Mark Heiden
Mark Heiden
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 02/05/1974 (38)
Hometown New York City, New York
Occupation Author

Survivor: Dominican Republic

Tribes Yuna
Placement 11/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 18

Mark Heiden is a contestant from Survivor: Dominican Republic.


Name: Mark Heiden

Mark considers himself to be a nomad. He has lived in eight different countries since he graduated from Boston College. Throughout his adult life Mark has had many different jobs which range from Personal Trainer to farmer. He currently works out of his home as an Author and he has written three motivational books thus far.

Mark is a very laid back guy who hardly ever gets angry at others. He always tries to find the peaceful solution to any argument.

Mark lives in New York City, New York with his wife of six years April. He and his wife have two children a son named Riley and a daughter named Carly.

Mark’s main reason for wanting to be on Survivor:

My reason for wanting to go on Survivor is simple; I want to get out of the city. I have lived in NYC for the past five years and while I love the city, I am much more of a nature child at heart. So I am going on Survivor so that I can be out in the wilds of nature again.


Survivor: Dominican Republic

Voting History

Mark's Voting History
Episode Mark's
Voted Against




3 Yuna Tribe Immune


5 Yuna Tribe Immune


Esther, Damion
Jill, Rodney
Voted Off, Day 18




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