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"Madness in Malaysia"
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After the purple rock dilemma, Lautan breaks down. And one member of Tanah has a revelation.
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author User:Dynomite!
Episode Number 4/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 4 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Madness in Malaysia"

This episode chronicles Days 10-12.


Reward Challenge - Knots Galore!

For this reward challenge, a rope is tied to each castaways feet, and then tangled up within the ropes of the other tribe mates. The goal is to untangle the ropes and free everybody from the ropes. First tribe to get everybody free and onto the tribe mat wins reward.

Winner: Tanah
Reward: Pizza

Immunity Challenge - Survivor Memory

For this immunity challenge, each tribe must compete in a memory competition. Similar to Vanuatu's memory challenge, each of the 10 items are placed on a small table and scattered randomly around the area in a square formation. Each castaway takes turn revealing two pieces, trying to match a piece for their tribe. The tribe with the most matches once all the pieces have been revealed wins immunity.

Winner: Tanah

Day Ten


Tanah enjoyed another challenge victory, and were delivered pizzas, which were there when they got back to camp. As they quickly thrust the pizza in their faces, as if it were the last time they ate, both Eli and Steve looked at each other and grinned happily.

I'm really enjoying my time out here. It's a breeze just winning challenge after challenge. I'm having a great time. And I'm getting along with mostly everybody too!


As they finished the pizza, Nobo walked off, definitely healing from his injury.

Samuel, Alice, and Dante talked in the shelter.

Samuel: Who would you say is the leader of this tribe?
Alice: Definitely Steve. Steve and Eli both.
Dante: It's mostly because they're the providers. But they're helpful.
Alice: Oh I'm not arguing that. They are some serious fishers...

Nobo and Sonya strategized about their new idol. Sonya believed that they should probably tell Eli, but Nobo assured her that keeping it between the two of them was paramount.

I trust Nobo the most out here, which is why I see a benefit to keeping the idol a secret. But we should tell Eli for trust purposes. If he really is a member of our alliance, we need to treat him like one.


I'm nervous about Sonya. She thinks we need to tell somebody about the idol. Honestly, I wouldn't have even told her if she wasn't with me. You never want anybody to know about an idol. This needs to stay quiet.



Lautan returned to camp the night before, so dumbfounded by what happened. What the tribe did not know was that two people swapped, and since the result was still the same, nobody knew.

I suppose one of the four others also swapped, negating my vote. I need to talk to Elena. Hopefully she wasn't the on to flop.


B and Tyler were very surprised. B immediately went to Elena in private to discuss the matter.

B: What in god's name just happened?
Elena: Isn't it obvious? Nobody swayed. It went to rocks...
B: But I wrote down Cassidy's name...
Elena: That's not possible. The votes were tied both times!
B: You know what this means, right?
Elena: I understand, but who could have switched?
B: Let's not be irrational. Let's think. It had to be Tyler or Sam, because Adam didn't vote the second time around.
Oh gosh. Let's play this by year. I don't want to upset either of them. Hopefully, they were just trying to avoid rocks. I'm lucky it worked out.
B: Remember I swapped for you. I trust you now, and I believe I can still expect the same from you?
Elena: If what you are telling me is true, then most definitely. We still have to get to the bottom of it, however.

Tyler was relieved that everything turned out well for him, but he was worried of his alliance discovering what he had done.

I can either deny it if it arises, or accept it admit my fear. I just hope nobody realizes it.


The tribe went on to lose the reward challenge, and while B and Elena continued to discuss the possibility to themselves, Temera and Cassidy continued to get more and more nervous.

Sarah got robbed yesterday, and now because of pure luck, we're the clear cut next to go. No questions asked, that is not very fair is it. Nope, not one bit. But, I'll never stop fighting.


Day Eleven


Nobo and Sonya continued to contemplate whether they should tell Eli.

Nobo might be mad, but I think I'll tell Eli about it. Of course, I'll never tell Eli that Nobo wanted to keep it a secret. I'll act like we just found it.


As Sonya was about to tell Eli, Nobo joined the conversation and gave Sonya a look as to keep it a secret. Without Eli noticing, he got her attention and she realized that she should definitely trust Nobo more.

I have to keep Sonya on a damn leash. She has got to listen to me. Uhhh, this is frustrating!


Nobo has been acting strange with Sonya. I am certain something is up.


Eli gained suspicion because he always recognizes that they are together and talking and silently conversing.

Meanwhile, Alice and Samuel have cornered a chicken in the woods, and are about to catch it.

I see this chicken, and it is right in front of me. I think at this point it must be petrified. It was frozen, and it wouldn't move.


And Alice broke a twig, alarming the chicken, which runs in every direction, trying to get away from Samuel, who is chasing it as if his life depended on it. After a few minutes, he grabs it by the leg, and catches it. However, it is fighting to get away, so he quickly snaps its neck, killing it.

Alice was upset, wondering why he would kill it when it lays eggs so often. He countered her argument, by saying that he didn't want to risk it getting away.

I had to snap it's head off! It was fightin' back! I just wanted to get it over with. Do I regret it? No.


Alice forgave him, and the tribe enjoyed chicken that night, readying themselves for the immunity challenge the next day.


At the Lautan camp, Elena decided to confront Tyler, who she assumed was the one to swap, since he was clearly scared before tribal.

Elena: Tyler, what happened at tribal the other day?
Tyler: What do you mean? Uh... Didn't Sarah draw the purple rock?
Elena: Yes, but I talked to Beverly. He swapped votes the second time around.
Tyler: Is he lying? That would mean somebody else swapped too right?
Elena: I think you're lying. You swapped votes, didn't you?
Tyler: No way, I-
Elena: Don't lie to me Tyler...
Tyler: Okay look, I had no intentions of betraying you. I just couldn't risk the rock. But, it all worked out and I didn't plan on switching sides. I was going to stick with you. Trust me. I just wanted this mistake to brush away without any consequences. I guess that was stupid of me, huh...
Elena: You should have told the alliance. But at least no harm was done. I can't trust you anymore, but it's something you can gain back. Tyler, you're one of my closest allies, we need to stick together, no matter what.
Tyler: I have full intentions, and have since we started this alliance, to try to go final two with you. Do you want to make that promise right now? I'll make a vow.
Elena: Yes I'd like that.

The two shook hands, and agreed that they would take eachother to the end if possible.

I need Tyler, he is a valuable number. But, I can't trust him. If I have to get rid of him, it'll be before the merge, so that he isn't on the jury.


I need to keep my options open. If I need to betray Elena to further myself in the game, I will. I think she'd respect that too.


Elena and B talked, and she admitted that she discovered it was Tyler. He asked what she wanted to do, and she said he was not dangerous for now.

So, it was Tyler who switched. That was a funnyt tribal, looking back. I'm glad I didn't draw that rock, but it was a scary moment. It was his fault. But, Elena sees something in him, so I guess we keep him, as a free vote.


Day Twelve

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Immunity Challenge Information

Items: Candle, Mask, Crown, Bottle, Cantelope, Coconut, Idol, Bowl, Spearhead, Sack of Coins

The first four pairs went to Tanah, before Lautan recovered two, and then Tanah won two more in a row to clinch immunity.


Tanah clinched immunity once again, and was safe from tribal council.

Breezin' through this game like it's nothing!



At Lautan, the tribe returned from the challenge completely disheartened. Nobody wanted to go to tribal AGAIN.

I'm sure that I'll survivor tonight, but it is somewhere you never wanna be, no matter what.


Upon returning, B wanted to talk to Tyler, to make sure they were on the same page.

B: Hey, look. We both swapped votes. No hard feelings from either of us right? As long as we didn't target each other it's okay?
Tyler: Yeah, absolutely. I was not betraying, technically. I was just scared. But, it's all behind us now. Nobody else needs to know, right?
B: Absolutely not. This can stay between the three of us.
Tyler: You, me, and Elena, right?
B: Mhmm, just us three.

Unbeknownst to them, Temera had followed close behind them, getting in a spot close enough to here them.

I was suspicious, and I needed dirt. I think it suffices to say that I found some.


While that was happening, Elena, Sam, and Adam came to an agreement that Cassidy had overstayed her welcome, and should be next to go. However, once they went on with the day, Temera, along with Cassidy, approached Sam and Adam, to tell them of their findings.

They told them everything they heard from Tyler and B. Both Sam and Adam were confused. Not that it upset them, but they were wary of Tyler's true intentions.

Temera and Cassidy urged them to vote for B tonight, because he is dangerous. The two, not sure of what to expect, went to Elena.

Elena, who was shocked that they discovered the secret, decided to tell them that B and Tyler were trustworthy, and their vision should not be blocked by Temera and Cassidy. She urged them to stick with the plan and vote for Cassidy, who was weaker than Temera.

Adam beckoned Elena to answer a riddle once again. He claimed this one was more difficult than the last.

Adam: Only one color, but not one size. Stuck to the ground, yet easily flies. Present in sun, but never in rain, doing no harm, and feeling no pain... What am I?
Elena: Oh that's easy. It's a shadow.
Adam: Next time, the riddle will be more difficult. I'm just getting started!

Although this was a crazy day, I think the plan is still to get rid of Cassidy. I have no idea how she could have survived this long. She hasn't even played the game. Regardless, it is her time to go.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3: Lautan





Tyler, Beverly, Sam, Elena, Adam




Cassidy, Temera

Voted Off:


Cassidy Zenfield

Voting Confessionals

Goodbye. Nice day to you, and PEACE!


You're feeble attempts to throw me under the bus are really quite entertaining.


You're the weakest. So you're gone.


Sorry Bev, but you need to go. You're untrustworthy.


This is the plan. Stick to the plan. Fingers crossed!


Another riddle solved, another vote cast. See ya Cassidy!


It may be my last night, but I still have this chance.


Final Words

I made it a lot farther than I initially expected. Playing with a lot younger people really hurt my chances, and I'm glad I at least tried. This was a great experience, and it has changed my life.


Still in the Running







































Next Time on Survivor...

Just when Tanah was sitting pretty, and Lautan appeared to be weaker than ever, a tribe swap sends the game into a frenzy!