Molly Shea
Molly Shea
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 09/01/1991
Hometown Casper, Wyoming
Occupation Student

Survivor: Terra Nova

Tribes Mi'kmaq
Placement 13/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 18

Molly Shea is a contestant from Survivor: Terra Nova.


Molly was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. Molly has always been able to make friends very easily and she seems to fit in with whatever crowd she is around. Molly spent most of her formative years involved in cheerleading and dancing.

Molly says that she plans to make a strong alliance right out of the gate and then lay low. She hopes to find someone to align with who is not very likable so that when her alliance has heat on it the other person will be the one that people will go after.

Molly currently lives in Casper, Wyoming and has been dating her boyfriend Bradley for the past seven months.

Molly’s reason for being on Survivor is:

I want to be on Survivor because I think it could be fun. Yes I know it is no cakewalk out there but I just can’t wait to take part in an actual challenge.


Survivor: Terra Nova

Voting History

Molly's Voting History
Episode Molly's
Voted Against
1 Jillian -
2 Mi'kmaq Tribe Immune
3 Zelda -
4 Angelo -
5 Beothuk Tribe Immune
6 Urban Urban, Zelda, Paul,
Marlon, Pearl
Voted Off, Day 18