"My Anger is Through the Roof"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 10/13
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Tiffany, Felicity and Octavia decided to bring Katrina into their alliance. Mark felt bad about giving Leo the idol. Meanwhile, Justice was stealing food from camp, to sabotage the tribe. In the reward challenge, Harrison won and brought Katrina and Leo on the reward trip. In the Immunity challenge, Harrison won once again. Katrina was able to convince Mark to align with the girls and vote out Leo. But at Tribal Council, Leo used the idol to negate all votes against him, and Mark was voted out. Seven are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction

Immunity Challenge: Target Shooting
Each contestant will have have twelve targets, as well as a bow and arrows. They must shoot as many of the other contestant's targets as possible, before running out of arrows. If all twelve targets are shot, the owner of the targets will be out. If a player runs out of arrows, they are out. Last person standing wins Immunity.


Night of Day 27

Harrison and Leo are proud of their accomplishment of voting out Mark.

I feel bad for Mark, yes. But Leo made a huge strategic move. This will most certainly change the game.


Katrina is upset due to the previous vote not going the way she wanted it. Tiffany assures her that as long as they were still there, it was no problem.

Mark's out of the picture now. I don't look at that as a disadvantage, but as help in getting further. We need to outlast everyone. We're one step closer to the finals.


Day 28

Early in the morning, while everyone else was still sleeping, Justice got up and took food from the food supply. He brought it over to the lake and dumped it. Justice then returned and pretended to be asleep.

My anger is through the roof. I was told to vote one way, and everything changed. Stuff like that angers me. Especially because I have been on the outs of this tribe since the first day, and I have no power! Except for the Double Idol, which should benefit me greatly.


After waking up, Octavia brought it to everyone's attention that most of the food wasn't there. Felicity began to get fed up with these "wild animals" that kept eating the food. Octavia has a strong feeling that Justice may be involved.

I don't know why our food keeps going away. All I know is that, Justice has been acting weird lately. I swear, he always looks like he's hiding something. How suspicious.


This is ridiculous! How many times must we replenish our food supply before it just goes away again? We can put the food in the hardest to reach spots, and animals will still get to it! Maybe they aren't animals after all. Maybe we have a traitor in our camp.


Harrison and Leo go out fishing for more food, and to strategize. Harrison brings up that the girls are really close, and need to be taken out. Leo suggests that since Justice is hated by many, they should keep him. Thus lowering his chance of elimination.

People may hate me, but if Justice is here, they don't hate me as much. Justice will be good to keep around, at least until the girls are out of power.


Katrina strategizes with Tiffany in private, bringing up the Double Idol. She fears that Justice may have it, due to being to Exile Island more than anyone else. Tiffany then assumes that if they blindside Justice with the Double Idol, he will pass it on to someone. Then, they can come up with a plan from that point.

Tiffany's strategy sounds great. However, if my memory serves correctly, Leo and Felicity have been to Exile Island before, too. And the possibility still remains that the idol is still out there.


Day 29

In treemail, the Lionel tribe receives $500 for everyone. They are told in treemail that they will be going to an auction. Katrina and Octavia are especially excited.

The Lionel tribe later met Probst for the Survivor Auction.

Auction Results
Contestant Purchased Notes
  • Roasted chicken ($200)
  • A rotten coconut (Mystery item)($340)
Felicity is the only person to get a trap item.
  • Beer and peanuts ($20)
Harrison spent the least money on an item.
  • Nothing (sent to Exile Island by Katrina)
Justice was exiled by Katrina.
  • The ability to send someone to Exile Island and take their money ($160)
  • Pizza ($400)
Katrina exiled Justice.
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce (Mystery item)($200)
Leo was offered to trade it in for rice and beans for the tribe, but turned it down.
  • Vanilla Sundae ($100)
  • Burger and fries ($320)
  • Cookies for the entire tribe ($80)
Octavia spent all of her money on three items.
  • Hoagie ($500)
Tiffany is the only person to spend all their money on one item.

In the auction, Katrina buys the ability to exile someone and take their money. She exiles Justice, pleasing him. Leo buys spaghetti, but Probst gives him the option to give it up for rice and beans for the tribe. Leo chooses to not give it up, annoying his fellow castaways.

Leo, wrong move, buddy. Is he aware that there are people starving out here? He is such a selfish little rodent.


Felicity buys a mystery item, which turns out to be a rotten coconut. At the end of the auction, Octavia buys cookies for the whole tribe (except Justice).

I feel that after that auction, my likability level raised. That's a great thing, because I'm now a step closer to winning!


On Exile Island, Justice begins to become fed up with the rest of the tribe.

As much as I enjoy being exiled, I hate how the others treat it like a joke! I'm going to let them all have it when I return. No question about it. They will pay for how poorly they have treated me since we first got here.


After returning to camp from the auction, Felicity and Tiffany go to strategize. Tiffany is angered by Leo's selfishness, making her want to vote him out. Felicity then brings up that Leo wouldn't be a jury threat, if that's the case.

Leo is pure evil. I knew I suspected something fishy about him. He will pay. I'll ensure it.


Day 30

The Lionel tribe arrived to meet Probst for the next Immunity challenge. But first, Justice angrily returned from Exile Island.

Before Probst could start explaining the challenge, Justice stopped him. Justice then angrily stepped forward and yelled at everyone. Harrison attempted to calm Justice, but to no avail. Justice ranted about everyone and how idiotic they all have been. Probst then stepped forward and insisted that Justice calmed down. He refused to.

Due to this, Probst asked Justice if he would like to skip the challenge, and have Tribal Council right on the spot. Justice responded by saying to do so, forcing an impromptu Tribal Council, where the contestants would verbally give their votes. Justice openly claimed that he voted Harrison, while the rest of the tribe unanimously voted Justice. Justice was voted out in a 6-1 vote.

However, Probst claimed that Justice had the Double Immunity Idol, meaning that he must pass it on to someone else. Probst sent some crew members to go retrieve the idol. To spite everyone, knowing how much everyone hated Leo, Justice said that he would give the Double Idol to Leo.

Probst told Justice to leave the area, so he did so. Probst then told the tribe that Justice would not be serving on the jury. And that the finalists would face a jury of six. Without doing the challenge, Probst told everyone to return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Lukep (12)
Justice (6 votes)
Lukep (10)Lukep (11)Lukep (3)Lukep (13)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Felicity, Harrison, Katrina, Leo, Octavia, Tiffany
Lukep (11)
Harrison (1 vote)
Lukep (12)
Justice Stanlee

Final Words

I definitely made myself known in this game. I may have been hated by everyone, but I hate them too. Going out in this manner was the best possible way to go, and I will forever be happy accepting the fact that I forced an impromptu Tribal Council. Farewell everyone, I hope you all starve.


Still in the Running

Lukep (3)
Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

A challenge will move everyone to tears.

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