"Monkey in the Middle"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 6/13
Date Uploaded January 2, 2013
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 Monkey in the Middle is the sixth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School

Previously on Survivor...

The Ishrin four, already in the minority, knew that now was the time to step up their game, or they'd face instant elimination come the merge. Although the two final two alliances within the tribe threatened to divide them should they go to the next tribal council. At Wahid, John, feeling like an outsider, made a deal with Gervase and Jeff to stay in the game. Although, when Kelly found out, she urged them to break it. At the reward and immunity challenge Ishrin pulled out their first two victories, sending Wahid to tribal council. Before the vote Kelly wanted to give the men in her other alliance a heads up on the vote shifiting to John, although Deena wouldn't allow it. At Tribal Council, John was voted out 7-1, revealing that Gervase and Jeff were in on the plan. 11 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Log Jam
Castaways of the same gender will square off by rolling on a moving log. The first castway to knock their opponant into the water scores a point for their team. The first team to 3 points wins Reward.
Reward: Catalog Items (PB&J + Bread, Shampoo & Toothbrushes, Soup Beans, & Fishing Gear)

Immunity Challenge : Pig Out
Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.
Winner: Ishrin


Day 16

Kelly Goldsmith lay awake in the shelter. She had not slept all night from the paranoia of the events before. Someone had told Gervase and Varner about the plan, and it sure as hell wasn't her. The problem was, the girls seemed convinced last night that it was her. Deena had shot her glares on the walk back to tribal, Penny kept flashing her nervous looks, and Gina wouldn't even make eye contact with Kelly. She sat waiting for someone to wake up, the sooner she could push the blame onto somebody else, the better she'd feel.

It seems like whenever I play this game, some moron tries to frame me in some completly moronic situation and it f***s me over.

–Kelly Goldsmith

What was she going to do? Who had even told them in the first place? Kelly looked around the shelter, staring at each person, trying to figure out who would do such a thing. Gina and Penny wouldn't dare cross Deena. Brandon had been her best friend from the get go, despite there bickering, he couldn't have done that to her. Although, he'd done it before in Africa hadn't he? But...what if they'd just figured it out. It wasn't a mystery that John was on the outs of Wahid. She'd just have to wait and see.

Some time later Gina and Deena had awoken and got right to buisness on their chores. The two functioned like a well oiled machine. They stuck to their routine, and everything was always done promptly. It seemed almost robotic sometimes. Kelly sat back in the shelter trying to overhear the two discuss the events that transpired last night.

"Why would Miss Kelly tell the boys our plan last night after we had all promised not to?" Gina asked upset. Gina Crews valued loyalty more than anything else. If there was any sign of disloyalty, Gina was not willing to associate with them.

"I'm assuming that's what happened, she hasn't said a word to anyone," Deena responded.

"I just don't understand why she would do that to us," Gina said shaking her head in shock.

"It's simple, she doesn't want to be stuck in one alliance, if she told the guys what was happening, than she has more options in the future, she's a smart little chicky," Deena said observantly.

"Well it can't be too smart if she just betrayed half her tribe," Gina said irritated.

"She's not the one in danger...we are," Deena said.

Well John is gone, but things didn't go accoarding to plan. Last night the ladies were supposed to make a statement that we were in control of the game, but when that didn't happen, we gotta keep our eyes out for a rat.

–Deena Bennett

Miss Kelly abused our trust last night to further her game. While it may benefit her now, I don't think people will feel comfortable voting for someone who plays like that.

–Gina Crews

Kelly peaked her head out from the shelter,listenting intently. She had her work cut out for her this morning. She sat and continuted listenting until the subject changed.

"So are we gonna go and look for musscles today, If we go far enough along the coast I'm sure there's gotta be some protein somewhere,"

Deena nodded her head and went back to lining up the firewood.

Kelly Goldsmith emerged from the shelter. She looked at her fellow female allies and greeted them.

"Good morning," Kelly said letting out a yawn.

Gina began walking down the shore, she had no interest in talking to Kelly after last night. No explanation was nessecary.

Deena nodded to adknowledge her and went back to chopping wood.

Kelly sat down next to her to catch her up on the events last night.

"I know everything seems really sketchy right now, but I didn't tell the guys last night. I was just as shocked as you were," Kelly said blatantly.

"Mhmm," Deena said passivly. Only half listening.

"Deena, the same thing happened to me in Africa, someone does some stupid s**t, and I get blamed for it," Kelly said frustrated.

"And who on this tribe would be out to get you?" Deena said skeptically.

"If I knew that we wouldn't be having this conversation," Kelly said snarkily.

Deena turned around and faced Kelly. "You swear on your life that you didn't tell Gervase and Varner?" Deena asked.

"I swear to God on my life I didn't Deena." Kelly said honestly.

"We'll see what we can do then," Deena said with a smile.

The two shook hands and went there seperate ways. Kelly crawled back into the shelter to catch up on some shut eye, while Deena went to follow Gina to help gather musscles, thinking about the possible scenarios for the vote coming up.

I don't know if Kelly's being honest, but what I do know is that Kelly has power, and I don't so if I want to stick around I need to start kissing ass.

–Deena Bennett

The rest of the tribe soon awoke and began tending to the daily routine. Penny filled in wherever help was needed, Brandon had taken over the cooking fulltime now that John had been voted out, Gervase and Varner went to do what they do best...nothing, while Kelly lay in the shelter catching up on sleep.

"I'm going to see if I can' find some tasty berrys to help this mornings breakfast y'all," Penny said waving goodbye.

"Well Isn't she just as sweet as sugar?" Varner said sarcastically, laughing at his own joke.

"More like artifical sweetner," Brandon said rolling his eyes.

Gervase and Varner erupted laughing. The three of them together were a deadly combination.

"I swear these chicks get more annoying by the minute," Brandon said irritated.

"That's what I've been saying for the past twenty-some freaking seasons brothers, they're the stupidest things on the planet next to cows,"  Gervase said eagerly.

"MOOOOOO" Varner roared.

When the three recovered from their laugther, Varner made a proposition.

"Look, we have Smelly Kelly with us, if we want we can take these bitches out whenever we want," Varner said.

"Hell yes," Brandon said.

"This is the boy's club right here!" Gervase exclaimed.

I thrive off the drama in this tribe, the more distrust that festers the easier it is for me to be everyone's little buddy.

–Jeff Varner

Survivor does an excellent job of finding the most dramatic, bitchy girls to ever live in the same proximity, and I just cannot deal with this mess anymore.

–Brandon Quinton

"By the way homie, thanks for the heads up about the vote changing last night," Gervase said to Brandon.

Penny Ramsey, who had been walking into camp had nearly dropped all the berries she had gathered. She quietly crept back further so that they wouldn't see her coming, she ducked under a bush and listented to the men finish there conversation.

"Oh don't worry, I'm still solid with the original four, I'm not aligning myself with the menstrual cycles," Brandon said, stirring the cooking pot.

Kelly has been acting like a baby for the past week. She wants to take out a power player but she fears everyone else. So I did what she was too scared to do, so if she wants to stay she'll have to suck it up and roll with it.

–Brandon Quinton

Gervase and Varner went to take there seat at the seating area for their mid-day brunch. Penny soon joined them with some berries. While they waited for Deena and Gina to return Penny took the liberty of waking Penny up. "I know you didn't tell the boys what happened, and I can tell you who did," She whispered to her while waking her up.

"Who?" Kelly asked.

"Later," Penny said motioning towards everyone else sitting at the lunch table.

"We have treemail you guys," Gina said smiling. "And boy, is it a good one" Gina said excitedly.

Deena pulled out a catalog filled with items ranging from food, tools, spices, and comfort items.

"We get to pick two things, and Ishrin picks two things and whoever wins reward today gets to keep the items they chose," Deena said.

Everyone on Wahid crowded around one another and flipped through the catalog ooing and ahing at all the food items that were potentially up for grabs today.

"Can we please get the PB&J Kit?" Gervase said, "Bread, Peanut Butter, and some Jelly for your felly."

"Why would we order something that's only going to last one sitting?" Deena said confused.

"Because we're probably gonna merge in like two days," Varner said.

"We don't know that though, the merge could never come, we need to prepare for the worst. I say we get the soup beans and something practical like a knife kit," Deena advised.

"If we get one more knife in this camp then I'm probaby going to kill myself," Brandon said irritated.

"Crossed the line there Brandon," Gina said defending her friend.

"Brandon, chillax," Kelly said.

Brandon rolled his eyes and walked into the shelter. "Y'all can do whatever, I'm just not in the mood to be a part of this right now."

We should get this, no this, no that, no that's useless, I'm hungry, I'm cold, I'm poor wah wah wah all day long. It's driving me nuts.

–Brandon Quinton

"Let's just compromise," Kelly said.

"Stratteling the fence again," Gina mumbled.

"Let's just order the PB & J Kit and the Soup Beans, everybody wins," Kelly said fairly.

The men and the woman both seemed irritated, neither wanted to compromise, but to avoid anymore drama this afternoon they would have to agree to Kelly's proposition.

"That sounds like a great idea," Penny said smiling.

"It's like Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows," Varner said mimmicking Penny's overly cheerful voice.

This tribe is divided like crazy right now, yet the more divided it is, the less likely it is that they all form the let's just vote out Kelly alliance.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Let the boys have what they want now, because I have a sure fire way to ensure that in three days those boys are going to have all the PB&J they can eat.

–Deena Bennett

At Ishrin, the morning had been quite the opposite of that at Wahid. The drama had melted away with their two recent victories. They all had awoken and enjoyed their breakfast together just enjoying their morning.

"I cannot wait to see who they voted out," Monica said grinning. "Like I don't care if it's someone as useless as Penny I"m just eccstatic that one of them isn't there anymore."

"How great would it be if they were dumb enough to get rid of someone like Gervase or John?" Spencer said laughing.

"If that happens, then maybe the other tribe is even more stupid than we are," Sydney said.

"If they wanna weaken their own tribe, I'm all for it, we need all the help we can get," Brett said jokingly.

Morale has done a full 180 over here. 3 Days ago we were all worn out, and ready to get picked off one by one, today we're so ready to keep up our winning streak. We've never been stronger than we are now.

–Brett Clouser

"I'm gonna go for a walk on the beach, maybe take a swim," Spencer said after finishing his breakfast.

"Mind if I join you?" Sydney Wheeler, Spencer's closest friend and ally said.

"Sure thing," Spencer said smiling.

The two walked off toward the beach. Spencer removed his shirt as they walked and talked about whatever it is they needed to get off there chest.

Monica Padilla watched carefully as they headed toward the beach, the two of them had a very complicated relationship, but they seemed closer than they had ever been before, too close for comfort, far too close for comfort.

When you're on a tribe of four. Any bond is dangerous, the closer two people are, the more you put yourself at risk if you lose.

–Monica Padilla

"Those two make me so uncomfortable," Monica said.

Brett shot her a confused look. "How so?" he asked.

"They're practically inseperable now, she follows him everwhere," Monica said hinting at the bigger picture.

"You know Spencer's gay, right?" Brett said confused.

Monica rolled her eyes, "I don't live under a rock Brett, I'm just saying. If we lose..."

"We're not gonna lose," Brett interjected.

"I'm not saying we are, I'm just saying if we..." Monica said before Brett interjected

"Mon, chill, if we lose, we'll talk about this, let's just enjoy the day. We're not gonna have many days as relaxing as this," Brett said soothingly.

"Whatever," Monica said, glaring at Sydney and Spencer while they walked.

Brett doesn't seem to understand that even when you win, the strategic game continues, and you have to prepare for when you lose.

–Monica Padilla

Monica's like my little sister. I love her, but she's always focused on the wrong thing. We just have to stick together because if we crumble we're done.

–Brett Clouser

"Well, you did it," Sydney said hunging her best friend Spencer. "You made it to Day 16. How's it feel?"

"It's like a crazy dream," Spencer replied.

I've been such a huge fan of Survivor since it started. Going out so early last time was heart breaking, so now that I'm still here I'm ready to win.

–Spencer Duhm

"So are you going to help me make it to the merge this time?" Sydney said smiling.

"Us Tocantins members have to stick together, don't we?" Spencer said smiling.

"I don't know, you tell me," Sydney said giggeling.

"You are such a flirt! I felt like I was becoming straight for a minute there," Spencer said laughing.

"I'm just that good Spencer," Sydney said with a playfully seductive wink.

Spencer splashed her with a faceful of water.

"Watch it!" Sydney said laughing.

"Bring it," Spencer said.

"You know I"m not gonna share my million dollars with you if you keep splashing me," Sydney said.

"Aw really? I guess I'll just have to win it for myself," Spencer said giggeling.


Sydney was drenched from head to toe.

"I'm regretting not voting you out," Sydney said smiling.

"Likewise," Spencer said.

The two laughed and hung out by the beach most of the day, there freindship had its ups and downs but today it seemed like it was solidified for the time being.

Sydney is seriously my best friend out here. She's like my rock, I wouldn't be here without her.

–Spencer Duhm

Coming into this season, Spencer and I really wanted to make the merge. This season is all about redemption for us, and if we get there at least we can't prove that we aren't total losers, haha!

–Sydney Wheeler

"We have treemail you guys," Brett shouted.

"Come hang out with us and read it," Sydney shouted.

The four flipped through the catalog and quickly agreed on the fishing supplies.

"How about the shampoo and toothpaste kit?" Monoica suggested.

"Oh my God, yes please," Sydney said excited.

"I'm gonna say no on this one, how bout you Spence?" Brett said.

"Umm....I don't think It's really..." Spencer began to say.

"Do you want to see Brett remove his shirt?" Sydney whispered.

Spencer smiled, Sydney giggled. "Like I said, I don't think it's really too big of an issue I mean...we gotta smell good right?" he said laughing.

"Precicesly, it is better to look good, than to play good," Monica said laughing.

And it was time to play.

Ishrin was eccstatic to see that Wahid had voted out John Caroll. It took all the dignity they had not to burst out laughing at them.

Jeff revealed the four items up for grabs, The PB&J Kit, the Soup Beans, the fishing gear, and the Shampoo & Toothpaste kit.

Deena scoffed at the other tribes items.

For today's challenge one castaway from each tribe would square off in a log roll. Man vs Man, Woman vs Woman. The first tribe to three points would win reward. Because of the uneven number of men and women on Wahid, two women and one man would sit out. They chose Gina, Deena, and Gervase to sit out.

The first two tribe members up were Sydney and Kelly. The two girls approached the log and began rolling. Kelly's uncoordination had caused her to fall into the water quickly.

One Point Ishrin!

Varner was up next against Spencer. The two had a fairly even run. Varner bent down to splash water in Spencer's face, but tripped over his own foot and fell into the water.

Two Points Ishrin, Zero Points Wahid.

Penny and Monica were up next. Penny's fancy footwork had quickly done away with Monica.

Brett and Brandon had the most even match yet, the two went back and forth for a solid three or four minutes until Brett lose his balance for a split second, which was all it took for him to come crashing down into the water.

The last round was going to be a girl vs a girl. Sydney vs Penny the two blondes who had won the first round for their team.

The two girls started at one another. They got on their log and began to roll. Penny controlled the direction of the log while Sydney waited for Penny to wear herself off. Penny began picking up the pace of the log, then switching directions, Sydney adjusted accordingly. After moving in one direction for a while Penny quicklly sped it up, sending Sydney into the water.


The Seven Wahid members rejoiced, despite their bickering earlier in the day it was good to win again.

Ishrin headed back to camp, keeping there head held high.

Back at Wahid the celebration was on. Everyone dipped there finger in the peanut butter jar and said cheers to one another. They finished the PB&J and all the bread almost instantly.

"And It's already gone folks," Deena pointed out.

Varner rolled his eyes.

The meal had been a temporary bonding moment, but as soon as the last scraps of it were gone, it was back to buisness.

Day 17

Ishrin's loss at the Reward Challenge yesterday had created a weird vibe within the tribe. The underdogs who had bounced back at the last tribal council, started to realize there was a strong possibility that they could be returning to Tribal Council tommorrow night.

All four of them had slept in most of the day, it was for the best not to dwell on what happened yesterday, they'd have to be at the top of there game if they wanted to beat Wahid in the immunity challenge today. The towering tribe of seven seemed to be unstoppable, even with the loss of their strongest member.

The four eventually woke up and cooked themselves brunch.

"Make sure we get some extra rations today, everything really rides on today," Spencer said.

"Plus I need to make it to the merge this time," Sydney insisted.

"I think we'd all like to make the merge after everything we've been through," Brett said.

"I had no idea that any tribe could lose this badly, especially an All-Stars one," Monica said laughing, although there was nothing really funny about the situation.

Yesterday's lost threw us off our game a little bit. We felt we could go and knock these next few challenges out of the park and have nothing to worry about, but we had a serious reality check yesterday.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Spence you wanna go for a walk?" Sydney asked sweetly.

"Sure," Spencer said standing up.

The two walked into the woods to discuss what was going back on at camp.

"She's plotting, I can feel it," Sydney said.

"How can you feel something like that?" Spencer asked confused.

"She doesn't deal well with losing, she's already preparing for what might happen today." Sydney said observantly.

"Oh, right," Specer replied.

"You promise you're still with me?" Sydney said.

"Promise," Spencer said with a smile.

"Remember I was willing to draw a rock for you last time, I just hope you'll return the favor," Sydney said with a faint smile.

Last time, I was sure Spencer wouldn't flip, he was far too worried, but now with the game about to become individual I'm so worried of him turning on me.

–Sydney Wheeler

I know Sydney's worried about today. Which is why I'm gonna give everything I got in the challenge today. Cause things could get crazy if we lose today.

–Spencer Duhm

"You know, I have what it takes to convince him to turn on her right?" Monica said to Brett with an evil smirk.

"Monica, not now, please," Brett said putting his head down.

"I just wanna be prepared in case we lose," Monica said defensively.

"We can scramble if we lose. We're already more solid of a pair than they are," Brett said reassuringly.

"I just don't think we'll have enough time to make it work," Monica said perplexed.

"Chill." Brett said.

At Wahid, the afternoon was far more eventful, alliances had been moving and shifting and the divide between the sexes had been growing bigger and bigger.

Kelly Goldsmith sat down by the beach waiting for Penny to join her. Yesterday was so crazy that neither girl had the chance to touch base with the other one, but now they were prepared to talk. Penny eventually made her way down to the shore and took a seat next to Kelly.

"So?" Kelly said insistantly.

"Brandon told them, I overheard them while everyone was out and about yesterday. Him, Varner, and Gervase have some kind of guys alliance going on," Penny told her honestly.

"He seriously told them?" Kelly said shocked.

"Gervase even thanked him for giving them a heads up," Penny added.

"Unbelievable," Kelly said shaking her head in dismay.

"Didn't he do this to you back in Africa too?" Penny said, trying to get a reaction from her.

"Exactly the same thing to be honest," Kelly said. "Then he voted my ass out and cost me the game," she said spititng.

"Well that's not going to happen this time ya'know?" Penny reassured her.

"I don't plan on this ruining my game," Kelly said.

"I gotta run, we can't make this look to fishy. Dont say anything to him yet, see if he'll confess, cause if he doesn't than we know he's a rat," Penny said.

Kelly nodded and laid on the beach as Penny walked back up towards camp.

Kelly finding out that Brandon betrayed her should really solidify her within the girl's alliance. Which is exactly what we needed.

–Penny Ramsey

I'm just in awe. I'm like Brandon's mother. He just gets himself into trouble and everyone blames it on me, because everyone assumes he can't be stupid enough to do s*** like that on his own.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Penny walked back to camp and relayed the information to Deena and Gina, who had been sprucing up camp.

"It wasn't Kelly, it was Brandon, I overheard the guys talking yesterday, they have some kind of deal," Penny explained.

"Noted," Deena said.

"Well now we have to get rid of Brandon," Gina said blatantly.

"We do?" Penny asked.

"He's definitely a snake, I underestimated him for sure, but you don't make a big move like that for shock value. We were 100% clear that nobody was to tell Varner and Gervase about the vote and he did," Deena explained.

"You really think Kelly's gonna vote her best friend out?" Penny said confused.

"If she cares about staying loyal to the alliance she will," Gina said offputtingly. Although Kelly's name had been cleared there still was a little resentment between the two of them.

"He screwed her, now she'll screw him over, that's the name of the game," Deena said.

I was relieved to find out our female allinace was indeed still intact. Brandon, that little bugger came out of nowhere, wow that was a shock.

–Deena Bennett

"Brandon!" Kelly yelled.

"Sup h...." Brandon said

"I swear if you're about to call me ho you're going to get an even worse beating than you were before," Kelly said getting pissy.

"Huh?" Brandon said.

"Did you tell Gervase and Varner about voting for John the other day?" Kelly asked.

"Was I not supposed to?" Brandon said grinning.

"Ugh," Kelly grunted throwing her head back  and rolling her eyes. Brandon had done it once again, screwed her over royally. "Seriously Brandon? Again?"

"Look, she was trying to take control over everything, so I was letting the bitch know she doesn't control us," Brandon explained.

"My ass could've been going home! I still could for all I know!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Chill bitch," Brandon said.

Kelly rolled her eyes and walked away.

Brandon drives me crazy. He screws me over, doesn't tell me, I have to find out through Penny, and then he acts as if he just did me a favor, like dude...

–Kelly Goldsmith

Is it just me or does Kelly's PMS get like ten times worse on Survivor?

–Brandon Quinton

"Smelly Kelly, you in a funk?" Varner asked laughing.

Kelly rolled her eyes and kept walking away.

"Dude, what did you do?" Gervase asked Brandon.

"She's just pissy cause Deena's been bugging her about y'all finding out about the John vote," Brandon explained.

"The hardest part about this allinace is figuring out which one of these bitches we're gonna get rid of," Gervase said.

"Hey, how'd she find out that you said that anyways?" Varner asked suspiciously.

"You think anyone else on this tribe was smart enough to pull that off?" Brandon said cynically.

"Touche," man "Touche," Varner said cackeling.

Deena is a bossy bitch, Gina is Deena's like zombie bride, Kelly's a hot mess, and Penny is still Penny. I just want all of them gone.

–Brandon Quinton

It was time for the immunity challenge, and it was a doosy. A large chunk of ham was pitted on a rope. The goal of the challenge was to bite off as much meat as possible with one's mouth and their hands tied behind their back. The team with the heaviest amount at the end of time will win Immunity.

Kelly, Penny, and Brandon sat out for Wahid.

Survivors ready....GO!

Ishrin worked out a system where two people would hold the meat while the other two would bite off as much as they could and then they would rotate spots. Spencer and Brett supplied huge chunks of meat. Monica got meat in places where it was hard to get off, although there was very little meat on the parts she was able to grab. Sydney was bringing in large amounts of ham as well to help the tribe.

Wahid's tribe was much more of a free for all. Everybody just sunk their teeth into the meat and ran toward the bin. Wahid hadn't been functioning as a team at all, plus the head honchos of both alliance were competing alongside one another. Deena helped Gina, Varner helped Gervase, and the two pairs did not speak once within the time limit.

"Time's up," Jeff Probst announced.

Deena ran out of the way as fast as possible.

"That thing is not hitting me on the head  again," she shouted.

Varner then took the liberty of swining the pig at her, although it missed by half an inch.

"How sweet Varner," Deena said in response.

When time was up the buckets looked fairly even. Then, Probst went to way both team's buckets.

Wahid weighs in at 22 pounds and 12 ounces of meat

Now for Ishrin.

Sydney Wheeler clenched Spencer's arm.

Monica stared dead at the scale, while Brett looked up as if he was sayinga prayer.

"You guys are weighing in at.....22 pounds.....14 ounces.

The Ishrin four lit up the minute they heard Jeff announce the result.


The four embraced in a group hug. Sydney jumped into Spencer's arms. The four danced and cheered all the way back to camp. The four of them would live to see the coming days whatever they may bring.

Day 18

The Breakfast of Champions was being cooked up at Ishrin this morning. The four of them had done what was seemingly impossible. After being dessimated by Wahid for the first twelve days of the game, never did they think they would be able to come back as much as they did. They were still four strong, they would be four strong possibliy heading into a merge, which was all the hope they needed.

Survivor Today pretty much means that my second time out here wasn't a total failure, I'm just so happy to be a part of this team.

–Sydney Wheeler

"I cannot believe we pulled it off yesterday," Spencer said about yesterday's immunity challenge.

"Two ounces you guys, that's insane," Monica emphasized.

"If we keep working together like this, I honestly think we could be the final four," Brett said confidently.

Everyone else laughed, they were still going into the merge without the numbers if it were when they assume it was going to be.

"I'm serious you guys," Brett insisted.

"Oh, that's awkward," Monica responded.

"Look, there's gotta be a crack in that tribe somewhere, you don't just vote out your strongest player without something crazy happening over there, we just have to go in completly united," he flashed a glare at Monica as he said the last part.

She nodded to show she understood she wasn't to tell Brett about the deal they'd previously made with Sydney before all of the Adam shannanigans.

Monica instead decided to cozy up to her tribe mates once again, she could use a little more favoritism within the tribe.

"So Sydney, how does it feel to finally make it to the top ten girlfriend?" Monica said eagerly.

"After everything we've been through you guys, it couldn't feel any better. Even if I went home tommorrow I'll feel like I've won because these past six days have been some of the best days of my life," Sydney said.

"Aww Syd," Spencer said hugging her.

We've had incredibly high highs together and incredibly low lows together, and winning these last two immunities has really solidified our bond I think.

–Brett Clouser

"We made a pact to the final four you guys, and we still have a shot at making that come true," Brett said.

"Let's do it then!" Monica shouted.

"Everyone put your hands in," Spener exclaimed.

"Ishrin on Three," Sydney said.

1, 2, 3, ISHRIN!

The four of them headed down to the beach to celebrate their victory.

While Ishrin was having fun in the sun the game was just heating up at Wahid. Scrambeling was going on to the nth degree from everyone on the tribe.

Kelly seemed to be certain I had told the guys about the vote. So I just wanted to make sure she wasn't just assuming

–Brandon Quinton

"Hey, um woman who ellicits her body for money that I am not allowed to say the actual term to her," Brandon said.

"If you're going to say that everytime you talk to me, I give you permission to use the word ho," Kelly said annoyed. "What's up?"

"How did you find out about me um telling the guys?" Brandon asked.

"Process of Elimination?" Kelly lied.

"Bullshit." Brandon said jokingly.

"Alright it was Penny," Kelly confessed.

"Oh wow, I was just joking, maybe I reall am good at this game," Brandon said confidently.

"Imagine that," Kelly said cynically.

"How the hell did she know?" Brandon asked.

"She overheard your conversation with Gervase and Varner," Kelly said raising an eyebrow.

"F***" Brandon said.

"That's right," Kelly smiled.

"Why are you friends with her anyways?" Brandon asked.

"Huh?" Kelly said.

"Why don't you want her to fall off a cliff like the rest of us want her to," Brandon explained.

"At least she hasn't thrown me under the bus," Kelly said.

"She's thrown everyone under the bus at some point in the first six or so days," Brandon said.

"Since when do you care about strategy?" Kelly said becoming concerned.

"I'm just trying to make sure you don't embarass yourself more than you already have," Brandon said snarkily.

"Well I think I can handle that without you," Kelly said walking away.

Is it just me or is Brandon like even more of a bitch than usual? He's playing extremly hard out of nowhere, and it's just super weird.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"She knows everything," Brandon told the guys.

"Smelly Kelly?" Jeff asked.

"Penny told her," Brandon said rolling his eyes. "Apparently she overheard us, and we hurt her feelings cause we messed up Kelly's game apparently."

"Aww we broke Smelly Kelly's stanky heart," Gervase said chuckeling.

"So, does that mean she doesn't wanna vote Penny out?" Varner asked.

"I couldn't tell you who she wants to vote out," Brandon said. "She's just being irrational right now.

"Well then lets take advantage of that and lets get rid of Deena," Varner said.

"Gina and Penny would be completly lost without her, they'd be a mess," Gervase said chuckeling.

"Especially Gina, she doesn't breathe without Deena's permission," Varner pointed out.

"I'll talk to her later, she's pissed," Brandon said.

So the plan right now is to vote for Deena. So I'm going to have to be Mr. Nice Gay and persuade Kelly to take out the woman who keeps barking orders at her.

–Brandon Quinton

Over on the other side of the beach Deena, Gina, and Penny were waiting to inform Kelly about what was going to go down at the vote tonight.

"So you're caught up to date on everything?" Deena asked.

"Well, I should hope so," Kelly said sarcastically.

"We wanna get rid of Brandon tonight, cut the snake's head off now," Deena said bluntly.

"Woah," Kelly said taken back. "I didn't see that one coming."

"Think about it though Kel, he screwed you over in Africa, he's already screwed you over here, and if we keep him here even longer he's just going to do it again," Penny pointed out.

"You're all going to do that though at some point," Kelly pointed out.

"I keep my word, If I were going to vote you out ever Miss Kelly you would know," Gina reassured her.

"Gee thanks Gina, I really appriciate that," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"So...are you in or not?" Deena asked Kelly.

"What happens if I don't wanna vote for Brandon?" Kelly said sceptically.

"Then he screws you over and you go back to California a two time loser cause you weren't smart enough to take out your greatest adversary now," Deena said passive agressively.

"Prove that you're loyal to the alliance," Gina said.

"Alright then," Kelly said. Heading out.

"Is that a yes?" Deena asked.

"Yes!" Kelly said with a smile.

"for now," she mumbled.

I'm kind of getting sick of being told what to do and who to like and who to align with. I'm not gonna be a swing vote tonight. I'm going to decide who's leaving, and that's that.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"Hey goregous," Brandon said.

"Hey sexy thing," Kelly said smiling back.

"So we're thinking about getting rid of Deena tonight,"  Brandon said.

"Deena?" Kelly said shocked.

"Who else were you expecting us to vote for?" Brandon said confused.

"I really wasn't thinking about it, I was just going through scenarios and stuff," Kelly said.

"Scenarios about what Kels?" Brandon said trying to be sympathetic.

"What would happen if you got voted out tonight." Kelly said bluntly.

"Me?" Brandon said.

"That's what they're planning on doing," Kelly said motioning towards the girls over there.

"And you're considering this?" Brandon said annoyed.

"Well it's not like I have any better offers," Kelly said innocently.

"Name your price," Brandon said.

Kelly relayed her plan to Brandon who shook his head no.

"That's even dumber than your plan not to tell the guys what happened," Brandon insisted.

"It'd be even dumber if you didn't accept it and got voted out tonight," Kelly said.

Brandon sat on the beach pondering Kelly's offer. It was risky. Definitely not the smartest decision, but it was all that would keep him here, unless he could convince her otherweise.

I feel like I'm playing Monkey in the Middle or Something. I'm just stuck in the middle of all this bs hoping it'll work out.

–Brandon Quinton

At Tribal Council the votes were ready to be tallied.

First Vote...

"Brandon," that had come from Gina.

"Brandon," Penny's vote was next to come up.

"Brandon," Deena's vote had shown up once again.

"Gina," That vote had been Brandon's as a part of his so called "deal" with Kelly.

"Gina," That had been Varner's vote

"Gina," Gervase's vote tied it up.

It all came down to Kelly. She made a deal with Brandon, and with Gina. Brandon had betrayed her, and Gina didn't respect her. Neither one seemed like someone she could trust, but she had to go with her gut instinct.

"6th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School,"


Deena, Gina, and Penny were shocked when Kelly's vote was revealed.

Kelly flashed her old smirk back at the guys who exchanged one with her.

"Gina, the tribe has spoken," and with that a whole new can of worms had been opened on the Wahid tribe.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6


Gina (4 Votes)
Brandon, Gervase, Jeff, Kelly
Brandon (3 Votes)
DeenaGina Penny<
Deena, Gina, Penny
Gina Crews

Still In the Running