"Make That Mistake"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 9/15
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This is the Nineth episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

Heather went to Audi and Kristie with the information Nikki had told her hoping to get them to flip. Audi however, went back to Nikki and Sara with the information. Over at Necochea, Jay questioned Tree about his position in the tribe. Tree let him know he is not at the bottom. At the immunity challenge, La Plata struggled and feel behind losing the challenge. At tribal, Heather was confident about how the vote would go. When the vote cam however, Heather did not convince anyone to save her and has voted out 5-1.


Reward Challenge: Beach Balls
One person on each team will fire a ball from a sling shot towards the others. The other castaways must catch the ball in a net to score a point. First team to 5 points wins reward.
Reward: A feast of various foods.
Winners: Kristie, Scott, Totolax, Tree, and Zaya
Immunity Challenge: I Hold On
Each contestant holds onto a rope whilst leaning out over a pool of water and balancing on a small platform. At designated intervals, the contestants will be lowered, increasing the angle at which they hang over the water by a crank automatically lowering them. Last person holding on wins the challenge.
Winner: Jay


Night 18

La Plata

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

Quote1Another one down.Quote2- Audi
Quote1That was another easy vote.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well I am going to lay down and get a little rest.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1We might not be getting that yet.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Nikki

Zaya point out a note and key on their shelter.

Quote1Read what it says.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Okay... Gather your things as quickly as you can. Take this key with you and head towards the location depicted on the map. You will not be able to come back for anything you leave behind. Make sure you have everything you want.Quote2- Zaya

Everyone looks at each other.

Quote1Well we first need to grab the chickens.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Our only reward.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Kristie, grab the rice. I'll get the beans.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I have the rest of the matches in my pocket as well.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Good. Are we forgetting anything?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Doesn't look like it. Let's grab our bags and leave.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I'm going to miss this place.Quote2- Audi
Quote1We all will.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Let's go girls.Quote2- Zaya

The tribe heads out of the camp and towards a new location.


Everyone is sleeping in the shelter. Scott opens his eyes after hearing the sound of chickens.

I'm sleeping good until I hear chickens. I listen more and I hear feet. I look and I see the girls coming.


Scott gets up out of the shelter.

Quote1Get out La Plata.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Well that isn't much of a welcoming.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Does it look like I am a welcoming guy? What are you doing here?Quote2- Scott
Quote1We received a note to come to this location.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Well that's nice. Let me see the note then you can leave and go back.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Can't but here you go.Quote2- Kristie

Kristie hands Scott the note. He crumbles it up before throwing it in the fire. Scott then goes and wakes up the rest of Necochea.

Quote1What are you getting us up about?Quote2- Jay
Quote1La Plata is here.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Oh, hey girls.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Hey, Totolax.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Necochea take your first look at our new tribe.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Heather was voted out a while ago.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Scott, go back to sleep. We can move over and let them sleep in the shelter. We can discuss then being here tomorrow.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Thanks T.P.Quote2- Zaya
I don't know why the girls are here. I have an idea but I'm too tired right now to do anything.


I hope we won't have to deal with Scott long. I already hate him.


Day 19


Scott and Totolax are up and out of the shelter earlier. Totolax is making eggs that Scott took from the chicken pen. Everyone else slowly wakes up.

Quote1Of course. Scott is up to try to kick us out again.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Totolax is making some eggs before you girls leave.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Scott, quit being like that for a while. Zaya, explain.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1We had a note that told us to come here with this key and our stuff.Quote2- Zaya

Zaya hands T.P. the key.

Quote1Tree, come here.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Sure, what's up?Quote2- Tree
Quote1I'm betting this key of their opens that chest of ours.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Seriously. I could have opened it yesterday.Quote2- Scott

Tree grabs the key from T.P. and uses it to open the chest.

Quote1What's in there so I can kick the girls out.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Are you ever going to get off that?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I don't think he will.Quote2- Jay
Quote1He is going to have to.Quote2- Tree
Quote1What was in there?Quote2- Scott
Quote1I'll read this note.Quote2- Tree

Tree get up with a note in one hand and a bag in the other.

Quote1The game is at the next stage. Drop your buffs for you are merge. In this chest is a bag of new buffs. It also has a blank flag with a new bag of each rice and beans. Use the paint to come up with a new name and new flag.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I guess I will have to settle with voting them out.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Throw us the buff.Quote2- Audi

Tree opens the bag, grabs on and throws the bag to Audi who passes out the other buffs.


Quote1Well I guess we need a new tribe name.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Let's think of something. Why not a combination of the two.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Cause that is stupid.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Well a$$hole, do you have an idea on what we can name the tribe?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Just do the capital of Argentina.Quote2- Scott
Quote1That would work.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I'm good with Buenos Aires.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Totolax, write it on there.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I did.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Um, Tototlax.Quote2- Audi
Quote1What?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1You misspelled it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I did?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Aires is spelled A, I, R, E, S. You have it I, R, I, S.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1That's iris not Aires.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Oh. My bad.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Your Mexican. How do you make that mistake?Quote2- Sara
Quote1I'm sorry. I guess we will go by Buenos Iris now.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1I guess so.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Buenos Iris it is.Quote2- Jay

Buenos Iris

Audi, Zaya and Kristie are off in the woods.

Quote1Well, it's now an individual game.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I wanna take out Scott.Quote2- Audi
Quote1The way he acted makes me wonder why they haven't voted him out already.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I think we have two option.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Please tell me Scott is one.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I was thinking Jay or Totolax.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Putting personal aside. Tree is another good option.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1He really is.Quote2- Audi
Quote1So we have three options. Jay, Tree or Totolax.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1We need numbers though.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Yeah. We should start talking with them to see who is at the bottom.Quote2- Audi
Quote1I'll go back to camp to go talk to some of them.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Zaya

Kristie heads back to camp. Tree also comes up.

Quote1Hey Zaya and...Quote2- Tree
Quote1Audi.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Okay. Hey Audi.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Hey Tree. We were just talking.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1We were wondering why Scott wasn't ever voted out.Quote2- Audi
Quote1T.P. wanted to keep him around and Scott has had his moments of being nice.Quote2- Tree
Quote1You would never think he could be nice.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1That's for sure.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Would you be willing to vote him out.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1He might be an a$$ but he has been pretty helpful to us.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I'm starting to like you Tree.Quote2- Audi
Quote1This may be a shock but what if the three of us were the final three.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I would be good with that.Quote2- Tree
Quote1That sounds like a plan.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Final three right here.Quote2- Zaya
I'm now in a final three with Zaya and Audi. I feel like I am in a good spot right now.


We got Tree into a final three. I am really willing to keep that deal but I hope it doesn't conflict with my other alliance too soon.


Back at camp T.P., Totolax, Jay and Scott are discussing voting plans.

Quote1I think Zaya is they're strongest person.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I think Nikki is.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Nikki has been the strongest for them overall.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1T.P., what do you think?Quote2- Scott
Quote1I think we should go Nikki and Zaya as a back-up.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I'll tell Tree when he gets back over here.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Make sure he knows.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I'll tell him tonight.Quote2- T.P.
We need to get rid of the strength now and I want them girls out of my camp.


Buenos Iris Night

Tree and T.P. are down at the beach

Quote1We decided on who our first target is.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Is there a back up?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Yes.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Who are they?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Nikki is our first target with Zaya as the back up.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Do you have any other suggestions?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1What about Sara? I understand she was their cook over there.Quote2- Tree
Quote1So people like her.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Yeah. Sara can be the back up instead of Zaya.Quote2- Tree
Quote1We could do that.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Tree
Tree is starting to worry me a bit but I get that Sara could be a better option.


I was scared for a minute. Nikki could easily win immunity and I don't want to vote Zaya.


Day 20

Buenos Iris

Sara, Nikki and Zaya are hanging around the shelter.

Quote1I love this place.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1They did win almost all of the rewards.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Yeah. Have any of you talked to any of the guys?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I could talk to Jay later.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Jay could be trouble to take out later though.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I was thinking about who would we vote out.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Scott.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well if we want to vote out a strong person then Jay or Tree are good options.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1What about Totolax?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1The dude can cook.Quote2- Sara
Quote1T.P. seems like the leader.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I think we should go Tree.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I think we should do Totolax first.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I don't know. He probably won't win an immunity challenge.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I see him as a social threat.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I guess you're right.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Let's talk more later.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Zaya
Zaya is up to something. I can't pick up on what it is yet.


I hope I get them off of voting Tree. I don't want to go off my deal this early.


Reward Challenge

The tribe arrive at a beach location.

Quote1Welcome to today's challenge. Sara, what's the new tribe name?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Buenos Iris. Totolax misspelled the capital on the flag.Quote2- Sara
Alright. Let's get to today's challenge. You will be divided into teams. One person from each team will operate a slingshot to shoot a ball into the water where the remaining team members await. You will attempt to catch the ball in a net scoring a point for his or her team regardless of who shot it. The first team to five points wins reward. What to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Everyone, "Yes"

The winning team will leave here and enjoy the traditional merge feast. Losers will have to settle for what they have at camp. We'll draw for teams and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After teams are drawn and everyone is in their position.

On the Gold team we have Tree, Kristie, Totolax, Zaya and Scott With Totolax operating the slingshot. Against the green team of Sara, T.P., Nikki, Jay, and Audi with T.P. on the slingshot. When I say shoot you can fire off your first shot. Ready...Shoot.

–Jeff Probst

Totolax fires a ball and it goes way over Kristie with her missing.
T.P. fires a ball and it hits Tree in the head falling in his net.
Jeff, "Tree scores one. Kristie misses it. The score is gold team 1. Green team 0. Next shot."
Totolax fires a ball and it is caught by Jay.
T.P. fires and is caught by Scott.
Jeff, "Jay intercepts one while Scott intercepts the other. Gold 2. Green 1. Next shot."
Totolax fires a ball and is caught by Nikki.
T.P. fires a ball and is way off of Sara."
Jeff, "Nikki intercepts. We are tied at 2. Next shot."
Totolax fires a ball and is caught by Zaya.
T.P. fires and is caught by Scott.
Jeff, "Scott intercepts and Zaya scores one. Gold 4. Green 2. Next Shot."
Totolax fires a ball and is missed by Kristie.
T.P. fires a ball and is caught by Audi.
Jeff, "Audi scores a point. Gold 4. Green 3. Next shot."
Totolax fires a ball and is misssed by Scott.
T.P. fires and is caught by Tree after bumping into Jay.

Tree scores. Gold team wins reward.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back at the mat.

Tree, Kristie, Totolax, Zaya, Scott, congratulations. As for the rest of you, I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Reward Location

Tree, Kristie, Totolax, Zaya and Scott arrive at the location of the reward to a table filled will chicken, mashed potatoes, soda, hot dogs, hamburgers and more.

Quote1This all looks so good.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Zaya and I aren't used to wining the rewards.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1All we ever got was the chickens.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Sit down and enjoy.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I feel bad for the other though.Quote2- Tree
Quote1They have been all crazy with things.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Take a break from the game and eat up.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I'm just surprised I made it this far.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Zaya, you have been lovely at camp.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Scott is the one that started of bad.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I've been great at camp Tree.Quote2- Scott
Quote1So how was I as tribemate?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Totolax, you might not be great at the challenges but you are one hell of a cook.Quote2- Scott
Quote1You really are.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Thanks, cooking is my life. What about you Zaya?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Oh, well I'm a graphic artist. I've always been good at drawing.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I think we need to see some.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Can you paint something on the flag?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Sure. Tree, how about you? What do you do?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I'm a police officer. It's been a family thing. Kristie, what about you?Quote2- Tree
Quote1I'm a nurse. I always loved the medical field of things.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Scott, we haven't heard what you do.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I was kicked out of the marines.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Wow.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Honorably or not?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Dishonorably. I punched my uncle who was my commanding officer.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Oh.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I'm not proud of it but it happened.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I don't know if you can ever go back.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I don't think you can.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1My uncle says he could pull stings for me but I'm not sure if I really want to.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I think you should.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1I'll think about it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1You really should.Quote2- Tree
The reason I haven't told my uncle that I would do it is because I don't know if even he could get me back in.


Buenos Iris

Jay and Sara are at the beach while everyone else is at the camp.

Quote1You wanted to talk.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Yeah. What all has been going on your tribe.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Nothing really.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Who do you think is at the bottom. I mean Audi is for our tribe.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I've always thought it was Scott.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Ugh. I hate him.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Vote him out.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I want to but the others want Totolax or you.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well if you want me to join you then you aren't doing good.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I'm saying if you would then I could get them to vote Totolax.Quote2- Sara
Quote1My Tribe has been thinking of rocks for a long time and I think we are going to be doing that this time.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Why put you fate to chance.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Not if I win tomorrow.Quote2- Jay
Quote1True. That is still chance though.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I know.Quote2- Jay
Jay is a hard person to crack. If we want to take control then we need to find someone that will crack.


Sara is becoming a problem but it can wait til Nikki is gone.


Day 21

Immunity Challenge

The tribe is out in the water.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. Tree, I will take back tribal immunity.

–Jeff Probst

Tree walks over and hands Jeff the idol.

Tribal immunity is dead. Instead, individual immunity is at stake. For today challenge, you will hold onto a rope behind you. At various intervals I will use the crank to lower your angle closer towards the water. If you fall, you are out. Last person standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a 1 and 9 at wining this game. We'll draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone goes up to a spot grabbing a rope, turning around and getting up on the end of the platform. Jeff then begins to crank the rope out.
Jeff, "And with this the challenge is on."
Seconds in
Totolax falls down.
Jeff, "We are not even a minute in and Totolax is out."
15 minutes
Jeff cranks out more rope.
Jeff, "The challenge will only get harder as you get closer to the water."
Scott falls.
Jeff, "And with that Scott is out of this challenge."
30 minutes
Jeff cranks out more rope.
45 minutes
Jeff cranks out more rope.
T.P. falls.
Sara falls.
Kristie falls.
Jeff, "T.P., Kristie, and Sara are all out."
60 minutes
Jeff cranks out more rope.
Tree falls.
Audi falls.
Jeff, "And with that we are down to three."
90 minutes
Jeff cranks out more rope.
Zaya falls.
Jeff, "Zaya is out of this challenge. We are down to."
Before Jeff finishes Nikki falls.

Nikki is out. Jay wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back on the mat.

Jay, come get the necklace. The rest of you, somebody will be voted out of this game tonight. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Buenos Iris

The tribe gets back to camp following the challenge.

Quote1Congrats Jay.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Jay

Zaya, Sara, Audi, Nikki, and Kristie head off into the woods.

Quote1Are we all decided on Nikki.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1She nearly beat me.Quote2- Jay
Quote1I am good with it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Sounds good.Quote2- Tree
Quote1She has to go.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Totolax, we are still maybe going to go to rocks.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I know but hopefully one of them votes with us or doesn't vote with them.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Jay
I'm in a difficult spot right now. I want to stay with Zaya but she could get targeted too.


In the woods.

Quote1We should go Totolax.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1That dude can not win a challenge to save his life.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Everyone likes him though.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Alright. We will go Totolax this time but next time.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1We better be right about this.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1We are. Just trust me.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Alright Zaya.Quote2- Sara
This is tough. I have a deal with Tree. I was able to get them away from it but what happens next time.


Audi and Zaya are definitely hiding something.


The group leaves for camp with Zaya whispering to Tree when no one is looking and Sara whispering to Jay with everyone seeing.

Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal, placing their torches behind them and taking a seat.

Welcome to tribal council. Scott, how has it been with Zaya and the other girls at camp?

–Jeff Probst

Quote1Things are always moving. Everyone is trying to get an upper hand.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Zaya, are tribe lines the alliance lines as well?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I believe they started that way. Like Scott said everyone is trying to get an upper hand.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Jay, you have immunity. Did you need it?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1You have to have the mindset of I need it because anything can happen.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Everyone has been talking to everyone.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Totolax, you fell early in the challenge. Could that be a reason people want to keep you now.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I would hope so but so much goes into who you vote for.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Audi, How do you think this vote will go? Do you expect a tie?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I don't expect a tie to occur but anything could happen.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Anything can. Plans are always made and changed.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1T.P., could it be you tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1The only one it can't be is Jay.Quote2- T.P.
With that it is time to vote. Audi, your up.

–Jeff Probst

Audi gets up, heads to the urn and votes. The rest of the tribe follows.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff leaves, grabs the urn and comes back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Nikki

Nikki...2 votes Nikki

Totolax...2 votes Nikki, 1 vote Totolax

Totolax...2 votes Nikki, 2 votes Totolax

Totolax...3 votes Totolax, 2 votes Nikki, next vote

Nikki...3 votes Totolax, 3 votes Nikki, 4 votes left, next vote

Nikki...4 votes Nikki, 3 votes Totolax, 3 votes left

Totolax...4 votes Nikki, 4 votes Totolax, 2 votes left

Totolax...5 votes Totolax, 4 votes Nikki, 1 vote left

Tenth person voted out of Survivor: Argentina...Totolax. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Totolax gets up, grabs his torch, and walk to Jeff.
Jeff, "Totolax, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Totolax walks out of tribal and into the night.

From your looks this was definitely a blindside and more are to come I'm sure. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #9:
(Buenos Iris)
Totolax (6 votes)
Audi, Kristie, Nikki, Sara, Tree, Zaya
Nikki (4 votes)
Jay, Scott, T.P.,Totolax

Voting Confessional

You could become a big threat down the road because people like you.


I hope this is the right call. Been great playing with you.


We decided to take you out while you haven't got immunity but it could go to rocks.


Final Words

Well, I honestly can't figure out if it was Scott or Jay. I wish my alliance good luck and I hope one of you wins. Thing are getting interesting.


Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica hOUT
Jessica H.

Next Time on Survivor...

The men now in the minority, try to find a way into the majority.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Sara on Totolax misspelling Buenos Aires as Buenos Iris.