"Make Them Misplay"
Season Survivor: Brazil
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 3/15
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Brazil


Reward Challenge: Bocce In A Box
Three castaways from each tribe would play a game similar to bocce. A flag would be placed in the center of a circle. The castaways would take turns tossing three balls each at the flag. The tribe who throws a ball closest to the flag would win.
Reward:3 Chickens
Winner: Juventude

Immunity Challenge: Knots
Each tribe would race across a field to retrieve a crate and bring it back to their mat. Once back the tribe must open up the crate containing a metal ring tied inside of a huge knot. The first tribe to get the ring out of the knot would win.
Winner: Juventude

Previously On Survivor

A day time get together between Cody, Suz, Ruth and D-Lamm led to many things. An alliance being formed, the reason behind Suz' grumpiness and Cody's age. With Jefember a definite next target on Juventude, talk started even more about who would be after Jefember. At Sabedoria, Leo pleaded to be an important part of the immunity challenge. He would get his wish when Cody and Ruth would step back during the last part of the challenge leaving him alone and out of luck as Juventude walked away victorious. At tribal, Leo tried to save himself but was unable to swing the votes resulting in his vote out 9-1.


Night 5

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

Now that we have been to tribal a lot more is known. Cody is someone to look out for in terms of being a threat.


Quote1Well gang. I for one don't want to go back to tribal.Quote2- Cody
Quote1We are bound to go back eventually.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Well let it be a long time.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Quote2- Karen
Quote1Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Fine. I'll say it.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Say what?Quote2- Cody
Quote1About what Leo said.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Forget about it.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Did you and Ruth step back and not help him out?Quote2- Devin
Quote1What does it matter?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Because we might not have lost.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I for one am going to go lay down.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Did you and Ruth step back and not help?Quote2- Karen
Quote1I don't have to answer to you.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So you admit it. You two stepped back.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1If I say yes will you drop it?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Then we did. Happy now.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I can't believe this.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Let's argue about this tomorrow.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Night everyone.Quote2- Karen
Karen is really making me mad. I did what we agreed and let him take the big roll. She is setting herself up now.


I can't believe Cody would seriously do that. I wish we could just turn right back around and get rid of him today.


Day 6


Andrew is sitting in the shelter while Jordan and Emilie are talking. Jefember is in the woods and the rest on the beach.

Quote1I'm excited for the next challenge.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1I am too.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1The only thing I'm worried about is what happens after Jefember goes.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1I hope it can be Yul.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1He talks too much.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1And he is so loud.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1I know. I wish we could get Yul out before Jefember.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Now that's a plan.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Do you think we could pull it off?Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Yeah. Let's go talk to Jefember about this.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Emilie

Jordan and Emilie head off into the woods.

So I'm just sitting there listening to Emilie and Jordan, they start making plans. The goal in this game is to plant seeds in their heads. A plan here, a plan there. Also, try to make them misplay their hand so they leave before their time. Emilie and Jordan might be doing that.


Yul and Brownie arrive from the beach.

Quote1We have a couple more targets ready.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Emilie and Jordan are wanting to take out Yul before Jefember.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Seriously?Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Did they ask you if you wanted to join them in it?Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Nope. We shouldn't act on it now. For all we know, they could be thinking of a bigger plan.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1True. Let's keep this to ourselves for now.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Deal.Quote2- Brownie
I trust Andrew and thanks to him being in the right spot I have my next targets after Jefember.



Cody, Karen, Kelly, Ruth, and JJ are hanging around the shelter. D-Lamm and Suz are in the woods. Kyle and Devin are down on the beach.

Quote1Now, tell us why you two decided to basically throw the challenge?Quote2- Karen
Quote1We didn't throw the challenge.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You kinda did.Quote2- Karen
Quote1We all know that we could have won that had you helped.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1We did what we thought was right.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Karen, Kelly, calm down. It was a risk.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Exactly. One challenge isn't going to make a difference.Quote2- Cody
Quote1It makes plenty of difference.Quote2- Karen
Quote1We need to work together. That means no throwing challenges for any reason.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1You're not the boss.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Okay, we need some kinda of leader over here.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I say it should be the oldest.Quote2- JJ
Quote1I'm good with that.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Ages now. I'm 50.Quote2- Karen
Quote158. I beat you.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Cody, I've got you by two years.Quote2- Ruth
Quote161. I think I win.Quote2- D-Lamm

D-Lamm and Suz walk out of the woods.

Quote1Any one over me?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Not me.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Or me.Quote2- Devin

Kyle and Devin walk up from the beach.

Quote1Well then. I am our leader for now. We need to work together on things. Let the past be what it is. It is the past.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Now that this is settled. Suz, can you read what we found?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Suz
Pick three people from your tribe and meet at the following location.

–Suz (reading the note)

Quote1Alright. Cody, Ruth, Karen, you three can go.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Let's go.Quote2- Karen

Reward Challenge

Cody, Ruth, Karen, Andrew, Brownie, and Jordan arrive in a field location.

Welcome to today's challenge. For today's challenge, you will receive three balls each. You will take turns tossing those balls at the flag in the middle of the circle. At the end, the tribe with a ball closest to the flag wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Everyone, "Yes."

The winning tribe will receive three chickens. We will draw for the order and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone has their balls and the order been decided.
Jeff, "Let's begin. Ruth, you're up first."
Ruth walks up and throws her balls one after another with her closest being 12 inches away.
Jeff, "Ruth sets the bar at 12 inches away. Jordan, your turn."
Jordan walks up and throws her balls one after another with her closest being 31 inches away.
Jeff, "Ruth is still in the lead. Karen, your turn."
Karen walks up and throws her balls one after another with her closest being 29 inches away.
Jeff, "29 inches. Ruth is still in the lead. Brownie, your turn."
Brownie walks up and throws his balls one after another with his closest being 10 inches away.
Jeff, "Brownie takes the lead. Cody, you're up."
Cody walks up and throws his balls one after another with his closest being 13 inches away.
Jeff, "No good. Andrew, your turn."
Andrew walks up and throws his balls one after another with the closest being 11 inches away.

At the end of this, Brownie is closest. Juventude wins reward.

–Jeff Probst

After the six are back on the mats.

Juventude, come and get it. Sabedoria, I have nothing for you.

–Jeff Probst

Andrew and Brownie walk up and grab the chickens then everyone heads back to camp.


The tribe arrives back at camp following their win.

Quote1We got chickens.Quote2- Bronwie
Quote1Sweet.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1When will we start getting eggs?Quote2- Emilie
Quote1It will take time.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Maybe I will still be here when they start laying.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Or maybe you will be gone.Quote2- Yul
Quote1It won't take too long. Remember last time they started getting some really soon after getting them.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Of course we remember seeing that.Quote2- Yul
Quote1When we get eggs we will be able to slow up on the rice and beans.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I can go back to the area I found the bananas.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1That would be good. Let's go.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Goliath

Andrew and Goliath head off into the woods.

Quote1Jefember, can i talk with you alone on the beach for a while?Quote2- Jordan
Quote1No. I don't want to go down there. Maybe another time.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Jordan
I don't understand Jefember at all. The least he could do is suggest another place for us to talk. If I'm trying to save him then I need to talk to him.


Sabedoria Night

Suz, Cody, D-Lamm, Ruth, and JJ are hanging outside the shelter.

Quote1Why do we keep losing?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1That challenge wasn't one to be too worried about.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I agree. Karen, is making me mad though.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I hate her.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I think she went too far. You too did what you thought was best.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Exactly. Had he won the challenge, he would have looked like a hero.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I wouldn't change doing it if I was allowed to.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Okay, we need to figure out what we are doing.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I say throw the challenge and get rid her.Quote2- JJ
Quote1What do you think Cody.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I can't stand her. If we can get away with it then fine.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'm good with it.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Then it is settled.Quote2- D-Lamm
Karen is going to regret ever making me mad.


Day 7


Jordan, Emilie and Goliath are hanging around the shelter.

Quote1Hey Goliath.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1What's up?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1We are gathering a group to take out Yul before Jefember.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Really?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Yeah. If we can get you and one other person. We can tell Jefember and then turn the tides on Yul.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Do you think we could pull it off?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1We can totally pull this off.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Then it can be quieter around here.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1I know.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Who should we talk to about this?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I can talk with Brownie.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1That would be good.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Yeah. If you can get Brownie then we just have to inform Jefember.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Let's go.Quote2- Jordan

Jordan and Emilie head off.

Jordan and Emilie are going after one of my allies. They also plan on talking with another about it. They are setting themselves up for an elimination.



Kelly, Karen, Devin and Kyle are hanging around the beach.

Quote1Cody better not try anything like what he did again.Quote2- Karen
Quote1If he does we can just call him out on it.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1But will people listen?Quote2- Devin
Quote1I think they will if he does it for a second time.Quote2- Karen
Quote1The first time is fine but if it continues it's a problem.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Good point. If he does it again we can just say he will always do that.Quote2- Devin
Quote1Exactly. Kyle, what are you thinking.Quote2- Karen
Quote1It doesn't matter to me.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1What do you mean it doesn't matter?Quote2- Devin
Quote1It just doesn't matter to me.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1How do you not have an opinion on this?Quote2- Karen
Quote1I just don't.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1That's weird. You should always have some kind of opinion.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Well I'm sorry I don't have one.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Karen it's fine.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Devin
Quote1Kyle, just make sure you vote Cody if we lose.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Kyle
Kyle is just off right now. He has no care what so ever about what is happening. He is simply just here.


I usually have an opinion on things. I'm just a little tired and don't function well while tired.


Juventude Night

Everyone is sleeping in the shelter except for Yul who went walking in the woods who has just come back.

Quote1EVERYBODY WAKE THE F*** UP.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Quit being so loud.Quote2- Jefmeber

Jefember and the rest of the tribe wake up and get out of the shelter.

Quote1Seriously Yul?Quote2- Jordan
Quote1We need to sleep.Quote2- Callie
Quote1I know. Rest up for the next challenge.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I need my sleep.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1We al need our sleep.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Fine. Go to sleep. Then you might miss something important.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yul, tell us why you woke us up.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I would be glad to.Quote2- Yul
The game is always moving forward and you may not ever get any sleep. Tonight you will play for safety so that you may sleep another day.

–Yul (reading the note)

Quote1A challenge now.Quote2- Callie
Quote1That's right.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm dead.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Looks like we get no rest for the challenge.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Jordan
I wanted to sleep not have a challenge. At least when we do sleep we know we will be safe.


Immunity Challenge

The tribes arrive at a field location.

Juventude, getting your first look at the new Sabedoria tribe. Leo voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

Welcome to tonight's immunity challenge. Yul, I will take it back.

–Jeff Probst

Yul walks up, hands Jeff the idol and walks back.

Immunity is back up for grabs. For tonight's challenge, you will race across this field to the crates on the other side. When you get to the crates, you must then move the crates back to the mat. After you bring your crate back you will open it and take out the tied up rope with a ring in it. The first tribe to get the ring out of the knots wins immunity. Loser, tribal council tomorrow where somebody will be voted out of this game. I'll give you a minute to strategize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

The tribes gather in there groups and discuss who to go about the challenge. After everyone is back on the mats.

On my go you may begin running towards your crates. You can not bring back your crate or open it before everyone on your tribe is at the crate. Survivors ready...GO.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone begins running towards the crates. Karen and Jefember starts falling behind. Soon after Kyle starts falling beind as well.
Jeff, "Karen, Kyle, and Jefember are falling back. No tribe will be able to carry their crate back until they get there."
Yul, "Jefember, hurry up."
Yul, Andrew, Brownie, Callie, and Goliath reach the crate. They are followed by Cody, Suz, JJ, Kelly, and Ruth. Jordan and Courtney reach the crate soon after.
Jeff, "Juventude is waiting on Jefember and Emilie. Sabedoria is waiting on D-Lamm, Karen and Kyle."
Yul, "Hurry up Jefember."
Emilie and D-Lamm reach the crates. Jefember reaches the crate soon after.
Jeff, "Juventude can head back now. Kyle and Karen need to reach their crate."
Yul and Goliath pick up and carry their crate. Everyone else from Juventude runs ahead of them. Kyle reaches the crate.
Kelly "Karen, come on."
Jeff, "Sabedoria only needs Karen."
Andrew, Brownie, Callie and Jefmeber reach the mat with Brownie dropping Jefember onto the mat.
Jefember, "Ouch."
Brownie, "Sorry. We couldn't wait on you again."
Karen reaches the crate.
Jeff, "Sabedoria can start heading back now."
Cody and Ruth carry the crate back. Emilie, Courtney, and Jordan reach the mat. Yul and Goliath reach the mat with the crate soon after.
Jeff, "Juventude can open their crate and begin trying to get the ring."
Andrew opens the crate and empties it. Yul, Brownie and Andrew begin untying the knots. Jefember is laying down sleeping. D-Lamm, JJ and Kelly reach the mats. Kyle is on the ground sleeping.
Jeff "Juventude is making good progress. Sabedoria needs to pick it up."
Cody and Ruth reach the mat with the crate. Andrew, Brownie and Yul continue untying knots. Kelly and Devin reach the mat soon after.
Cody "Karen hurry."
Jeff, "Juventude is getting close."
Yul grabs a hold of the ring and Andrew unties the last of the knots allowing Yul to pull the ring out.

Juventude wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After Kyle and Jefember are woken up and everyone is back on the mats.

Juventude come and get it. As for Sabedoria, tribal tomorrow where somebody will be voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Day 8


Goliath, Andrew, Yul, Callie, and Brownie are hanging around the shelter.

Quote1Yesterday Jordan and Emilie were talking to me about blindsiding Yul.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I overheard them talking about that a couple days ago.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1They aren't joking now.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Looks like they have chosen their fate.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I think we will just keep winning.Quote2- Callie
Quote1That would be awesome.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1But I want to vote out Jefember.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We can do that when we lose.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1We should enjoy the wins because that's numbers for us.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Callie
Quote1I'm sure we might be able to afford one loss.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Brownie even carried Jefember to the mat so we didn't have to wait on him.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I didn't want him to end up like Kyle did.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1He probably would have.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I think he would have.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We can either keep winning or find a way to get rid of Jefember.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I say keep winning.Quote2- Callie
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Okay. We can keep winning and take out Jefember when we actually lose.Quote2- Yul
Jefember is getting more and more useless as the days go on but we can't really throw a challenge in order to get rid of him so he will just have to stay.



Everyone is hanging around outside the shelter. Nobody is talking. Simply eating the rice Suz had just made.

It's really awkward right now. Nobody is even scrambling for votes. we are all just sitting and eating.


Quote1So, it sucks we lost.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1We should have won that.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Like you can talk. We were waiting on you and Kyle.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Some one could have carried Kyle like they did with Jefember.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Guys, We lost. Let's move on.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I'm going down to the beach.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I'll join you.Quote2- Kelly

Karen and Kelly head down to the beach.

Quote1We should have carried Kyle when he fell asleep.Quote2- Devin
Quote1I didn't fall asleep.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Say what?Quote2- Devin
Quote1I didn't fall asleep during the challenge.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Care to explain.Quote2- Devin
Quote1No. It's done and over.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Really?Quote2- Devin
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1I'm gonna go to the beach.Quote2- Devin

Devin heads down to the beach.

Quote1You did good Kyle.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Kyle

Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal council placing their torches behind them before taking a seat.

Welcome to tribal council. Cody, what happened at yesterday's challenge?

–Jeff Probst

Quote1We were all caught off guard by the night challenge.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Most of us were tired.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Kyle, you fell asleep during the challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No I didn't.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1So what were you doing on the ground?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Relaxing. Cody said I could relax on our way back to the mats so I did.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1HE SAID WHAT?Quote2- Karen
Quote1I could relax.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1That sounds awfully familiar.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1What are you implying?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1You and Cody threw the challenge to get rid of Leo and now you had Kyle basically throw the challenge.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I only told him to relax.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Cody shouldn't be held accountable for Kyle laying down to relax. You weren't at the mat when we lost either. What's your excuse?Quote2- JJ
Quote1I tried my hardest but I just couldn't run very fast while tired.Quote2- Karen
Quote1This is the second time we have lost a challenge because of Cody.Quote2- Devin
Quote1I don't believe it was Cody's fault.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1D-Lamm, whose fault was it?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I think it was Karen's.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1How was it my fault?Quote2- Karen
Quote1Your slow butt wasn't on the mat so that we could continue.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Had Kyle not laid down we still would have lost because of you.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I can't believe this.Quote2- Karen
Quote1What that you are more of a liability?Quote2- Cody
Quote1We lost because you.Quote2- Suz
Quote1So you guys are going to vote her out and let Cody continue to throw challenges.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1I'm not throwing challenges.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Karen
With that it is time to vote. JJ, you're up first.

–Jeff Probst

JJ walks to the urn, places his vote and walks back. He is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Devin.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks to the urn, grabs it and walks back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Cody


Karen...2 votes Cody, 1 vote Karen

Cody...3 votes Cody, 1 vote Karen

Karen...3 votes Cody, 2 votes Karen

Karen...3 votes Cody, 3 votes Karen, 3 votes left

Karen...4 votes Karen, 3 votes Cody, 2 votes left

Third person voted out of Survivor: Brazil...Karen. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Karen gets up, grabs her torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "Karen, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Karen walks out of tribal and into the night."

Once again a weak player is taken out. Could this be the turning point for the tribe or will you see me more and more because of what was trying to be said. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #3:
Karen W
Karen (6 votes)
Cody ED-lammJj
Kyle RRuthSuz
Cody, D-Lamm, JJ, Kyle, Ruth, Suz
Cody E
Cody (3 votes)
DevinKaren WKelly K
Devin, Karen, Kelly
Karen Wildman

Voting Confessionals

You are weak and I hate you.


We are losing because of you.


So I'm told you are going home so bye.


Final Words

It makes me mad that they voted me out when clearly Cody will continue to cost them the challenges. They nee to realize that or they will just be joining me.


Still in the Running

Andrew N
Callie R
Courtney K
Cody E
Kelly K
Kyle R

Next Time on Survivor...

A contestant is pushed to his limits causing him to leave the game.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Andrew on what you do in Survivor after overhearing Jordan and Emilie.