The members of Niiv (sans Esme)

Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Kermadec Falls
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Anju
Tribe Status Merged Day 19
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Esme Ram (16/18)
Highest Placing Member Grey Winters (Winner)

Niiv was one of the three competing tribes in Survivor: Kermadec Falls. Its tribe color was grey.


Tribe Switch Day 7-

Tribe History

Niiv had good control of the game early on. They won the first immunity challenge and avoided the first tribal council.

At their first tribal concil, Niiv ousted Esme Ram, because she was too close and flirting with Blake.

When the tribes switched, Flora and Blake went to Anju and Noctourne, Tim, Mark and Vanessa came to Niiv.

After Mark's elimination, Ilena and Grey schemed to get rid of Noctourne, Vanessa and Tim, all who weren't originally Niiv.

While Niiv was getting rid of their additions, Flora and Blake at Anju helped eliminate JJ and Adam.

Tim and Noctourne caught on to Ilena and Grey's plan and there was a 3-3 tie at tribal council between Vanessa and Ilena. Ilena won the fire building challenge and stayed to play in the game.

When the tribes merged, there were 5 original Niiv's standing and 2 original Anju's and 3 original Mungo's. There would be a 5-5 tie at the next vote and in order to avoid another fire elimination, Sarah flirted with Blake to get him on her side. Blake flipped and Sam, Ilena and Flora were eliminated shortly after.


  • Niiv had the most original teammates at the merge with 5.