Moondoggie Grayson
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 19, 1988 (1988-02-19) (age 29)
Hometown Cocoa Beach, FL
Occupation Professional Surfer

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Tribes Eiao
Placement 11/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 1
Days Lasted 18

Moondoggie Grayson is a contestant in Survivor: Kidnap Islands.


A perfect day for Grayson includes riding perfect waves, chillin' with babes and lovin' the beach life, maan! Grayson is perfect for this game because he is a total beach bum, he can survive in island-like conditions. A professional surfer, Grayson is used to a more... nonchalant lifestyle. This might work against him, but he thinks his athleticism, charm and good-looks will keep him around.

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Voting History

Grayson's Voting History
Episode Grayson's
Voted Against
[1] Eiao Tribe Immune
[2] Eiao Tribe Immune
[3] Millie -
[4] Eiao Tribe Immune
5 Yolandri -
6 Amir Amir
Voted Off, Day 18


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