"More Deserted Than the Gobi"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 4/15
Episode Chronology
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More Deserted Than the Gobi is the fourth episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Spin Cycle
Two members of each tribe will be strapped to a large wheel. Two other members will spin the wheel. As the wheel turns, the strapped tribemates will be submerged in a tub full of water, where they must grab a mouthful of water then spit it onto a tube. once the tube gets filled with water, a ball will drop from it. The last tribe member will then solve a slide puzzle. When finished, the puzzle will turn into a table maze, where the puzzle maker must lead the ball into a pocket. First puzzle maker to finish this feat would win immunity for their tribe.
Reward: Steaks, vegetables, and spices for the first-place tribe. Vegetables and spices for the second-place tribe. Pots and pans would also be supplied.
Winner (according to finish): Manlai and Noyon

Previously on Survivor...

After the majority of Noyon voted out his closest ally, Nicholas was stunned... “I thought I had Elliott and Eric with me, but, they most certainly were not with me.” ...and he let everyone on his tribe know it. “Now, we can’t really win challenges if you’re going to keep Ms. Mentally Fragile over here around! (points to Ruth) She was the obvious choice to vote out! How could you not see that?! How do you vote Abby out over her?!" At Manlai, Melissa began to secure her position in the game. “Katie and I...we shook on it being us two to ‘the end’... I want to keep Jake there, so in case something happens where we’re on the wrong side of the numbers after the merge, I’m not the target. He is.” At the reward challenge, Sevrei couldn’t get over the wall, as Henry took a hard fall. Afterwards, Katie carefully found a clue to an idol...”Yes! Oh my God! Okay...okay...” “Timing is everything in Survivor, I just have to time it right or it might get me in hot water.”...then Tony stumbled upon the idol for Sevrei in the trees. “The last one I climb has the idol sitting on the tree, right next to my feet. So, here it is! This is pretty awesome!” The clues continued at Noyon, as Ruth found another clue to their idol. “Oh baby, this is awesome. My hand’s shaking.” Back at Sevrei, Cassie and Tony grew closer. “I think it’s really great that you’re out here to make a better life for your family.” “Thanks. I’m a fan of the show too, but my family’s more important.” “Cassie and I are tight out here. She’s not only my closest ally, she’s my closest friend out here too.” At the immunity challenge, Cassie and the rest of Sevrei continued to struggle as they watched Manlai and Noyon dominate the challenge once again. Back at camp, Cassie was in hot water...“Today’s going to be difficult cause I know that I screwed up in the challenge.”...until Victoria told Julia about Tony’s idol. “Whoa, whoa. Tony has a what?” With this knowledge, Julia and Scott plotted to flush the idol out by targeting Victoria. At Tribal Council, their plan came to fruition. Tony played his idol to cancel one vote, and Victoria received three. “Victoria, the tribe has spoken.” Sixteen are left, who’ll be voted out tonight?


Night 10

The camera focuses on the now five members of Sevrei returning to camp, with Julia subtly elated with the outcome.

I couldn’t believe how well tonight worked out. I still can’t! Tony played his idol for no reason other than being scared, we sent Victoria home, and my alliance is still intact. I’m having a great night!


It cuts to Julia giving Scott a congratulatory hug for a well-accomplished blindside.

Julia: Nice job! Ahh, I can’t believe that worked!

Scott (smirking): I know. We still have a lot of game to go, but tonight is definitely worth a celebration.

Julia: Well, let’s go get Henry and celebrate then!

The two approach Henry, who is lying down in the shelter with his hands on his forehead.

Julia: Henry, nice job! That worked perfectly tonight!

Henry (seeming to be in immense pain): Mmhmm.

Scott: You doing okay, Henry?

Henry: My head has been killing me all night. Ever since that challenge with the wall, something just ain’t been right.

Julia and I come over to the shelter to get Henry and congratulate one another on a job well done. When we get there, Henry is grabbing his head saying that he’s in a lot of pain, but it hadn’t been for just the night. It’s been going on since we lost the wall challenge, apparently. I don’t know. He’s in really bad shape.


Julia: Do we need to call Medical for you?

Henry: I mean, hell, it wouldn’t hurt. Not as bad as this anyway.

Julia and Scott crack a smile since Henry can still joke around, even when hurt. It then cuts to the Survivor Medical Team and Probst arriving at the Sevrei camp.

Probst and the Sevrei tribe exchange greetings while Joe, the main doctor, begins to examine Henry. He begins to ask questions such as where the pain is, what kind of pain he is feeling, and then checks other vital areas.

Joe: From what I’ve gathered, he’s certainly suffering from dehydration, but for the headaches, it’s possible he may have a middle ear infection. It’s something that we don’t have to pull him for. He can stay here, and we can check on him tomorrow morning and see how he’s doing then.

Probst: How does that sound, Henry?

Henry simply responds by giving a thumbs up. With that, Probst and the medical team leave Sevrei’s camp.

We’re worried about Henry. I’m not even worried about what happened at Tribal right now. I’m just concerned for Henry’s well-being. Medical did come in and check on him, and they said that he was okay enough to stay at camp. I guess they would know if something was wrong enough with him to where they would have to take him out of the game, but the rest of us have to keep an eye on him, keep him hydrated and cool, so he doesn’t get to feeling worse.


It cuts to Henry lying next to Cassie and Julia, who are trying to comfort him, in the shelter.

(intro plays)

Day 11

The sun is seen rising behind the mountains as the camera transitions to the Sevrei camp, where Probst, Dr. Joe, and the rest of the medical team return to check on Henry’s condition.

This morning, Jeff and Medical came in to check on Henry. I was just thinking the entire time, ‘please be okay’, ‘please be okay’. If we lose him, then I lose a number, and the power shifts to a two-two struggle. I need him to be okay for my sake.


Probst and Sevrei exchange greetings, more groggily than the night before, once more, and Dr. Joe begins to examine Henry. He asks him how he’s feeling and if he has any pain. Once he finishes evaluating Henry, Dr. Joe addresses the rest of the Sevrei tribe.

Probst: How’s he doing, Joe?

Joe: After running some tests on him and seeing how he responds to the questions I asked him, he is...

The Sevrei tribe waits in anticipation.

Joe: to stay in the game. The pain he is suffering from doesn’t seem to be as strong as it was last night. He doesn’t show signs of an infection anymore, so from all of that, it’s possible that it was just a reaction to something.

The tribe of five celebrates as they all embrace Henry.

The docs came and checked on me this morning, and all they could come up with was that I maybe had a reaction to something. I don’t know what kind of diagnosis that is, but shoot, am I happy to still be here! Woo!


Sevrei thanks Probst, Dr. Joe, and the rest of the medical team as they leave the camp.

The camera switches over to Manlai, where Jake and Benjamin are seen fishing, Antonio, Heather, and Melissa are tending to the shelter.

Antonio: Hey, where’s Katie at?

Melissa: She said her stomach’s been bothering her since last night, so I think she’s out taking care of business right now.

Antonio (looking like he shouldn’t have asked): Okay then...

The camera cuts to Katie looking up in the trees for the hidden immunity idol.

We didn’t have a challenge today, so I decided that that was the best time to look for the idol. We have a creek that’s not far from camp, but it’s still far enough to where no one saw me...I hope. Anyways, the first clue said to ‘ask why’ next to the creek, and that’s the only body of water we have at camp besides the lake. So, I start looking in the trees and climb a few. Ten or fifteen minutes in, I found a tree that was kind of shaped like a ‘Y’, and I said to myself ‘wait a minute’. I climb up the tree and low and behold, I found it!


Katie is seen grabbing the idol from a part of the tree that is about seven or eight feet up in the air. She safely jumps to the ground and quietly celebrates.

Katie (showing the idol to the camera): God! This is it! This is the real thing!

The dilemma I face now is do I tell anyone and if I do, who do I tell and when do I tell them? This could definitely be my ticket to a million dollars if I play it right.


It cuts to Katie walking back to camp with a slight grin on her face as the three tending the camp welcome her back.

Heather: How’re you feeling, Katie?

Katie (in a relieved tone): Better than I was earlier. I can tell you that much.

The four of them share a laugh.

The camera then shifts to Noyon, where Elliott and Jenn are seen discussing the game amongst one another near the tribe’s lake.

Elliott: I’m in super game-mode right now.

Jenn: Well, what are you thinking about?

Elliott: I know that you and I are solid, like Day 39 solid. I know we have Ruth and Eric, but that just doesn’t make me feel safe, like, when we get into the merge. I’m just thinking what we’re going to do once we get to that point because that’s only four of us in a tribe of ten to twelve people.

Jenn: I know, but we still have a lot of game to go before we get to that point. That’s a big ‘if’, too. We need to make it there first.

Elliott solemnly nods in agreement.

Elliott is my closest ally out here...and I trust him one-hundred percent, but he can be a little crazy with the strategy sometimes. It almost comes across as paranoia, but he’s not freaking out about it. He’s just in strategy-mode ALL the time. I told him that he needs to just relax, enjoy the day off, and have fun instead of just strategy, strategy, strategy.


Jenn: Hey, why don’t we go back to camp and wake the other guys up, just so we can enjoy the day with each other. No talk of the game, strategy, or anything like that. We all need a break from it.

Elliott (joking around): Okay, but just this one time!

The camera cuts to the two returning to camp to make an attempt to wake the others.

Elliott (whispering to Jenn): Let me pull a James here.

He clears his throat.


Eric, Nicholas, and Ruth groggily sit up in response to Elliott’s ‘singing’.

Ruth: Elliott, I think my roller-skates that I haven’t used in five years can sing better than you can.

Elliott (smiling): Just trying to have some fun!

It then cuts to the five members sitting around the fire having fun with one another, cracking jokes, and telling each other stories about themselves or their friends. Jenn goes on to tell a story about herself in college. Bits and pieces are left out, but it still has the other four laughing to tears.

Jenn’s a good gal. She knows how to get the rest of us going and make us laugh. All in all, she’s definitely fun to be around.


The camera then focuses on Nicholas, who seems to be enjoying himself as well.

For as much tension as I have had with this bunch, today has been a good day. We kinda put aside the game and any differences we had for today and really just got to know each other. I know Eric owns two ranches in Texas. I know Jenn has one of the most popular bakeries in Portland. Now with that being said, I know where the lines are within this tribe and what my position is. Come tomorrow, it’s game on again, and there’s an idol still out here somewhere. I need to find it before anybody else here does.


It focuses once more on Nicholas as he looks at the trees from camp. It then fades to break.

Day 12

The camera cuts in to the sun rising on Sevrei’s camp, where Cassie and Tony are seen collecting small branches for firewood as they walk up a small hill.

Cassie (as she picks up branches): Well, I’m stumped as to what we do.

Tony: I don’t think we have much of a choice. If we don’t find another idol, we’re done.

Cassie sighs, knowing that to be true.

Cassie: But we don’t have any clues to go off of.

Tony: Yeah, but did we need any clues to find the last one?

Cassie realizes that Tony is right.

Cassie (as a smirk comes to her face): Why don’t we look around a little then?

Tony nods. They then drop the wood that they were carrying and begin their search. Cassie searches the ground while Tony explores the trees and other elevated areas.

Cassie (as she looks under rocks): Found anything?

Tony: I found a bug! We should give that to Jeff and see what he does.

They share a laugh and continue searching for an idol.

Tony and I are basically sitting ducks at this point. We have to have something drastic happen if we’re going to get past the next couple Tribal Councils cause it’s the two of us against the three of them. I’m crossing my fingers that something does, in fact, happen.


It cuts back to Sevrei’s camp, where Scott and Julia are seen silently sitting by the fire as Henry sleeps in the shelter. The now-extended silence between Scott and Julia continues as Scott pokes at the fire with a stick.

I’m starting to wonder what Scott’s plans are moving forward. Let’s say we get rid of Tony and Cassie, what happens after that? Scott and I haven’t talked about any sort of final two or three deal at all, and we’ve been aligned this entire game! I’m still going to vote with him, though. But, the moment that he turns on me is the moment I turn on him. He may be my closest ally right now, but this is a game for a million dollars. If he gets in my way, then I have to take him out.


Scott is seen poking at the fire once more.

The camera focuses on storm clouds that are starting to form in the sky. Then it shifts over to Noyon as the five members of the blue tribe sit around the fire as the storms approach their camp.

Eric (starting to stand up): Okay guys, let’s get the shelter braced up for the weather that’s coming.

The others follow Eric’s lead and begin to make sure their shelter can withstand the impending storms. Nicholas then subtly changes direction into the forest.

Jenn: Hey, where did Nicholas go?

Once Nicholas is out of sight from the camp, he darts to the creek where he and Abby first looked for the idol at.

Right before the storms came, I just went in to desperation mode. I felt like my window of opportunity was closing by the second, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I guess that kind of goes with being an EMT...I felt it was time to act right then and there. I needed to get myself off of life support.


It cuts back to Nicholas sprinting through the forest as the wind starts to pick up. Not far behind him are Elliott and Jenn, who are going at full speed as well.

Elliott (partially out of breath): We have to find it before he does! Or at least don’t let him find it!

Nicholas arrives at the creek and starts to think long and hard about the possible location of the idol.

Nicholas: ‘Ask why’...‘ask why’. God, why is it this difficult to figure out?

Elliott and Jenn catch up to Nicholas, who suddenly becomes discouraged to see his two tribemates, and begin to look for the idol as well.

Elliott (quietly to Jenn): So, the first clue says to ‘ask why’. Then the second says that it’s not on the ground. Are we supposed to ask God or the sky why, and it will magically appear?

Jenn (not amused): Come on. We need to focus. Look, ‘ask why’ is in it’s supposed to mean something else.

Elliott: Like what?

It cuts to Nicholas climbing trees as a last resort.

Jenn: Well, what else could it mean? Like y-axis or the letter ‘y’. Something like that.

Elliott (suddenly coming to a conclusion): Oh my God, I know where it is!

Upon hearing Jenn say ‘the letter ‘y’’, Elliott remembers a tree shaped like the letter ‘y’ and darts to it. Noticing this, Nicholas removes himself from the tree he was climbing at that point and runs after Elliott, as the wind howls and the thunder roars.

Jenn: He’s right behind you, Elliott!

Nicholas gains ground on Elliott, but Elliott gets to the tree first and begins to ascend up the bark. Nicholas arrives moments later, and he, too, begins to scale the tree. Both Elliott and Nicholas reach the first standing part of the tree simultaneously, but Elliott notices the cloth containing the idol first and grabs it before Nicholas has a chance to. Both guys climb down to the ground. Elliott breathes a sigh of relief as Nicholas fumes and kicks the tree out of frustration.

I think I went through more trouble than I should’ve for this. I had no idea where to start with the clues, but then Jenn mentioned something about the phrase ‘ask why’ on the clue possibly meaning the letter ‘y’ and a lightbulb went off. I remember a tree that was shaped like a ‘y’ and just flew to it. Nicholas gave me a run for my money, though. I’m just happy it’s in my hands and not his!


It cuts to Elliott and Jenn walking back to camp with their new possession as Nicholas stays behind and continues to fume over the fact that he didn’t find the idol first.

This experience is harder than anything I have ever done. Harder than trying to save someone’s life when their excessively bleeding or anything like that. I never thought an experience like this could be this frustrating. I’m powerless. Now, I have to wait this out and pray that I survive another challenge or two and hopefully get some much-needed change in the very near future.


The camera focuses on Nicholas walking back to camp empty-handed as the thunder continues to roar nearby. It then fades to break.

The camera focuses on the Mongolian sky, as the storm clouds dissipate and day turns to night. It then shifts focus to Manlai, where Benjamin and Heather are seen in the shelter talking about each other’s professions and the similarities between them.

Benjamin: How often do you perform?

Heather (laughing slightly): Enough to pay the bills. I do enjoy it, though. Everybody in our little circle knows how to have a good time. How about you guys? Do you get any gigs?

Benjamin (shrugging his shoulders): Not as much as we would like, but like you said, it pays the bills, and we have blast when we play. So, I’m not complaining. The parties are always nice too.

Heather and I have a lot in common. Over the past several days, we’ve gotten to know each other on a personal level and enjoy each other company. We share the same lifestyle. She appreciates my headbanging, and I appreciate her breakdancing. We’re probably the most unlikely alliance out here.


As the two talk in the shelter, Melissa is seen sitting by the fire overhearing their conversation. She is visibly irked by what she is hearing.

Hearing Benjamin and Heather talk about their extravagant lifestyles and how they know how to have a good time and party and all that, really got under my skin. I was raised in the south for all of my life, and that lifestyle was always thought to be devilish or heathen-like. I went to church while they apparently went and got drunk and hung out on the street corner with their posse. That whole conversation just made me feel slimy, so I tried my best to just cut their talk off.


Benjamin and Heather continue with their conversation as Melissa gets up from her spot next to the fire and approaches them in the shelter.

Melissa (cutting Benjamin and Heather off): Could you all...please change the subject? I really don’t like listening to how many people you hooked up with in one night or what you did at five in the morning. I would really appreciate it if you guys stopped talking about this or at least talk about it another time.

Benjamin didn’t have a problem with dropping the conversation, but Heather took exception to Melissa’s request.

Heather: We don’t ask you to stop talking about your kids, so why should we stop? We have a lot of things in common, and we’re just sharing our stories with each other. They have nothing to do with you, so I don’t see why you’re making this your business.

Melissa: Because I don’t like listening to stuff like that. I’m just trying to have a relaxing night by the fire. And you’re right, it’s not my business. I’m not trying to make it my business. I would just like it if you didn’t talk about this kind of stuff right now.

Heather: If you don’t like it, then cover your ears or something! We shouldn’t have to stop talking just cause you don’t like what we’re talking about!

Heather and Melissa’s argument begins to escalate, garnering the attention of Antonio, Jake, and Katie, who are on the opposite side of the campsite. They notice something is wrong and begin to make their way to the shelter.

Heather (her voice raised): I live a different lifestyle than you! That’s obvious. So, why are you attacking me over the decisions I make in my life? Because you don’t like them?

Melissa (her voice raised as well): I’m not attacking you! I just asked you to change the subject or stop talking about the partying! I just don’t like listening to that kind of stuff!

Heather: And why do you not like it?! Cause it’s different from how you do things back in the south?

Melissa struggles to find a response to counter Heather.

Heather (her voice lowered): You know what? Just forget it...I’m going to go to (expletive) bed. I’m done with this (expletive).

Heather and Melissa are separated by their tribemates as Heather sits in the shelter enraged.

Melissa and I got into a huge fight tonight. Benjamin and I were talking about some parties that we went to, and she got in our faces about it. So what was wrong with what we were talking about? I know that she’s a Christian mom with two kids, and partying is not really high on her list. That doesn’t mean you try to stop a conversation just cause you don’t like what you’re hearing, especially when you are not a part of that conversation! I don’t know...her head can be more deserted than the Gobi sometimes. She needs to watch her mouth around me or her ass is gone! I will make sure of that!


Day 13

The camera focuses on the starry sky turn into sunrise as the six members of Manlai minus Melissa are seen curled up fast asleep in the shelter. It cuts to Melissa sitting by the camp’s lake, deep in thought.

Maybe I was quick to judge Heather and Benjamin last night. I don’t know...I have two kids back home who look up to me, and I just don’t want them to end up that way. I want to win this game to give them a better, secure life. Not that we’re in bad shape financially, but I want them to have as many resources as possible in order to succeed. And I’m going to do whatever it takes to make that possible.


It then cuts to Melissa walking back to camp, where everyone else is awake. Melissa approaches Heather in hopes of apologizing.

Melissa (sympathetically): Look, I’m sorry for last night. It was rude of me to say what I said, and I hope we can put this behind us.

Heather: You know what, you did your damage last night. You showed everybody what an ‘evil’ lifestyle I live back home. I know that ain’t your cup of tea, but it doesn’t make sense to stop an A and B conversation just because you don’t like what it’s about.

Heather walks away from Melissa, who stands still and tries to hold back any sort of negative emotion, as the rest of the tribe looks on.

Melissa tried to apologize for last night’s fiasco. I was like, ‘Really?!’. ‘You’re really going to apologize?’. There’s no way I’m accepting that! She’s just trying to save her own skin. She interrupted our conversation last night cause it was in her best interest for us to stop. She tried to apologize to me this morning cause, in my mind, it was in her best interest cause she knows she made a mistake. Noticing a pattern there? She’s out for herself. The sooner everybody else sees that, the better.


The camera focuses on Melissa once more as any emotion she was showing vanishes, and she continues about her business. It then shifts to Noyon, where the core alliance of four, without Nicholas around, discuss the possibility of throwing the next challenge.

Ruth: After what Nicholas did yesterday, he’s got to go.

Jenn: But should we throw the challenge today? I just think that’s going to come back and bite us.

Elliott: But the longer we keep him around, the more damage he’s going to do. He could blurt everything out at the next challenge, and we would be screwed.

I’m trying to get everybody on board to throw the challenge today. After Nicholas’s little ‘last resort’ yesterday, he’s dangerous. He’s the only one outside of the alliance, and if he gets any wiggle room, the four of us are screwed.


Eric: I don’t know. I think we should just wait until we actually lose a challenge instead of throwing it. What if we lose the next one after throwing this one? Then one of us goes.

The others ponder about the repercussions of throwing the challenge.

I don’t like the idea of throwing the challenge today. If we get rid of Nicholas today, and then we lose the next immunity challenge, I fear that I’m going to be on the chopping block. The three of Elliott, Ruth, and Jenn seem like they’re a tight bunch, and I’m worried that I might be the next casualty if the opportunity presents itself.


Elliott: We need to decide now, guys. Who’s in favor of throwing the challenge?

Only Elliott and Ruth raise their hands. Eric and Jenn leave their hands down.

Jenn: I just don’t think we should. Karma has a funny way of working in this game...

Elliott and Ruth remain silent as the camera shifts to a larger field with mountains in the background and a river running along the field. It focuses on three large wheels, three tubs of water underneath the wheels, and three slide puzzles, one per tribe. The castaways from Manlai and Noyon are the first to file in while Sevrei is not too far behind.

Probst: Manlai and Noyon getting your first look at the new Sevrei tribe. Victoria voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Sevrei stakes their flag and Probst begins to explain the challenge to the sixteen castaways remaining. Once he finishes describing the challenge, he reveals the reward for the first two tribes to finish. The first-place tribe would receive steaks, vegetables, and spices as their reward while the second-place only received vegetables and spices. Probst then tells Manlai that they have to sit one person out. After a brief discussion, Benjamin is chosen to sit out. The other fifteen take their spots and await the start. The two strapped to wheels for Manlai, Noyon, and Sevrei respectively are Melissa and Heather, Jenn and Ruth, and Cassie and Julia. The two spinning the wheels for their respective tribes are Antonio and Jake, Eric and Nicholas, and Scott and Henry. Leaving Katie, Elliott, and Tony as the puzzle solvers. Probst gives the signal, and all three tribes begin to vigorously spin their respective wheels. All three tribes are dead even for the first few minutes, until Noyon and Sevrei begin to slow down. Ruth misfires on a couple of her spits for Noyon. Henry starts to tire the more he spins Sevrei’s wheel, giving Scott more of a workload. Manlai continues to work like a well-oiled machine, as they hardly miss their spits and Antonio and Jake keep a steady pace spinning the wheel. Eventually, Heather delivers the final spit to knock their ball down to Katie, who begins her slide puzzle. Noticing that Sevrei, mainly Henry, is struggling, Eric begins to give as much effort as he could possibly give. Nicholas, who is fighting for his life, also is giving as much effort as he could possibly give. Seeing this, Elliott internally decides to not throw the challenge. Shortly thereafter, Jenn delivers the final blow to Noyon’s spit tube, and the ball rolls down to Elliott. Henry is then seen removing his hands from the wheel and puts them on his knees out of exhaustion. Scott tells him to get a move-on, but Henry complains of headaches once more while Manlai and Noyon work on their puzzles. Elliott hits a minor roadblock, while Katie makes quick work of her puzzle. She puts the ball in the puzzle, slides it to the finish, and Manlai comes in first place once again. While Manlai celebrates with one another, Elliott figures out his puzzle and places his ball onto the puzzle. He, too, slides his ball to the finish, and Noyon is safe from the vote once more, which sends Sevrei to their second consecutive Tribal Council. Scott checks on Henry, who says that he’s okay now. Scott then smacks the wheel out of frustration.

Probst: Manlai...continuing your dominance so far. Come grab your reward and immunity.

The members of Manlai cheer and applaud as they go to retrieve their prizes.

Probst: Noyon, you as well. Come get your stuff. Nice job.

The members of Noyon walk together as a tribe to collect their winnings.

Probst: Sevrei, the only thing I have for you guys is another date with me tonight at Tribal. Somebody going have the afternoon to figure it out.

The three tribes file out of the challenge area as the camera focuses on Henry putting his hand over his head as he heads back to camp and then fades to break.

The camera fades back in to Sevrei as the five, soon to be four, members of the red tribe return to camp. Henry continues to have his hand placed over his forehead as he walks.

We got back from the disaster that was our last immunity challenge, and Henry looks to be dealing with the same symptoms that were plaguing him a couple days ago. We have him lie down in the shelter, but he still has headaches. This makes tonight an obvious choice. I know he’s in my alliance, but I’m not going to keep losing challenges and keep him around because he’s loyal to us. I’m just not going to.


Cassie and Julia help Henry into the shelter as he lies down. He then starts to complain about a loss of vision.

Henry: Where did you guys go? I can’t see a damn thing.

Cassie: We’re right here. Right here, Henry!

A few moments go by and eventually Henry claims to regain his vision.

Henry (in pain): What the hell is going on with me?

Julia: Nothing good, I can tell you that.

Henry (sighing): You all don’t take me out of this game. If you are going to vote me out, then vote me out. Don’t call those doctors in here.

The other four remain silent as they continue to worry about Henry.

Everybody here is worried about Henry. Nobody knows what’s wrong with him, and it seems like he’s getting worse. He needs to be taken out of the game for his own safety.


Henry: Let me just rest on it and see if it gets better later on.

The others leave Henry, in order for him to sleep in the shelter. Scott isolates himself with Cassie and Tony to discuss Tribal Council.

Scott: I’m voting Henry tonight. No ifs, ands, or buts. He needs medical attention as soon as he can get it.

Tony: We are on board with you. We’re worried about him as much as you are.

The three verbally agree with one another and return to camp. It cuts to Julia sitting by the fire, making sure nothing random or spontaneous happens to Henry. Scott approaches her and tells her that everyone is voting Henry if they go to Tribal Council. This irks Julia, as she had been suspicious of Scott over the past few days, but she knows that this is potentially more important than the game they are playing. The camera speeds through the afternoon sky as the sun begins to set and the Sevrei tribe prepares to go to Tribal Council after all. Tony approaches Scott to get the okay that the plan is still Henry.

Tony: We’re still doing what we said we were going to do earlier, right?

Scott (nodding in affirmation): As much as I don’t want to, this needs to be done.

Tony: I know, but it’s for his own good.

The five members of Sevrei grab their torches and file out of camp en route to Tribal Council. They arrive as the sun has set behind the trees and twilight has turned to dusk. They file in to Tribal Council, set their torches down, and sit in their stools as Probst stands there waiting.

Probst: Scott, I’ll go ahead and come out and say this. You guys weren’t in the challenge today at all. You seemed like you were doing your part, but there were others that weren’t picking up the slack.

Scott: It’s because we are four plus one at this point. Once you left with the medical team the other day, Henry has still been experiencing the same symptoms he was experiencing before you all came and checked on him. Today was the lowest point. He started having headaches while he was spinning the wheel, and it cost us the challenge. Once we got back to camp, he started having vision loss, so he’s been in bad shape today.

Probst (surprised and concerned): Henry, how much worse has it gotten?

Henry: It’s pretty bad, Jeff, but I’m still going to fight until they get rid of me. I’m not going to keel over.

Probst: As much as I admire that, it is still a huge risk to keep yourself in the game if you’re having nagging problems after our medical staff came and cleared you. Then there’s the part with the vision loss that I had no idea was going on.

Henry: That’s true. It’s gotten worse, no question, but I’m not here to be a sob story. I want to stay and win this game or die trying.

Probst: Tony, what’s your take on this? This isn’t a dislocated shoulder or a broken bone. This is somebody’s sight we’re dealing with.

Tony: Like you said, that’s what makes this risky. Henry, I want you to stay, man, but you have to look out and take care of yourself. You don’t know what’s going to happen after this game if these problems get worse. You need to get that looked at immediately.

Cassie: I agree with Tony. I know you want to stay, Henry, and we want you to stay too. However, this is serious. You can’t just expect this to get better. It needs medical attention.

Scott and Tony nod their heads in agreement while Julia remains mum on the subject.

Probst: Okay, well I think I’ve heard what I needed to hear. It is time to vote. Julia, you’re up.

One at a time, the five members of Sevrei take turns walking up to the urn, casting their votes, and returning to their seat. No voting confessionals are aired as Probst goes to tally the votes. He returns with the urn.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

First vote: Henry (1)

Second vote: Tony (1-1)

Third vote: Henry (2-1)

Fourth vote: ...

Probst: Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Henry. That’s three and tonight that’s enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Henry sullenly grabs his torch as he bids farewell to his tribemates. He then approaches Probst and sets his torch in the holder.

Probst: Henry, the tribe has spoken.

Henry walks away from the Tribal Council area, seeming to be stable.

Probst: I know tonight must’ve been tough to vote the way you voted, but in a game for a million dollars, there are always moments such as this one. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The four remaining members of Sevrei arise from their seats, grab their torches, and file out of Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Henry (4 votes)
Cassie, Julia, Scott, Tony
Tony (1 vote)
Henry Schumann

Voting Confessionals

  • No voting confessionals were aired this episode.

Final Words

Well, here I am. I don't know what's going on with my head or my eyesight, but it's obviously a big enough deal to vote me out. I don't blame Julia and Scott for doing what they did. They're still in a game for a million dollars, which is something I don't have. Guess, I'll go back to driving trucks now.

–Henry Schumann

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

Melissa puts herself in more hot water... "I'm not here for her to ridicule, she needs to stop." ...and Nicholas stirs the pot at Noyon... "I'm basically trying to turn everyone against each other, so I can stay in this game."


  • The episode title was said by Heather while describing Melissa.
  • The reward/immunity challenge is originally from Keep Hope Alive from Survivor: Redemption Island.