back to win the first individual immunity challenge.


I am so glad I win immunity. You never know when you might need it, and I'm safe with this around my neck. But I'm still curious about the box Probst gave us.


The ten members gathered around the box and pondered on what it could be. Nobo believed that he knew what it was, and pulled Eli aside from the group and informed him what he was almost positive of what it was.

Nobo: Eli, that's a double elimination note. Trust me, I've watched this show my entire childhood. I know it when I see it.
Eli: How is it going to work? If we vote out AJ, then we will for sure be down in numbers. Unless...
Nobo: Unless what? Come on we need anything we can get.
Eli: You could use your idol.
Nobo: Okay but how will we know who to give it to?
Eli: Damn I never thought of that. I don't know could we trick somebody into telling us?
Nobo: Well what about Alice? She has obviously switched sides right?
Eli: Then she won't tell us, so that's out of the question.
Nobo: Well, not necessarily...

Nobo left Eli and went to talk to Alice. He knew she was savvy, and would do anything to get further in the game.

Nobo: Alice, I don't want to be enemies. We were tribemates once you remember.
Alice: But you know that I can't switch again. That'd be stupid.
Nobo: You don't have to switch. Okay, just hear me out. You agree that you are the bottom of your alliance right? You're the only one not originally from Lautan. They only took you in out of necessity. Once they have numbers, they won'y hesitate to get rid of you. But if you help me out, I can guarantee you at least fifth place, whereas they can only guarantee you sixth place.
Alice: That's not true. I can get the same place whether I go with them or help you.
Nobo: Nope. No matter what, you will go home first. Can I trust you to keep a secret?
Alice: Uh oh. I know where this is going.
Nobo: I have an idol, and if you can tell me who to use it on, we will protect you.
Alice: Wait, I thought AJ was going tonight?
Nobo: Well there's the other thing. I'm positive that that note is going to surprise us by saying that another challenge and another elimination will take place at tribal tonight.
Alice: Okay, I help you, and you protect me?
Nobo: And you don't even have to change your vote.
Alice: Okay, but on one condition.
Nobo: Okay, name it.
Alice: You take out Sam if this goes down. He's way too strong. He's won two individual challenges already.
Nobo: Done deal. But what if he wins again?
Alice: I'll let you know.

With that, Alice went to Sam, to see what he thought the note would say. When she told him he thought it would for sure be another elimination, he agreed that it was a possibility. Alice told him that she wanted to be prepared should that happen, and asked who that vote would go towards. Sam signaled Elena and Adam over, who then agreed (after being caught up) that it needed to be Steve. They agreed that he was the physical competition and needed to go first and foremost (besides AJ). Alice agreed, and relayed the information back to Nobo.

Nobo thanked her for her help and asked who they should get rid of. She told him that if Sam wins immunity, to write down Adam's name, for being another strong competitor.

I know I'm betraying my alliance here, but I need to do what'll get me further into this game. And as for Sam and Adam, I could care less which one goes home. But it is always good to have a back-up plan.


Nobo, with the new information at hand, relayed it one by one to his alliance, and told them that if they were to have another tribal, simply vote for Sam (or Adam, if Sam won immunity).

If all goes to plan, AJ and Sam will be gone tonight. That's best case scenario. And I have to trust Alice, because I really have no other options.


Right before tribal, Nobo pulled Steve away, and told him that if there is another challenge, he has to make sure to lose on purpose. Although Steve was upset at first, he felt better when Nobo handed him the idol and told him to play it no matter what if there is a second tribal. Steve thanked him and they walked to tribal.

Tribal Council

At tribal,

Tribal Council 9: Kebakaran





Alice, Sonya, Sam, Temera, Elena,
Adam, Steve, Nobo, Eli





Voted Off:

AJ Jones

Once AJ maked her exit, Jeff signals Temera to grab the key next to her and open it. Just like Nobo thought, it was revealed that their was to be another challenge and another elimination, right now. Jeff told them to look behind their seat and grab the chalkboard and chalk.

Secondary Immunity Challenge Information

Sam is told to give the necklace back, and then Jeff explains the rules. At the start, only Nobo, Sonya, Elena, and Temera got the question right. Then it was Sam and Temera. Again it was Sam and Temera. The fourth question was answered correctly by both Sam and Eli. Four more questions go by, and Sam is in the lead by three questions, who is trailed by Temera. Jeff states another question, and once everybody but Sam gets it wrong, Jeff signals the end of the challenge, and that there is no way Temera can catch up to Sam. Sam wins immunity once again.

Second Tribal Council

After the voted were cast, Steve stood up, and handed Jeff the idol. All of Steve's votes would be thrown away.

Tribal Council 10: Kebakaran



Steve (Used HII)


Alice, Sam, Temera,
Elena, Adam
(Votes Not Counted)




Sonya, Steve,
Nobo, Eli

Voted Off:


Adam Quiz
(137. 118. 234. 255))

Voting Confessionals

AJ you are an unfortunate elimination, caused by a trick. TOOO BADDD.


Slrry sweetie but you betrayed us.


You were told lies, and for that, you will pay.


Haha well I know I shouldn't get your vote if I make it to the end, but you are so stupid, I probably still will!


Numbers game... You are a bad number.


Adios crazy!


I thought I would be asking riddles for the whole game, but trust has definitely taken me a lot further. You need to use more of that.


You got rid of two strong allies, so it's your turn.


I don't want to say anything about you.


Bitch! Sorry kids, but it's true.


Voting Confessionals (2nd Tribal Council)

If Nobo trusts me, then it'll be Adam, not you. Good luck.


Nobo tells me to do something, and I did it. It's for him, nothing personal.


I won immunity again. I am so stoked. And you're not even a threat to me. But you have to go nonetheless.


We like you. Really, it's just because you're so strong.


I feel like we share some otherworldly bond, like we were both chosen together. But I can't seem to put a finger on it. It must just be nobody.


Goodbye strong man and your bringing me a step closer to the end.


Nobo, don't let me down.


Please don't lie to me Alice. PLEASE.


I hope nothing surprising happens tonight.


Final Words

I'm on the jury, so it's not all bad. But, I never lied to them. Why was I voted out unanimously? I'll get my answers soon enough! Can't wait to go chow down!


Steve is a little bastard! He ruined me! He can be sure that my vote will not be going towards him!


Still in the Running







































Next Time on Survivor...

One tribe member goes bonkers, but she is smart about it. And for Nobo, his other idol is torturing him. Find out how in the next episode of Survivor: Malaysia!