Mint Choco-Chip
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 8, 1986 (1986-09-08) (age 31)
Hometown Hartland, VT
Occupation Ice Cream Shop Owner

Survivor: Black Islands

Tribes Rhyvella
Placement 9/16
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 15

Mint Choco-Chip was a contestant in Survivor: Black Islands.


Mint is a people person. She loves kids, she dreams of one day having a big family. She hopes to gain some friends and a million dollars from this experience.

Survivor: Black Islands

Mint stepped on some toes early in the game. Her downfall began by voting out Alex Greenwall on Day 5. Alex was Neonina Colorful's closest ally. Neonina planned revenge!

On Day 7, after Rhyvella lost immunity again, Mint's closest friend Jack Dyllan told her to vote for Malik. She was going to until Neonina told her that Jack was going to vote for Kaplan Booth, Mint listened to Neonina and Jack was eliminated 3-2-1. Mint then realized Neonina was lying.

So Mint one upped Neonina and voted out Malik McFool on Day 10, leaving Neonina without a friend again.

Neonina was able to save herself on Day 14 when the first individual immunity was offered. Neonina won. She gloated her win back at camp to Mint. Mint got very angry and slapped Neonina. At tribal council she voted for Neonina out of spite, even though her vote did not count. She was eliminated.

Voting History

Mint's Voting History
Episode Mint's
Voted Against
1 Cindy -
2 Alex -
3 Rhyvella Tribe Immune
4 Kaplan -
5 Malik -
6 Rhyvella Tribe Immune
7 Neonina Kaplan, Neonina,
Voted Off, Day 15
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Mint married Season 1 alum Scoop Cone in February 2011. Later they opened their own Ice Cream Shop business.


  • Crowned Miss Black Islands.