"My Name Is Karma!"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User: Henzzy
Episode Number 9/15
Date Uploaded 3-10-2012
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This is the 9th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

When both tribes where going to go to tribal council, everyone was endanger. Except for T-Man and Brad, who won immunity. T-Man purposly lost the reward challenge so his team would suffer. But this angered his ally Tammie. Rachael and Nate sceamed about Tammie maybe having an idol. They argee to split the votes for her and Cynthia. At Isabels tribal council, Cynthia was blindsided. However Ben was unawere to vote Cynthia and was confussed by his alliance. At Choiseul, Stephanie and Regina where still arguing, but at tribal council, Carol was voted off because of her physical weaknedd. 11 remain who will be voted off tonight?


Reward Challenge: Get a Clue
Castaways must take it in turns to run out in to the ocean and swim out to find a bag of puzzle pieces some where in the water. When they find the bag they must swim back. When 5 bags have been found, they must compete the puzzle. The puzzle will have a clue written on it. They must read the clue and go when the figure out what it means someone must tell it to Jeff. If they are correct their team will win reward.
Reward: Letters from loved ones or an advantage in the immunity challenge
Winner: Isabel

Immunity Challenge: Carry the Weight
Three members of each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, weight (20 lbs.) will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. When the weight becomes too much to bear, the tribe member will drop the pole and be out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Choiseul


Night 20

Returning from tribal council first, Choiseul are glad that they still have an extra player over Isabel. But Stephanie is worried in case her team loses the next challenge.

If we lose the next challenge I am screwed. Regina has her alliance and she wants me gone. I just really hope we can win and then I'll make the merge and me and T-Man will be back and we can vote Regina, Brad, Andrew, Lucas and Johnny out!


Stephanie is worried. Very worried. She knows if we lose she is gone. So in a way it is good think because she will need to work very hard in the challenge if she wants to stay.


Over at Isabel, Ben is angry that his alliance didn't tell him to vote out Cynthia. He goes and talks to Tammie and T-Man about him joining their alliance.

Ben: T-man, can I join your alliance? I'm pissed off with Rachael and Nate. They didn't tell me to vote Cynthia.

T-Man: Sure thing. But first, I just want to know if you can make them think that you are still with them. That way their blindside will be bigger.

Ben: Yeah sure. I can do that for you.

T-Man: Awesome! Now get to work. We don't want to look suspicious.

Day 21

At the reward challenge, Choiseul must sit out 1 person. Regina sits out. Then Jeff explains the challenge. Andrew and Ben go first. Both are very close and both find their bag at the same time. Then it is Brad and T-Man. Brad gets Choiseul a big lead and T-Man drops back. Brad finds his bag and swims back but T-Man takes a while. T-Man finds it but Stephanie is allready looking for Choiseul's 3rd bag. Racheal then goes out for Isabel and makes up some time that T-Man lost. She even overtakes Stephanie. Both teams have 3 bags and Isabel has a small lead. Tammie and Lucas then go. Tammie maintains Isabel's lead and Lucas can catch up. Tammie finds her bag first and runs back. Shortly after, Lucas finds his. Nate and Johnny are the final 2 to go. Nate extends Isabel's lead and finds his bag very fast. Johnny has trouble finding his bag. Isabel starts on the puzzle. Rachael takes the lead and finishes the puzzle very fast, meanwhile, Johnny is looking for his bag. Isabel start talking about the clue and then Nate gets it. He tells it to Jeff and Isabel wins reward. They pick to have their letters from home.

Choiseul return from the challenge very diapointed. Johnny apologises to his team but tells he can't be the best all the time, this annoys Brad and Andrew who go off and talk about him.

Andrew: Johnny is starting to make me angry. Is it the same for you?

Brad: Yes I am getting sick of him.

Andrew: Yeah, he is much too cocky. He needs to go.

Brad: No, not yet. Stephanie needs to go before him.

Andrew: I don't know...

Andrew is thinking much too hard. Stephanie needs to go next. Then I hope we merge and Johnny will get a huge target on his back. Well I might too but Johnny's will be bigger.


It is hard being the mist physically fit on your tribe. They think you will be perfect all the time. It is hard for me.


Stephanie goes looking for some food in the jungle. She finds some berries and eats them all.

I ain't sharing my berries with my tribe. Nup! They are for me. They don't like me so I don't like them.


Over at Isabel, the team are reading there letters alone. T-Man's letter is from his brother. Tammie's letter is from her Mum (mom), Ben's letter is from his Uncle, Rachael's letter is from her daughter and Nate's is from his twin sister. Rachael, Tammie, Nate and Ben all are emotional to read the letters, but T-Man shows no emotion.

I didn't need the letter. My family is fine, I don't need to know a thing that's going on. But I still get to.


Ben pretends that he is still with Rachael and Nate. When really, his planning to blindside them. Ben goes and talks to Nate so he doesn't suspect anything. They talk about the merge.

Nate and Rachael are gonnna get what they deserve! I won't regret a thing, because My Name Is Karma!


Something is up with Ben. He is spending lots of time with Tammie and T-Man. I'm starting to get worried.


T-Man talks to Tammie about blindsiding Ben. T-Man says that Ben won't see it comming and now is the time to do it. Tammie agrees.

I'm still pissed off with T-man because of yesterday but i'm not gonna put the knife in his back just yet. He is still useful for getting me further in the game. But once we merge, Tammie is playing for herself!


Day 22

At the immunity challenge, Isabel picks Rachael, Nate and Ben to be their carryers. Choiseul picks Brad, Andrew and Regina. All six are stable until about 140 pounds, when Regina starts to feel the pain. Her tribe encourage her to keep going and she tries. Ben is standing in an awkward position and starts to struggle. When isabel add 20 more pounds to Regina she drops. Ben falls backward meaning both teams have 2 people left. Rachael drops at 200 pounds, leaving Nate the only Isabel left. Andrew and Brad are very solid. At 220 pounds Nate starts to struggle. Then he drops. Choiseul win immunity and Isabel is sent back to tribal council. Before the team leaves, Rachael is sent to exile island.

At Choiseul camp, Andrew talks to the tribe about a merge that may happen in the next few days. He tells the tribe to stick together and become the final six. But people have problems with that.

Nope! I ain't staying with these people when the merge comes. T-Man and I are going to the end! Regina and Andrew better watch their backs. Bradley too!


I've told the tribe to stick together. Whether they do or not is another story.


Brad and Johnny talk about the Isabel tribe and what will happen at tribal council.

Brad: I think Tammie is gone what do you think?

Johnny: T-Man. That dude is a snake!

Brad: Maybe. I doubt it will be Nate or Ben.

Johnny: Yeah same.

I'm hoping T-Man goes home tonight. That way at the merge we can win the game without worring about toads like him.


On exile island, Rachael doesn't look for the idol thinking Tammie has it. She relaxes in the shelter knowing she will make the merge.

Over at Isabel, the four members walk back to camp sad. T-Man tells Tammie to blindside Ben. She agrees. Ben walks over to T-Man and askes T-Man to vote Nate. T-Man lies and says he will.

Ben is up to something. I don't like it. He is getting my vote tonight! I can't trust him anymore.


I can't wait to see Nate's face when he gets blindsided! It will be hilarious! He's gonna regret not telling me to vote Cynthia. I love this game


At tribal council, Jeff asks Nate why can't this tribe win challenges often. Nate says it is because of certain people on the tribe, ones who don't care about winning or losing, just themselves. T-Man knows Nate is talking about him so he just rolls his eyes. After more conversation, Nate says that Ben is "playing the game, in a ruthless way". This angers Ben and Ben says to Nate "At least I'm playing the game". It is then time to vote. Jeff reads the votes and Ben is blindsided, 3-1-1. He becomes the first member of the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Ben (3 votes)
Tammie, Nate & T-Man
Nate (1 vote)
T-man (1 vote)
Ben out
Ben Eddison

Voting Confessionals

T-Man, go home and learn things most children learn. respect, manners, and much more.


Survivor likes a good blindside


i don't know what has gotten into you the last few days but i don't like it. There for you must go home.


(points the middle finger) **** you!


Ben, T-Man has spoken, bring Jeff your torch, its time for you to go!


Final Words

oh my gosh! T-Man got me! I'm in total shock. T-Man is a real villain, and he got me. He deserves to be in the game more than me i guess. Luckily im on the jury so i can make sure he wins the million when i give a million dollar speach!

–Ben Eddison

Still In The Running

Chris out


Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Ben out
Felix out
Carol out
Cynthia out

Elizabeth out

Heather out


Next Time On Survivor...

A merge will help some people's game and it will destroy others. Can T-Man use Tammin and Stephanie? Or will they figure him out. Will Regina and Stephanie unite for Choiseul?, and will someone be evacuated?

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