Nicholas Landwehr
Nicholas L
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 2, 1984 (1984-12-02) (age 33)
Hometown Salina, KS
Occupation Construction Company CEO

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Fossa
► Baobab
Placement 8/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 27

Nicholas Landwehr is a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


The owner of his own construction company, Nicholas also likes to work out. He doesn’t like dumb people and overweight people. He doesn’t think he will be able to lie and backstab, and he also doesn’t know how he will do on an island with a bunch of attractive women.

Survivor: Madagascar

From the beginning of the game, Nicholas was only looking out for himself. Since Nicholas was a big and strong, his teamates wanted to keep him around for physical challenges, even though they didn't like him personally.

He made an early alliance with Antonia and Kamila, who he had a romantic interest with.

After the two "weakest" Fossa members Sammie and Bella were eliminated, Fossa still lost an immunity challenge. It was Kamila's fault, but Nicholas wouldn't believe it. Julian, Hanson and Elsa were also annoyed by Nick and Kamila's constant flirting and running off.

Nicholas and Kamila would've been fine had they not insulted Anotnia and accused her of lying about the hidden immunity idol. But Antonia changed loyalties and voted out Kamila, leaving Nicholas without a partner.

Then the tribe switch came and Elsa and Nicholas were switched to Baobab. The switch came at a good time for Nick.

I am excited to be switching sides. There isn't anyone I can trust on Fossa anymore now.


He was greeted warmly by Baobab members. Carly admitted in a confessional that she had a small crush on Nicholas. He didn't have a problem changing commitments either.

This tribe is WAY better than the last! I have no problem switching sides.


Nicholas made clear to everyone else that he was only looking out for himself again on Day 18 in the Tucker'd Out immunity challenge. Both tribes were going to throw it, so Jeff Probst stated that if anyone tried to throw it, he would cancel the challenge and everyone would go to tribal and pick rocks. When Jeff unveiled a candy bar, Nicholas nonchalntly flicked it to the ground, and doomed everyone to the lottery elimination.

Rikku was eliminated via lottery and then the tribes merged. When the tribes merged, Nicholas only agreed with Carly that he and her would go to the end. They decided to play both sides, and see who they'd rather go with. They winded up sticking with the Baobab alliance and ousted Hanson on Day 21, and Antonia followed shortly after on Day 24.

After voting out two of his ex-teammates, Nicholas continued to rub salt in the wound of the still present Elsa and Julian. He did so by means of boasting and making comparisons of them to chickens.

Nicholas then tried to bring Drew into his alliance with Carly. Drew was on board, then Nicholas told Jessica of his plan and she got upset with Drew. Carly and Nicholas were set on eliminating Jessica and they thought Drew was with them. But he changed and went back to Jessica who wanted to split the vote so if Julian or Elsa played the idol, they could still get rid of a Fossa. When Jessica and Drew didn't think of was Corey and Bobby, who changed their minds and voted for Nicholas. He was eliminated on Day 27 in a 4-2-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Nicholas's Voting History
Episode Nicholas's
Voted Against
1 Sammie Sammie
2 Fossa Tribe Immune
3 Bella -
4 Antonia -
5 Baobab Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Hanson -
8 Antonia Antonia, Elsa,
9 Jessica Bobby, Corey,
Elsa, Julian
Voted Off, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

[1] Antonia won a reward and she voted for Nicholas twice.


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  • Originally, Nicholas was going to be a good cowboy, like Colby. But because of his immediate dislike of Sammie Rowell it was hard for me to make him nice. He then became inspired by Jerri Manthey. And he became the "bad cowboy" like Jerri was compared to Colby.
    • Nicholas only lasted 27 days just like Jerri did in The Australian Outback.
  • Nicholas was one of three castaways (along with Drew Garths and Elsa Estrada) to play on all three tribes in Survivor: Madagascar.