"Never Give Up"
Final Four The final four survivors finish their last days in Survivor: Madagascar
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 13/13
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This is the final episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

12 episodes ago, 16 strangers were stranded in the Madagascar terrain. They were without food, shelter and contact with the outside world. As the struggle for survivor continued, every 3 days someone was eliminated from the game. Now, only 4 remain, 3 original Baobabs and 1 original Fossa. Only 2 will advance to the final tribal council and the other 2 will join a jury who will decide the winner.

Last episode, Corey and Bobby were targeted by Carly and Jessica for being the last pair left from the start. Jessica wanted to vote Corey and Carly wanted to vote Bobby. Corey wanted to vote for Elsa and Bobby wanted to vote for Carly. Elsa joined whatever party that would better her. She stuck with Jessica and when Bobby played the idol, his ally was eliminated 2-1-1-0.


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Lei Of The Land
Each castaway will race through a giant flower shaped obstacle course to collect five bags of puzzle pieces. They will then use those pieces to solve a puzzle. First person to get it right wins immunity.
Winner: Elsa

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Hands on Immunity
Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small log. The person who lasted the longest wins Immunity.
Winner: Carly


Night 36

Bobby Carter, Carly Brookes, Elsa Estrada and Jessica Tenderlove returned to the Orb cave. Shocked from tribal but thrilled to still be competing.

Corey is gone. My closest ally, just gone! Now I know how all the others girls feel after losing their man, now I've lost mine.. haha, he probably misses me more.


Wow, with a little but of hope and a lot of luck, I'm still here. Yet, 2 more of us have to go. I am done being sad. I'm done thinking of home, I mean, I am almost there. I will never give up. This games is so close to ending but its not over just yet.


Damn, Jessica was right about Bobby playing the idol. That really caught me off gaurd. And had Corey or Elsa voted for me, I would've been gone! This games is intense!


Day 37

An egg and some baobab fruits were split for breakfast. There was talk of the upcoming challenge, but not a whole lot. At around noon, the final four made their way to their penultimate immunity challenge.

At arrival, Jessica gave up her immunity necklace and Jeff explained the rules. Jessica smiled at the puzzle portion of the challenge.

The challenge began and the four raced across a rope net to different obstacles. Jessica grabbed her bag first and then returned to her puzzle. Bobby, Elsa and Carly all arrived back with their first bags at the same time. Jessica and Elsa were back again with their second bags shortly. Carly arrived a few seconds later with hers. Bobby was falling behind. Elsa and Jessica got back with their third bags at the same time. Carly got back with her third bag as Bobby got back with his second. Elsa and Jessica arrived shortly after with their fourth bag of puzzle pieces. Bobby returned with his third bag and ran back out onto the course. Carly got back with her fourth bag and ran out to get her last. Jessica arrived back first with her fifth and final bag and began working on her puzzle. Elsa arrived back with her last bag too and started. Bobby came back with his fourth bag and returned onto the obstacle course for his last bag. Carly and Bobby arrived back with their last bags at the same time and began working on their puzzles, Elsa had a small lead with only 1 piece of 8 put into place. Elsa then put her second piece into the right spot. Bobby was the next to get a piece into the right place. Carly got her first piece in next. Leaving Jessica confused. Elsa placed her third piece in as Carly placed her second. Bobby places his second and third pieces into the right spots, Jessica finally gets one piece right. Carly, Elsa and Jessica all put another piece in, Elsa is halfway done her puzzle now. Carly places a fourth piece correctly, she is halfway done now as well. Bobby gets his fourth piece into the right place and Elsa her fifth. Everyone moves quickly now, Bobby and Carly both place their fifth pieces correctly, Jessica adds her third piece, Elsa places another piece, and another, she only has 1 more left and she shoves it into place! Elsa wins immunity! She is smiling bright when Jeff gives her the necklace.

I won!!! I WON! Ha! Final 3 here I come! Take that! HAHA! Nothing can make me happier right now! I made it to the top 3!


Back at camp, Bobby spits "Baobab team meeting!" Elsa frowns but doesn't let it bother her. Bobby, Carly and Jessica take a quick hike.

Bobby: "I hope you guys are regretting this! She slipped through and now here we are! One of us is gone tonight! That's it! GONE!"
Carly: "Oh shut it Bobby! You could've voted for her last night and this wouldn't have happened! But instead you tried to get rid of me! See, Karma is a bitch!"
Jessica: "Guys please, lets not get cutthroat, let's just deal with it. Bobby, if you wanted to win you should've tried harder at the challenge."
Bobby: "Me? You blew the puzzle! And I thought puzzles were your thing!"
Jessica: "I don't know what happened. I choked okay?"

I don't know what happened honestly. I had a lead and I wasted it and I really struggled with that damn puzzle! I'm upset Elsa won. I could be going home tonight. This is really bothering me.


Shit! Shit! Shit! Why did she have to win a challenge now? I mean, why now? Was she playing us this whole time? Waiting for the right time to strike? How could we have underestimated her?


The three return to the cave. Elsa asks Jessica and Bobby to leave. They don't want to offend her, so they oblige. Elsa wants to talk with Carly

Elsa: "Ok, you have buttered me up real good, I don't want to vote for you, but with you."
Carly: "Well, thanks for being up front. Who do you want out. I'll vote for either of them."
Elsa: "Oh yeah? Well that is interesting, ok im just gonna say it, let's vote for _______."
Carly: "Perfect!"

I knew it was going to happen. I knew she would slip through and win, so I tried to be nice to her when I had the chance, and now, I'm safe. I am in the top three!


Bobby and Jessica are on their walk.

Bobby: "So, its bound to be one of us. What do you say? Wanna vote for Carly?"
Jessica: "I guess we should, I mean, she is a monster at challenges and she'd definitely win the final challenge."
Bobby: "Well then thats it, let's hope for the best! I'm gonna practice making fire."
Jessica: "Good idea."

It will tie and I'm hoping I can beat Carly at a fire making tie breaker challenge.


If Carly told me to switch my vote, I wouldn't listen to her. But I think I know who is really going home tonight.


The final four pack their belongings and head towards tribal council.

The jury enters and Antonia, Nicholas and Julian smile at Elsa who is wearing the immunity necklace. The four get to voting, the votes are read, its a tie, 2-2 between Bobby and Carly. Jeff says that Elsa and Jessica will vote again, if there is another tie, then a tie-breaker challenge will determine who stays. Jessica and Elsa re-vote, and Bobby gets both their votes. Bobby is the 12th voted out and the 6th jury member.

Night 37

Carly: "Well ladies! We did it! We beat the men! Haha!"
Jessica: "I know, this is quite a milestone for women in the game! A woman has never won! And now, one of us will!"
Elsa: "Cheers to us as the final 3!"

I am so excited! To think that I have made it this far! I am one more challenge away from a million dollars! I could be the first female winner and the youngest winner!


Day 38

The girls wake up at their usual time and prepared a hearty breakfast. Elsa fetches the last chicken, named after her, and takes her egg.

Jessica: "What are you doing with your chicken Elsa?"
Elsa: "I figure we eat it today, you know, considering tomorrow morning their will be a feast and no one will be hungry enough to eat her."
Carly: "Good thinking girl, here, I'll help you pluck it's feathers"
The chicken squawked but its neck was wrung and it was plucked. The large chicken was split three ways along with its last egg.

It feels good to have outlasted my chicken. In a way I think I deserve to eat it, I mean, I beat out 6 of their team members, 2 on my own!


The three enjoy the hot meal and get their treemail. It mentions the Rites of Passage and to burn the collected torches at the end of the walk. Afterwords, they are to proceed to the final immunity challenge. They take the map left in treemail and begin the passage.

The first torch that is crossed is Sammie's. Elsa talks about him.

Elsa: "Sammie! Awe I hope you enjoyed your experience, it was short, but still, it probably felt long to you! You were right about Nicholas though! Glad you warned us!"
Carly: "Sherbert, you are a strong man and I am glad you were part of our team. We were probably the only 2 workers. Too bad we were stuck with Rikku. If only you had kicked your smoking habit before coming out here, you might've lasted longer."
Elsa: "Bella! That bat was incredible! Wish you had stayed longer than Kamila! If only!"
Nothing is said when the three reach Kamila's torch. They take it and continue.

Jessica: "Jasmain, you were a great player, if not for the tribe switch up, you might've beaten me here!"
Jessica: "Rikku, you were the victim of Nicholas's selfishness. I'm sorry that you had to leave when you did. You didn't deserve that."
Elsa: "Hanson, I miss you man, if anyone was suited for this game it was you! Your time was cut-short, and I miss not seeing you on the jury. You are a really good guy!"
Elsa: "Antonia, we weren't the closest out here, still you were a strong player."
Carly: "From on teacher to another, I had to get rid of you because you had too much potential. I wish we were on the same tribe at the beginning, we would've ran this game!
Carly: "Nicholas, you had your mind set on winning. I would've liked to go to the end with you. But sometimes, the bigger you are, the harder you fall, and Nick, you fell hard."
Jessica: "Drew, It's good now seeing that we are all without our closest friend. You were mine. You played a flawless game, with the exception that you almost aligned with Nicholas. I think that confusion is what got you eliminated."
Elsa: "Juian! I miss you! It's only been like 5 days since we've talked but it feels like a lifetime!"
Jessica: "Corey, you really liked Bobby didn't you? And in the end it was his fault that got you eliminated. Sometimes, love sucks!"
Jessica: "Bobby, you came up so short! You would've won if you made it to the end though. You are an amazing guy!"
With all the torches collected, the trio reaches the end of the walk, the torches are burned. Elsa cries, but her tears don't last long. They continue to follow the map to their final immunity challenge.

They find Jeff. He takes the immunity necklace back from Elsa and puts it up on a post. He explains that whoever keeps their hand on the necklace the longest will win immunity one last time and will have a 1 in 2 chance at winning 1 million dollars. The trio steps up onto a perch and the challenge begins.

The three stand and stare. After a few minutes Elsa starts to sing. She sings songs made familiar by Paramore, and she is quite a good singer. At half an hour, Carly lets out a big yawn. Jessica yawns as well and so does Elsa, but she stretches out her one arm in the yawn, Carly notices. They continue to stand for what seems like an hour, but it's only another 15 minutes. Carly yawns again, this time, she uses her free hand to rub her eyes afterwords. Elsa does the same by habit. At the hour mark, Carly yawns a third time, this time, uses her free hand to cover her mouth in the yawn. Elsa is busy humming in her head to notice what Carly is doing. The elapsed time is an hour and ten minuted when Carly yawns yet again, and this time, Elsa yawns with her but uses both of her hands to stretch out. Elsa screams when she realizes she let go of the idol. Jeff tells her to take the bench. She does and she begins crying again.

Another 10 minutes pass of awkward stares and Elsa's sniffles breaking the silence. Jessica starts to talk.

Jessica: "Carly, I am not one to quit. But I think I could stand here for 2 days with you and still you wouldn't let go. So I am going to do something drastic. I am going to let go. "
Carly: "The choice is yours. But don't think I will keep you another day because of this..."
Jessica: "I am willing to take the risk."
Jessica lets go. Jeff is excited that the challenge is over so quickly when it usually lasts a long time. He crowns Carly and tells her she has a big decision to make. They head back to the cave.

This is it! I am in the final two! This satisfaction is almost as good as winning! I feel like I've already won.


At camp, Carly tells both girls to plead to her just once. She will take both arguments into consideration.

Jessica: "We have known each other longer. Not like that is such a huge plus. But I would take you to the end. I know I would not win against Elsa. That is all I have to say."
Carly: "Thanks Jess, I respect that."
Elsa: "I need this money. I am 19. I need it for school, and for a job. I need the shot, the chance to win! Think of me as one of your students. Jessica works for the government, she has money. I need this Carly, please."
Elsa starts to cry again.

I shouldn't have looked at her when she yawned! She was trying to trick me! I could've made it to the end! I could have won! I came so close! I needed this! All I can do is hope that Carly will take me.


I don't have such a big decision tonight. I know who I want to vote out. The deal is done.


The three advance to tribal council as the sun sets. At tribal, the jury is brought in. Jeff says that one more person will be joining them and it won't be Carly. He says that Carly has the only vote that will be cast. He lets her cast her vote.

Jeff reads off "13th Voted out and final member of the Jury, Elsa." She sadly shuffles up to Jeff and waves goodbye. He snuffs her torch and she leaves.

Day 39

Carly and Jessica return to the Orb cave, alone except for each other.

Carly: "Well, arn't you gonna hug me? We did it! We are the final two!"
Jessica follows Carly's gesture and hugs her.

Jessica is not the best person to be in the final two with. She might pull out the big guns at the end! But I'd rather be with her than Elsa, and I really am excited to be here, I had to just hug her!


The two sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning to a hearty feast. The feast includes eggs, freshly squezed orange juice, fresh fruit, soft bread with butter, cold milk and a little alcohal.

Jessica: "Good God! I've been waiting since Day 1 for this breakfast!"
Carly: "Oh it smells heavenly."
Jessica: "Are you ready for tonight?"
Carly: "Ready as I'll ever be I guess. I think I just want to relax today and enjoy Madagascar one last day. I doubt I'll ever be here agin."
Jessica: "Sounds like a good plan."

Carly is a great competetor, if I had it my way, I woudn't be sitting here against her. But this is Survivor, you don't always get what you want."


The couple enjoy their morning breakfast, then they sit in silence and enjoy the wild naturside of Madagascar one last day, thinking over how they will address the jury. Before they go to leave, they dismantle their Orb tribe flag, then they burn down their small cave shelter. They watch it go down in flames, then they proceed to their final Tribal council.

Final Tribal Council

Jeff welcomes Carly and Jessica, congratulates them and then brings out the jury. Opening statements are given first by Carly and Jessica.

Jessica: "Ok guys. Here goes. I've played this whole game and have only told one person my true occupation. I am a Cryptanalyst that works for the government. I solve complicated puzzles for a living. I must admit that I think I was a big asset to the Baobab tribe in team challenges. We only lost one immunity challenge. And I was able to win immunity because of my puzzle-solving mindset. I want to add that I didn't use my skills just to solve literal puzzles. I think I was able to solve the puzzle of the game, or at least for a while. I built an alliance with Drew, another government employee who I became very close with. I found a hidden immunity idol. Then I was able to break up two more alliances, Elsa & Julian and Corey & Bobby. Then I made it here. That's all. "
Carly: "My strategy might seem a little less logical than Jessica's. I think I got here because of the challenges. Jessica says she won the tribal immunity challenges for Baobab, but I think we won because it was a team effort and Baobab was just stronger than Fossa, originally and after the tribe switch. I made an alliance with Nicholas. A deal with the devil some might say but really, aligning with him did seem to give me some power, until he was ousted. Then the individual challenges came. I won 2 reward and 3 immunity challenges on my own. In fact, it was the most individual wins this season. I think I deserve the win because I really had to fight to stay alive after Nicholas was eliminated. I was the first to lose a close ally, and I made it all the way here. Thanks."

Jeff then turns the attention to the jury, who look eager to speak their minds once more. Antonia is first.

Antonia: "Ok guys, I think you both played good games, I want to ask, What will you do with your winnings?"
Jessica: "Living in DC, I am quite the activist. I think I would put some money into funding someones campaign or even try to get some people to vote. I would also put some money to the bank for when I marry and have children."
Carly: "Similar to what Jessica said, I would put money into organizations I belive in, specifically the NEA, the National Education association. I might also give some money to my school. We need some new books!"
Antonia: "Thanks girls."
Antonia returns to the bench smiling. Carly smirks at Jessica knowing that she just got Antonia's vote. Bobby is next.

Bobby: "Jessica, my question is just for you. Why did you vote me out over Carly? What made you change your vote? You knew Carly would beat you!"
Jessica: "Bobby, you were just as big a threat. And I needed Elsa out of the game. I figured Carly had the best chance of beating her. She did."
Bobby: "But why not at least give me a chance? Why not let it tie and go to fire making?"
Jessica: "I am sorry Bobby, I should've. But I thought she would've beaten you at that too."
Bobby shakes his head and returns to the jury bench. Carly smirks again. Corey is next.

Corey: "Alright bitches! I was pretty upset when I was eliminated, but I know that was the fault of my gorgeous friend Bobby, I knew you two were plotting. What I don't know is who exactly voted for me. I think it was Jessica. Was it you?"
Jessica: "Yeah, Corey I voted for you because I thought Bobby had an idol."
Corey: "That's the part I really wanna know, tell me, how did you know he had it. Oh God, was it in his pants again?"
Jessica: "No, sometimes you just know."
Corey: "Do you think you have my vote?"
Jessica: "...Yes, I think I do."
Corey congratulates the two and returns to the bench. Now it's Drew's turn.

Drew: "Ok, Carly, what was your biggest mistake in the game? "
Jessica: "My biggest mistake, Drew, was believing that you were on our side in voting out your partner Jessica. I should've known you didn't have the rocks to do it."
Drew: "How dare you insult me! I am determining wheather or not you get 1 million dollars!"
Carly: "You asked a question and I answered it. Happy? And I wasn't counting on your vote anyway. You are a coward. My mistake was trusting you. But it looks like that situation turned out to be a bigger mistake to you than I becuase I am here and you aren't."
Drew: Thanks, I am done."
Drew sits on the jury bench. Jessica mimics Carly's smirk towards her, Carly rolles her eyes. Elsa is next.
Elsa: "My question involes some imaginary and quick thinking, had you two both been swapped to Fossa, in place of say, Drew and Jasmain, everyone else switched like normal, how would you two have played differently?"
Jessica: "I would make sure that Carly, Rikku and I would play together and try to get rid of the other Fossa members."
Carly: "I would tale to Antonia. I would've liked to been on her team at the beginning, we are really compatible people. I would've sided wth her and get rid of Rikku just because she was unpredictable. Playing just with your original team members doesn't always work out."
Elsa: "Thanks, those were the answers I wanted!"
Elsa returns and Julian follows.
Julian: "Of all the people on the jury, who would you bring to the end here tonight and why? Carly, you first!"
Carly: "Well, I think I would bring Drew. He is an idiot and I know I could beat him. He had no strong gameplay. He left no memories. He is very beatable against."
Jessica: "I would bring... Drew but not for the same reasons, he was my friend. We were so close until he almost turned on me and I would be happy to lose against him."
Julian: "Interesting."

Julian returns to the bench. Nicholas is last.

Nicholas: "Bravo Julian! Bravo! That was probably the only interesting question tonight. I've been waiting to talk to you again for quite some time now. I dont care about what you might do with the money if you win, or what could've been if you were switched or whatever! I want to hear the truth! Jessica, what is your least favorite trait or quailty that your opponent posseses. Answer please, or you won't have my vote.
Jessica: "Carly's worst trait is that she likes idiots like you!"
Nicholas: "Oh really? Is that the best you can do? Call me dumb? They all hate me! Tell me something I don't know, or you'll look like a coward. Come on, where's your rocks?"
Jessica: "Fine, you want dirt? I'll give you some. I don't like how Carly can go and call people stupid, like my friend Drew. I don't like how disrespectful she is. It's the same thing I don't like about you. I don't like the show she put on for Elsa when she was in the game to make her feel safe all when she voted for her last night. I dont like the lies, the insults. It's childish, and to think she teaches students! Is that good enough for you Nick? Get what you want? That is how I feel."
Nicholas smiles and thanks her and returns to the jury bench. Jessica is upset, but she doesn't let it show. Jeff tells the jury they will be voting one last time, but this time for a winner. The jury begins to vote. After the votes are casted, he thanks them all for a great season, and that the votes will be read live at the reunion. He leaves.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 13:
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Bobby & Carly
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Bobby (2 votes)
Carly BElsa
Carly & Elsa
Bobby (2 votes)
Elsa & Jessica
Carly B
Carly (2 votes)
Bobby & Jessica
Carly B
Carly (0 votes)

Bobby B&W
Bobby Carter

Voting Confessionals

Well, your time is up, this is what happens for letting Fossa slip by.


I'm not done playing just yet. See you later!


Bobby, your a good guy but, your the last guy and you have to go.


Carly, you are the biggest threat to me winning. Sorry.


Voting Confessionals (revote)

Bobby, I am voting for you again because Carly is closer to me than you.


She'd beat you in a fire challenge anyway, think of this as me sparing you. Goodbye friend.


Final Words

Well I played a good game. I would like to say "No regrets" But, I regret not getting rid of Elsa when I had a chance, and I regret not giving Corey the idol. Still, I can seek revenge as part of the jury! See you all again soon!


Day 38

Tribal Council 13:
Elsa (1 Vote)
Carly B
Elsa B&W
Elsa Estrada

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, you would beat me. I think you would get the Fossa votes, whereas I think Jessica is only promised to get Drew's vote. I need you out. Your sob story is sad. Sorry girl, you played a great game! But you have to go now.


Final Words

Damn! I have nothing but regrets about the last challenge. Other than that, I played great. I am so proud of myself and I know everyone else would be proud of me too! I had a great time! I don't think I'd do it again, but the experience was still amazing. I'll see you girls tomorrow!


Day 39

Final Tribal Council:
Carly B
Carly(4 Votes)
Antonia, Bobby, Elsa & Nicholas
Jessica(3 Votes)
Corey, Drew & Julian
Jessica Tenderlove
Carly B
Carly Brookes

Voting Confessionals

Great job girl! You made me proud, and you're a teacher!


You beat me, you deserve this! Go Baobab!


You were right, you had my vote! Oh and impressive backlash on Nicholas!


Thanks for sticking up for me and I never should've turned on you.


Good luck!


I believe in your friendship, not bringing people to the end that you think you can beat.


What a show she put on! Great job Carly! Wish I could be at the end with you.


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W

Elsa B&W

Hanson B&W

Julian B&W

Kamila B&W

Nicholas B&W

Sammie B&W
Bobby B&W
Carly B
Corey B&W

Drew B&W

Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor

Ok, I am not going to be starting a new fanon any time soon. School is starting, Philippines is starting! Survivor: World is starting and if you haven't heard, my computer broke! I'm at someone else's house right now. When I do get back to this wiki, I want to spend a while reading other fanons. I also want to finish the tribe articles for this season and all the other articles for Kermadec Falls. If you want to read another of my fanon's I suggest that one! The grammar is not the best, but it has pictures and some great characters! And I am not just saying that! I think those characters were better than the ones this season! After I am done Kermadec, I want to upload my second and first fanons (yes, I did the Sim Surivor Series for quite a while now, long before this wiki...) Season 2 is worth reading, but I don't think my first season is all that well, I hardly remember it. Congrats Henzzy! Carly won! I hope the one kid doesn't vomit like he commented he would if she won, but she did. Look out for some of my characters i entered in other users fanons. I think some of them will end up fierce! Stay tuned, my next new fanon might not be until next summer! Thanks for all the comments/praise!

Author's Notes

  • On Night 37, when Jessica mentions that a male has never won, she means that a male has never won a Ckarimalis fanon. The sims in my series belong to soley my series. They have not seen a US version of survivor or any other fanons. They belong to the Sim Universe where only my fanons are broadcasted.