"Never Be Silent"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 6/14
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This is the 6th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

A tribe switch occurred between the two tribes, making a whole new game for some. Dover and Rose contemplated flipping to Litoral on their tribes as they were on the bottom and feared that some had the idol. When Litoral won immunity, scrambling was major at Selva. Ralphie and Julianna wanted Casey gone and tried to get Brady and Carmen, but they stayed loyal and voted Julianna out with Dover and Casey, 4-2.


Reward Challenge: Phoenix Rises
Each tribe will send out three members on a canoe to recover a statue from underwater. They must then return to the beach, where the tribe will attach the statue to a platform. One member will then pull in five keys with a grappling hook. They then unlock the platform and then hoist the platform up to release the flag. First tribe to do so wins.
Reward: Trip to a Survivor-style ice cream parlor.
Winner: Litoral

Immunity Challenge: Brain Race
Jeff would ask a question and whoever gets it right has a chance to run through an obstacle course with 4 obstacles and a flag on the other side. In order, the obstacles are 6 giants swings to cross over water, a balance beam to cross, running through a giant wooden structure maze to get to the other side and a cargo net as the final obstacle. If the person grabs the flag in under 2 minutes, they get a point. First tribe to 4 flags win.
Winner: Selva


The Selva tribe comes back from voting Julianna off, with Ralphie visibly annoyed at some of the members, now almost yelling at Brady.

Quote1What the hell was that for!Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Dude, it's just a game.Quote2- Brady
Quote1You lied straight up to my face, you d***.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Calm down, it was for my own game! I'm trying to survive to you know.Quote2- Brady

Ralphie storms off as Brady talks to the rest of the tribe about voting Ralphie off the next time no matter what.

What can I do when I see an almost 200-pound man come charging at me about last night's vote. I know how Fairplay feels now but that's not the point. Ralphie needs to leave, his temper is bothering me, plus he's in a minority.


Day 16

The Litoral tribe wakes up and is preparing rice for breakfast. Lukas looks visibly sick as he tries to eat his rice. Cooper gives him some water boiled for him to drink so he doesn't vomit. Lukas goes back to sleep, though he wakes up in a little bit to cough his rice back up.

Lukas isn't feeling that well, almost to the point of throwing up. I hope he gets better as we need him for the challenges and I just don't want him evacuated.


At the beach, Skylar starts a conversation with Cooper and Rose about possibly getting Lukas off the game for medical reasons.

Quote1Look, Lukas doesn't feel too good. I know you guys are on his side and everything, but can we please take him out of his misery because I fear if we keep him, he'll be evacuated and possibly get worse.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah, he's really not looking good to compete.Quote2- Rose
Quote1I really hope he isn't evacuated now. We really need him for the challenges.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I know, but if he gets worse or can't compete, we have to vote him out. It's for the good of everyone.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Let's just see the next couple days and hours. Let him sit the reward challenge. We'll just see.Quote2- Cooper.
Quote1That's fine with me.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Skylar
Lukas's condition is getting worse and we all want him to stay but he's ust too suspicious. But if we have another reason to vote him off, I am all for it. But it sucs he has to go this way.


At the Selva camp, Ralphie lays on the beach, questioning what he needs to do.

I need to win immunity for our tribe, no matter what. I can't give up now. Not now.


Meanwhile, Dover, Brady, and Carmen are talking about throwing the next immunity challenge to vote Ralphie off, as his temper and being an outsider has took it too far.

Quote1I want him gone, so if you want to throw the next challenge, then so do it.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Alright, he needs to leave. Like, now.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I hope we can throw it.Quote2- Dover
It's a simple plan. Throw immunity to Litoral, vote Ralphie off. He's an outsider. It's simple logic.


The two tribes meet for the next reward challenge, where Cooper and Lukas are shocked that Julianna was voted off. But Selva is more surprised when Litoral sits Lukas out. He explains how he is not feeling well and that he should sit out this challenge. The challenge begins with Rose, Cooper, and Chip on the boat for Litoral and Dover, Ralphie, and Carmen for Selva. Litoral takes an early lead, getting to the statue first. Chip and Cooper get in back on their boat and the three quicly row back to the shore. Ralphie hauls quicker as he throws the statue onto the boat and they start rowing. Litoral gets their staute on first, and Skylar starts throwing the grappling hooks. She hooks the first one before switching it to Chip. Chip gets two more as Selva brings their statue to shore, with Casey throwing. Casey gets two while Chip hooks another key. Selva watches in horror as Chip grabs the final key and they start unlocking the platform. Litoral then hoists the phoenix statue up, winning reward. Lukas cheers quietly before coughing again. A boat arrives to take Litoral away on their reward, while Selva heads back to camp.

At the reward, the tribe happily eats their ice cream sundaes, except for Lukas. He can handle one spoonful before doubling over and throwing up. He gives his sundae to the rest of the tribe before laying down. That's when the medical team comes in to inspect Lukas.

We all thought Lukas would get over it, but when the medical team comes in, it was like, even if he stays, we have to vote him out. It sucks a lot, now that we know Julianna is gone and we're down in numbers.


The medical team diagnoses a small stomach bug in Lukas's stomach and ask if he wants to stay as he can get over it quickly. Reluctantly, Lukas nods and stays in the game.

This health scare really makes me wanna push to survive longer. This is Survivor, I can get over something like this, I hope.


Day 17

I really wish Cooper was on this tribe with the idol. I would have some sort of backup plan. But it's go hard or die trying with upcoming immunity.


Ralphie goes up to Dover to try and talk something out, hinting how the Litoral tribe will stick together in the merge.

Quote1If you stick with them, they will take you out final 6 or 7.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Yeah right. Look, Litoral has its cracks too. Brady and Carmen would've left if there was no switch. I can easily replace them.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Whatever, dig your own grave if you want.Quote2- Ralphie *storms off*

Ralphie then goes to talk to Brady and Carmen about voting off Dover.

Quote1You have to listen to me. Dover is gonna slide his way into the old Litoral alliance and you will be gone 6th and 7th.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1How do you know this?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah you weren't at our old tribe.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Holy crap why can't someone listen! You guys we're at the bottom, as you we're so fricking happy to be here now. Dover says you guys were at the bottom.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Well, we're not. We're perfectly fine.Quote2- Carmen

Ralphie storms off to go to the beach to relax as he has no options left.

He tries but it's to no avail. He will get voted off when we lose.


I'm on my last leg. If I want to make merge, we have to win the immunity challenge.


Lukas is sleeping in the shelter at the Litoral camp peacefully as the other tribe members are conversing. The topic is Lukas's actions in the past few days.

Quote1He has been very suspicious before his sickness. He was always off on his own.Quote2- Chip
Quote1It's wierd, but he likes being quiet and alone.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1What if he's searching for the idol here...Quote2- Rose
Quote1It's a possibility, but no one knows where that is.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1There is one possiblilty where and what he is doing.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1What?Quote2- Joel
Quote1Julianna should've played the idol if she had it.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Are you saying that Lukas might have the idol from Selva?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Oh my god I think he does have it. Julianna would've played it at the tribal before.Quote2- Rose
I really did not want to throw Lukas like that under the bus. But no one needs to know about the idol in my pocket.


Quote1What if he's searching for this one here too?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I think this behavior, and his illness are two reasons why we should vote Lukas out.Quote2- Joel
Quote1I think your right.Quote2- Rose

The group of five separate as Lukas stirs in the shelter. Cooper goes over to sit next to him, trying to comfort him as much as possibly for the upcoming immunity challenge.

Day 18

The two tribes meet for their next challenge, with Litoral sitting Rose out for this challenge.

Challenge Results
Question Answer Correctly Answered Successful Run
True of false: The country of Portugal is named
after it's largest city?
False Brady LitoralLukas Selva
Ralphie SelvaSkylar Litoral
Ralphie SelvaSkylar Litoral
Ralphie, Skylar
Portugal was in all of what medieval region?
A. Lusitania B. Britannia C. The Roman Empire
A. Lusitania Carmen LitoralChip Litoral
Cooper SelvaJoel Litoral
Chip Litoral
How many districts are in Portugal? A. 14 B. 16 C. 12. D. 18 D. 18 Cooper SelvaDover Selva
Ralphie Selva
Dover SelvaRalphie Selva
Dover, Ralphie
True or false: The Iberian wolf can be found
in Portugal.
True Carmen LitoralCasey Litoral
Chip LitoralRalphie Selva
Chip Litoral
The highest point of continental Portugal is?
A. Mount Pico B. Sete Cidades C. Serra da Estrela
C. Serra da Estrela Joel LitoralSkylar Litoral None
Who explored for Spain even though they were from Portugal?
A. Ferdinand Magellan B. Hernán Cortés C. Christopher Columbus
C. Christopher Columbus Joel LitoralRalphie Selva
Skylar Litoral
Ralphie Selva

Ralphie scores the final flag for Selva and they win immunity, ruining any chance of them having.

Yes! This is possibly the best thing that has happened in the past 3 days! I outlasted them, I ruined their chance of throwing the challenge! This was all me.


At Litoral, Lukas immediately throws up again after the challenge. The group decides that the best possible option is for Lukas to leave, both because he is dragging the tribe down and that his quiet actions raise suspicion for the idol.

There is no doubt that he is leaving tonight. But at least he didn't quit. I am proud of him for that. He held his head up high and will leave with dignity.


Quote1Who are you voting off?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Joel.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1*pauses* I'm leaving, aren't I.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1I tried. But no one wants to see you suffer.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Thanks, but I can't really continue on like this. My stomach is turning over and over, I can't keep anything down. But yeah, thanks for trying.Quote2- Lukas

Tribal Council

At tribal council, Jeff asks why Lukas didn't want to leave the game even though he was in no shape. Lukas explains that he knows that he was gonna get voted out, and wanted to experience his final couple days on the Portugal shores a little more with his tribe. Jeff asks Skylar if this is true, which she nods and says that Lukas can't continue on to a possible merge, his physical shape can't handle anymore. Jeff asks Chip what the merge will bring, as it is coming up. Chip answers by saying, "You'll just have to find out when we get there." After everyone votes, it's no surprise to see Lukas being voted out 5-1.

Tribal Council 6:
Lukas Selva
Lukas (5 votes)

Chip LitoralCooper SelvaJoel LitoralRose SelvaSkylar Litoral
Chip, Cooper, Joel, Rose, Skylar

Joel Litoral
Joel (1 vote)

Lukas Selva

Lukas Selva BW
Lukas Delling

Voting Confessionals

Never be silent.


This sucks a lot, but I wish you good feelings.


Final Words

I really didn't want to quit, but after I threw up at the reward I knew my time was up. It was really fun being out here and it was a whole new experience for me as I live in a forest most of my life, but I still have technology and other pleasures. It was nice to change things up. But I really need to get better.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The merge arrives, and all hell breaks loose.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge was used in Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites in the episode "Tubby Lunchbox".