Mary-Jean Pettie
Mary-Jean Pettie
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 1, 1958 (1958-04-01) (age 60)
Hometown Richmond, VA
Occupation French Teacher

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Alazani
Placement 17/20
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 12

Mary-Jean Pettie was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Being the oldest women in the game at 54 years old, French Teacher from Richmond, Virginia, Jean-Mary Pettie hopes on this not getting in the way. Despite her age, she is quite athletic as she runs marathons and triathlons every now and then. As a grandma, Jean-Mary plans on being the motherly figure on the tribe in which everyone can go to and hope to use this as an advantage.

Survivor: Caucasus

Being placed on the Alazani tribe, Mary-Jean and her tribemates enjoyed moderate success as Sebastian Hibbard stepped up as leader and directed the tribe accordingly. Mary-Jean would become quick friends with Sebastian and Stan Bailey, the other eldest members of the tribe. After losing the first challenge, Mary-Jean would believe Stan's statements about Van Stevenson, however, he would later become the first person voted out of the game.

Although she still suspected Van, her tribe would later win the next two Immunity Challenges, keeping her safe from the vote.

I don't believe a word that comes out of that pretty boy's mouth. I'll be watching him.


On Day 7, she joined an alliance with younger tribe members Derek Phu, Amy Corazon, and Daniel Marvin. They decided to add tribe leader Sebastian as their fifth member, but after offering him a spot, he gave an unsure answer.

After her tribe wound up losing the next Immunity Challenge, her alliance targetted Lauren Faas as she was considered the laziest around camp, however, the other alliance targetted her due to her weak performance in the challenge and the fact that tribe leader Sebastian would do what's best for the tribe, which would be voting out his close friend. Minutes before Tribal Council, Mary-Jean offered Sebastian some advice, telling him to think with his heart, however, it would work against her as Sebastian would join the other alliance in voting her out.

Voting History

Mary-Jean's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Van -
2 Alazani Tribe Immune
3 Alazani Tribe Immune
4 Lauren Van, Phoebe, Samantha
Sebastian, Lauren
Voted Off, Day 12


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  • Mary-Jean was the oldest female in Survivor: Caucasus.
  • Mary-Jean is of French descent.
  • Mary-Jean's Luxury Item were Mittens.
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