"Miss Attitude"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 6/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Rivalité
Next Public Enemies Number One and Two
Miss Attitude is the sixth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

Returning from tribal council, the three remaining Marau all agreed they were in a bad position, but everyone had different thoughts on going forward. Yvette, who has been demoralized from the constant losses, wanted her tribe to win at least a reward, to bring some morality back to Marau. Colin knew that it'd be him or Yvette would be leaving if Marau was sent to tribal council, and wanted to win immunity more than anything. Melissa was in the same boat as Colin about immunity, but knew no one would vote her off because of her strength in challenges.

At the reward challenge, all three tribes were told Kalou would be competing for immunity within the next couple of days, increasing competition for immunity. The result of the reward challenge ended with Kalou and Totolo dominating over Marau again. After the reward challenge two important events occurred. Shaniqua shared with Ashleigh that she found Kalou's hidden immunity idol and Yvette became depressed and on the verge of quitting the game.

At the immunity challenge, Marau and Totolo had to work together to defeat the Kalou tribe, but regardless of who lost, two people would be voted out. Kalou won after Samantha's controlling personality cost them the challenge. At tribal council, Yvette broke down to the point where only Bridget could understand her and Melissa pointing out how they lost, blaming it on Samantha. In the end, Yvette was voted out 2-1 and Bridget was ousted 3-2. Twelve remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Concentration
Players are match 30 sandwich boards showing words, numbers, and pictures, four boards have no match, and tribes playing to seven (out of 13 possible matches).
Reward: 20 pounds of beans and corn
Winner: Marau

Immunity Challenge: Water Slaughter
Two members from each tribe would battle for a life ring. The tribe that gets one of their members to have a hand on the ring and one on their scoring pole scores a point. The first tribe that scores three wins immunity.
Winner: Totolo


Night 15

Returning from tribal council, the Marau tribe greets their new tribe members. They show them to the shelter and because of how late it was, the tribe decides to officially greet each other tomorrow.

Having Danny, Shaniqua, Ashleigh, and Xane on our tribe is great we need them to be on par with Totolo. Hopefully if we do lose, me and Mel aren't voted out.


Melissa and Colin were extremely nice to us coming back from tribal council, which I find odd, as they've lost nearly every challenge. with that in mind, hopefully they'll join me and Xane in voting out the Miss Attitude alliance.


Meanwhile, at Totolo, Kenni, Alec and Hilbert greet their new tribemates kindly, but Samantha is rather cold to them.

I do not like Frank and Rebeckah waltzing into our tribe. I've worked hard to get myself in control of this tribe. They'd better watch their step, otherwise. *pulls her finger across her neck*


Both tribes get some sleep for the reward challenge tomorrow.

Day 16

The next day at the Marau camp, Melissa and Colin gather their new tribemates near the firepit.

Quote1Hello, I'm Melissa and this is Colin. We simply just want to get to know the four of you a little better.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1The name's Shaniqua, yous lookin' at the baddest bitch of Detroit. You mess with me and yous dead meat. But since neither of you have pissed me off, you're okay with me. Now I'll let my home gurl take over.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Thanks Shaniqua, I'm Ashleigh. I'm a cosmetologist initially from Oklahoma, but moved to LA to pursue my career. Unfortunately, my career hasn't been so successful. I used to work at a high-end salon before being fired for a complaint by a client, but I'm working in a local salon. I came out here to get my daughter into college soon.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Aww, that's real noble of you.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Hello, I'm Xane. I'm a pro skateboarder. Don't be fooled by my calm energy, I am a fighting machine. I know how to work and play hard.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Well, I'm Danny, but you can call me Dani as well. I don't mind being called he or she, as long as you don't call me a he-she or an it. I'm looking forward to work with you really nice people.Quote2- Danny

They group continues to talk for a few hours after the intial meet and greet.

Melissa and Colin are extremely nice people. I find it sad they've lost nearly every immunity challenge. This is a game though, and I need to talk to Melissa and Colin before Shaniqua and Ashleigh can hook them into their alliance.


So far it seems that Xane will be the main muscle along me. Danny and Ashleigh both have good heads on their shoulders, but Shaniqua. Ugh, after listening to her I think I lost 10 IQ points. My hopes is that they don't end up voting me and Colin out with their numbers.


Meanwhile, at the Totolo camp, Rebeckah and Frank are given a quick tour of the camp by Alec and Hilbert. Samantha supervises them, keeping a close eye on Frank and Rebeckah. The tour ends within 45 minutes. Kenni immediately begins to talk with Frank and Rebeckah.

Quote1Hello, Frank and Rebeckah, correct?Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Yes, Kenni, right?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1I need to talk to you two about teaming up to get rid of Samantha.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Why Samantha?Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Because for the entirety of the game, she's been ruling our tribe with an iron fist. She's also been blackmailing Hilbert and Alec, because neither want to flip against her.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Blackmail?! What a ball-busting bitch! She deserves to have her ass handed to her! You have my vote for that (bleep).Quote2- Frank
Quote1But, we'd need an idol. Neither me or Frank found it so we'd need To-Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Totolo's idol is gone. Liam was voted out with it on Day 9. I know the risks, but she needs to go.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Alright then.Quote2- Rebeckah

I'd never peg Samantha as someone with an iron fist. Actually scratch that, she was definitely overlooking the tour. Geez, that is creepy. Hopefully, I never see her explode. That would be horrendous.


Later, the two tribes are summoned to the challenge area for their next reward challenge. After both tribes arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1For today's challenge, you'll match 30 sandwich boards showing words, numbers, and pictures. Be warned four boards have no match. First tribe to reach seven wins reward. You guys want to know what you're playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Castaways
Quote1Winning tribe will receive twenty pounds of beans and rice. Let's get started.Quote2- Jeff

The first two out are Alec for Totolo and Xane for Marau. Alec and Xane flip one of the sandwich boards. Alec flips a blank board, eliminating Totolo from this round. Xane flips a sandwich board, showing an image of a snake. Xane chooses another sandwich board. Underneath is an image of a snake, earning Marau a point.

The next two out are Hilbert for Totolo and Ashleigh for Marau. Hilbert and Ashleigh choose one of the boards to flip. Hilbert has a 5 and Ashleigh has the word "fern". Both choose another board. Hilbert's second board is a 6, resulting in no points for Totolo. Ashleigh flips her board, revealing a blank. The score still stands Marau - 1, Totolo - 0.

Samantha and Shaniqua are next. Samantha and Shaniqua both flip a board. Samantha finds the match to Ashleigh needed to find in the previous round. Shaniqua flips a board revealing an image of a jaugar. Samantha immediately finds the match for "fern". Shaniqua is able to find the match for the image of the jaguar. The score stands Marau - 2, Totolo - 1.

Kenni and Danny are sent out for the fourth round. Both flip a board. Danny reveals a 3, while Kenni has the word "beach". Both find another board and flip them. Danny reveals a 4. Kenni reveals the word "ocean". The score still stands Marau - 2, Totolo - 1.

For the fifth round, Frank and Colin are sent out. Frank and Colin flip a board. Frank reveals a 0. Colin reveals the word "ocean". Colin's board also happens to be the match Kenni found. They choose another board. Frank reveals an image of a banana. Colin reveals the match for "ocean". The score stands Marau - 3, Totolo - 1.

For the sixth round, Rebeckah and Melissa are sent out. Both choose a board and flip it. Melissa finds a 0, which is the same as Frank's. Rebeckah has a 4, the same one as Danny found. Both women choose another board. The women are lucky and find the matches they need. The score stands Marau - 4, Totolo - 2.

Samantha and Xane are sent back out for the seventh round. Both choose a board and flip it. Xane reveals an image of a banana, which happens to be the match pair of the banana Frank found earlier. Samantha reveals the third blank board, eliminating Totolo from this round. Xane has no problem finding finding the pair. The score stands Marau - 5, Totolo - 2.

Alec and Melissa are sent back out for the eighth round. Both castaways choose a board and flip it. Alec reveals the word "sunset". Melissa has the number 3, which is the matching pair Danny needed earlier. Both choose another board and flip it. Alec reveals an image of a palm tree. Melissa finds the other 3 quickly. The score stands Marau - 6, Totolo - 2.

For the ninth round, Hilbert and Ashleigh are sent out again. Both choose a board and flip it over. Hilbert reveals the final blank board, eliminating Totolo from the round. Ashleigh finds an image of a plam tree, the same one Alec found. She chooses another board. Ashleigh is lucky, as she finds the second image. The score stands Marau - 7, Totolo - 2.

Quote1Marau wins reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Melissa and Colin
Quote1Marau, come claim your reward. Totolo I have nothing for you. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

We've finally won a reward, and it took 16 days for our tribe to do so. I feel so ecstatic. Yvette was right, winning a reward does boost morale. I'm sorry Yvette, for no believing in you.


Back at the Marau camp, Xane and Colin are preparing some of the rice and beans. Ashleigh and Shaniqua are relaxing on the beach, close to camp. Melissa is spearing fish, far away from the camp, when Danny comes up to Melissa.

Quote1I see you're good with a spear.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Shh, be quiet Dani, you'll scare the fish. And yes I am. I lived in the Louisiana bayou for 40 years.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Wow, 40, you look 30.Quote2- Dani
Quote1Cut the chit-chat the only reason you came here was to talk strategy. Talk to me tomorrow at noon where we receive tree mail.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Okay then. Bring Colin with you, me and Xane need to talk to the two of you.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Alright, now get going.Quote2- Melissa

Day 17

The next day, Danny, Xane, Colin, and Melissa meet at noon where they receive tree mail.

Quote1Me and Danny just want to say that you guys aren't our target.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Oh thank God.Quote2- Colin
Quote1They who's your target?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1You see back on the Kalou tribe, nobody rally liked Frank, and just about everyone agreed he'd be the first gone from the tribe. Since he's not on this tribe we can't do that.Quote2- Dani
Quote1What does this have to do with anything?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1I was getting to that. Anyway, two distinct groups arose on our tribe, myself and Xane and Ashleigh and Shaniqua. Now the both groups wanted Rebeckah's vote to get one of the opposing members out.Quote2- Danny
Quote1So basically you want us on your side to vote against Shanqiua and Ashleigh?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Yep. Shaniqua's the one we want out, though.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Alright, me and Colin are in then.Quote2- Melissa

The agreement ends with a few handshakes and they leave to go to back to the main campsite.

At least my fears of being pagonged by the Kalou were put to rest by Xane and Danny. And I agree with getting Shaniqua out. She doesn't do anything around camp, and she's not really good in challenges.


Day 18

The next day, the two tribes are summoned to the challenge area for their next immunity challenge. The tribes arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1Former Kalou, I'll take back the immunity idol.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here.Quote2- Rebeckah
Quote1Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. For today, two members from each tribe would battle for a life ring. The tribe that gets one of their members to have a hand on the ring and one on their scoring pole scores a point. The first tribe that scores three wins immunity. I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

For the first round, Shaniqua and Colin are out for Marau and Samantha and Hilbert are out for Totolo. Colin, Samantha, and Hilbert all run out to the ring. Shaniqua simply stands back, watching them. Colin grabs the ring first, but is tackled down by Samantha. He struggles as she pins him in the shallow water. Hilbert is able to grab the ring from Colin, who is still struggling to get Samantha off his back, and runs to Totolo's post. Shaniqua still does nothing as Hilbert touches the post. The score is Totolo - 1, Marau - 0.

For the second round, Melissa and Xane are sent out for Marau and Rebeckah and Alec are sent out for Totolo. All four rush out to get the ring. Melissa grabs the ring first and begins to make her way back. Rebeckah pulls Melissa's hair, causing Melissa to drop the ring. Alec grabs the ring and dashes off. Rebeckah lets go of Melissa's hair. Xane tackles Alec and grabs the ring. Both men struggle to get the ring to their posts. Melissa grabs the ring and brings it closer to Marau's post. Rebeckah also grabs the ring, but makes no difference as Melissa and Xane are able to get to Marau's post. The score is now Totolo - 1, Marau - 1.

For the third round, Danny and Ashleigh are sent out for Marau and Kenni and Frank are sent out for Totolo. All four run to the ring. Out of the blue, Frank tackles Danny down. Danny struggles to get free, but he is unable to. Kenni gets to the ring first and runs back. Ashleigh grabs the ring as well and struggles to get it and Kenni to Marau's post. Kenni literally drags Ashleigh over to Totolo's post. Kenni touches the post. The score is now Totolo - 2, Marau - 1.

For the fourth round, Melissa and Colin are sent out again for Marau and Samantha and Alec are sent out again for Totolo. All four make a mad dash to the ring. Melissa and Samantha both grab the ring and begin to pull each other to attempt to get to their tribe's posts. Alec and Colin join in the stalemate, and everyone begins pulling into opposite directions. Alec and Samantha, however, are able to get to Totolo's post, despite Colin and Melissa's efforts. The score stands Totolo - 3, Marau - 1.

Quote1Totolo wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ugh. Again?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Totolo, congratulations you are safe for at least 3 more days. Marau, I'll be seeing you tonight at tribal council, where another person will be voted off. You have the afternoon to figure who'll be leaving. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Both tribes return to their respective camps.

Shaniqua not doing anything at the challenge reinforces my vote to her. She's not really good in challenges, and according to Danny, she complains about getting her weave wet. Seriously? That bitch is dead tonight.


At the beach near the Marau camp, Shaniqua and Ashleigh are drinking from coconuts and discussing their vote.

Quote1So which one of us do you think they'll vote tonight?Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Most likely you no doubt.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Yep, so I use my idol on them mother(bleep). So which one do we vote out?Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Xane and Melissa are our athletic members. Colin is most likely good with mental challenges, so Danny.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Fine by me.Quote2- Shaniqua

The two bang their coconuts like wine glasses and proceed to drink from them.

Our plan to gettin' to the merge is simple. We's gonna use the idol at the Kalou camp and blindside the hell outta Dani. Then we's gonna look for the Marau idol. We lose and one of dem is toast. If we win, we'll save it for a rainy day.


At sunset, the Marau tribe heads off to tribal council. Upon arriving Melissa and Colin put their torches behind them and take a seat. Danny, Xane, Ashleigh, and Shaniqua all light a torch, put them behind them, and take a seat.

Quote1Marau, and more specifically, Danny, Ashleigh, Shaniqua and Xane, welcome to your first tribal council. Melissa and Colin this is your fifth tribal council. Colin, how does it feel knowing you've been to tribal council four times before and these guys haven't been to any?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, Jeff, originally I was worried that if the six of us had gone to tribal council, these four would've pick me and Melissa off one-by-one. Later, Danny and Xane told me of some of the tribe dynamics, which relieved me of that feelingQuote2- Colin
Quote1Okay, Danny, I want to say congrats on being the first transvestite castaway. I also want to ask: What were the tribe dynamics on Kalou?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically, there was no real scheming on our tribe for the first few days. It wasn't until the point where the expiration of our immunity that Kalou had a target: Frank.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Why Frank?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Frank was our weakest contestant, plus he was slightly sexist.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Thank you. Xane, since Frank is on this tribe was there a back-up plan?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Actually out of our tribe, two groups formed. Me and Danny and Ashleigh and Shaniqua.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Okay, Melissa, since there are two rival groups from the Kalou tribe, how would you decide which group to side with?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, you decide which group will benefit you more, how they'll treat you, and how far they want you to go.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Okay, so which group did you and Colin choose?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We choose Xane and Danny because I know that we can trust them. Plus, Shaniqua and Ashleigh haven't spoken to me nor Colin in the past three days. Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Any other reason that you wouldn't want to help them?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah, they have no work ethic around camp and the fact they're lazy. Just look at the immunity challenge. Shaniqua did practically nothing.Quote2- Colin
Quote1So it's safe to assume that Shaniqua's going?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes, sir.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Jeff, they really should have other options because you never know when somethin' gonna spin this game around.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Alright with that in mind, it's time to vote, Ashleigh you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone on Marau votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Jeff, I'll play thisQuote2- Shaniqua

Shaniqua hands the hidden immunity idol over to Jeff. Everyone, but Ashleigh is in shock with this revelation.

Quote1This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes against Shaniqua do not count. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Shaniqa. Does not county. Shaniqua. Does not count. Next vote, Shaniqua. Does not count. Danny. Next vote, Shaniqua. Does not count. Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island and the first member of the jury......

.....Dani. Danny, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Like I said, this game can be spun on its head.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Danny, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Kick some bitch ass for me guys!Quote2- Danny
Quote1Obviously, this was not the way the vote was expected. Will this help or hinder you? Only time will tell. You can return to camp. Good night.Quote2- Jeff

The Marau tribe leaves the tribal council area and return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Danny (2 votes)
Ashleigh & Shaniqua
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Colin, Danny, Melissa, & Xane
(votes not counted)
Danny BW
Danny/Dani Lawrence

Voting Confessionals

Our vote is to get some from the opposing alliance out, without hindering the tribe. Sorry Danny, but that is unfortunately you.


Shaniqua, I've only known you for three days, but that is enough for you to get my vote.


Shaniqua, you're our cancer. Come back when you have more worldly experience.


I think your the laziest piece of trash this game's ever seen. No (bleep) you're still in high school. You are as smart as a bag of rocks.


Your arrogance will be your downfall.


Lazy, ingornant, rude, no work ethic, useless. All words that describe you. Good-bye.


Final Words

I was blindsided. I don't understand why the Miss Attitude alliance voted for me, buy as part of the jury, I'm not too mad. I want my allies to go far and to get rid of Ashleigh and Shaniqua for me. Good luck.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Danny BW
Cindy BW
Jake BW
Birdget BW
Wesley BW
Yvette BW
Liam BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Two people are ousted from their tribe.
  • The remaining members of Danny's alliance try to prevent two people from finding the idol.
  • Can someone from Kenni's alliance flip Alec or Hilbert into leaving Samantha?

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Caramoan episode, She Annoys Me Greatly.
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