"Montana, I Hope You're Watching"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 13/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Two Blondes, a Goth, a Strong Person, a Pacifist, and Myself
Next Do Me a Favor and Look Directly At the Sun
Montana, I Hope You're Watching is the penultimate episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

With the double elimination of Roberta and Aleskan, the final six felt that serious threats were gone. Judas and Bianca admitted their love to each other, but agreed to start the relationship after the show. Montana found out by spying and decided to get one of them out. Later, in a do-it-yourself reward challenge, Dawn, Montana, and Katniss won the reward by one point. Hibiki and Dawn were separated for a period of time, making both anxious.

At the immunity challenge, Katniss won the challenge without having her tile stack collapse on itself. Katniss, Judas, Bianca, Dawn, and Hibiki all decided Montana was to go that night. However it did not go as planned. Montana got wind of their plans and played her idol, and with a single vote, Bianca was sent home. Five are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Shoot 'n' Shuffle
Using slingshots, the castaway's loved one must break hanging plates with shuffleboard discs attached. After ten shots, take all of your discs (smashed by yourself, or by someone else) and use them on a shuffleboard table painted like Africa. Person closest to the X (representing their current location) wins.
Reward: A spa day
Winner: Dawn (shared with Hibiki)

Immunity Challenge: Tile Smash
On a 5x5 grid of tiles (a total of 25 tiles), are color coded tiles. Each castaway has three colored tiles (all the same color). The target is to throw coconuts at your opponent's tiles. There are also black tiles, which count for nobody. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Montana


Night 33

Qattara returned from tribal council to camp. Dawn, Hibiki, and Katniss were sad that Bianca left the game. Montana was proud of what she accomplished. Judas was furious of the results of tribal council.

the (bleep) bitch Montana thinks she's so high and goddamn mighty? That (bleep) isn't. She is a low life leech. She's so going (bleep) down.


After building the fire, the final five went to sleep.

Day 34

In the morning, Katniss and Judas are up. For awhile, there is silence. Katniss broke the silence.

Katniss: "I think this is the first time that we've talked face to face."
Judas: "I think so, too."
Katniss: "So what are the plans?"
Judas: "Well it would be to get Montana out, but if she were to win immunity, which is unlikely, we need to get one of the lovebirds out."
Katniss: "I'm thinking Hibiki first, but what if we make the final four."
Judas: "Then we tie."
Katniss: "That sounds fine. By the way, so seemed to have taken Bianca's elimination hard. Are you okay?"
Judas: "Yeah."

I feel that he isn't telling me everything. But, still, hopefully he's still okay.


The final five are instructed to go to the challenge area. Qattara arrived to the area. A wooden wall was behind Jeff for some reason.

Jeff: "Congratulations on making the final five. For your accomplishment, we have a few surprises for you."
A middle-aged woman with platinum blonde hair and pale skin walks out from the wall. She is wearing a dress with floral-pattern dress.
Jeff: "Dawn here's your step-mother, Hillary."
Hillary: "Dawn, my little sunflower."
Dawn breaks down in tears.

When I saw my step-mom, it was like OMG, she's here. She's the one who basically raised me as her own.


A young man with fair skin and dark dark walks out. He is wearing a white t-shirt and jean.

Jeff: "Judas, your brother, Cristin"
Cristin: "Hey, little bro."
Judas looks coldly at his brother.

Of all the people, my brother. I don't like him, he's obnoxious and a huge douche. He doesn't think that way, he thinks everyone loves him.


A young man with olive skin and brown hair walks out. He is wearing a grey shirt and grey athletic shorts.

Jeff: "Katniss, here's your cousin Gale."
Katniss and Gale hug.

Gale is like my best friend we do nearly everything together. It's so great to see him.


An older man with light brown hair and fair skin walks out. He is wearing a blue collar shirt with a pair of jeans and a belt.

Jeff: "Montana, here's your father, Bill."
Montana: "Daddy!"
Bill hugs his daughter.

Me and daddy have a really strong father-daughter relationship. We talk to each other everyday, no matter where we are.


The final person to emerge from behind the wall is a young woman with fair skin and dark hair. She is wearing a short silver dress and a large white hat with a red bow in it.

Jeff: "Hibiki, here's your sister, Kotone."
Kotone: "Hibiki, it's great to see you."

It's great to see Kotone again. I haven't seen her in a month.


Jeff then explained the challenge.

Jeff: "Using slingshots, you must break hanging plates with shuffleboard discs attached. After ten shots, take all of your discs, smashed by yourself, or by someone else, and use them on a shuffleboard table painted like Africa. Person closest to the X, representing our current location, wins a spa day. However, there is a twist, you guys aren't going to compete, your loved ones are. We'll draw for spots."
The castaways' loved ones begin to shoot rocks at plates. After ten minutes, they were told to grab their discs. Hillary has three, Cristin has two, Gale has six, Bill has four, and Kotone has three. Gale is told to begin. He shoots the first disc. It completely misses the mark. Three more discs miss the X. One comes within two inches and the last one comes within half an inch. Bill then begins to shoot. None of the four get any closer, execpt one that bumps Gale's further toward the X. Kotone shoots her discs. One comes within a few inches, but the others are no closer. Cristin begins. Both discs completely miss their mark. Hillary is the last to go. The first disc shot is seven inches away from the mark. The second disc bumps the first disc away from the X. The third disc is shot and it is strong enough to bump Gale's disc away the X and get the disc on the X.
Jeff: "Dawn wins reward! Now, chose someone to go with you and your step-mom and someone to go to exile."
Dawn: "Hibiki is coming with. Judas, sorry, but I'm putting you in exile."
Jeff: "Hibiki, Kotone, come up with Dawn and Hillary. For the rest of you, say good-bye to your loved ones and head on out."

Today was a real tearjerker. It was so nice to see the ones we love be her for us, even if it was for a little bit.


At the reward, Dawn, Hibiki, Kotone, and Hillary receive massages, manicures and pedicures (the girls only), went in a sauna, ate some food, got their hair done (the girls only), and got waxed.

Day 35

Hibiki and Dawn are in the middle of their daily make-out session. Hibiki stops to talk.

Hibiki: "We need to start talking about who's going."
Dawn: "Montana'a going plain and simple."
Hibiki: "But what about after?"
Dawn: "I didn't think about that."
Hibiki: "I think Katniss should go first, then Judas. But it depends on who wins immunity."
Dawn: "That sounds fine."
They begin to make-out again.

On Exile Island Judas is carving a wooden figurine out of the firewood supplied. After a few hours of carving, he shows what he made. It is a figurine of Montana in a crown. He starts a fire. He holds a piece of wood on fire near the figurine.

Judas: "Queen bee Montana, I hope you're watching this at home."
He lights the figurine on fire and throws into the shelter on Exile Island. The shelter starts on fire.
Judas: "That should give a new meaning to flaming queen."
He then takes the tarp and sleeps in the sand for the night.

As much as want to kill Montana, I have to get her into the finale with me. Being the complete bitch means she'll get at least one vote. The others are like suicide. Hopefully I won't have to work with that bitch.


Day 36

The next day the final five are instructed to go to the challenge area. After arriving Jeff explains the challenge.

Jeff: "On a 5x5 grid of tiles, are color coded tiles. Everyone has three colored tiles. The target is to throw coconuts at your opponent's tiles. There are also black tiles, which count for nobody. Last person standing wins immunity. We'll draw for spots."
After the draw, Judas is given white tiles, Montana has pink tiles, Katniss has purple tiles, Dawn has green tiles, and Hibiki has red tiles.

The castaways are instructed to throw. Katniss hits a black tile. Dawn hits a red tile. Judas hits another red tile. Montana hits a white tile. Hibiki hits a green tile. Katniss and Montana have all their tiles, Judas and Dawn have two and Hibiki has one.

They are instructed to throw again. Katniss hits a red tile, eliminating Hibiki. Dawn hits a pink tile. Judas and Montana hit black tiles. Hibiki hits a purple tile. Dawn, Katniss, Judas, and Dawn all have two tiles.

Hibiki is told to sit out. The others are instructed to throw. Katniss hits her own (purple) tile. Dawn's coconut goes through a cracked tile. Judas hits the last purple tile, eliminating Katniss. Montana hits a black tile. Judas, Dawn, and Montana still have two tiles left.

Katniss is told to sit out. The remaining three are told to throw. Dawn and Montana both hit a white tile, eliminating Judas. Judas hits a green tile. Montana has two tiles and Dawn has only one.

Judas is told to sit out. Montana and Dawn are told to throw. Montana hits a green tile and Dawn hits a black tile.

Jeff: "Montana wins immunity. She has a one-in-four shot of winning."

At camp, Hibiki and Dawn have finished talking to Montana and leave. Katniss and Judas arrive a few minutes later.

Katniss: "We need to talk."
Montana: "Fine, speak."
Judas: "We need you to vote with us to get Hibiki out, we'll guarantee you final three."
Montana: "Okay, fine. I'll vote with you two."
Katniss: "Good."

I feel like I'm on top of the world! I'm automatically in the final four and both groups have plans to get me to the final three. Now, should I vote with Katniss and Judas or Hibiki and Dawn. Decisions, decisions.


Qattara arives to tribal council. They put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Jeff: "We'll now bring in the members of the jury, Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, Aleskan, and Bianca voted out at the last tribal council."
Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, Aleskan, and Bianca walk in. Bianca is wearing a orange blouse with a white stripe, a green skirt, green heels, and a shell necklace.
Jeff: "Three days ago, Montana was the target, now she's safe. Judas, care to explain what happened?"
Judas: "Well Bianca did feel like Montana may of had an idol, but we couldn't split the vote. With Montana immune, one of us will be going."
Jeff: "Katniss, how will the vote go?"
Katniss: "Well me and Judas are voting for one person. Dawn and Hibiki are voting for someone else. Montana is the swing vote."
Jeff: "Dawn, have any input?"
Dawn: "Well I think this is what Montana wanted the whole time, was to make the decisions."
Jeff: "Hibiki, do you think Montana is manipulative?"
Hibiki: "Yes, before the split, she was with Aleskan a lot, our leader, to get power. That quickly failed when he was swapped to the other tribe. She's been scrounging to be in charge."
Jeff: "Montana, want to say anything?"
Montana: "It wasn't great to meet any of you (bleep)."
She flips off both sides.
Jeff: "Montana, you have immunity, do you want to give it up?"
Montana: "What do you think. Hells no!"
Jeff: "You cannot vote for Montana. Katniss, you're up."
One by one, each castaway votes. After everyone finishes, Jeff gets the urn.
Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, this is the last day to play it. Alright Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Katniss. Hibiki. Katniss. Next vote, Hibiki. One vote left. Sixteenth person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara and the seventh member of the jury..........................Hibiki. Please bring up your torch."
Hibiki hugs Dawn good-bye and grabs his torch and gives it to Jeff.
Jeff: "Hibiki, the tribe has spoken."
Hibiki walks away from the tribal council area.
Jeff: "A couple has just been divided, now is Dawn next, or someone else? You may head on out."
Qattara gets up and leaves the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
Hibiki (3 votes)
Judas, Katniss, & Montana
Katniss (2 votes)
Dawn & Hibiki
Hibiki Kagome

Voting Confessionals

Kat, sorry but if Hibiki wants you out, you must be a threat.


Katniss, listen you are similar to Aleskan, the exception is you are prettier and more social.


Hibiki, being in a couple and having not to piss anyone off makes you the biggest threat.


Hibiki, we need out now.


Sorry, Hibiki you worry me more than Katniss.


Final Words

Well me and Dawn did talk about me leaving, weather it bee sooner or later. Dawn, stay strong and go far. Judas and Katniss, get Monty out next. Montana you can go to hell.


Still In the Running

Devin BW
Drayden BW
Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Lilly-Bo BW
Roberta BW
Aleskan BW
Bianca BW
Grimsley BW
Gwendolyn BW
Hibiki BW
Jeremy BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Only 4 Remain:
    • Dawn - The Moonchild
    • Judas - The Goth
    • Katniss - The Survivalist
    • Montana - The Bitch
  • 4 Survivors,
    3 Days,
    2 Challenges,
    2 Tribal Council,
    1 Final Tribal Council,
    and One Sole Survivor.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: The Amazon episode, Sour Grapes, Survivor: Vanuatu episode, Now Who's In Charge Here?!, Survivor: Tocantins episode, It's Funny When People Cry, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, Jumping Ship, Survivor: Redemption Island episode, A Mystery Package, and Survivor: South Pacific episode, Free Agent.
  • The immunity challenge is a rehash of Kamikaze from Survivor: Palau episode, I'll Show You How Threatening I Am.
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