Adam BennettConner YoungDanni McDearmonJase AllenJohn Sayers
Kat MorrisMatthew EasterlySusan SzczeblewskiTaylor Johannson
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor Honduras
Namesake Mocorón River, Honduras
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Nakunta
Tribe Status Merged with Nakunta on Day 19
Challenge Wins 11/12
Lowest Placing Member Jase Allen (15/18)
Highest Placing Member John Sayers (Winner)

The Mocorón tribe is one of the two competing tribes in Survivor Honduras. Its tribe color is dark blue. Its rival tribe is the Nakunta tribe whose color is yellow.

Mocorón is the dominant of the two starting tribes in Survivor: Honduras. The tribe won seven straight challenges with one lose before starting to go on another winning streak. Under the leadership of John in the challenges and his control at camp, Mocorón was a force to be reckoned with.


Tribe History


Mocorón was formed by chance. Castaways would break an egg with colored paint inside. If it was dark blue, the egg was Mocorón. The nine castaways to break open a dark blue egg were Adam, Conner, Danni, Jase, John, Kat, Matt, Susan and Taylor. This group quickly melded together to form on cohesive unit and the domination would soon begin.

The First Winning Streak

Mocorón went on an incredible run of challenge wins. They won seven straight which comprised of four reward challenges and three immunity challenges. Even though they were winning, there were rifts in the tribe back at camp. John and his alliance vied for power against Jase and his alliance. The two sides were trying to gain control, but they knew to put aside their differences when it came to competing in challenges and that gave Mocorón a mighty winning streak.

The Only Loss

After Mocorón's winning streak, it seemed they were impossible to stop, but in the Shoulder the Load immunity challenge, John's body could not bear any more weight than what was on it already. The rival tribe's Jessica outlasted him and gave Mocorón its first loss of the game. As Mocorón had to go to tribal council, the power of who would run the tribe was decided by Susan. She sided with John's alliance and helped take out Jase, leader of the other alliance. That put Conner, Danni and Adam in the bottom of the tribe.

The Second Winning Streak

After losing their first challenge, Mocorón rebounded with more wins. They sent Nakunta back to tribal and continued to roll. John's grip on the tribe tightened as did his authority in challenges. Mocorón never lost another tribal challenge and was up in numbers at 8-4 in the new merged tribe.


  • Mocorón has the two youngest members of the season with Kat Morris and Taylor Johannson. Both of them are 18 years old with Taylor being three months older than Kat.
  • Mocorón also has the youngest male in the game with Conner Young at 20 years old. And overall Mocorón is the younger tribe with an average age of 33.4 years old compared to Nakunta's 37.2 years old.
  • With also having the youngest woman in the game, the Mocorón tribe also has the oldest woman in the game, Danni McDearmon, who is 65 years old.
  • Mocorón is named after the Mocorón River in Honduras which is considered to have religious importance.
  • Mocorón and its rival Nakunta are both rivers that flow into the Caratasca Lagoon located in the Gracias a Dios Department of Honduras.
  • Mocorón's win:lose ratio is amazing at 11:1.
  • John is the only member of Mocorón to compete in all the tribal challenges.
  • The original name for Mocorón was Warunta. Due to the similarity to the name Nakunta, Warunta was dropped in favor of Mocorón. Warunta returned one season later in Survivor: La Mosquitia where it was also a blue tribe.