"Merge Time!"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 7/13
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

Sabah was split between women and men. Olive and Victoria considered voting out Peter for being a threat after the merge. At Sarawak, the tribe enjoyed their first chicken. Ryan and Charlie made a final two deal, plotting to use the other to benefit themselves. Benny continued to pretend to be in Violet's pact for strategy. In the reward challenge, Sarawak won when Victoria lost for Sabah. Later, Sarawak ate their second chicken. Charlie decided to make the shelter bigger in preparation for the merge. After Sarawak won Immunity, Peter formed a men's pact with Bob, and it became guys versus girls. At Tribal Council, the votes became deadlocked between Olive and Peter. This caused previous votes to count. Due to this, Olive, with one vote against her, was eliminated. Ten are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: Snake Island Relay
Contestants must hold their breath underwater longer than the others. The top three have to release ten buoys underwater. First to release all ten wins individual Immunity.
Winner: Bob


Day 19

At Sabah, Bob and Peter congratulated themselves on destroying Victoria's pact. Victoria was saddened by the fact that she was the only female.

Now I'm the only woman left on Sabah. Maybe the merge will save me.


Bob gathered Peter and Victoria and told them that this is no longer a guys versus girls game. The three of them agreed to try their best and survive the merge, and hopefully make up the final three.

Maybe if we're strategic enough, Sarawak won't vote us out one by one.


I'm convinced that Bob's plan won't work. It's worth a shot, though.


At Sarawak, Benny and Walter prepared the camp for the merger, which they believed to be the next day. Walter then killed the final chicken and the tribe ate it, so they wouldn't have to share with Sabah.

Killing the last chicken before merging made me feel greedy, but we gotta do whatever it takes to survive out here.


I'm pretty sure that Sabah won't last long after the merge. Poor guys. Good thing I was put on Sarawak!


Jane, Ryan and Charlie made plans for after the merge, to take out the Sabah members, Violet, Vanessa then their own alliance members and they'll make up the final three.

We have a plan that will take us all the way to the end. If the boys stay loyal, there is no way it can go wrong!


Victoria representing Sabah, and Walter representing Sarawak, go to meet Probst. The two are sent to the other tribe's camps to check them out. Victoria loves Sarawak and befriends everyone there, while Walter can't stand Sabah. Victoria and Walter met with Probst shortly afterwards. He told them to choose a new tribe name for the green merged tribe while having an overnight feast.

Victoria and Walter have a good time during the feast and they try to come up with a good tribe name. They decide to combine the tribe names and name their new tribe "Sarabah".

Merge time! I can't wait to make new friends! It's exciting!


Reaching this part of the game is really great. Now it's time for a whole new challenge.


Day 20

Victoria and Walter arrived at Sabah and told Bob and Peter to get their belongings to move to Sarawak. Bob and Peter were excited to be switching to a much better tribe. The four of them headed over to Sarawak to merge.

Upon arriving, Charlie ran over and greeted Sabah. He showed them around camp and introduced them to everyone.

Today was amazing. We now have three new tribemates. There's Victoria, she's a sweet and friendly girl. There's Peter, who is not very talkative. And there's Bob, who I can't really describe.


Peter enjoyed meeting everyone who were once their enemies. While Bob enjoyed being in a much better camp. It came to Ryan's attention that Victoria was the only woman left from Sabah. So after Sabah settled, Ryan decided to gain Victoria's trust. He offered Victoria a place in the finals. Victoria began thinking that Ryan would be the perfect way to get her and her Sabah members far. So she accepted and formed a bond with Ryan. In a confessional, Ryan revealed that his plan was to form a friendship with the one who seemed in need of help, so she wouldn't vote against him.

Obviously Victoria was an outcast on her tribe. She's the only woman! She'll be perfect for my plan.


Benny told Peter stories of Sarawak and how everything is going between everyone. Benny warned Peter that no matter what happens, not to align with Violet or Vanessa.

Day 21

Bob, Victoria and Peter loved their first night in a good shelter.

At the Immunity challenge, Probst congratulated the ten on surviving for this long. He then said that challenges would now be for individual Immunity. In the challenge, Bob, Charlie and Violet moved on to the second part. In the second part, Charlie fell behind. Due to Bob and Violet being too far ahead, he gave up. And Bob succeeded in winning Immunity.

Returning to Sarabah, Victoria went to Ryan and asked if she was safe. Ryan then told her that he would protect her. Ryan began to fear that because he wasn't actually planning on protecting Victoria, if she reached the jury portion and he reached the finals, she wouldn't vote for him, because she'd be angry at him for betraying her.

It's time to be evil. I sat silent for a while, now I gotta step up my gameplay.


Ryan went to Jane, Walter, Charlie and Benny and told them that he got Victoria to reveal to him that she was calling the shots back in Sabah(which was a lie that Ryan made up). Due to this, Jane considered getting rid of Victoria. Peter went to Benny and asked him who to vote off. Benny told him to vote Violet off, hoping to not let him know that they would be voting off a Sabah. Peter then told Bob and Victoria to vote off Violet.

At Tribal Council, the three former Sabah members voted Violet, but Violet and Vanessa sided with Jane and Ryan's alliance. So Victoria became the first merge casualty in a 7-3 vote. Probst then told the remaining nine that seven of them will make up the jury, two will reach the finals and one will be the sole SURVIVOR. Sarabah then returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Luke (7)
Victoria (7 votes)
Luke (8)Luke (9)Luke (11)Luke(-1)
Luke (12)Luke (13)Luke (14)
Benny, Charlie, Jane, Ryan, Vanessa, Violet & Walter

Luke (13)
Violet (3 votes)

Luke (2)Luke (6)Luke (7)
Bob, Peter & Victoria

Victoria Samson

Voting Confessionals

I think this is how everyone else is voting tonight.


Maybe now you won't be so trusting of people you don't know.


If I want to stay in this game, you're the safest vote.


There's only room for one strategist on this island. You'll have to leave.


Final Words

I'm in shock. I honestly thought Ryan and I had a true friendship. And I can't get him back because I'm not going to the jury. Oh well. I had a great time out here and I made it to final ten. Good luck to Bob and Peter.


Still in the Running

Luke (2)
Luke (6)
Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (11)
Luke (12)
Luke (13)
Luke (14)

Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Victoria after merging.
  • With Victoria's elimination, all women of Sabah have been voted out.