"More Dangerous Than Before"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 3/13
Episode Chronology
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More Dangerous Than Before is the third episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Immunity Challenge: Blind Rage
A caller (who can be switched at will) guides one blindfolded member at a time down a field to smash one of five hanging skulls with a war club they’re holding, grab the tiles that fall out, take them to the solving station, and run back. Once all six sets of tiles are on the station, the entire tribe runs down the field to it and arranges them to form a sentence (You've won Immunity!!).
Winner: Vaitu


Night 6

Vaitu got back to camp in a good mood, and Xuan started to sing because he knew that Elicia was out. Anda was also in a great mood, and she would join in singing at times.

Day 7

Funa did a round of Boot Camp, happy to have won Immunity the day before. Albert went fishing for the tribe. Edd approached Kelie to talk about strategy. Edd asked Kelie whether she would want to take out Cassandra or Rebecca, and Kelie played with her heart and said Cassandra. Edd nodded and thought about who he would want to take out. Then, Kelie asked him who they would take out once Rebecca and Cassandra were voted out. Edd thought about this, but he knew that the other boys were tight. So, Kelie suggested maybe to take Albert out of the game, since she knew that Edd and Kelie were at the bottom of the alliance. Rebecca talked to Kelie about the game, and Rebecca suggested Yoshirou because he was smart. Kelie wondered how Rebecca knew that Yoshirou was smart, and Rebecca said that she sees him talking to the other boys like a leader. Kelie told Edd this. Edd said that either Albert or Rebecca would be voted out if they lost immunity unless Cassandra got really annoying.

Anda woke up first for Vaitu. She gathered fish and other food so Vaitu would be pleased. After everybody had awoken, they had breakfast off of some of the food Anda had gathered. They all thanked her. Bobby told the alliance of 5 that she was trying to get them to not vote her off. They all thought that Bobby was right. Xuan started to talk to Raphael and Penny about making an alliance with him and Anda. Penny and Raphael agreed but inn secret still went along with Yakawae, Bobby, and Stephennie. Penny talked to Raphael about lying some more. Raphael said in a confessional that unless she realized what the game of Survivor was about, Penny would be an early boot. Raphael told Yakawae that Xuan was getting more strategic now that Elicia was gone, and Yakawae also pointed out that if he got far, he would get more dangerous strategically.

Day 8

Both tribes were upset to find out that there was no reward challenge. Funa trained hard for the next day because they wanted to start a winning streak. Cassandra was overconfident that their tribe would win, so she sat out. Anda worked hard at Vaitu so she would not be picked to be voted out if they lost.

Day 9

In the challenge, the Vaitu caller was Yakawae and the Funa caller was Rebecca, and Vaitu won.

At Funa, Edd and Kelie discussed who they would vote out. They told Yoshirou, Albert, and Rocky about voting out Rebecca, since she had knowledge of Yoshirou's slight leadership on strategic moves. They told Rebecca to vote for Albert. Rebecca confronted Edd and Kelie and told them that they were in an alliance. Even though Kelie is not the type to lie, she told Rebecca that Albert strategically made Yoshirou call out the plans, so Albert would not be targeted. Rebecca did not feel safe, so she said she would vote for Albert. Edd talked to Cassandra, and she said that she would only vote for Rocky. Kelie and Edd knew that there would be a tiebreaker if it was Albert vs Rebecca, and then Yoshirou and Rocky would get suspicious. So, they voted for Rebecca, who was voted out 5-1-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Rebecca (5 votes)
Albert, Edd, Kelie, Rocky, Yoshirou
Albert (1 vote)
Rocky (1 vote)
Rebecca Allbridge

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"Well done, well done!! Nicely played, nice blindside. I really understand everybody. No hard feelings, nice gameplay. And good luck."


Still in the Running

Next time on Survivor: Tuvalu

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Author's Note

  • This is the first time the title of the episode was not quoted by Kelie.