"Mistakes & Heartbreaks"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 12/13
Date Uploaded February 24, 2013
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Mistakes & Hearbreaks is the twelth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

With Brandon gone, Penny sought to reunite the Wahid tribe to take out the fromer Ishrin members. However, both Gervase and Kelly were skeptical of the plan. Meanwhile, Monica and Spencer sensed Penny and Deena turning on them and began to soldify Kelly as a member of their alliance, and when Spencer won reward and took Kelly with him, they sealed the deal and planned to take out Deena. However, when Deena won her third individual immunity challenge, strategy was turned on its head. Penny made one last plea tor Kelly to get rid of Monica, while Spencer and Monica offered Kelly to vote out whomever she'd like. At Tribal Council Kelly stuck with her friends Monica and Spencer, forcing the first tie of the season. On the revote, Gervase turned the tables on Penny, and she was voted out. 5 castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Obstacles
First, each Survivor had to construct a tiki. Second, they had to race to a pile of coconuts, crack them open and drain the juice, filling a bamboo tube. Then they had to continue through the jungle to find stilts tied to a tree. Once the stilts were untied, the Survivors had to successfully walk ten feet on the stilts without falling. After completing this leg of the Challenge, they would have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open to find a key that would be used to unlock a crate. Inside the crate would be a slingshot. Finally, with slingshot in hand, the Survivors would have to find an hourglass-shaped structure with a wooden tiki underneath.
Reward: A 2013 Ford Fiesta & A Overnight feast in the Arabian Wilderness.
Winner: Monica

Immunity Challenge : Snake in the Grass
Each castaway must traverse a series of hurdles to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. First three to finish will move on to the final round, where they have to use the puzzle pieces to form a snake. First contestant to finish the snake puzzle wins Immunity.
Winner: Kelly


Day 34

Kelly, Monica, and Spencer awoke at the crack of dawn, giddily running down to the beach to have an early morning chit chat. Once the three had gotten down to the beach they had a big hug to celebrate surviving the tie last night.

"We did it you guys," Spencer said beaming.

Monica and Kelly giggeled. The thought of being the last three left in the game was slowly becoming a real possibility, afterall they'd defyed the odds thus far hadn't they.

"I'm totally with you guys, I'm telling you guys right now, there's no way that I'm goingto work with Deena...ever again!" Kelly said seriously.

"We all have eachothers backs, and at the end of the day, may the best person win," Monica replied.

Last night everything came together for the three of us, after being the underdogs for so long, we're finally on top, and now we just have to make sure we keep it that way.

–Spencer Duhm

"So what was up with Gervase switching the vote last night?" Monica said giggling.

"Did you say something to him Kelly?" Spencer asked curiously.

"No actually, he told me something about making a deal with Penny a few days ago so I thought there was no way that he'd ever flip," Kelly explained.

"He betrayed his own alliance?" Monica said laughing.

"Yeah, he's a dumbass," Kelly said.

"Well he can do whatever he wants as long as it helps me," Spencer said giggling.

So last night Gervase decided to pull a fast one on everyone and ruin his own game instead of having us ruin it for him! I've never seen anything so brilliant!

–Kelly Goldsmith

"So what are you guys thinking about the next vote?" Spencer asked.

"Deena!" Both Kelly and Monica said simultaneously

"She's so dangerous, I mean she's won three immunity challenges, that's insane!" Monica insisted.

"She's stirred up so much trouble since the beginning, things will be a lot easier if she just leaves next," Kelly said agreeing with Monica.

"Sounds good to me, you guys know we're gonna have to give everything we have in the immunity challenge though, we can't let her get any closer or she'll blow us out of the water," Spencer said.

"Let's do this thing!" Monica said, as the group had one last hug before beginning the rest of their day.

These next few days is crunch time. If we can get Deena out of here, than I know that I'll have no problem coasting to the end of this game.

–Monica Padilla

Back at camp Deena and Gervase were laying in the shelter, both awake but neither were planning on leaving the shelter anytime soon. The camp was silent, the two hadn't spoken since Gervase had betrayed Deena last night by voting out Penny, and Deena wasn't one to get over a grudge quickly.

I slept in for the first time in 34 Days. My closest ally and hardest worker was voted out last night, so now I'm planning on just conserving my energy for the challenges, that's all I can rely on right now.

–Deena Bennett

Man, there is nothing more awkward than just chilling here with Deena after the vote last night. But the truth is, their plan wasn't going to work so I had to start making some new plans.

–Gervase Peterson

"Hey, I know your pissed right now, but you know this game's still far from over, right?" Gervase said trying to console Deena.

"Thanks Buddy," Deena said in her high pitched voice, trying to put on a brave face.

"There's a lot of stuff we can still do to get to the end you know?" Gervase said.

"What do you mean we?" Deena asked.

"You and I, just cause I got rid of Penny doesn't mean I wanna get rid of you," Gervase said with a cheeky grin, almost as if he was channeling his buddy Jeff Varner.

"Cut the bs, and just tell me what you wanna do," Deena said frankly.

"We're not gonna set our sights on one thing, we've gotta keep our options open," Gervase said.

"Well what options did you have in mind?" Deena asked curiously.

"I think you know how catty girls can get," Gervase said smirking.

"So use Spencer as a way of splitting the girls apart?" Deena said.

"Very good," Gervase said clapping. "Couldn't have said it better myself."

"So, who do we go after first?" Deena asked.

"Who do you think would turn on the other first?" Gervase asked.

"If Kelly thought Monica was trying to screw her, I garuntee you that she'd vote her out in a heartbeat," Deena said smirking.

"Alright then, let's get this show on the road," Gervase said returning Deena's smirk.

These young kids think their best friends, but the thing about young kids is they can go from best friends to worst enemies in a second, and I have three days, so I'm not worried at all.

–Gervase Peterson

I appriciate Gervase for trying to help me advance in the game, but I can't rely on him anymore. I'm going to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

–Deena Bennett

Spencer and Monica had walked off to get treemail leaving Kelly alone at the beach which was the perfect opportunity for Gervase to start wooing Kelly.

"Hey there Kells," Gervase said taking a seat next to Kelly.

"Well if it isn't the man of the hour," Kelly said laughing.

"I saved your friend's hiney sweet thing, maybe you can help me out," Gervase said grinning.

"And how would I do that?" Kelly said cynically.

"You help me to help you of course," Gervase said nudging her.

"Spill," Kelly said bluntly.

"What if we got rid of Monica?" Gervase proposed.

"You tell me.." Kelly said.

"You have Spencer all to yourself, you have me on your side, and all we have to do is get rid of Deena," Gervase said grinning.

"You think Spencer would take Monica over me?" Kelly asked.

"I think the jury respects you a hell of a lot more than Monica, if that answers your question," Gervase said smiling.

"You're not going to screw me over?" Kelly said suspiciously.

"I haven't done that so far...." Gervase said.

"So far," Kelly said skeptically.

"Just think about it," Gervase said. "Monica and Spencer are back with treemail."

There's no denying that Spencer and Monica are close, and when everyone keeps repeating this you have to think there's at least some truth to it, so I'm keeping my options open.

–Kelly Goldsmith

It was time for the final reward challenge of the season, and it was bringing back one of the classic Survivor challenges, and even better one of the best rewards in the history of Survivor. The winner would be given a 2013 jet blue Ford Fiesta. They would take their new car for a drive to a camping ground where they would enjoy a huge feast and spend the night camping in the Arabian forrest.

First, each Survivor had to construct a tiki. Second, they had to race to a pile of coconuts, crack them open and drain the juice, filling a bamboo tube. Then they had to continue through the jungle to find stilts tied to a tree. Once the stilts were untied, the Survivors had to successfully walk ten feet on the stilts without falling. After completing this leg of the Challenge, they would have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open to find a key that would be used to unlock a crate. Inside the crate would be a slingshot. Finally, with slingshot in hand, the Survivors would have to find an hourglass-shaped structure with a wooden tiki underneath.

The stakes for this reward were bigger than ever, and all five were desperate for a new car.


All five castaways took off as fast as they could to their pile of coconuts to begin to drain the juice into their tubes. Spencer and Gervase easily were breaking through the coconuts and began pouring juice into their tubes. Deena was not too far behind them in their progress. Kelly and Monica each struggled breaking open their coconuts, although they'd lucked out in getting coconuts with more juice than some of the other guys.

Spencer was the first guy to fill his tube and began running into the forrest, minutes later Gervase and Deena followed suit and began trying  to adjust to stilt walking, though nobody was having any luck. Kelly and Monica continued working on the coconuts getting close to begin to working on the stilts. Soon Monica finished and rushed out to the stilts leaving Kelly at the coconut juice alone. Backat the stilts Spencer had begun to make some progress moving halfway through the course, but failed to make it all the way through. Deean and Gervase began taking it step by step, meanwhile after a few failed attempts Monica's petite figure had helped her catch up to the group. What seemed like hours later Spencer had finally moved across the stilts, and was followed by Gervase, Deena, and Monica. The stitls had been the great equalizer for all four of them while Kelly had just arrived at the stilts. All four arrived at the coconuts and began breaking them open. Gervase, Spencer, and Deena were smashing through coconuts having very little luck. Not having the strength of the other three Monica began to shake the coconuts to listen for some sort of a jingling noise and found the one coconut with the key, and began to unlock her chest, grabbing out her slingshot. Seeing what she'd done Spencer and Gervase quickly tried to mimic Monica's strategy. Monica was the first one to the sling shot and began taking aim but had no luck. Spencer and Gervase got their key and had gotten their slingshot closing the gap. Spencer pulled back and fired, but missed just left. Gervase shot hitting just low of the block, then Monica closed one eye, took aim and fired.


The tile had broken and unleashed the sand on the idol.


"Oh my God," Monica screamed out loud!

"Monica, you have a great reward here, pick somebody to enjoy it with," Jeff Probst said.

Monica shot a grin at Spencer who slighlty shook his head no, and nudged toward Kelly.

"Kelly," Monica said with a smile.

"Me?" Kelly said surprised.

"C'mon girly!" Monica said giggling.

The two girls walked toward a dirt path where Monica's car was awaiting them.

I told Monica to take Kelly on reward with her. As much as I'd love to go, we need to make sure that Kelly feels like she's truely apart of the alliance, and not just an extra vote.

–Spencer Duhm

When the two girls arrived to where Monica's new car was parked they stopped to take a look around.

"Oh my gosh, that's my car," Monica said jumping up and down.

"That's an awesome ride," Kelly said.

"Let's take it for a spin," Monica said jumping into the front seat.

The two began taking the car for a ride through a dirt road on the arabian forrest the two girls turne the air conditioning on, the radio up, and the windows down and partyed all the way to the camp ground.

The whole time we were riding there I was in disbelief that I won a challenge let alone this car. This has been one of the best moments I've had throughout my entire Survivor experience.

–Monica Padilla

When the two girls arrived there was a tent set up with sleeping bags, pillows, and fresh pajamas along with a huge feast waiting to be eaten.

"Look at all that food," Kelly said excited.

"Let's dig in," Monica said.

The two girls sunk their teeth into their meal, and enjoying eachothers company.

"Alright, we need to talk, because I know we're both on the same page, but we haven't really compared notes with eachother, as much as we have with Spencer," Monica said.

"Absolutely," Kelly said smiling.

"So, I just wanna get a sense of where your heads at going forward, not just this upcoming vote, you're planning on going to the end with Spencer I'm assuming," Monica said smirking.

"Fair assumption," Kelly said raising and eyebrow. "I suppose you're going to do the same?" Kelly asked.

"Of course," Monica said grinning.

"Well we both can't go with him," Kelly said skeptically.

"So why don't we just ditch Spencer and go to the end together?" Monica proposed. "He's like the nicest guy ever, so lets avoid getting catty and get some girl power going on."

"I'm down for that," Kelly said raising her wine glass. "A toast," Kelly said.

"To the final two," Monica said smiling.


I know Monica's a smart player, and I think Monica's just as worried as I am about Spencer not taking her so this deal could be beneficial, but I'm not sure I'm buying what she's putting out.

–Kelly Goldsmith

As I've said from Day 1, this is an individual game. Going down the home stretch I want to have as many options as possible, I know too well not to put all my eggs in one basket.

–Monica Padilla

Day 35

Deena Bennett began constructing a fire to replace the one that had burnt out last night. Gervase Peterson sat on a log next to her watching as she began to spark the first several embers into a coconut husk she had been blowing on.

Once Deena had got the fire set up, Deena joined Gervase on the log and began to compare notes from yesterday.

Gervase has definitely been the one to take charge of the situation and working Kelly, mostly because his vote last tribal council has him on better terms with the group so I'm just hanging back and waiting to see what's going to happen.

–Deena Bennett

"So fill me in on what's going on," Deena said ready to get back to strategizing.

"Well I was talking to Kelly about getting rid of Monica, but now she's off making friends with her, so I'm not sure how we're going to sell this to her," Gervase said nervously.

"Well she didn't pick Kelly, Spencer told her to," Deena said rolling her eyes.

"Did he really?" Gervase said surprised.

"I saw Spencer nod his head toward Kelly, I think he knows what we're up to," Deena explained.

"Damn," Gervase said putting his hand on his chin to think.

"Honestly, I'm sure that if I talked to Kelly about it we could logically come to that conclusion, she's a smart girl, I think she knows what Monica is trying to do anyways," Deena explained thoroughly.

"The problem is she's all happy making friends, but I don't know if her head is actually in the game anymore, she's aligned with the two biggest underdogs in the history of freaking survivor," Gervase said laughing from the absurdity of Kelly's strategy.

"I'll try and see where her head is at when she comes back from reward," Deena said smiling.

"I"m gonna work on the second part of our plan then," Gervase said grinning.

"Monica?" Deena said confused.

"Exactly, if you can't get Kelly to get rid of Monica, I bet we can get Monica to vote out Kelly," Gervase said excited.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Spencer tells her what to do and she does it, she's not going to go against Spencer right now," Deena said skeptically.

"She knows Kelly is her biggest competition in the end game, that's why she's trying to make a deal with her as we speak," Gervase said confidently.

"Do what you want, but I don't think that's such a great idea," Deena said honestly.

I think Gervase is overplaying his hand here. I've worked with Monica, I've seen the way she and Spencer interact, and as much as she talks about playing an individual game, she wouln't make a move without Spencer's good graces at this point.

–Deena Bennett

Deena is way too single minded. You have to keep moving and shaking around here, and not worry so much about everything, because at the end of this game all there's going to be is Mistakes & Heartbreaks.

–Gervase Peterson

Spencer Duhm was chilling down by the beach waiting for his friends to arrive back from reward. He'd made a very strategic decision letting Kelly go on reward with Monica instead of him, and he hoped that it would create a stronger sense of unity within the group.

Kelly and Monica have been tight with me for a while, but in order to have a cohesive group I really want to make sure that we all get along instead of people just having ties with one person in our group of three.

–Spencer Duhm

Soon a boat arrived dropping Kelly and Monica off at the beach where Spencer greeted them both with a big hug.

"Did you guys have fun?" Spencer asked smiling.

"It was amazing, that car is so pimped out," Monica squealed.

"I had a great time, we definitely ha some bonding time," Kelly said smiling.

"That's awesome," Spencer responded.

"Well it seems as if the old hags wish to have a discussion with me, so it is with great displeasure that I must leave you now," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"Have fun," Spencer said giggling.

"Shut up," Kelly said before walking up the beach to meet Deena.

Spencer and Monica then decided to go for a casual walk along the beach to recap what had happened on reward.

"So, you two talk a lot?" Spencer asked curiously.

"Oh yeah, we're definitely solid with one another, I don't think she's going to flip anytime soon," Monica said reassuringly.

"Any final two talk?" Spencer said jabbing her.

"Just enough to make sure that she'd stick with us," Monica said with an evil smirk on her face.

"Nice work Mon'" Spencer said smiling.

When I got back to camp, Spencer instantly pulled me aside and had me catch him up on things. I told him there was talk of a final two deal, but I'm trying to play it off as if it's nothing serious because I can't let Spencer know that I'm actually thinking about scheming against him.

–Monica Padilla

It seems as if Monica accomplished what she needed to accomplish on this tribe. The extent to which the deals she has with Kelly i'm not sure about, but I know Monica is always someone who will act in her best interest so I have to watch out.

–Spencer Duhm

"So what's been going on back here?" Monica asked curiously.

"Well, Gervase seems to be back with Deena, and they're planning something, and from what I can tell it involves Kelly," Spencer said.

"So they didn't talk to you, like at all?" Monica asked reassuringly.

"Chit chat here and there, but very little strategy," Spencer said honestly.

"They're probably gunning for me again then," Monica said rolling her eyes.

"No worries," Spencer said. "I got your back, and Kelly does too."

"You know me Spence, I'm gonna be worried until the votes are tallied," Monica said smiling.

Back at Camp, Deena was doing her best to try to disuade Kelly from buying into what she was convinced Monica was trying to sell her on last night, and she'd have to do it delicately so that Kelly wouldn't get pissy like she was known to do.

"You have a nice time?" Deena asked as sweetly as she could. She'd have to butter Kelly up before she could start making her move.

"It was really nice, the food was soo good, I can't even begin to tell you," Kelly said smiling.

"Glad to hear it, how was Monica?" Deena asked curiously.

"She was pretty eccstatic all night, I mean she won a freaking car, that's crazy," Kelly said reminissing her night with Monica.

"Not that it's any of my buisness," Deena said non-chalantly, "you guys talk any game, you know without Spencer being around?"

Kelly raised an eyebrow, but remained silent.

"C'mon Kelly, I know that you two at least discussed this," Deena said smiling. "You're not the only person out here who can call people out on their bulls***"

"Well yeah of course, but I mean, I don't doubt that she's just telling me that to make sure that I stick with her and Spencer," Kelly said confidnetly.

"Is that what you think?" Deena said smirking.

"I mean, I don't think she has any intent of taking me to the end over Spencer," Kelly said honestly.

"You think Spencer would take you to the end over her?" Deena asked curiously.

"What do you think he would do?" Kelly asked curiously.

"I couldn't tell you, I don't know him well enough to make that assessment, but I'm sure you do," Deena said passively.

"I honestly don't," Kelly said.

"Then why take the risk?" Deena said, moving in on her deal.

"Cause there aren't any other options that can take me to the final two," Kelly responded.

"I'm gonna be straight up with you, I'm not going to the end with someone from Ishrin, and Gervase has way too many friends on that jury, I think the only way I even have a chance to win is sitting next to you and vice versa," Deena said.

"I'm gonna need to think about this more," Kelly said honestly.

"Take all the time you need, but you only have four days left," Deena said. "Time to start thinking about the end game."

Kelly nodded and walked off.

Deena is bossy, assertive, and kind of annoying, but she makes a good point that, I really don't know what's going to happen at the final three, nobody does, and it might almost be better to take matters into my own hands.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly is a rational player. I tried to be friendly, but at the same time cynical towards the way she's playing the game, and I think that approach really started making her think about where she stands.

–Deena Bennett

Gervase Peterson had been looking for Monica Padilla all day to begin the second part to his plan. He'd rarely had a chance to speak with her in the past few days so he was looking forward to mixing it up with the new school girl.

At this point we know Kelly has her doubts about Monica, so what we need to do is have Monica have doubts about Kelly so that they go after eachother instead of going after Deena and myself.

–Gervase Peterson

"Well if it isn't my little HarMonica," Gervase said laughing.

"How sweet," Monica said giggling.

"How's the ride?" Gervase asked.

"It's the coolest little car ever, I love it," Monica said jumping up and down.

"You're gonna have to take me for a spin when we get back to the states," Gervase said smirking.

"If you pay for the gas, I'll take you anywhere you wanna go," Monica said with a faint smile.

"Well you'll have plenty of gas money with that million dollars you're gonna have," Gervase said very cavalier.

"You think I'm going to have the million dollars?" Monica asked.

"Well, not the way you're playing now, but if you listen to me the million dollars and all the gas you want can be yours if the price is right," Gervase said very cartoonishly.

Monica giggeled. "What do you want Gervase?" She asked frankly.

"How much do you trust Kelly?" Gervase asked curiously.

"I don't really have any trust-issues with her," Monica said passively.

"C'mon, you know Deena and Kelly are back at camp right now talking about how worried Kelly is that Spencer will take you to the end instead of her, it's a vicious cycle," Gervase said sneakily.

"Well yeah, but I've yet to see her actually act on it," Monica said skeptically.

"Maybe she's just waiting for the right moment," Gervase said smiling.

"Well unless you plan on voting with her, I don't think that's going to happen..." Monica said.

"Right you are," Gervase said grinning.

"Then why are you even bringing this up?" Monica asked.

"I'm voting with whoever is gonna get me the furthest, so honestly if Kelly wants you out, I can't really say no," Gervase said honestly.

"Then why the f*** are you telling me this?" Monica said confused.

"Just looking out for you kid, maybe you should just reconsider some things, that's all," Gervase said with an evil laugh.

The seeds of doubt are definitely being planted. These girls know there's no way the Spencer can take them both to the end, so one of them is going to have to make a move at some point, otherwise they're done.

–Gervase Peterson

I'm still confused as to what Gervase is trying to accomplish. Apparently Kelly is talking to Deena about flipping, but honestly it's not like this is the first time thats happened to me in the 35 days I've been out here. I don't get this whole godfather type of playing all of a sudden.

–Monica Padilla

While seeds of doubt, distrust, and confusion were all over the Fekruna camp, it was time for someone to put those worries to rest for a few more days at the next immunity challenge, which would garuntee the winner a spot in the final four.

In this challenge all five contestants would have to untie a series of knots and then move over a hurdle after each set of knots was untied. The first three contestants to do this would move onto the final round where they will have to assemble a complicated snake puzzle.

All five took to their starting stations, hungry for a win.


All five players started making quick work of the knots. Kelly and Monica's small fingers had helped them ease through the knots easier than the others, though Spencer, Gervase, and Deena were far from behind. Kelly and Monica finished seconds before the other three, losing time on the hurdles they were all caught up on the second set of knots at which all five players were moving at the same pace. Gervase followed by Deena followed by Spencer finished first and moved over the hurdles followed seconds after by Monica and Kelly all working on the final and most complicated set of knots, where one by one the three players finished at seperate times from one another.



and surprisingly,

Kelly, who had just beat out Gervase on the final knots.

Monica and Gervase took their spots on the bench to watch the puzzle making commence.

All three began hard at work on their puzzles each with a different strategy. Spencer was moving from left to right, while Deena began testing every piece for a spot in the puzzle, but the most effective method was from the puzzle queen, Kelly Goldsmith. Kelly began at the beginning and end of the snake puzzle and filled in the pieces as she went. Though the puzzle seemed complex, the challenge was over before it began as Kelly worked her way to her first indiviual challenge win in Survivor history.


Kelly jumped up and down, and recieving a big hug from Spencer and Deena.

Finally I won a challenge! So I'm no longer the biggest failure in Survivor history, and I'm in the final four, this is absolutely amazing, this has been probably the best day I've had in my Survivor career.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Day 36

Monica Padilla had pulled her ally and friend Spencer Duhm aside to go for a long walk today in hopes of catching him up on her conversation with Gervase the other day.

Yesterday, Gervase was definitely trying to start something between Kelly and I, and I don't know how true it is, or what's going on, but it seemed really out of character so I thought I'd bring it up with Spencer to see what he thought about all of this.

–Monica Padilla

"What's going on?" Spencer asked casually.

"Crazy s*** went down yesterday," Monica said seriously.

"I know right? Kelly won a freaking challenge, who'd of ever thought that was going to happen," Spencer said laughing.

"That's just the tip of the iceburg my friend," Monica replied.

"Why? What else is going on?" Spencer asked curiously.

"I had the strangest conversation yesterday," Monica explained.

"With?" Spencer asked.

"Gervase." Monica said.

"What about?" Spencer asked interested in the recent developments.

"He esentially said that he knew Deena and Kelly were talking about getting rid of me, and if they agreed upon that than he'd vote for me," Monica said throroughly.

"But, Kelly's not going to do that?" Spencer said confused.

"That's what I said, but he said something along the lines of, I'm just saying that you better start looking after yourself or whatever, and I was just like what the hell just happened?" Monica said finishing her story.

"So, he was trying to tell you that Kelly wanted you out, so you should try and get rid of Kelly, so that she can't get rid of you?" Spencer said trying to sort this out.

"It's like one gigantic game of telephone, I know," Monica said irritated.

"So what do you wanna do about all this?" Spencer asked.

"I'm not saying we need to get rid of him, but I think it's worth considering," Monica said cautiously.

"Deena's still a way bigger threat though, plus I mean we all see right through Gervase," Spencer said skeptically.

"Well yeah, but Gervase is just as strong as Deena and he's the one thats starting all this trouble," Monica argued.

"I just don't see the logic in it that's all..." Spencer said defensively.

"Who do you think Kelly is more likely to align with? Deena or Gervase?" Monica asked snarkily.

"Why don't we just have Kelly decide?" Spencer asked.

"Do we always have to let Kelly decide every single decision we make?" Monica asked. "I mean, I like Kelly, but we're giving her way too much control," Monica said irritated.

"It's all or nothing with her, and I don't wanna go out like Penny, Brandon, Varner, or Sydney did," Spencer explained.

Monica rolled her eyes.

"I'll talk to her later, see where her head is at," Monica said walking away from the situation.

I've been plotting and scheming to help Spencer and I stay in the game for so long, and I hate that whenever I bring up an idea we have to make sure Kelly's ok with it too, which makes me start to realize some validity in what Gervase was telling me, because I don't wanna let Kelly dictate how my game ends.

–Monica Padilla

Monica seems to think that everything I do is me weighing if I'm gonna take her or Kelly to the end, which I'm trying to have her put on the back burner. We need to focus on this vote before we start worrying about the future, I don't even know what I'm gonna do then so I don't get why Monica and Kelly get so freaked out about it.

–Spencer Duhm

Back at camp Deena and Gervase were making their final efforts to try and woo Kelly onto their side in hopes that they'd stay strong for this vote.

"So are you with us Kells?" Gervase asked.

"I'm really thinking about it you guys, her and Spencer have been inseperable the past few days," Kelly said observantly.

"If you're worried about Spencer being mad at you, don't be, you'll be all he has after this vote," Deena pointed out.

"It's not so much me being worried about people's feeling as I am about getting screwed over by everyone here," Kelly said perplexed.

One of the hardest things about being backstabbed my first time out here, is all these decisions I've had to make, because everytime I choose a side I realize these people are probably going to backstab me at some point, and I just can't seem to find someone who I know for sure wants me at the end with them, and that's why it's so difficult being the swing vote.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"You're garunteed final three no matter who you side with, I think it's more about weighing your options at this point," Deena said observantly. "I think the three of us is much more a free for all, than you putting all your faith in Spencer to carry you to the end."

"Plus, Monica pulled me aside yesterday and just wanted to see where my head was at about getting rid of you," Gervase lied.

Deena shot Gervase an angry glare.

"Really?" Kelly asked.

"Yes m'am," Gervase responded almost imitating Penny.

"Why you?" Kelly asked skeptically.

"I guess she has some faith in me after the last vote," Gervase said smiling.

"That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard Gervase," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"Ask Monica, see if she'll own up to it, you have immunity so it's not like you have anything to worry about," Gervase said casually.

"As if she'd admit to it, even if she was stupid enough to talk game with you," Kelly said aggrivated.

"Do you know anything about this?" Kelly asked Deena.

"I never heard this story either Gervase," Deena said. "Please do elaborate," she said smirking.

"Well, she asked me what you two girls were talking about, and I said I think they're just catching up, and she was talking about how worried she was about you flipping and the whole Spencer thing, really she just really wasn't sure about this whole thing," Gervase said.

"If you're going to make a deal with me, you don't have to lie, it's really just annoying Gervase," Kelly said frustrated with the whole situation.

"I'm not even lying," Gervase said laughing.

"I don't even buy this crap," Deena said, "Seriously Gervase, just own up to it."

"Alright, hahaha, I pulled a fast one on you guys, I just love seing Kells get all worked up over everything," Gervase said laughing to no end.

So, I'm talking to Gervase and Deena about making a deal, and Gervase comes up with this huge lie about Monica, that not even Deena believes and then he tries to play it off like it's a joke. The only joke left to tell on this freaking island is about how Gervase was so stupid he got himself voted off.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"I'm gonna go now," Kelly said walking away.

"Wait," Deena said pulling Kelly aside.

"Look, I know that Gervase is a complete moron, but I really think it's best that we get rid of Monica tonight," Deena insisted.

"I'm thinking about it, but honestly I'm just over the whole situation," Kelly said frustrated.

"I understand," Deena said. "Just let me know whatever you decide, please," Deena said with a faint smile.

"Sure thing," Kelly said who was walking toward Monica who seemed eager to talk to her before tribal council began.

Gervase just messed everything up, so I went in and tried to damage control. I'm trying to be more sympathetic towards Kelly in hopes that it'll get me somewhere, it's all up to her now.

–Deena Bennett

"Hey Monica," Kelly said smiling.

"Hey Kelly, how'd that go?" She asked referring to the conversation with Deena and Gervase.

"Don't get me started," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"Which one of them is aggrivating you today?" Monica said laughing.

"Gervase," Kelly said bluntly.

"Oh you don't even know the half of it," Monica said.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked taken back.

Monica then recounted the same story he had told to Spencer earlier this morning.

"Holy s***," Kelly said taken back. "He was saying the same things to me about you, constantly," Kelly said.

"Really?" Monica said shocked. "He's totally pitting us against one another, Russell Hantz style," Monica said laughing so hard she lost her composure.

"He's such a moron," Kelly said giggling with Monica.

"But seriously, like he's been so instant on me getting rid of you..." Kelly began to say.

"Because of Spencer!" Monica chimed in.

"Exactly!" Kelly said laughing.

"Little does he know," Monica said with an evil smirk.

"Oh he has absolutely no idea," Kelly said returning a glance.

Spencer then walked over to join the two ladies.

"Hey, we're heading out for tribal in a few minutes, you guys know who you wanna vote off tonight?" Spencer asked smiling.

"Oh I know who I want out," Monica said laughing.

"I think I do to," Kelly said having an epiphanie.

I'd been so confused about what I was going to do all day, and it hit me that I know exactly what I need to do to get me to the end, and if it works I'm going to be very rich, very soon.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Tribal Council had become more intesne than ever with only five people left in the game there really was nowhere to hide, and when the votes came in the playing field was about to get even smaller.

"First vote,"

"Monica," That was Gervase's vote.

"Gervase," Monica had cast a vote for Gervase.

1 vote Monica, 1 vote Gervase.

"Gervase," Spencer had voted alongside his alliance as planned.

"Monica," Deena had stuck with Gervase in hopes that Kelly would vote alongside them.

2 Votes Monica. 2 Votes Gervase. 1 Vote left.

"Twelth Person voted out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School, and the fifth member of our jury,"


Gervase let out a huge laugh, grabbed his torch and walked up to Jeff Probst.

"Gervase, the tribe has spoken."

And with that they were down to four.

Jeff Probst then turned to the final four and had some parting words for them.

"Congratulations, you guys have made it to the final four. Over the next three days you will be competing in your final two immunity challenges and in the end only one of you is going to be the Sole Survivor, keep that in mind your last few days, grab your torches, head back to camp, I'll see you tommorrow."

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12

Gervase (3 Votes)
Kelly, Monica, Spencer
Monica (2 Votes)
Deena, Gervase
Gervase Peterson

Still In the Running