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Can Temera keep it under wraps that she was the one to betray her alliance? And can Elena and Alice survive, now that they are outnumbered?
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 11/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 11 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Monopoly"

This episode chronicles Days 31-33.


Reward Challenge - Malaysian Auction

It's this season's Survivor Auction!

Quote1Come on in guys!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Welcome to the Survivor Auction. You were all given $500 before you arrived, and now you will be bidding against each other for items I present to you... Some hidden, some not. We'll be bidding in increments of $20. Before we get started, let's be clear... There is absolutely no sharing of money or items won, unless I say otherwise. Now, let's get to it!Quote2- Jeff

1st Item: Hot Fudge Sundae
- Alice wins item with bid of $80.

2nd Item: Hidden - (Cheeseburger & Fries)
- Nobo wins item with bid of $140.

3rd Item: Peanut Butter & Chocolate
- Sonya wins item with bid of $220.

4th Item: Hidden - (Note #1)
- Eli wins item with bid of $340.

5th Item: Hidden - (Black Licorice)
- Elena wins item with bid of $100.

6th Item: Hidden - (Advantage at Next Immunity Challenge)
- Alice wins item with bid of $480.

7th Item: Hidden - (Note #2)
- Elena wins item with bid of $480.


Note #1 - This note reads: "You have purchased a ticket back to camp. Not for, but for somebody of your choosing. You will send one tribe mate back to camp immediately, but not before taking his/her remaining money, and dispersing it to the rest of the tribe in any way you see fit. You may not take any of the money, and everybody must receive at least $20 (if applicable)". - Eli wins the item, and sends Temera back to camp. He spreads Temera's $500 throughout the whole tribe, giving his alliance all $120, Elena $80, and Alice $60. (Alice - $60;Sonya - $120; Elena - $80;Nobo - $120; Steve - $120)

Note #2 - This note reads: "You have gained the ability to have one person sit out in the next immunity challenge. There are a few rules. If you chose to sit somebody out (person of your choice), you must also sit out. Additionally, you may not sit out the person who won the previously bid item of the advantage at the next immunity challenge". - Elena won this item, and was told to reveal her decision at the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge - Who's Got Heart?

'For this individual immunity challenge, each castaway must stand as still as possible while they are balancing on a platform that moves the more they move. If you stand still, it only slightly wobbles with the wind. The platform is about twice the size of each person's foot, so you must be very concentrated to win.
Winner: Nobo

Night Thirty

At camp, Temera decided to not admit to swapping, because she figured Elena would believe her over Alice any day.

Yeah, Alice is hopefully going to take the fall for me. Intentional or not, she has fell on the sword meant to be put into my back.


Elena approached the two of them and tried to sort everything out.

Quote1Who did it? Seriously. I'm not messing around here. It wasn't me. So it had to be one of you. Come on! Speak up!Quote2- Elena
Quote1What? I swear it wasn't me. I have been with you since Day 1. Don't even think about pinning it on me! Quote2- Temera
Quote1Wait... I seriously didn't do that. I had no intentions of betraying you before tribal, and I most certainly didn't change my mind at any point. It wasn't me!Quote2- Alice
Quote1Oh, so Jeff must have voted for Sam then? Sam obviously can't vote for himself. So one of you two is lying. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Come on Alice, we really are supposed to believe that it wasn't you? I should have seen this comingQuote2- Temera
Quote1Excuse me?! I wrote down Nobo's name, just like I was told! Why would I betray your trust when nobody over there can trust me? That makes no sense! Quote2- Alice
Quote1I will get to the bottom of this, so don't think this will just brush away with the wind... Quote2- Elena

They went their separate ways, and headed off to bed.

Day Thirty One


The tribe returned from the auction, confused and anxious. They were very surprised at the number of new items never seen before, and were scared for the challenge.

I have a wierd position. I can take out anybody I want, as long as I'm willing to sit out. That's risky, but I could possibly use it.


This advantage seems good for me. I'm in a tight spot, but if I can win, I'll be one step closer.


Elena was quite confused at how she could use this note she won to her advantage, and spent the day mulling it over by herself. She was also worried about who she could trust, as she hadn't forgotten about somebody betraying her.

Yeah, Sam is gone. I think Alice, despite her claims, has switched again. There is a minimal chance Temera would be lying, and then again, what do I know?


Temera had gone to Nobo privately and asked if he could keep her betrayal a secret for the time being, as payment for her surely helping to expand his game.

Quote1Nobo I voted with you yesterday. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Well you had to know somehow we were voting for Sam. Who'd you talk to? Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Steve... I'm surprised he didn't tell you.Quote2- Temera
Quote1Yeah, I'm equally surprised. Well what made you change your mind?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Long story short, I heard Elena and Sam talking about getting rid of me, so I had to act. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Oh okay. Well what's on your mind?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1I was wondering if you could keep this under wraps. I know it ma be hard, but if you do, I'll call us even. I helped you, so you can help me? Sounds good?Quote2- Temera
Quote1Yeah of course. It's the least I can do!Quote2- Nobo

Temera has some guts coming up to me like that. And she thinks I am indebted to her? I didn't ask her to do that. Steve did. She is indebted to me, for not targeting her. I can't trust her. She's a very, very smart chick. And I don't know if I can stand for that. There's only so much property available here, and until now, I've had a monopoly on it all. She has taken Steve's trust from me. I have to take it back, by eliminating her.


Later, Steve went up to Temera, to thank her, and then brought up the possibility of joining their alliance.

Quote1So Eli and myself are really a close two. But you proved to me that you're trustworthy. Would you be interested in joining us for a final three alliance?Quote2- Steve
Quote1Steve, thank you for trusting me. I gave you my word, and that is what I intended to do. If we can get rid of Elena and Alice first, then I would love to join you. Quote2- Temera
Quote1Why is your only interest revenge? Just curious!Quote2- Steve
Quote1They can't be trusted. I want them gone haha. Quote2- Temera
Quote1I'll see to it that they are targeted, but I obviously cannot guarantee that they will go. Quote2- Steve

Day Thirty Two


Morning came and went, and their was a significant absence of communication abroad.

Why is nobody doing anything? I'm guessing some sort of fairy came last night and sprinkled some lazy dust on us. Because everyone, myself included, is just sitting here. And now I have to do some strategizing, but what can I do? Hmmm...


Nobo recalled yesterday's events, his discovery of Temera's betrayal, and pondered how he could take her out without upsetting Steve.

Steve has a trust buddy now. Steve cannot be any more powerful than he already is. It's either he leaves now and cut him off entirely or we weaken him by getting rid of Temera. I don't think I'm ready to cut off anyone from my alliance just yet. I have to talk to Elena.


Quote1What do you know about yesterday's tribal?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well if you're trying to mess with me, just quit while you are ahead. I have no idea.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Oh I was just as surprised as you. I had no idea we would have somebody swap. But, I found out who it was. She came up to me and told me yesterday. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Really? Who and why?Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well, it's surprising, but Temera did it. She said she overheard a conversation between you and Sam and felt threatened. So she got rid of him. She didn't even tell me. She did it all in the confidentiality of Steve. He told her who to vote for, and she did it willingly. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Oh my god that conversation was out in the woods. How did she hear?Quote2- Elena
Quote1So it was true?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Obviously! We had planned on getting rid of her sooner rather than later. But she obviously couldn't know that.Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well we both have similar goals now. I'll forgive you for writing my name down at tribal, and we can work together. Quote2- Nobo

Nobo gave Elena the idol, and told him he'll take it back after tribal.

Well this is a risky move. I can either be foolish, and I'll go home tonight, or Temera will go home. I hope it all works.


This is interesting. Maybe I can use Nobo's idol to get rid of him. But then I'd obviously be the next to go. I may actually go with the plan, but I have to search for better options. No rule says I can't use the idol, and maybe I can flush it out. Maybe, just maybe...


With Nobo's idol in Elena's hand and Elena considering betraying Nobo's trust, she had to go according to his plan, to not raise suspicion. She approached Alice and told her that she knew it was Temera, and apologized for yelling. Alice, who was relieved to see that Elena believes her, asked her what this means. Elena told her to vote for Temera tomorrow, unless she says otherwise.

I told Alice to vote Temera. But I won't tell her what I took from Nobo because I am still convinced that they are telling each other their dirty little secrets. I'm of course not certain, but it's better she doesn't know.


I know Elena feels bad, but I don't have to vote with her. Temera may have been the one to swap, but I would have if I was in her position too. I don't know what I'm going to do just yet, but Elena may not have my vote.


Nobo didn't tell Sonya anything quite yet, as he wasn't sure what she would relay back to Steve and Eli.

Its wierd not being able to trust Sonya, yet somehow still trusting her. I think this game isn't for her. She's not very good at keeping secrets from the people she cares about. So we'll just keep this from her until tomorrow. It'll give her less time to screw it up- no offense Sonya haha.


Day Thirty Three

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Individual Immunity Challenge Information

At the challenge, Jeff explained the rules, and then told Alice that her pedestal was three inches wider, which gives her more room to balance. Then, Jeff asked Elena if she would like to use the note today. She said yes, and instructed Temera to sit out. Shocked, Temera took a seat, alongside Elena, and watched the challenge from the sidelines. As the challenge started, Eli fell off right away, which startled Alice, who was next to him, and lost her balance and fell as well. After a series of laughs from Steve, his balance gave way as well, eliminating himself from the challenge. He continued to laugh at both Alice and himself, and they joked about it on the bench while Nobo and Sonya stood very still, concentrated on one spot. After about an hour, the wind started to pick up. After a few close calls, they managed to stay balanced, until Jeff brought out a plate of spaghetti. He offered it to whomever jumped. Neither of them budged. He gave it to the rest of the tribe to share, and was stunned after the same outcome occurred when he brought out a plate of chocolate and peanut butter.

Quote1The last time I tried this, there was a very different outcome!Quote2 - Jeff

After a few more hours, Sonya dropped out, after trying to itch her arm, granting Nobo immunity.


After the challenge, everybody congratulated Nobo for his victory.

Okay, so I really needed that. I kept second guessing myself for trusting Elena. But now, she is way more likely to listen to me. I can't be voted out!


Temera went immediately to Elena to hear her story.

Quote1What the hell Elena? Why would you use that on me?Quote2- Temera
Quote1Oh come on T, why do you think? I obviously know what you did. I knew as soon as you lied to me when I asked you. I could see straight through it. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well I only did it because I overheard you and Sam plotting to get rid of me as soon as possible!Quote2- Temera
Quote1Well this is Survivor Temera! You have to act and react. We both tried to get each other. No hard feelings from this end. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well what now? Quote2- Temera
Quote1Vote for Sonya. Hopefully I can convince Steve and Eli that Nobo's too strong and his right hand needs to be cut. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Good idea. Do you want me to talk to them? Quote2- Temera
Quote1No, I can do it. They already came up to me today about ways to get rid of Nobo. I'll take care of it. Don't worry. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Okay, thanks. I'm sorry for everything. Quote2- Temera

Ahh this is getting intense. I'm lying all the time. I think it is seriously impossible to play this game with integrity. Honestly, I think honesty and integrity have much different meanings when you're playing Survivor. But, I told Temera what she needed to hear to feel safe. There is nothing more dangerous that somebody who is as smart as her, and is paranoid.


As tribal approached, Steve and Eli talked to Sonya and Nobo, explaining that Elena should go. Nobo kept quiet, but made sure to avoid committing to anything. As they separated, Nobo pulled Sonya aside, and told her to vote for Temera.

Quote1Please Sonya, if there was ever a time to listen to me, it's now. You have to vote for Temera tonight. Quote2- Nobo
Quote1What? Why? We just agreed Elena.Quote2- Sonya
Quote1It was Temera that voted with us last tribal. She betrayed themQuote2- Nobo
Quote1Isn't that good for us?Quote2- Sonya
Quote1Yes and no. Yes because it's gotten us further in the game. But now she's aligned with Steve. It was Steve who convinced her. I don't want to get rid of Steve, but he can't be that powerful. We have to keep him at bay. I can guarantee he would rather go to the end without us. He can't beat either of us at the end. He can beat Temera. He can beat Eli. He will get rid of us if he has the strength to.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1How sure are you?Quote2- Sonya
Quote1I've never been so sure of anything in my life.Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Okay okay, I'll do it. Thanks for trusting me.Quote2- Sonya

Nobo is really the one person out here that I can trust. But I just hope he doesn't try to pull a fast one. We are still an alliance, and in effect, a family...


They left each other, and Nobo went to Elena for a status report.

Quote1Elena, what's going on?Quote2- Nobo
Quote1Well, I have talked to Alice. She's on board. I told Temera to vote for Sonya, and she believes me... I hope. I'm worried she'll talk to Steve and Eli about it. I told her I would try to convince them to vote for Sonya too. Obviously that isn't happening. Quote2- Elena
Quote1Well, tonight should be interesting then. Remember, just write Temera. Quote2- Nobo

Tribal Council

At tribal, Jeff asked Temera how it felt to be sidelined at the challenge. She explained that there was a misunderstanding at camp, and that's why Elena did it. Jeff asked Elena if she was willing to share the misunderstanding, and she said: "Sorry Jeff, but the game is afoot." When he turned his attention to Nobo, he asked how it felt to be wearing the necklace. He told him it was relieving to actually be completely safe. Jeff then asked Sonya if she was starting to think about the end game. Sonya said she has been in a good spot to be thinking about it since Day one, and Jeff then instructed the tribe to being voting. After he read the votes, it was Temera who went home with a sparatic 4-2-1 vote.

Tribal Council 12: Kebakaran





Nobo, Elena,
Sonya, Alice




Steve, Eli





Voted Off:


Voting Confessionals

Temera, I'm voting for you tonight because you're sloppy gameplay has almost cost me my game. You got caught red-handed, told too many people, and you have to pay for it.


Nobo should be voting for you too. As for if you're going home, I'm not too sure.


Sonya, if all goes well, Steve and Eli will be setting the tempo for the remainder of the game. You are the right hand of Nobo, and if Nobo has the necklace, you're elimination is the next best thing.


You tried to stop me. You only invigorated my wrath! Hahah!


Elena, it's your time to go. You are dangerous and I can't have that.


Let us seriously pray that you go home, and I get my idol back tonight.


Bye bye girlie! You're a spicy woman with many voices, but I do not fall for your tricks.


Final Words

This is really eye-opening. I got played, and I'm glad I was blindsided, because it really tells you how smart the people you're playing against really are. I had fun, made friends, and made the jury. I'm not 100% satisfied, but I'm not 100% disappointed either. Good luck everyone!


Still in the Running







































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