Nancy Chowdry
Nancy Chowdry Big
Contestant Profile
Age 44
Hometown Seattle, Washington 
Occupation  Yoga Instructor

'Survivor: Ireland'

Tribes         Waterford

Nancy Chowdry is a contestant from Survivor: Ireland.


Name (Age): Nancy Chowdry (44)

Tribe Designation: Waterford

Current Residence: Seattle, Washington

Occupation: Yoga Instructor

Personal Claim to Fame: "My foot can go around backwards and touch my nose."

Inspiration in Life: "My father inspired me, he was a good man, almost to the point where I regret knowing him, because I miss him."

Hobbies: Yoga, Reading, Shopping

Pet Peeves: "Burpers."

3 Words to Describe You: "Lonely, Skeptical, Soothing. "

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: "I think I'm like Parvati, she doesn't let anyone get in the way of her getting the money, and she's into yoga, like me."

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: "I need a place to clear my mind and relax, and live in nature, and Survivor's the place for it."

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: "I have a clear-headed personality, and nothing will cloud my judgement, I'll see things other can't because they are too emotionally involved and can't seperate reality from lies."

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: "The jury will appreciate my soothing personality, and will respect my gameplay moreso than someone who's done unnecessary or hurtful things."

Nancy Chowdry, from childhood, looked up to her dad.  Her mom left her when she was young, and by the time she was in college, her father died during her birthday party, after choking on cake.  Nancy hit a tough part in her life, having to go through it without her dad, but decided to live free without regrets and turned to yoga.  She's now a yoga instructor, and thinks Survivor's the perfect way to relax herself and honor her dead father.

Survivor: Ireland

Voting History

Nancy's Voting History
Episode Nancy's


Voted Against


1 Immune
2 Immune
3 Nalia
4 Immune
5 Immune
6 Jordan
7 Immune



9 Daniel
10 Janette
11 Wanda
12 Riley
13 Janette

Bruce, Daniel, Janette,


Voted Off, Day 34

Voted for Sole







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